The Zenko of the DC

Chapter 12: When Wolves Gather Pt. 1

"And now for a few finishing touches," Naruto muttered as he flipped several switches on a switchbox built to a wall in a very dark room with Sigmis perched atop his head while holding a lit pen torchlight in its beak to illuminate a spot for him to see clearly "…and done, now for the magic moment," he pulled down the level as a low humming sound was heard then the entire room lit up to reveal a large circular room ladened with technology.

In one end of the room is a highly-advanced super computer with a large screen monitor mounted to the wall with the best specs money can buy in the black-market. To the left side is a workbench and next to it are shelves bearing scrolls, racks to hold his ninja tools and copies of his outfit with different variations in addition. There was also a section of the room to act as a med bay for the sick and wounded, finally were the large clocks ticking around the blonde ninja (Technically the Clock Tower from the Batman Arkham Series)

"I got my very own base, totes cool if you ask me," said Naruto with a smirk, Sigmis fluttered out of his hood to settle on a bird perch which he had built for the phoenix.

"And here I thought you were satisfied with the Watchtower," said Kurama with a quirked eyebrow.

"Yeah well it doesn't need to be the only place to go to every time, plus it would help to have a place besides the house to rest in, research and stuff like that," Naruto went over to the computer and started the system up to access the Police Frequency to listen in for any crimes in progress for him to check out and assist the police with. So far, the crimes aren't serious enough to require him to help "Well since I got some time to spare before anything big comes up, I can bring Kory-chan over to check this place out. No doubt she would love it," Naruto was about to make his way out of the Clock Tower when the earpiece in his ear began beeping.

"You were saying?" asked Kurama sarcastically.

Naruto ignored the Bijuu and tapped the earpiece to answer "Zenko here,"

[Zenko, it's Batman] said person spoke from the other side.

"Hey Batman, is something up?"

[Yes, we need your help over at Metropolis]

"Okay, what's the problem?"


"I seriously don't understand this," said Naruto with a frown.

The blonde ninja was currently on a rooftop along with Superman in Metropolis at night, he arrived at the city and was briefed in what was going on. They learnt that Luthor has been secretly selling his weapons to terrorists and were planning to make him indirectly confess by having J'onn disguise himself as Superman and stroke the man's ego enough to make him blurt out the truth. Naruto felt a bit offended, considering that he could have snuck in to collect the needed evidence without being spotted as espionage is practically a package deal of being a shinobi.

"What do you mean?" asked Superman turning away from the LexCorp building to look at his friend in mild curiosity.

"From what I can tell and learnt, Lex Luthor is very rich, smart, and popular. He helped build half of Metropolis and practically lacks nothing, so why does he bear such a huge grudge against you?" asked Naruto confusedly, given that the person reminds him too much of Gato.

Superman hummed thoughtfully for a moment before answering "From what I can tell, he seems to hate the fact I prefer to use my powers to help the people instead of ruling the world like he would have done so in my shoes along with the fact that the people look up to me more compared to him,"

"So he's been on your case out of jealousy? Sounds pretty dumb if you ask me, everyone has something they're good at in their own and he's being rather petty about all this," said Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"And that led to him creating a lot of problems which I had to resolve and some keeping coming back,"

"Yeah, Metallo, Bizzaro, and many more," Naruto looked back at the building "Looks like the trap has just been sprung.

Like Naruto said, J'onn revealed himself with Batman and Green Lantern entering the room to arrest the man. Apparently Luthor wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet as he took out a remote from his pocket and pressed a button to summon a shuttle which began firing its laser cannon at the trio with Lantern shielding them with his ring, Luthor quickly got on board and fired a pair of missiles to make the roof collapse on top of them before quickly flying.

"Ugh, why is it that bad guys always run when they know the jig is up?" Naruto groaned before leaping from roof to roof with chakra enhancing his speed in pursuit of their target.

"I ask myself the same question every time," Superman flew ahead and was gradually catching up.

Luthor took note of the two heroes chasing after him and scowled before pressing a button to launch missiles from the rear end of the shuttle, Naruto saw the incoming missiles and took out a handful of kunai and channeled lightning chakra through them before throwing at the missiles to make them detonate harmlessly in midair. Luthor gritted his teeth in anger at failing to blast his nemesis out of the sky and was about to attack yet again when he was suddenly in pain. Superman noticed something was wrong when the shuttle began acting sporadically and plummeted to the streets below, the Man of Steel quickly swooped in to prevent a potential crash and carried the shuttle to a nearby roof with Naruto quickly catching up and went to check the cockpit only to see Luthor passing out while gripping his chest in pain.

"What's up with him?" asked Naruto with a frown.

"I don't know but we need to get him to the hospital now!" said Superman urgently before scooping up the man in arms and took flight with the blonde quickly contacting the rest of the league to inform them of what's going on.

At the hospital, everyone were surprised to discover that Lex is afflicted with a rare for of blood poisoning and the cause of it was the radiation from the Kryptonite which he had kept on him all this time. Lex was quick to blame Superman like he always does and coldly refuted when the Man of Steel sincerely wished to help him in any way. When they left the room of the bitter man, Naruto decided to speak with Superman.

"You doing okay bud?" asked Naruto.

"Not really Zenko, Luthor would hate me and I don't really trust him but I wouldn't wish for something like this to happen to even the worst of people. Wish there is a way I can undo this," said Superman, feeling rather guilty as they met up with the others.

"I can understand that you feel bad about this, but this is no one's fault but Lex's," said Naruto with a frown.

Superman looked at Naruto in surprise "Why would you say that?"

"You told me sometime ago that kryptonite is radioactive and deadly to you and Supergirl, also the Jade Dragon which Joker used on you had been under possession of others who died prematurely. That information alone should have told him that it's just as deadly to humans, I remember a saying from a certain Jounin in my village, 'Poison isn't picky about anything',"

"I know but…,"

"Don't go blaming yourself for something that isn't your fault, unfounded guilt helps no one,"

"Zenko's right, Lex should have known better but he let his vendetta with you blind him to that fact. Your friends at S.T.A.R Labs built the Anti-Kryptonite suit as they had a level of wariness about it's potential danger," said Batman, having researched upon it before travelling to Metropolis where he eventually met Superman for the first time and later became allies to stop Luthor and mostly Joker.

"I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it," Superman saw the policemen arrive and know what was going to happen next before taking his leave with the rest going their own ways for now.

As Lex Luthor laid on the lower cot of the bunk bed in his cell over at Stryker's Island with the ebbing pain in his chest to serve as a constant reminder of his eventual death, all he could think of was the cause of misfortune. It doesn't even take a nanosecond to know that it was none other than Superman. That alien has been an ever-constant thorn on his side since the moment he made his presence known in Metropolis, the people look up to an alien instead of a fellow human which really got on his nerves and now he has formed an alliance with freaks like him. He'd like nothing more than to destroy him and his freaky friends before dying.

Lex was annoyingly snapped out of his vengeful musings by the loud volume of opera music which was sounding through the walls from the other cell and he knows who it is residing there "Ultra Humanite, shut that garbage up!"

Said genius frowned slightly in offence "Garbage? And here I thought you had more class than to criticize such worthwhile media, Luthor," he continued to watch but was disappointed to learn that it will soon go off-air due to lack on off "Another exquisite program falls to age, how saddening,"

Suddenly, the tv went to static before revealing Lex Luthor who had into the TV through his own to talk to Ultra Humanite "I need your help to get out of this place and much more than that,"

"And why pray tell? I seem to have heard that you currently have a countdown to the end of your life," said Ultra Humanite.

"Help me and I will make it worth your while,"

"And what do I need with money?"

"Everyone needs money, it's only the question of how much?" said Lex with before the TV switched off with a growing smile appearing on Humanite's face.

Naruto was currently back in the Clock Tower and was relaxing when the computer suddenly picked up something in the police frequency which immediately caught his attention.

[All units be advised; two prisoners have escaped from Stryker's Island and are at large. They're identified to be Lex Luthor and Ultra Humanite, be on the lookout for these two]

The blonde ninja let out a groan as he sat up from his chair "You gotta be kidding me, this guy decides to use the remaining time of his life to be a pain in the butt for everyone and has a super smart gorilla to help with that," he heard about Ultra Humanite being well known for his high intelligence in spite of being a gorilla.

"I see it more as an opportunity to knock the baldie and overgrown simian around before sending them back to jail," said Kurama in amusement.

"If you say so," Naruto locked onto one of the Hirashin seals he planted in Metropolis and prepared to warp to it when his communicator sounded off for him to answer "Zenko here,"

[This is Batman, I need backup over here in Metropolis. There's a building on fire] said Batman urgently.

"Already on my way," Naruto responded "No doubt this was done by those to thrown us off their track, but I'm coming to assist nonetheless,"


Batman stood before the burning apartment and quickly caught sight of a little girl screaming for her father at the top floor before using his grappling hook to get up there to rescue her, he tired to get back through the window only for the burning debris to fall and obstruct them, again the Dark Knight remained calm and tried to find other ways to escape the burning building but the number of options were rapidly decreasing as time passed. Things looked bleak until Hawkgirl swooped in and carried them out of the building and onto the streets below with the little girl reuniting with her grateful father.

Hawkgirl noted that Batman hasn't said anything "I'm used to being thanked when saving someone,"

"I'm really used to being saved," said Batman stoically.

"I can see that,"

Soon Superman, Flash and Naruto showed up with the latter having Sigmis absorb a majority of the flames in order to help the firefighters.

"Where are Luthor and Ultra-Humanite?" asked Batman.

"We lost track of them in the commotion," Superman responded.

"No biggie, it's just two guys. How much trouble can they give us?" asked Flash skeptically.

"Flash, two guys are very smart ones. No doubt they're gonna come up with something that will definitely become a big pain for us to deal with," said Naruto.

"In other words, he just invoked Murphy's Law," said Kurama.

And true to fact in an abandoned pictures store in Metropolis, Lex Luthor had made a call to hire several supervillains for a job and has gathered quite an interesting group of people who answered to it besides Ultra-Humanite who's already with him.

First is Copperhead, a male villain for hire who dons a snakelike-suit and possesses the abilities of reptiles like a poisonous bite, uncanny ability to walls and a few others.

Second is Cheetah, a female scientist who is genetically modified into a human-cheetah hybrid which grants her the physical prowess of a feline, razor-sharp claws, a prehensile tail, and enhanced senses.

Next is Solomon Grundy who is a soulless zombie possessing superhuman strength, great stamina and durability to boot. A major flaw would be his low intellect which could be taken advantage of.

Following up is Shade, a supervillain capable of manipulating darkness and shadows with the use of a nightstick.

And lastly is Star Sapphire, another villainess for hire who wields a mystical purple crystal built into her mask which enables her to form solid constructs from purple energy, quite similar to that of Green Lantern's power ring.

Luthor and Ultra-Humanite stood before these supervillains with the latter looking upon them with interest and mild curiosity before he decided to speak to them "I'm glad to see you all gathered as each is good at what they do best and I require your services,"

"Well my services does not come cheaply," said Cheetah.

"I am well aware and willing to pay the price for your help…in cash,"

"So what exactly is the job? Considering that your expiration date is quite close," asked Star Sapphire.

"It's only one simple job…destroying Superman and the Justice League," said Luthor much to the surprise of some and budding excitement of others.

A voice suddenly spoke "Then I hope you don't mind me joining in on the fun," everyone turned towards the voice and were taken by surprise upon seeing who it is.

"Well now, didn't expect to see you here,"

"I got reasons of my own, but I see this as hitting two birds with one stone and can't afford to pass this up,"

"I see…,"

Meanwhile, Naruto, Flash, Hawkgirl and Batman were at the Watchtower searching for clues and ideas as to where Lex Luthor and Ultra-Humanite would be albeit the first two were chatting about something else.

"…so you set up your own base in your place?" asked Flash.

"Yup, just finished everything up today before all this came up," said Naruto.

"Then I hope you don't mind me popping in every now and then for a pitstop or movie night,"

"No prob there, just give me a call before showing up,"

"Quiet you two, I've got something," said Batman, switching to the news channel and turning up the volume as Snapper Carr broadcasted the news in front of a tall building with the police barricading around it.

[There's a dangerous hostage situation developing in the Metropolis Federal building, so far the Ultra-Humanite refused to speak with negotiators. A freak of science, the Humanite is considered highly dangerous]

Batman turned to Flash "No biggie huh?" he got off the chair and got ready with the others doing the same but Naruto felt something was up since only Humanite was mentioned when along with Luthor escaped from prison.

"You aren't the only who finds this unusual, be on your guard," said Kurama, Naruto nodded in affirmation.

The moment they arrived at the federal bank everything went downhill when Green Lantern disarmed Ultra-Humanite with Superman restraining him, Naruto and Batman went to check on hostage only to be nearly scratched in the face by the very same hostage who revealed to be Cheetah. Soon Copperhead, Grundy, Star Sapphire and Shade made their appearance. Soon everyone is involved in a scrimmage with Luthor looking on with glee.

"I'll admit that I didn't see this coming," said Naruto, evading punches from Ultra-Humanite by tilting his upper body left and right while moving backwards.

"Maybe so, but this definitely liven things up," said Kurama with a smirk, small time crimes have been boring the Bijuu most at times and so is glad that something like this is going on right now.

"True, but I prefer that it doesn't involve innocents during those times,"

Ultra-Humanite kept pushing Naruto, mentally smirking when he saw his target drawing closer to the wall behind him to reduce his mobility according to plan. However, the blonde ninja took him completely by actually jumping towards the wall and kicking off it to somersault forward and slide on the ground to in between Humanite's legs and having chakra chains shoot out of his hands to wrap around the target's legs, tripping him up. Naruto maintained hold of the chains to swung him around and launch with a hammer throw.

"Heading your way, Superman!" Naruto called out.

Superman broke off from Grundy and flew at Ultra-Humanite to punch him down to the ground "Thanks for the heads-up!"

"No problem, I'm coming over to help!" he ran towards the Man of Steel to help with the undead zombie when he sensed killing intent at him and leapt into the air in time to evade bullets having been shot at him "Who was that!?"

"That would be me," a voice spoke up for Naruto to see who it is.

It appears to male with a muscular building, donning an armored suit with a dark blue and orange color scheme along with multiple packs on the top half of it. He wears a helmet with half of it covered and the other half revealing an eye. This guy seems to take the saying 'Armed to the teeth' very seriously as he has various firearms holstered to his waist, a pair of long swords strapped to his back and many more (an: Arkham Origins).

Naruto frowned upon seeing this guy "Who are you?"

"The name's Deathstroke, and you've been marked for death," the man introduced himself.

"Let me guess, you're a mercenary hired by Luthor to kill me and the others,"

"Not exactly, a client of mine placed a price on your head much earlier before Luthor. Just taking the chance to make some extra cash,"

"Who's this client?" asked Naruto with a frown.

"Sorry but contract confidentially, give me a good fight before I kill you,"

Deathstroke swiftly closed the distance between himself and the target before unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks with varying styles from his years as a mercenary. Naruto didn't need a second to see that this guy he's fighting is definitely good at what he's doing but has no intention of losing to him as he took to the offensive with his own attacks.

The rest of the league members were busy engaging the other supervillains, Flash was using his superspeed for evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit by the energy blasts from Star Sapphire hovering above him until Wonder Woman swooped in to assist by using her bracers to deflect the incoming projectiles and advanced for a close-range attack but the villainess knew better and maintained her distance in flight.

Batman was being double-teamed by Cheetah and Copperhead, having to watch out for swipes of razor-sharp claws and poisonous bites from either of the two. Copperhead lunged for a bite only to be blindsided by Flash zipping back and enabling Batman to land a kick to the snakelike villain before focusing more on Cheetah who was snarling at him.

Superman in being pressured by Grundy, constantly being punched without a chance to retaliate much to the glee of Luthor who pressed the zombie to finish the Man of Steel off. Grundy was about to pummel him some more when Hawkgirl intercepted by swinging her Nth mace to hit him in the face and sent him crashing into a way.

Superman got back to his feet with a mild groan "Thanks for the save,"

"Don't mention it," said Hawkgirl with a shrug before flying to help Wonder Woman against while Superman moved to engage Ultra-Humanite.

Meanwhile Green Lantern had recovered from the surprise attack earlier by Grundy and saw Shade enshroud Hawkgirl in darkness with his nightstick and blasted him with his power ring to free her from it, Shade was about to retaliate only for Flash to appear and pummeled with punches rapidly like a machinegun before sending him flying with a haymaker punch.

Back with Naruto, he was holding his ground against Deathstroke as he leapt into the air to avoid a low sweep and somersaulted to descend with an axe kick, the merc quickly moved out of the way and looked back to see a small but deep crater where the ninja's foot impacted.

"Impressive, you're packing power. Not exactly close to Superman but can't be ignored," said Deathstroke.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Naruto fished in his ninja pouch and flung several shuriken towards Deathstroke who unholstered a pair of Semiautomatic pistols and rapidly shot the incoming projectiles down "Tch, I hate guns," Naruto took out a pair of kunai and dashed at the merc, darting from left to right rapidly and deflecting any lethal shots aimed at him till the pistols ran out of ammo. Deathstroke put away the firearms to bring out a pair of trench knives and constantly clashed blades with each other back and forth, he parried both kunai and managed to stab a knife into the ninja's chest who stiffened before suddenly going up in a puff of smoke and revealing a wooden log in his place.

"What the-," Deathstroke was surprised at this before being punched from his blindspot and stumbled away from Naruto.

"Replacement jutsu, a ninja's best friend," Naruto smirked behind his mask, he sensed something approaching and turned to see Cheetah just about to pounce at him when a trench knife between them and they turned to see Deathstroke having been the one to have thrown it.

"What gives!? I thought we're on the same side!" said Cheetah angrily.

"He's my target and mine alone, go play with the other heroes and don't get in my way or I'll have to kill you to get to him," said Deathstroke sternly.

Cheetah snarled in anger but withdrew to attack the others, leaving the merc to face the ninja. Naruto quirked an eyebrow at this but recalled the other bounty hunters who shared this mindset back in the Elemental Nations.

"Now then, let's resume," Deathstroke took out a telescopic Bo staff and fully lengthened it with a twirl before preparing to attack.

"If you insist," Naruto held a hand out before him with the purple dragon tattoo glowing before the Byakko the draconic Japanese spear appeared in his hand which he twirled as well before taking a stance.

They attacked at an even quicker pace compared to before as they deflected each other's jabs and weaved around swipes in order to launch a counter to land a hit. They clashed once more in the middle and reattempted to push the other back for dominance. Deathstroke slacked on I end to make Naruto stumble forward for him to attack with an elbow attack but the ninja tilted his body sideways to dodge and stabbed Byakko to the ground to perform a cartwheel where he got into position to land a roundhouse kick for a knockback.

Deathstroke grunted from the impact and took out an SMG to fire upon his target, Naruto twirled Byakko in front of him at high-speed like a propeller to deflect the incoming bullets before hearing a scream of pain. He looked only to be angered at the sight of Copperhead having bitten Batman.

"Get away from him, you Orochimaru wannabe!" he formed a handsign for a fuma shuriken to appear unfolded in his hand "Demon Wind Bomb!" he spun the shuriken rapidly before throwing it, Copperhead saw the incoming projectile and attempted to use Batman as a human shield only to be taken by surprise when the shuriken puffed into smoke to reveal a shadow clone who launched a chain to wrap around the villain to pull him over to meet in midair. The clone punched Copperhead multiple times before grabbing hold to spin a few times and using the momentum to throw him down to the ground hard enough to knock the snakelike supervillain unconscious.

"Impressive technique," said Deathstroke with a look of interest.

"I'd take it a compliment if you weren't trying to kill me, time to get a bit more serious and better hope you can keep up," Byakko glowed intently in Naruto's hands "Awaken Byakko, lend me the power of the cleaving wind!" strong winds swirled around him before he dashed at Deathstroke to unleash a barrage of strikes which involved short dashes and constant spinning of the spear with the merc defending himself with his staff albeit being pushed by the assault and winds opposing him as well. Naruto sharpened the spear edge with the wind and swiped to bisect the staff in half and followed up with a frontal thrust to launch a blast of wind in the shape of a spinning cone to send Deathstroke flying and crash into a wall.

Deathstroke groaned while peeling himself off the wall "Well, seems like underestimate your abilities,"

"I get that a lot from the baddies I face," said Naruto, speaking the truth with how opponents technically stronger end up being defeated by him.

Luthor became angrier and more frustrated as he saw the Justice League gradually overwhelm the villains which he hired to destroy them, this wasn't supposed to happen! Shade pushed back an attack from Green Lantern as he backed up to Lex.

"I can get us out of here, either that or prison again," Shade suggested urgently.

"…alright, just do it!" Luthor growled through gritted teeth.

Shade immediately held out his nightstick as a shroud of darkness throughout the entire room and even beyond the building to temporarily rob everyone of their visibility as the villains made their escape from the fight. Naruto heard Deathstroke call out to him as he escaped with them.

"You got my attention, looking forward to the next bout," said Deathstroke before leaving.

The darkness soon dissipated by Green Lantern's power ring to reveal the members of the league looking around to see that they were the only ones save for a knocked-out Copperhead courtesy of Naruto but got worried upon seeing Batman sprawled out on the ground. They quickly handed the villain to the police to be sent to Stryker's before hurrying towards the Watchtower to help the Dark Knight with the poisoning.

While treating him, the team reviewed what happened earlier and had to admit that they certainly expecting Luthor to recruit a group of supervillains to attack them after escaping from prison. Guess they underestimated the man's hatred for them and Superman, then another noteworthy topic came up.

"So you're saying that someone else hired Deathstroke to kill you, not Luthor?" asked J'onn.

Naruto nodded in affirmation "Yeah, and I can't seem to come up with who it might be,"

"But I don't get it, who would hate Zenko enough to hire a guy like Deathstroke?" asked Flash with a frown.

"Whoever it is, they must have the cash and possibly backing to do so," said Superman with his arms crossed.

"Better be sharp out there, you have someone's attention and not the good kind," said Kurama.

"No need to tell me twice," thought Naruto.

"What do I pay you nitwits for?! To serve as the league's punching bags!?" Lex bellowed in anger as he and the others had retreated back to the hideout where he proceeded to vent on them.

The villians were none too pleased to be insulted by him and Star Sapphire was the one to vocalize it by telling Luthor that they won't take kindly to being insulted and treated like a regular thug from the streets.

"If you feel like you could have done better than us, then be my guest and go ahead. No amount of money is worth being insulted by someone like you," said Star Sapphire with a glare.

The others shared the same sentiment and threatened to leave save for Deathstroke who simply leaned back against a pillar in silence and watched without so much as a short comment. The former CEO had no other choice but to have them remain with an assurance of doubling their pay, he thought things wouldn't get any worse when it did in the form of a certain detestable someone entering the hideout unannounced.

"What are you doing here, Joker?" asked Luthor with a scowl.

The clown prince and archnemesis of Batman grinned madly in response "Long time no see Lexy, I heard there was a party going on and thought I'd attend even without an invite…I'm even dressed for it too," he put on a party hat and held an airhorn.

"Well it's not a party, get rid of him Grundy," said Luthor, Grundy complied and reached out to grab the Joker who aimed the airhorn at him and pressed to spray purple gas into Grundy's face, knocking him out.

"Come on Lex, you most definitely need me," Joker slung an arm around him.

"Like I need skin rash," Luthor recalled the last time he worked together with the crazed clown, it worked well in the beginning but turned awry when the Joker went completely out of control.

"You may say that, but I know something you don't know,"

"And what would that be?"

Joker stepped back and held in between his fingers…a tracker shaped like a bat "I know how the Bat thinks,"

Luthor blinked for a moment before smirking "Do tell,"

Naruto let a small sigh of exasperation escape his lips at what's going on, Batman was able to recover a bit from the Copperhead's poison and wanted to follow Superman and the others to interrogate the supervillain but the Man of Steel refuted with preference that he remains to recover fully. But the blonde ninja could tell that it didn't sit well with Batman, becoming more evident when J'onn tried to assure him that they were just looking out for him only to be ignored and began leaving the tower.

"You're going after him, aren't you?" said Kurama.

"Goes without saying, I just know that he's planning to do something very risky," thought Naruto.

"Like you did a lot and still do?"

"Can't deny that but can say that I don't do it that often like before,"

"Better get a move on, he's just about leaving,"


Naruto proceeded to follow Batman without letting his presence be known with use of the Transparency jutsu which he learnt from Jiraiya, already having a good idea that he would obviously refute the company. He trailed the unsuspecting Dark Knight to an abandoned building where they saw Luthor and the other villains there playing poker which felt rather odd to him given what happened beforehand.

"Playing poker after being forced to retreat from our first skirmish? Something doesn't click here," Naruto noted another oddity "Hang on, there's six down there so where's-,"

Naruto sensed someone approach from behind and was about to attack Batman so he swiftly intercepted the attack by blocking with his arm to see that it was the Joker holding a bag full of rocks before knocking him back with a kick, but this also made him visible for all to see him.

"And here I thought Batsy came alone," said Joker in mild annoyance.

Batman frowned upon seeing the ninja "What are you doing here?"

Naruto was about to respond when they heard a roar and saw Grundy leap up to where they were with the others soon following but were surprised to see the ninja there as well "Fight now, questions later!"

The duo broke off to engage the enemies as Batman faced off against Ultra-Humanite and Star Sapphire while Naruto took on the others.

Naruto was once more clashing with Deathstroke who is using a sword due to his ballistic staff having been destroyed previously, he weaved in and out of the slashes whilst deflecting a few with a kunai in hand. He sensed something hurtling towards him from behind and channeled chakra to his feet to perform a quick 180° clockwise slide around the attacker who turned out to be Cheetah to get behind before knocking her into Deathstroke with a roundhouse kick but the merc quickly flipped out of the way.

"Raaaahhh! Grundy crush fox face!" said zombie lumbered towards Naruto with fists raised to attack, the blonde ninja darted left and right constantly while moving backwards to evade the obviously powerful punches and weaved through handsigns to prepare to counter with a jutsu.

"Wind Style: Whirlwind Fist!" Naruto swiftly moved in close to land a punch on Grundy's torso which unleashed a whirlwind to send the zombie flying and crash into a stone pillar before being buried underneath the resulting rubble. He was suddenly enshrouded in darkness and knew the one responsible for that, Naruto located him with his honed senses and shot ouy a chakra chain to pull him over and knock Shade into the air with an uppercut before jerking on the chain to slam him down to the ground.

Naruto noted that Batman was having trouble with his opponents being Ultra-Humanite and Deathstroke now joining in with the latter slashing at the Dark Knight with one of his swords, the ninja rushed over to help only to be cut off by Star Sapphire firing blasts of purple energy and forcing him away. Naruto got ready to bust out more of his jutsu but stopped upon hearing the click of a gun and looked to see Luthor standing over the prone form of Batman with a gun aimed at his head.

"I believe you already know what needs to be done," said Luthor with a smirk.

Naruto snarled in response but decided to stand down, allowing himself to be knocked out by Deathstroke and collapsing to the ground unconsciously. The villains looked over the two captured heroes with smiles, seeing as to how everything is going their way now with the possibility of destroying the Justice League becoming more likely.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Naruto finally set up his very own secret base which is within a clock tower before getting called by the league for a mission to expose Lex Luthor about a hidden agenda. The mission ended up becoming a revelation as Luthor is afflicted with blood poisoning due to long exposure to Kryptonite in his possession and the man was all too quick to blame Superman even though the fault was his alone. Things didn't end there as Lex escaped prison along with Ultra-Humanite to recruit a team of supervillains with the intention to destroy the Justice League. Naruto and the others were able to beat them back but Batman got poisoned during the fight. Feeling benched, the Dark Knight went on his own with Naruto secretly following him to the villains' hideout where things went to hell as they were actually expecting the former to show up no thanks to the Joker which led to their capture with Naruto having to surrender with a plan in mind to escape at a later time. But a question still echoes in his mind; who wants him dead to the point that they hired someone like Deathstroke to do so?

For those wondering, I'm basing Deathstroke from Arkham Origins and asking whether Cheetah should have her DCAU appearance or a different one? PM or review in response.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

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