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Hello fellow Sonic fans! I'm here to provide some entertainment for you and me! Because I know that this is going to be a fun ride for the both of us. As mentioned from the summary, Sonic and his furry – yes, that includes Eggman. Have you not seen his 'stache? – friends are going to watch their alternate selves on the big screen. Yep. That's pretty much it…oh! One more thing!

I'm not purposefully bashing the show, in fact, I personally love it. With Sonic and his friends though…well, you'll see!

Ps- I know that I shouldn't be starting a new story, but this idea popped into my head and I needed a bit of a break from Reality Breach (I love the story to death but it's tough to write sometimes). Not a long one though! I'll be back to working on that right after I finish this chapter.

Alright, let's roll the tape!

Sonic decided to end his early morning run the second a fat raindrop landed on his nose.

The slightly exasperated hedgehog put on the brakes, pulling up dirt and grass as he dug his heels into the ground. It was a bummer that he had to cut his run short. The adrenaline pumping through his veins, the wind whipping across his face, the pure rush of the activity was so engrained in him that turning around was almost painful.

Sure, running in the rain wouldn't kill him, but he needed traction if he didn't want to eat mud for breakfast. Also, being drenched by any type of water wasn't high on his to-do list.

And okay, he should've expected this because he noticed the darkened clouds when he left his home about ten minutes ago. He just thought that maybe luck would be on his side.

Sonic turned around to face the way he came and inwardly groaned when that one raindrop became hundreds. He drifted his emerald irises from the once bright hilly landscape up towards the dreary sky above, sending it a weak glare. Luck definitely wasn't on his side today…

…especially because he soon learned that grass and rocks weren't great breakfast items either.

"Ugh…" Sonic slammed the door behind him with a huff, sliding out of his muddy shoes. Tails would kill him if he tracked those all over the house. The azure hedgie then wiggled his toes in his damp socks, which were forming a puddle of water under him – with the help of his sopping quills and gloves. Sonic peeled the cloth off of his hands and feet, nose scrunched up at the feeling of the mushy articles.

Blue ears twitched when thunder rumbled in the distance. Yeah, today was officially movie day.

Sonic shook himself afterwards, only feeling a bit self-conscious about being 'naked'. It was just Tails here.

With the dripping material bundled up in one palm, the blue blur called out, "Hey Tails?" The house they resided in wasn't huge, so his voice could carry to any part. Even the garage if the kit wasn't working on anything in there. "Looks like we're stayin' in until-" The rest of Sonic's words died in his throat when he realized that something in the living room seemed a little…off.

And by a little, he meant a lot.

Sonic whistled in awe as he approached the item that surely wasn't there when he had left. After passing two worn down couches, he paused in his stride and gazed on in interest. "Whoa…Tails! I knew you were a fast worker, but this is incredible!"

How his kid brother mounted a gigantic flat screen television that almost covered an entire wall was lost on him. He couldn't have been out for more than twenty minutes!

Tails, who had been in the kitchen a room over, placed the eggs he was about to crack gently back in the carton. He was kind of glad for this interruption. That clap of thunder caused his fingers to not be as steady as they should. He took a deep breath before making his way to the living room to see what in the heck Sonic was talking about. The two-tailed Mobian had been in the kitchen the whole time Sonic had been gone, so what – oh.

Sapphire orbs widened at the large screen the hedgehog was gaping at. Tails slowed his stride, mind whirling. "Um…Sonic?" he started once he stepped up to his brother's side. A clearly impressed Sonic grinned at him, but he couldn't return the positivity. "I didn't build this."

Sonic's grin morphed into a confused frown. "What do ya mean? You had to! No one else could've built it."

"You're right, because I was the only one here!" Tails' brow furrowed as he thought. "And…I would've heard something if another person did this. It's like it just…appeared!"

A bare hand patted the fox's shoulder. Sonic chuckled. "The gig is up, bud! What, did I just come back too early? Does it not completely work or somethin'?"

Tails tore his attention away from the shiny black surface to make Sonic understand that he had no idea how the TV got there. "Sonic, listen to me! This wasn't a surprise! One, there's no possible way I could put that up there quickly without some kind of help," or magic, "and two…" Tails eyed the screen again, tapping his chin. "…I would've put some type of ribbon on it or something…"

Sonic blinked before waving him off. "I dunno why you're fighting it this hard, but thanks anyway little bro." The hedgehog playfully ruffled the fox's yellow bangs. Another clap of thunder then filled the air, and Tails' namesakes fluffed at the noise. A small smile curved Sonic's lips as he gestured at one of the couches. "We'll worry about breakfast a little later, 'kay? Let's just watch somethin' on this awesome present of yours."

Tails inwardly groaned. "I'm serious Sonic, I didn't… What is that?" He pointed over to a pair of items on the closest couch. The kit shuffled over to them, a curious Sonic on his heels. Tails' gaze snapped between the two objects, befuddled. There was a remote laying there alongside a note. He picked up the paper with quivering fingers – the rain was smacking against their windows now – and read it aloud. "'You're not allowed to leave until you watch all of these.'" Tails held it out for his brother to take. "I didn't write this Sonic! That's not my handwriting!"

Sonic squinted at the words, and Tails was right. This was borderline cursive while the fox's was more like chicken scratch. The hedgehog stared at the letter, then the remote, and then the television. Maybe…there was something fishy going on here. "So you really didn't…?"

"No!" Tails scratched the back of his head. This made no sense. It just wasn't possible… "I didn't do any of this."

"Okay. Well…" Sonic laid the somewhat damp paper back down. "Who did if you didn't? I gotta seriously thank them."

Tails sighed, eying the remote. There were pause, play, and reverse buttons on it, nothing else. "We don't know if this is good or bad Sonic. What if that TV was stolen? Or is covered with some kind of poison?"

"Just because it's storming outside doesn't mean that the world is out to get you, Tails." Sonic advised, and he snickered when the kit grumbled a 'Yes it does' in reply. "There's only one way to figure out if this present is good or bad. We have to see if it has good channels!"

As soon as Sonic grabbed hold of the device, a bright light filled the room.

Both occupants groaned in unison as their eyes burned. The hedgehog dropped the remote back on the sofa, and the light vanished. They blinked their eyelids open after a moment.

Tails rubbed them, wishing for his vision to return back to normal. "What…"

"…was that?" Sonic finished the question, quills bristled in surprise. Neither of them had an answer. The duo glanced around the room, searching for anything out of place or different. There was nothing. Sonic pursed his lips, examining Tails. He looked alright. "Are you okay? It didn't do anythin' to you?"

"Other than make me go blind for a second? Yeah, I'm fine. But…" The fox bit his lip. "This is just so weird."

"Don't have to say that again, buddy." Sonic looked around again for good measure. "Let's-" He nearly had a heart attack when something – or rather someone – appeared right in front of him. "Gah!" He jumped backwards, fists at the ready to lash out.

However, Tails' arm luckily kept him from instinctively punching a certain pinkette in the gut. "A-Amy?" the younger boy stuttered out in shock.

The pink hedgie had been snuggled up in her warm bed, dreaming about something she couldn't remember. So her seemingly teleporting out of her room into the relatively cold air of Sonic's den was more than enough to freak her out. Especially because she was in her pajamas and her hair had to be horrible.

"Aahhh!" She screamed, hugging the pillow she had taken hostage from her apartment. "What am I doing here?!"

Tails made a calm down motion with his hands. "We don't know!"

Amy adjusted the magenta sleeping cap on her head. "What do you mean you don't know? I was – Sonic?" She had calmed down enough to notice the blue hedgehog behind the fox…and his lack of clothing.

Something in her expression must've given her away – her cheeks were on fire – because Sonic suddenly coughed behind a fist and mumbled, "I'll be right back." He swiftly ran out in the direction of his bedroom.

After regathering herself, Amy pouted. "So why am I here? I was in the middle of a good dream!" And totally not presentable. Did she have bags under her eyes? Oh Chaos she did, didn't she?

Tails rubbed the back of his neck, oblivious to Amy's distress. "Sorry! We just…" He pointed at an item on the soft piece of furniture. "It was the remote!"

"The remote?" Amy peered down at the device with a subtle frown. "That teleported me here?" Her stare turned accusatory. It all made sense now! Tails had been experimenting. She really should've expected this. "Did you build that, Tails?"

The kit resisted the urge to pull on his ears. "I did not-!"

Tails' adamant declaration never finished, for two more Mobians popped into existence. The echidna whipped his neck around crazily while the striped hedgehog took one glance at Tails and instantly scowled.

"Oh my gosh!" Amy exclaimed, and two pairs of eyes focused on her. "You guys too?"

"Too?" Agitated amethysts shifted from her to Tails, who was gaping like a fish. Knuckles stomped over to him, huffing. "Why do you have that look Tails? What did you do?" He was right in the middle of guarding the Master Emerald, and he'd be damned if Eggman or bat-girl got a hold of it again. Tails opened his mouth to answer, but Knuckles didn't let him speak – and was currently almost at the front door. "You can clue me in after we get in the Tornado and are headed back to Angel Island."

The kit held back a yelp when lightning flashed outside, and his ears flattened at the resulting thunder. This day was growing worse and worse, and it just started!

Knuckles paused at the started expression on the kit's face. He knew that Tails and storms weren't the best of friends, and well...the echidna wasn't keen on getting soaked to the bone either. He guessed that he could wait a while until he returned to his little shack on the island. He doubted the doctor would be active now, and Rouge…hopefully wasn't being herself today.

"You can clue me in never, because I don't care." Shadow was not in the mood for this. He had spent all night doing paper work for G.U.N. and while he didn't need sleep, he sure as hell wanted it. The striped Mobian gave the fox a pointed look before strolling over to the door. "Make sure that this doesn't happen again."

Tails wanted to explode.

"Well isn't this a full house?" Sonic waltzed back into the room clad in dry socks and gloves only to be met with two new faces. He assumed that they received the same treatment as Amy. "Were y'all gettin' your beauty sleep too? Sorry about that!"

"Tch." Shadow just scoffed as he went for the door.

Knuckles folded his arms across his chest. "So what's going on here? I know Mr. Emo over there didn't teleport us here."

"Watch it, echidna."

The guardian ignored him as he waited for an answer.

Sonic remained steady when Tails somewhat leaned into him. He had dried himself off a bit while he was gone. The storm was really raging now. "We don't really know ourselves…"

Amy reached for the cursed remote, and the hedgehog/fox duo were too slow to stop her. She grabbed it, and the brothers glanced at each other in shock when nothing happened. The pinkette showed it to Knuckles. "They said that this thing brought us here."

"And I did not build that, by the way!" Tails clarified as the echidna took it.

"You didn't?" Knuckles snorted. "I would believe you Tails, but Sonic is more about destroying everything he touches. He couldn't have-"

Sonic put a hand on his hip and laughed. "Course not! This house'd be levelled before I finished that." The azure hedgehog peered around Knuckles when it sounded like his door was being smashed into. Shadow was ramming the slab of wood, a frustrated frown marring his muzzle. The door shook, but didn't fly off its hinges. "Whoa whoa hey! You can hit me all you want Shads, but the house is off limits!"

He thought that Shadow had ignored him – wouldn't be the first time – but the Ultimate Lifeform sent a glare over his shoulder. "It won't open," he offered as an explanation.

"Uh…did you try the knob?"

"Of course I tried it," Shadow spat. He wasn't an idiot. He wouldn't have been even using the door if he had his Chaos emerald with him, but for some reason, he didn't anymore. "It won't open."

"What?" Tails hovered over to where Shadow was. The striped one stepped to the side. "No way!" The kit gripped the door knob and attempted to turn it. It didn't budge. "Yes way…"

Amy gasped, holding her pillow closer to herself. "Are we trapped in here?"

Sonic scratched his cheek. "Doubt it!" He jogged over to the nearest window and unlocked it. "I'm sure that this will…" He grunted as he pulled up, but it was like someone on the outside was pushing down. He couldn't see anyone out there though. There was nothing but rain. "…ah…nevermind?"

Knuckles cracked his namesakes. "Move outta the way, Sonic! I'll make us a way out!" He reared back a fist as he approached and threw it at the glass when he was close enough. The only thing that resulted from that swing was a hissing guardian. Knuckles held his abused hand against his body. "Even I couldn't…? There's no way!"

"Maybe just the exits are like that!" Sonic looked over at Amy, brow raised. She had discarded her pillow in the sofa by the remote the guardian had dropped. The speedster was going to ask what she meant by that, but then he got his answer when a piko-piko materialized in her hands. She charged at the closest wall and swung with all her might. The handle of her weapon broke in half. The pinkette ogled at the pieces in her grasp. "That's never happened before!"

"None of this had ever happened before…" Knuckles grumbled, nursing his hand.

Sonic ran his fingers through his quills, tapping foot. "So…this is a trap."

"Yeah," Tails agreed as it dawned on him. "It has to be."

All that were present shared a knowing look. "Eggman," they all chorused.

"I'm not surprised." Shadow was glaring at the door like it was the one behind all of this. He just wanted to go home and rest. Now he was stuck here with faker and his posse. Fantastic. "He has been quiet for a while."

His ears then perked up when there was a heavy thud behind them. Shadow – along with the others – spun around at the unexpected noise. He deadpanned at the larger-than-life doctor blinking confusedly on the ground. Eggman was in nothing but boxers and slippers, not what Shadow wanted to see ever. Great, now he had to bleach his eyes.

The human gasped in shock once he realized that he was suddenly in his arch-rival's home, his chest bearer than a baby's bottom. Eggman reached for the first thing he saw – Amy's pillow – and covered his exposed skin as he stood up.

Amy's lip curled in disgust. That was her favorite pillow! "I have to burn that now…" she whined.

"What is the meaning of this!?" the doctor demanded, disregarding the pinkette's complaint. He was sparkly clean. The stupid pillow was probably dirty and flea ridden and – Eggman dropped the cushion and settled for crossing his arms instead. The man glared from behind his dark glasses. "Well, rodents?"

"We should be askin' you that, Baldy!" Sonic sauntered over to him and grinned. "Though I'm impressed! Gettin' yourself stuck in your own trap isn't an easy feat!"

"Trap? What are you talking about you walking pincushion?" Eggman growled. The rodent was in his own home for Chaos' sake. The human wouldn't trap Sonic where he was comfortable. There had to be spikes and fire and…and water! Couldn't forget that.

Knuckles shook his unharmed fist at the doctor as he approached. "Don't play dumb, Eggman! Let us go or I'll knock you into next week!"

A cold sweat appeared on the doctor's forehead. "Keep your oversized mitts to yourself! I'm not the one to blame here!"

"Oh yeah, I totally believe you." Sonic rolled his eyes. "What's the point of this anyway?"

"Yeah!" Tails stepped up, more than relieved that people stopped blaming him. He didn't mess things up all the time. "Why the TV, remote, and the note? And how in the world are you keeping us in here?"

Eggman would've throttled every single one of the pests if they weren't very capable of killing him. "For the last time, I did not-"

Everyone froze up when loud static filled the room, drowning out the rain. Multiple pairs of eyes locked onto the huge flatscreen on the wall with white noise covering every inch of it. Sonic glimpsed over to the remote to see it untouched on the couch. Eggman wasn't close enough to turn the television on. Maybe it wasn't him… but who…?

Knuckles tilted his head, pointing to the screen. "Did…you two always have that?"

"No!" Tails had no idea what was happening. "It just appeared with the remote and that note!"

Eggman wasn't having it. They had to be toying with him. "Is this some kind of joke? I swear if it is, as soon as I get out of here-" and put on some clothes, "-I will be back with a full army of robots!"

No one heeded the man's warning.

"A note? What did it say?" Knuckles questioned.

The fox went over and picked up the paper again. "It just says 'You're not allowed to leave until you watch all of these'. Nothing else!"

Shadow stomped over and held out his palm. Tails gave him the letter. Shadow read it, growing more irritated. "What is it talking about? There needs to be…" The striped hedgehog trailed off as more words were written in front of his very eyes.

The others instantly crowded around the dark anthro. This was probably the most surprised they've ever seen Shadow. They soon understood why he had cut his sentence short. The letter had been writing itself. It read:

'My apologies. I should've been more specific, huh? Well, to be more clear, none of you are allowed to leave this house until you all watch every single episode stored in that TV. Episodes of what, you ask? It's up to you to figure it out. Have fun!'

Eggman, though he was completely flabbergasted, took the chance to clear his name. "Do you believe me now?"

Sonic's eyes were as wide as they could be. "Yeah Eggy, you're off the hook for now. But back to this…What in the heck just happened?!"

Tails seemed truly concerned. "I…I don't have a scientific explanation for this!"

"I mean… is it magic?" Amy glanced over at a baffled Knuckles. "Like could the emeralds do this… or something…?"

The echidna slowly shook his head. "No…nothing like that…"

Shadow heavily exhaled. "Are we just going to ignore its instructions? I'd rather get this over with so I can get the hell out of here."

"Aw c'mon Shads. Are we really that bad to be around?" Sonic joked, but his heart really wasn't into it. This was too bizarre. The note wrote itself and now they had to watch some…some show to free themselves? The speedster faced the TV and pointed to it. "Look guys!"

They all shifted their attention to the screen. The words 'Once you get comfortable, press play. You'll be here for a while' had replaced the white noise.

A while? Shadow had a bad feeling about this. His patience was already being tested. How much more would he have to endure?

"Do we…do what it says?" Amy suggested. If it was true that they couldn't leave, then they might as well relax and watch. A show couldn't be dangerous, right? Sure, she'd rather be in her regular clothes, but she guessed that couldn't be helped. Sonic didn't seem too repulsed…

"It's obvious that we don't have any other choice," Eggman groused.

"I could break the TV."

"And keep us in here for the rest of eternity? No thank you," Shadow bit at Knuckles.

"There's no point in arguing with a magical being right?" Sonic grabbed the remote and plopped down at one end of the couch, leaning on the arm. "Let's just go with it." He shrugged. "Maybe it'll be somethin' funny!"

Tails took the spot next to the speedster, to Amy's chagrin. He had put a little pep in his step when thunder impinged his ears. Sonic let out a silent breath when the pinkette claimed the other end of the couch. This was the first time he had thanked bad weather.

Knuckles had reluctantly settled on the other sofa along with Eggman. There was a spot left in the middle for Shadow. Lucky him. However, before he sat down, he noticed more writing on the note. He read it aloud. "'You're welcome, Sonic.'" Rubies met with dumbfounded emeralds. "That's what it said."

Before Sonic's brain could recover, sunlight shined through the windows. Any and every sign of the thunderstorm was gone.

The speedster had to scrape his chin off the ground. "It can control the weather?"

It was silent in the room as that information sunk in.

"…Sonic," Knuckles eventually started, "I say that you press play before it gets mad." He did not feel like dying today.

"Already on it," the hedgehog swiftly replied, holding the remote up and pressing play as Shadow stiffly sat down.

The words from before faded away, and more appeared on the screen. 'May the Sonic Boom marathon…commence!'

"Sonic Boom?" Amy repeated, leaning up to look at the azure hero. "Is this show about you, Sonic?"

The speedster allowed a small grin to grow on his muzzle. "I dunno, but if it is, this whole being trapped thing might not be so bad."

Knuckles, Shadow, and Eggman simultaneously groaned. This might be the end of them.

They all silenced when that text went away as well.

A disembodied voice began narrating as soon as the screen cut to a sunny canyon. "In a world…" There was another cut to an open ocean with a strange white structure standing upon a lone island. "…where speed is survival…" Now there was a lush forest in view, along with a blue plane and a hovercraft piloted by a large man in a red jacket.

Sonic paused it there. "There you go Eggy! It's not gonna be just me, you're in it too! I can't wait to see how many ways you lose to me in this!"

Eggman scowled. "Shut it, rat! I'm sure they'll acknowledge my scientific genius and show your horrible defeat!"

The hero scoffed. "Dream on old man."

The bright canyon was back again, and the hovercraft came into view once more. "…and where evil never surrenders…" Eggman was flying fast, weaving in between rocks and sharply turning corners.

"It all ends here, old friend," Eggman's voice says as a red clawed robot dropped down and sped off.

A cliffside was shown now, slowly panning up. The narrator returned. "Only one man…"

"Yeah…" There was a fake laugh, and suddenly there was a blue hedgehog in some kind of shack. He was scratching his head, standing in front of a bandaged yellow fox. "A-About that…"

"Woo hoo! You're in it too, Tails!" Sonic held up a hand.

Tails clapped it, though he wasn't as enthusiastic as his brother. They were still basically held hostage by a mysterious force.

Amy narrowed her eyes at the picture, feeling like something was off. And there was. "Sonic! Look at your arms! They're different!"

Sonic blinked. "Wha? I mean yeah, the neckerchief and sports tape are seriously like why but – WHOA! My arms are blue! But why? Mine aren't blue!" He double checked to make sure. Yep, smooth and as pale as ever.

Knuckles propped his chin on his palm and huffed. "Obviously. So what do you think this is? Some kind of dumb reality show?"

"It has to be!" Amy chirped. She was suddenly excited for this. If Eggman, Sonic, and Tails were in it, then it made sense that she was too! And if this was a show focused on romance, then… She smiled, giddy for what's to come.

"I don't know…" Tails tapped his chin. "Yeah, that Sonic looks a bit different, but there's no way that he's an actor. It's like if Sonic had a twin brother! He sounds the same, too!"

Sonic hummed, gears turning in his mind. "Hm…you're on to somethin' Tails. Remember what the letter said? It said it was up to us to figure out what it's about. I don't know about you guys, but I say that I look older there…"

Knuckles was more alert. "So you're assuming that this could be our future?"

Sonic shrugged. "It could be. We've dealt with time stuff before, and it's possible that I could fill in my coat later…"

Amy leaned forward in her seat. "Oh my gosh! That's-"

"You can't be serious." Shadow crossed his arms, giving them a sharp look. "Do you really think that's a possibility? It's stupid to think just because-"

Sonic met his gaze. "Shadow, we've been trapped inside my own home by someone who can make letters write themselves, can materialize a TV out of nowhere, and can change the weather faster than you can say chili dogs. Are videos from the future that much weirder?"

Shadow stood his ground. "I refuse to believe that this is nothing but a damn reality show until proven otherwi – Agh!" He was suddenly shoved off the couch and onto the floor, landing hard on his chest. Shadow rolled over only to see a petrified Knuckles and Eggman looking where he had been. It couldn't have been them. But then who… The Ultimate Lifeform swallowed hard as he returned to his seat. "I believe."

"This is insane!" Eggman cried before stroking his mustache. "Yet interesting…"

"Don't ever make the thing angry, got it." Knuckles glanced over to a half amused/half aghast Sonic. "Play it!"

Sonic didn't need to be told twice.

"Join Sonic…" The blue hedgehog was currently running in the canyon and sliding to a stop when he came across a perilous ledge, waving his arms to keep from tumbling down. "And his crew…" There was Tails in the blue plane, a hopeful looking Amy-

Said hedgehog giggled to herself. This was going to be good! If she didn't anger whatever was watching them, that is…

-and then Sonic and Knuckles. The red echidna had a clipboard and pen in his hands. "I think…that you would be a great sidekick for me."

The blue hedgehog answered with an exasperated, "No, Knuckles."

Sonic paused it and waited for any punishment. There was none. Whew. He then held up two fingers. "Two things. One, me be your sidekick Knux? Ha! And two, are you takin' steroids in the future or what?"

Knuckles glared at him. "No! I will not be taking them! And how do you know anyway? I could have just had some rigorous exercise and – Hey! What was that laugh?" Sonic just grinned cheekily, and the echidna kept himself from throwing a fist in that direction. He didn't know how well the thing took to violence.

"…for all new adventures." There was an action shot of Tails in his plane avoiding an robotic arm reaching right for him. Then, it switched to Sonic back running in the rocky cliffs, chasing Eggman in the circular hovercraft.

"You can't lose me, Egghead!" Sonic taunted with a smirk.

"Eggman!" The doctor corrected, punching his dashboard in frustration. "You know my name is Doctor Eggman! You do that on purpose!" he growled.

"What? Want me to call you Baldy McNosehair instead?"

"Be quiet, you insolent cactus!"

"…That's a new one."

"Initiating speedy swing surprise!" Sonic told his communicator, Eggman not visible anymore. Tails let down a yellow energy beam. The blue hedgehog grabbed the glowing rope and swung around, kicking the red robot from before into a rock wall.

"Ooo…" Tails didn't know what that tool was, but he liked it.

"I was just trying to protect you," Sonic said to a disappointed looking Tails.

It cut to that same extending arm slicing through one of the blue plane's wings. "By putting me in more danger?" Tails retorted over a scene of the fox panicking as he lost control of the aircraft.

"The plan had holes!" Sonic loudly argued.

Sonic and Tails shared a worried glance. It looked like their relationship got a little rocky there. But it was weird, Tails had been in way more danger than that before, and he never got mad like that. Was this really the future?

There were multiple action shots of Eggman, Sonic, and Tails before Amy appeared on the screen. She was juggling colorful balls while Sonic gazed on dispassionately.

"And why am I juggling?" Amy questioned with a frown. "I don't even know how to juggle!" Was she trying to impress Sonic? She inwardly gasped. Maybe she was! If this actually was the future, then she had to learn all she could from her future self!

"There's that same clipboard from before…" Knuckles muttered, bouncing his knee up and down. The scene with him and Sonic and the one with Amy were connected somehow. But hopefully not. He didn't want to entertain Sonic in any way, especially by juggling.

There were more quick scenes of Sonic, Tails, and Eggman, the human screaming for the red robot to attack. Sonic spin dashed the mech and then the screen cut to 'Sonic Boom', the words flashy and large.

After a second Eggman reappeared with a snarl. "I'll be back! With a new robot…who has super laser eyes…and he'll feed me ham!" He floated of into the distance, muttering, "Evil ham…"

The screen went black, and Sonic snorted. "Evil ham, Eggman? What makes it evil? How you put on pounds after eatin' it?"

The doctor squeezed the arm of the couch, wishing that it was a certain hedgehog's neck. "Don't ask me! I would never say that!" He glared at the black screen like it had insulted his ancestors. "It's like my IQ had dropped faster than you in water!"

"Harsh." Sonic mumbled under his breath.

Knuckles linked his hands behind his head, raising a brow at the brothers. "So it looks that this is mostly going to be about you two and Eggman. Amy and I barely made appearances. And Shadow…" The echidna sneered over at the brooding hedgie.

"Why. Am. I. Even. Here," Shadow hissed through gritted teeth. He showed up not once during whatever the hell they just watched.

Tails thought about it. "Well, the note implied that there are multiple episodes, right? Maybe you all will show up more often then…?"

"I better," or this is just a waste of my time, Shadow finished his statement in his head. He favored not getting pushed to the floor.

"What was it that we just watched, anyway?" Amy stretched a bit before bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them. "An intro? Because that wasn't long enough to be a full episode."

"I think so Ames, cuz look at the screen." Sonic gestured at the television. The words 'Episode 1 – The Sidekick' floated over a play symbol. "The Sidekick? Guess that's where you come into play, Knux! So don't worry about being left out," he teased.

"Shut up," the guardian grumbled.

"Do you think that it'll show how to make that energy beam I had?" Tails questioned Sonic.

The hero smiled before saying, "There's only one way to find out." Sonic was about to press play, but his stomach made itself known.

Tails grinned at him before getting to his feet. "I can whip up some breakfast before we get into the thick of it." Hopefully it was okay with the thing if they took a little break. Nothing pushed him over so…success?

"Thanks bro!" Sonic smiled in appreciation until he noticed Amy's slightly mischievous expression. Before she made a move to scoot over, the hedgehog yawned and turned his body. His legs crossed over each other on the couch, his feet becoming a wall to keep the pinkette away. "Aw man I'm so tired! Love this couch, so comfy…"

The fox snickered when Amy's cheeks puffed out. He then asked, "The rest of you guys want something?"

"Sure," Knuckles grunted.

Amy perked back up a little bit. "Yes please!"

Sapphire orbs then trained on a silent Shadow. He looked every bit like a child who'd been in time out for too long. He was just going to take that as a yes. Tails focused on the gloomy human. "Eggman? What about you?"

The human squinted his eyes at him in distrust. "…What are you making?"

Tails fought hard to retain his chuckles. "Eggs."

Eggman hated the fox and everything he stood for…but his hunger was still there. "Fine…Over-easy!"

Sonic couldn't help himself. "Like every single one of our battles, am I right?"

The hero was laughing too hard to dodge the slipper thrown at him.

The video showed off in this chapter was the E3 teaser trailer of Sonic Boom just in case you didn't recognize it.

That was fun! I wonder what the thing is? Definitely not the person writing this story, that's for sure XD Now okay, I know that this kind of fic is sorta risky…but I'm following a couple stories like this and I fell in love with the idea. Tell me if you'd like to see more!

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