The Zenko of the DC

Prologue: Different Places, Same Cases

On a dark night in the city of Gotham, nothing really changes in this place. Everyone constantly look over their shoulders in fear as crimes in at an all-time rise. Robberies, murder, kidnapping, drive-by, hijacking, gang wars and so much more. The Gotham Police were up to their necks in solving such crimes as taking down one results in two more popping out of nowhere. It doesn't make things better with some of the members letting the criminals go scot-free due to bribery and blackmail.

However the criminals may have had precautions against the law enforcers, but what they didn't or rather couldn't set up countermeasures for was a certain man who shares a similar purpose with the police but isn't a part of them whatsoever. This man works in the shadows, ready to pounce at them without them noticing. The last thing that any of his victims would see is his descent towards them with the appearance of a black predatory bat and wake up later to find them tied up in front of the police station. Hence everyone began to call this shadowing vigilante Batman or the Dark Knight of Gotham.

For as long as the people could remember, this dark hero has been solving numerous crimes and defeating many villains possessing powers beyond what no other human could go up against. And as time went, Batman was joined by several other heroes with the same purpose. Names like Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing who was formerly the first Robin before passing the cowl to the second and left for another city.

At this moment, a police radio is currently passing information to the police cars of a regular crime for them to quickly move in and neutralize.

[All units, please be informed that there has been a robbery over at Calico's jewelry and the suspects are currently making their escape in a getaway vehicle which is a blue 2016 Ford Transit 150 van]

One of the policemen picked up the radio and responded to the call "This is 8-Lincoln-30 to dispatch, we read you loud and clear. We're engaging pursuit of the robbers, over,"

They drove off in search of the robbers, however what they didn't know was that someone else was tapping into their communications and we're currently seeing him perched on top of a tall tower spire with a wireless headset to his ears. Strange thing was that this person isn't Batman but he isn't the other members of the Bat family either. This person currently wears a black outfit, a gray flak jacket, a forehead protector with a long black cloth, and black sandals, over it he also wore a hooded short sleeved red coat with a black flame pattern around the hem, and to top it all off is a white porcelain mask crafted to resemble a fox with long ears and red tribal markings on it.

"Looks like it's time to go to work," the mysterious figure muttered to himself before jumping off the tower spire in a swan dive. Upon drawing close to the ground, he stretched out an arm towards a building then a long golden chain shot out from his palm and pinned to the roof, then he swung over to land on a nearby rooftop and ran along it to the end before performing a really long jump with a blue aura visible on the soles of his feet and reached the next roof. He vaulted over the vents without losing speed and shot yet another golden chain at a tower spire before rappelling towards it at high-speed before shooting over it like a slingshot and descends towards yet another rooftop before landing with a roll and resuming his run.

Elsewhere, the aforementioned van turned down an alleyway and stopped before a conspicuous garage. The door opened and several men jumped out wearing black clothing and black ski masks with smirks visible on their faces as they carried bags of jewelry from the van.

"This has to be one of our best scores ever!" said one of the robbers.

"You said it man, and we made our getaway fast enough before the police could trace us!" said another.

"And best of all, neither Batman nor his lackeys would be able to find us by the time we're long gone!" said a third.

They were about to approach the garage when several knives struck the ground, they are black diamond shaped daggers with handles wrapped in bandages and small rings attached to the end of them. The robbers immediately took out guns and rifles in alert as they looked around in search of the interloper. Suddenly they heard someone whistle at them from above and quickly looked up to see a man in a weird outfit standing on the roof, looking down at them.

"Batman and his 'lackeys' should be the least of your worries when making getaways," said the man.

"Who the hell are you?!" one of the robbers yelled.

"Oh my name is…none of your illegal business!" he replied.

"Like we care since you're gonna die, shoot em!" all of the gang aimed their firearms at him and attacked. The man was riddled with bullets before plummeting to the ground and landing with a crash. The robbers laughed out loud upon seeing him dead.

"Hahahaha! That guy's practically a greenhorn, should have never taken the stupid superhero business!" said one of them.

Suddenly he felt someone tap his shoulder and a familiar voice spoke from behind him "On the contrary, you and your friends are lousy shots," he turned around only for a gloved fist to smash into his face, resulting in a broken nose as an audible crunch was heard before being launched a few meters and crumbling to the ground, knocked out.

The remaining robbers were stunned to see that the person whom they supposedly shot down is still alive and standing right next to them "What the-how are you still alive?!"

The man shrugged "That's for me to know and for you to figure out in prison," he dashed off as the robbers shot at him rapidly, he was keeping pace ahead of their range of fire.

*Bang, bang, bang, click, click, click*

He smirked upon hearing that sound before making his way towards them, one of the robbers launched a straight punch but he caught it in his palm before retaliating with a strong button hook, causing the robber to vomit and collapse to the ground. The masked man heard footsteps from behind and performed a backflip over his attacker before stomping on the head to drive him hard to the ground, knocking. His ears picked up the sound of a gun being reloaded and quickly reached into his pouch and flung a knife at his target.

"Argh!" the last robber cried out in pain as the knife stabbed his hand, forcing him to drop his rifle. Next thing he knew was that a golden chain wrapped around his waist and pulled him towards the masked figure who had a fist reared back in waiting.

"Going up!" the man lashed out with a devastating uppercut to launch the robber a couple feet into the air with the chain still attached "Coming down!" then he grabbed the chain and pulled hard to slam the robber hard into the ground. Then the masked figure looked around to see the criminals all knocked out and nodded in approval of the scene "Now here's the annoying part…cleaning up after them,"

About twenty minutes later, a fleet of police cars arrived at the area to see the robbers all tied up together with what appears to be metallic wires and the bags of jewelry inside the van.

"Hey I found something here, it looks like a note," said the policeman holding up a piece of paper.

The captain approached the note and read it out loud "Here are the guys you were looking for, things would have gone better for them if they simply studied hard at school and would have gotten a decent job. Don't you think? Your friendly neighborhood ninja, Zenko," Several of the policemen chuckled in amusement while some others were much more serious.

"That Zenko fellow again huh? Just who the heck is he? Is he friends with batman?" asked one of the policemen.

"I don't know, Commissioner Gordon was informed by the Batman that he has no affiliation with Zenko. All we could get from the prisoners was that he fights like a ninja and seems to use golden chains. All in all, we'll need to bring him in for questioning to find out exactly who he is and what he wants,"

"Yes sir,"

Somewhere on top of a building, the masked figure could be seen sitting on ledge and watching over the city whilst letting out a sigh of boredom.

"It has been four months since we appeared here after the war, Naruto," suddenly a dark voice spoke up from within the mind of the person who didn't react to it in shock.

"I know Kurama, I searched for many ways to get back to our world and came up with nothing at all," the man pulled down his hood to reveal blond spiky hair before taking off the mask to reveal a rather handsome face which possessed three whisker-like markings on each cheek, giving him the impression of a fox.

"We were right at the climax of the war against Madara before Kaguya entered the fray, Sasuke and I had it tough but then we were able to place the seal that the Rikudo Sennin gave to us,"

"But what we didn't take into account was the reaction afterwards, the sudden ejection of my brethren's chakra had caused some sort reaction with your father's Hirashin kunai which somehow warped us into this world,"

"That's pretty much the gist of things, this world is pretty strange with how people are able to live without chakra but they seem to make it up with technology that is way beyond our own," Naruto placed his chin on his palms, deep in thought.

"Let's not forget about the superheroes we've been hearing about,"

"Yeah, guys like Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, not to mention Batman owning this place in particular. Most of these guys got powers which could have counted as kekkei genkai in our world and they use them to help to people which is an A okay in my book,"

"Not to mention the super villains whom they go up against,"

Naruto looked thoughtful at that statement "Yeah but not all of them resort to crime for selfish reasons unlike some whom I've met back home,"

Kurama shrugged his shoulders before relaxing within the seal "So what is your current plan now?"

"Well I'll need to do some more training with the scrolls that Kaa-san and Tou-san left behind for me to inherit and master, not to mention mastering the four Fangs of the Dragon too. I've been hearing their call for a while but I was putting them off until now. I've picked the perfect to train…Japan,"

Kurama simply deadpanned at this "Your main reason is because of the ramen there,"

"Eeeehhh, details details. Let's get a move on," Naruto put on his mask and hood before leaping off the building towards his temporary hideout to pack some of his stuff before making his way to the airport to sneak into a plane for a quick flight to his chosen destination.

Meanwhile somewhere near the sea is a rather classy mansion situated close to the edge of a cliff, this building happens to belong to Gotham's renowned Billionaire and owner of the Wayne Corps; Bruce Wayne. The place might seem to be the ideal place for a man like him, but there's more to this man than meets the eye. We venture into the manor and through a hidden passageway which leads us into a cave with bats flying around and numerous varieties of technology ranging from automobiles to jet planes. In the center of the cave are computers with many monitors and someone sits before them.

The man wears a two-piece gray bodysuit with a bat-shaped emblem sewn on the chest region, a black cowl with long pointed ear pieces covers his head and half of the face with only the mouth and chin exposed. The cowl is attached to a black scalloped cape that hangs down below the knees, long black gloves with three pointed accouterments on each of the forearms, yellow square belt with multiple pouches, and black boots reaching up to the knees. This man is none other than Batman, the guardian of Gotham.

The man is currently focused on a particular monitor which is currently displaying a news channel for the recent events.

"On the news today, there was a robbery over at the Calico's jewelry and the criminals, the Gotham police later found them detained with a note written by this mysterious vigilante who goes by the name Zenko which according to the Japanese means good fox. Just who is this man and what is his reason for such actions? Could he be affiliated to Batman and his partners?" said the newscaster.

Batman turned off the monitor and looked to be rather deep in thought until he heard footsteps from behind and looked to see an elderly man with grey hair and wearing a butler's outfit.

"This Zenko fellow is quite the mystery, wouldn't you say Master Bruce?" said the butler.

Batman took of his cowl with his eyes still on the screen "Maybe so Alfred, but his battle style is what irks me. His usage of shuriken, kunai, golden chain and stealth all links to the capabilities of a ninja,"

"Sounds just like you,"

"True but majority of ninjas come from many clans with different ideals, so we don't know of his purpose here in Gotham or if he doing all this as a form of a ruse. I need to find this man to make sure that he isn't a threat in disguise,"

"Well it looks to me that this fellow seems to respond instantly to any distress calls from the Gotham police and moves ahead of them to absolve it and leave before their arrival," said Alfred.

"I figured as much, which is why the next time we'll be waiting for him and finally get to the bottom of things,"

This is Hussbek online with a new story for all to read. I'm dedicating this story in memory of Adam West, I hold lots of admiration for such a legendary actor. Well known for his role as Batman in the series which dated from 1966 to 1968 and other affiliated franchises. He even furthered his career as a voice actor in many shows like The Simpsons, Rugrats, Kim Possible, Johnny Bravo, Family Guy, etc. All in all, I'll never forget him and I'm sure that many others feel the same way. By the way, there will be a harem in this story too.

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