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Chapter 1

Three months.

That was how long it had been since he last saw the Autobots and left everything he knew and loved. Three months since the whole fiasco with Unicron and the subsequent retrieval of Optimus' memories. Three months since he left the Autobots and came here. In the last three months he managed to witness the completion of the new base that he had created in secret should the Autobot base ever be discovered.

The base was they were using was actually built in the 1960s and used by the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) and the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and was located in the Cheyanne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs under 2000 feet of granite.

The base had only a single visible entrance that led to a huge blast door capable of deflecting a 30 megaton nuclear bomb. Past that are seven levels each one used for different situations. The first floor held a barracks for the soldiers assigned to the base. The second held a huge cafeteria and game room for those who have some down time. The third floor held the communications and data analysts department where they would comb through data and search for any signs of Decepticon activity. The fourth and fifth floor are both where the gym, shooting range, obstacle course and tactical training were conducted. The sixth floor was entirely a medical wing where soldiers would go for their medical examinations and to treat any injuries.

The seventh floor was the largest by far as it housed not only the command centre, but also a fully functional GroundBridge, Energon storage, Cybertronian medical wing, briefing room, sleeping quarters for the Autobots, his own lab that was also his own sleeping quarters and experimental armoury for him to test his inventions.

But that was just the mountain itself. Surrounding the front of the entrance was an entire military base, along with a hanger that was used in defence of the base. While the entire base was impressive, it was what was what was next to it that was truly impressive. For next to it was another training facility that was made specifically for his new project. It only had three units, one was the living quarters, filled with beds, recreational items, medical wing, and cafeteria. The next was an entire training facility that specialised in parkour training, stealth, infiltration, sabotage, experimental weapons testing and hand to hand combat. The last and most important unit was the final, which housed its own GroundBridge as well as a storage unit that held giant robots, each armed with different weapons and specialised in different roles.

This was Project Titan. A project created a month before the whole incident with Unicron.

The project was a simple one. Create giant robots that would be controlled by a pilot and to be deployed when Decepticon forces were attacking. Jack actually took inspiration from his ConCrusher armour, without the transformation. The Titans were the first and last line of defence against a Decepticon incursion. There were six separate Titan classes, the Tone, the Ion, the Ronin, the NorthStar, the Scorch and finally the Legion.

The Tone, armed with a 40mm Tracker Cannon that puts a tracker on an enemy. His abilities include a Sonar Lock that reveals enemies within the area as well as place a lock on the target. A Particle Wall that appears in front of Tone, blocking all incoming fire for a time but allowing any friendly to fire through with increased damage when fired through. Tracker Rockets that the Pilot can fire when a full lock-on has been reached. The last was its devastating Salvo Core, in which Tone unleashes a barrage of rockets that can be guided to any target the Pilot aim at.

The next was the Ion, armed with a Splitter Rifle that gets its offensive and defensive abilities from a central energy system which recharges slowly. His abilities include a tripwire that's laser triggered to explode when said laser is broken, even for a second. A Vortex Shield that absorbs all incoming fire at throws it right back to any enemy that the Pilot aims for. Laser Shot, a shoulder mounted laser that fires a lethal beam that cuts through anything in its way. The last was Ion's destructive Laser Core, which takes everything in its central energy system an fires a massive laser beam from its chest, much like how his Unibeam was when he wore his Iron Man suits.

The Ronin, armed with a Leadwall Shotgun that fires six shots, three barrels stacked upon one another and a massive serrated sword. He is the most slender and nimble of the six Titans, allowing him to move across the battlefield swiftly. Hi nimbleness however comes at a cost as his chassis is extremely weak, making him very easy to destroy. His abilities include an Arc Wave, in which the Ronin swipes his sword across the ground, sending an electric wave that damages enemies and stuns them. Bridge Dash. Where Ronin opens a GroundBridge temporarily, avoiding enemy fire and creating the element of surprise. The Sword Block reduces damage taken and can be held indefinitely at the cost of movement speed. The last ability he has is his Sword Core, which electrifies his sword, increasing damage output and greatly decreasing his damage taken when using his Sword Block ability.

The NorthStar is armed with a chargeable sniper railgun, and being a master of flight and precision kills, she seeks to pick off her enemies. Her abilities include VTOL (Vertical Take Off) Hover, giving her the ability to hover for a short duration. A Tether Trap, sending out a mine that locks down on enemies that try to get to close to the NorthStar, allowing her to make a quick escape or to finish of their target. A Cluster Missile, which creates out a sustained explosion upon impact. Her Core ability is the Flight Core, which allows her to hover in the air and unleash a barrage of rockets at her enemies below.

The Scorch, armed with it T-203 Thermite Launcher, this Titan is more of a support Titan that's primary offensive and defensive is fire. His abilities include a Firewall, which creates a row of thermite on the ground. His Incendiary Trap fires off a flammable gas canister which can light up with the slightest spark. His Heat Shield works similar to Ion's Vortex Shield, but instead of absorbing all the damage, it instead liquefies all incoming artillery as well as burn any enemy that it comes in contact with. His Core ability is his Flame Core, in which Scorch slams both of his hands onto the ground and create a giant wave of fire that destroys everything it comes in contact with.

The Legion is the frontline Titan and utilises his assortment of ballistic abilities on defence and control. Armed with his Predator Cannon, this Titan can help to control an area and shred through anything in its path. His abilities include his Mode Switch, which has Legion switch between Close Range and Long Range. Power Shot, which when fired in Close Range Mode knocks back nearby enemies and when fired in Long Range Mode damages all enemies in its path. His Gun Shield deploys a shield in front of Legion and around his Predator Cannon, allowing for him to continue moving forward while taking no damage. His Core Ability is his Smart Core, which allows Legion to automatically lock on to any enemy in range.

One thing that all Titans shared was an AI that could fight its own battle whenever the Pilot was no longer in control. Each Titan had a unique AI that kept in communication with the Pilot to help with coordination and strategy. Yet despite all of their abilities that did not make them invulnerable. Enough damage sustained and they can explode, that was why they all came with an ejection function should their Titan fall in a 'Doomed State'. For that reason, Pilots were trained in heavy ordnance training, allowing them to do devastating damage even without a Titan.

Pilots were armed with an assault rifle that fired Energon bolts, with a blaster pistol as a Secondary weapon as well as an Energon Rocket. They came with a cloaking device that hid them from detection as well as a grappling hook for the place that they needed to get to. The last thing they had was a jump kit, allowing them to do a double jump and help them with manoeuvrability. For that reason Jack made sure that all Pilots were chosen from the best of the best and then put through training.

Something that changed in the three months was the fact that he now had his old arms and legs back. Tony Stark had been working to find a way to help war veterans that had lost limbs to help grow them back, something he called 'the Lizard affect'. However complications arose as an employee at Oscorp, Doctor Curt Connors, who had helped create the Project along with Richard Parker was mutated into a giant lizard and began to terrorize the citizens on New York. From the reports he had gotten, a new hero by the name of Spider-Man put a stop to his plans and saved the city.

From the footage he could find on this Spider-Man, Jack was impressed with the speed and strength that this person had, considering he had managed to stop an out of control car from slamming into a bus. The only thing that made him less of a superhero and more of someone wearing a ridiculous onesie was the costume he wore. He had managed, through Tony Stark, to find out who this Spider-Man was behind the mask. Imagine his surprise when he learned that he was only two years younger than him and that his name was Peter Parker, a student from Midtown's High School. Jack decided that since the kid wanted to make a difference, he would need an upgrade. To that end he began designs on a costume for the kid.

Speaking of Tony, he had managed to get his hands on the project and actually fixed the problem of the subject mutating into a lizard. Since then, any type of cross breed genetics that was being used on patients were heavily regulated and subjected to hours of observation and scrutiny to make sure something like the lizard wouldn't happen again. When Tony had finally made sure that nothing would happen to the patient, either through short term or long term side effects, he contacted Jack and made arrangements for him to allow him to take the injection.

From what Tony described, he had managed to isolate the genetic that allowed the lizard to regrow its limbs and place it within the patients DNA. This would work indefinitely whenever he lost a limb. It however did not mean an instant regeneration. It actually took a whole two days for the whole regeneration process to complete itself. The only way the regeneration would not work is if his head was blow off.

Another project that he had finished as well was his SHIELD organization. It stood for Strategic Homeland Intervention and Enforcement Division and was an organization that would keep the world safe from threats, both from within and beyond. They would do this by keeping track of any individuals that held special abilities or had caught their notice.

SHIELD was led by Director Nick Fury, a former Special Forces that also dealt with Black Ops missions. He was a very pragmatic person, believing that threats should be identified and tracked to allow them to prepare any countermeasures should they try to make a move. That, however did not mean that Fury was a fool. He knew that he had his faults, and that he was overall a good man. He would not put innocents at risks simply to deal a decisive blow and would find a solution to do so without resulting in catastrophic loss of life.

Yet for all the progress he had made in the last three months, Jack still felt that there was something that he had to do, and that was change his image. With that in mind, he went and changed the armour by removing all traces of his Autobot affiliation. He kept the bodysuit, but lengthened it to cover his entire legs and feet as wells as arms and hands. He then changed the colour of his armour to an all-black colour scheme. In fact his entire armour was going through a whole upgrade as he had the time to experiment. His new armour was going to be much like his old Iron Man armours, except that he would remove the sides of the midriff to allow for more manoeuvrability leaving his front and back covered. He then removed the inner thigh and much of the underside of his arms.

His helmet also had changes made to its design as he decided to be rid of the lenses he had attached above his eyes. Again Tony had helped him remove them and even fixed the damage done to the area by using another invention by him. It was called the Accelerated Cellular and Tissue Repair, allowing for any minor injury to be healed in moments and not leave any scarring. The helmet now had a simple T-shaped visor in glowed in a dark shade of blue.

As for his weapons? He decided to keep the weapons that he had used by having them strapped to each side of his legs as they were the most useful in dispatching huge groups of Decepticons with ease. He also decided to forgo his retractable shield and instead change it into a particle shield that he can use at any time and would cover a large portion of his body. He had them on both of his arms and that it was located just below the elbow. Something that he also added was the stealth feature that could be activated by pressing the centre button on his armour and the hook cables that were attached under his forearms. He kept his sword should he ever wish to deal with any Decepticons up close and personal.

But preparations, new weapons and upgrades were useless if there was no way to test if they were effective if they had no targets. So for the past three months, Jack had made sure to keep his ear to the ground for any information on Decepticon movement and was thus disappointed to find that nothing of interest could be found. In fact the only thing that could be counted as interesting was that the Decepticons had another recruit within their ranks.

Dreadwing, twin brother of the deceased Skyquake.

Meanwhile on the Autobot side, it seemed that things seemed to go back to normal. But from what J.A.R.V.I.S, who had stayed to keep tabs on the team, had explained that they seemed to be in a state of low morale. It seemed that after he left, there was a huge argument between Ratchet and Bulkhead against Miko, Raf, Arcee and the Avengers.

It seemed Ratchet and Bulkhead were glad to be rid of him, believing that without his influence the team would be in less danger. This was met with an explosive reaction from Arcee and Miko. The former actually threatened to rip Ratchet's arms right off, while Miko almost set Anthony on Bulkhead, but managed to be stopped by Steve. She then proceeded to tell Bulkhead that she wanted nothing to do with him and that Arcee was going to be her guardian, whether Optimus agreed or not, to which Optimus agreed.

The Avengers it seemed were torn on the whole situation, what with Jack being the one to bring them all together. Many of them felt guilty for not believing in Jack more and not doubt him so readily, and so they parted ways with the Autobots to deal with their own lives, but promising to come together should they be called.

Optimus was quite the whole time, but from what J.A.R.V.I.S said, it seemed that Optimus truly regretted him leaving but also understanding that if two of their own teammates did not trust him then the team would fall into disarray. Bumblebee was torn between choosing to side with Bulkhead and Ratchet, or siding with Raf. In the end he chose to side with his charge, believing that if Raf himself vouched for Jack, then he should too.

As for the Avengers? Thor returned to Asgard to help his fellow warriors. Steve, Natasha and Clint were asked to join with SHIELD, to which they agreed. Raf and Miko still stayed with the Autobots for obvious reasons.

But Jack knew that the quiet would not last and that something was coming, and that soon Earth would learn of the Autobots and Decepticons and their war. Jack knew that Earth was going to be a battleground and that they were not ready for that.

How right he was.

So what do you think?

First off, before you get upset for me adoing in even more things to the story let me explain.

The crossover with the Titans from the Titanfall games was intentional as they were perfect for this fix due to the fact that Jack is facing a superior force, in terms of numbers and tech. The Titans were made to even the odds against the Decepticon forces.

Next comes the fact that i chose to return Jack's limbs. That was something that would make sense since Tony wanted to better humanity through more humane ways. The whole Lizard fiasco and Spider-Man would not have stopped him and he would have eventually figure out a way to isolate the gene.

You may ask why i decided to change Jack's appereance once more. Simple, since Jack is no longer affiliated with the Autobots, he decided to redo his overall look. Why not just wear his old Iron Man suits or build another? The answer is simple. He wanted nothing to do with that life again.

He lost both his parents because of that and it simply reminded him of his failures.

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