Exactly five years ago, Rose had met the most extraordinary man in the universe. A man who had swept her off her feet, showing her things she'd never thought possible.

"I was right," Jackie Tyler bustled into Rose's old bedroom, fussing with her hair.

"Mum!" Rose swatted her mother's hand away, half-amused and partially exasperated. "How many times?"

"Mother's always right, Rose." Jackie told her daughter proudly. "Though I must say, I certainly did not think that he'd be your One."

"I love him," Rose said simply. "Oh god, Mum, I love him."

"Well, I certainly hope that you love him. Be a pity to have this wedding if you didn't." Jackie soothed her. "Are you ready, sweetheart?"

Rose looked into Jackie's eyes, nodding. Smirking slightly, Jackie took the white gown from the hanger in the closet. "Brides are always worrying about their hair or if their shoes fit properly or if their dress needed that one last alteration. But when you are at the end of that aisle, looking across the church at your fiancé, none of that matters. Because now you've got him, and will for the rest of your lives. And he loves you, there's no doubt about that. The way he smiles when he looks at you takes years off his face."

"He's only seven years older than me, Mum."

Shareen entered the little room. "I'd never have thought this, but he's gorgeous, Rose."

"And I guess that's our cue," Rose smiled nervously. She and Jackie followed Shareen into the corridor.

"I love you, sweetheart," Jackie smiled. "Now, it's just a walk down the centre of the church. You'll turn to your 'Doctor' and I'll join Shareen and Mickey. And don't forget to give me your bouquet."

The opening of Mendelssohn's Wedding March sounded. Rose took her mother's hand and, taking a deep breath, stepped into the nave. And suddenly only her mother's grip on her forearm was the only thing stopping her from sprinting down the aisle and snogging the living daylights out of the Doctor. She reached for him as soon as her mother had let go, and he took both her hands in his.

"Dearly beloved," the priest began, but only the Doctor held Rose's attention. A gentle squeeze on her fingers let her know that the priest was now speaking directly to her.

"Your vows, darling," the Doctor smiled, his eyes warm with love.

"I promise myself to you. The past five years have been the most wonderful years of my life and I will continue to cherish and love you for the rest our lives. I pledge myself to you, your lover, confidante, and companion. Forever." Rose did not falter.

"In sickness and in health, I will love you, as I have loved you these five years past. The Doctor and Rose Tyler, there is no obstacle that we can not overcome, no threat that can rip us apart. I shall honour you, and love you, for as long as we both shall live." The Doctor's voice was thick, but soft; his eyes never strayed from Rose's.

"Do you, Rose Marion Tyler, take this man to be your lawfully-wedded husband?"

Rose blinked, her eyes shining. "I do."

"And do you, John Braxiatel, take this woman to be your lawfully-wedded wife?"

"I do," the Doctor squeezed Rose's hands. Rose barely heard the priest's next words, only having eyes for the Doctor.

And when he kissed her, it was nothing like the movies. He was grinning, and she was beaming. His mouth was quick to capture hers, and she kissed him fervently; her hands rested on either side of his chest. He took her into his arms, and dipped her, not breaking away until they were both starved for oxygen. Faces red, blood pounding in their heads, they turned to face their friends and family. And that was it. They were married.

"I love you," the Doctor said lazily as they danced.

"I should hope so. I am wearing your ring, after all," Rose giggled.

He kissed her, and she kissed him back. Their dancing slowed to a gentle sway as they pressed soft kisses against the other's lips.