The Zenko of the DC Chapter 13: When Wolves Gather Pt. 2

Superman and the other members of the Justice League were currently in the Watchtower, trying to see about the current issue with Lex Luthor having hired a team of supervillains with the objective of destroying them. The villains were forced to retreat with Copperhead having been captured but their whereabouts were currently unknown. And now they have another problem in addition, Batman is gone without telling anyone and so is Zenko with both being gone for quite a while and they can't make contact with them at all.

"We still have no clue where they are?" asked Flash, turning to J'onn whose eyes were glowing for a moment before fading away.

"I still cannot sense them, no doubt that they are on earth but I am unable to locate them specifically," said J'onn.

"This isn't good, for all we know our sick baldy and his friends have gotten both of them,"

"I rather hope not, but if so, they must have some kind of equipment that prevents J'onn from locating them," said Superman with a small frown.

"Might as well ask Copperhead since he was with those bunch, he could know where they're hiding," Flash pointed out.

Superman let out a sigh "I guess we'll need something to work in order to find but I doubt it will be easy since interrogation isn't exactly one of our strong points,"

J'onn nodded in affirmation "I will remain here in the Watchtower to use what technology I can to locate them,"

Elsewhere in a hidden base, Lex Luthor had never been any more pleased in this night as he has both Batman and the mysterious Zenko in his grasp, his path to finally getting his revenge against Superman and the Justice League has never been clearer than before. He was well aware that out of all the group of heroes, Batman has the most access to the team resources one of which includes the Watchtower but he would need to them to be awake.

"Wake them up, we're wasting time here," said Lex.

Joker approached Batman with glee and reared a hand back "Wakey wakey Batman!"


Batman was immediately brought back to consciousness then glared darkly at the first person he laid eyes on being none other than his archnemesis.

"Joker, I should have known that you would get involved in all this," said Batman.

Joker smiled maniacally "Why of course, there's no way I was gonna pass up a chance like this Batsy. I'm gonna enjoy this very much,"

"Enough Joker, wake the other one," said Lex.

Joker went to stand before Naruto and was about to sl-

"Don't bother, I'm already awake," Naruto suddenly spoke up, raising his head to look at everyone albeit they can't see his expression because of the mask which they had tried to remove before but failed.

"Playing possum, were we? Hard to tell with that mask of yours on," said Joker.

"Can't really sleep with that stench of yours, ever heard of the concept of cologne?" asked Naruto.

"You think you're soo funny,"

"Unlike you, I crack the people around me up the natural way unlike you who doesn't live up to his name literally," Naruto smirked upon seeing Joker frown and the other villains looking rather amused.

Joker grumbled at being made fun and turned to Lex "Surely you're not going to keep them alive, take it from the guy who knows one of them very well…don't waste another second, end them now,"

"They'll remain alive until I get what I want, if you don't like it then you know your way out," said Lex sternly.

"Hmph, and people say that I'm the crazy one," Joker shuffled away with a grumble.

Lex noted how the other villains were looking at him skeptically "What?! Those restraints are pure titanium which they lack the strength to break free from, and the stasis field prevents their Martian friend from finding them. I also made sure that the ninja's hands are far apart so he won't be able to form those handsigns of his and doing any of that ninja mumbo-jumbo,"

"Gotta give him credit where it's due, he's been paying attention," thought Naruto.

"If only he would use brain for the right things, goes to show how some humans can be very blind despite claiming to be able to see," said Kurama.

Luthor approached the duo with arms crossed behind his back "You must have some sort of passkey or access I can use against your friends, where is it?"

"…guess," said Batman with a smirk.

Naruto simply shrugged "Sorry dude, but I don't keep those kinds of stuff with me. Bulges my outfit,"

Luthor glared at them for snubbing him "…Grundy," the hulking zombie held out Batman's utility belt and tried to reach into one of the pouches only to get zapped by its security feature.

"Nice one man, bet you hope they try to snatch your belt for this to happen," said Naruto.

"…sometimes," said Batman, slightly amused.

"Grrrr, bring the belt upstairs so I can get it open. Humanite and Grundy will watch them," said Luthor walking away with Star Sapphire using her powers to pick up the belt along with Naruto's ninja pouch just in case it also has a security feature. They all took the lift with the aforementioned two remaining behind to stand watch over the Dark Knight and Vulpine Shinobi.

The room was silent with all four exchanging looks until Batman spoke up "Tell me Grundy, what exactly is Luthor paying you?"

"Money, lots of it," said Grundy.

"As much as Humanite is getting?" Batman gestured over to Humanite who was wondering what exactly he's getting at.

"I don't know,"

"Dude, that's not a good thing. For all we know, everyone would be paid over a million dollars and you might simply get three bucks and a couple of cents," said Naruto with a mischievous smile hidden behind his mask.

"How ridiculous," Ultra Humanite walked away in annoyance.

"You see? He probably knows what's really going on and laughing when you aren't looking," said Batman.

Grundy turned to look at Humanite who's reading a newspaper with hardly a care in the world which seemed to aggravate the zombie with the next thing happening, bringing smiles on the faces of the two heroes.

In the upper floor, Luthor was scanning the utility belt first to bypass the security feature as the ninja pouch was empty much to their confusion but chalked it up to more ninja magic nonsense. Suddenly sounds of fighting could be heard below, causing them to rush down only to see Grundy and Ultra Humanite fighting amongst each other.

"Stop this right now! You two are killing me faster than the Kryptonite!" Luthor yelled, receiving mumble apologies from the two before turning to Batman and Naruto "You two had something to do with this, don't you?!"

"Highly unlikely, considering that we're practically tied up with metal," Naruto pointed out with a shrug of his shoulders, noticing that Deathstroke was looking at him rather intently "I'm seriously wondering why he isn't pushing to kill me right now,"

"Best watch yourself, he's much different compared to the others…a tried-and-true assassin," said Kurama with a small frown.

"Cheetah, take over from here. If our friends cause any more trouble, gag them!" Luthor stomped away in annoyance, leaving the literal cat girl with the heroes, unsheathing her claws in a threatening manner.

Meanwhile in Stonegate Prison, Superman and Flash were attempting to gain information from Copperhead. Emphasis on 'attempt' as the villain wasn't budging an inch even when Superman held him up by the collar with a fist reared back to punch, he knew that they were too much of boy scouts to go that far unlike Batman whom he knows is more capable to doing so, making him smirk that he put the Dark Knight out of commission. Later on, the heroes had the guards take away the arrogant villain with nothing to show for their efforts.

"How does Batman and Zenko do it?" asked Superman curiously.

"Years of practice, I'll say," said Flash with a shrug.

"*Sigh* let's go talk with the others and see what else we can come up with,"

They went and met up with the rest at the heliport where the Javelin was currently located to inform them of the dead-end on their side. Sigmis was perched on Wonder Woman's shoulder appearing rather depressed due to Naruto's absence.

"No luck?" asked Green Lantern.

"Nada, the dude was leading us around in circles," said Flash.

"We'll already know that they're currently hiding here in Metropolis," said Hawkgirl.

"But they could be anywhere with too many abandoned buildings to count," said Superman, due to this technically being his city.

"I hope we deal with this soon, I'm getting the feel that something bad is about to happen," said Green Lantern.

"Let's hope not," said Hawkgirl with a small frown.

Back in the hidden base, Naruto and Batman were throwing glances in the room they're currently in and trying to figure out a way to escape although Naruto doesn't seem to be in that much of a rush to do so. Looking at the person in the room with them, he decided to strike up a conversation with her.

"So, you're the one guarding us huh?" asked Naruto.

Cheetah nodded in affirmation "Indeed, although I am pretty curious about you,"

"Isn't there a saying that 'Curiosity kills the cat'?"

"Maybe so, but not all the time. There's also the saying 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained'," said Cheetah.

"Point taken, I gotta say that you're rather different compared to the bozos above us," said Naruto.

Hearing this caught the catgirl's interest "What makes you say that?"

"They want the money that Luthor's offering but with no set goal, you however have a specific reason for it," said Naruto.

"Not to mention the feelings of self-loathing and reluctance we're sensing from her compared to the rest who simply don't give a damn," said Kurama.

"Hmmmm, so you could tell…just what is it you know about me before I tell my reason?"

Batman was the one to speak next "Your real name is Barbara Ann Minerva, graduated from Vandermeer University with high marks on biological science and genetics, earning a degree in genetics and medicine before being hired as a geneticist. The cause of your current state was due to an accident in the…,"

Cheetah growled at that "It wasn't an accident; I did everything right! I checked the process many times, I just…didn't expect this to happen," she looked at her furry hands in sadness.

"Didn't anyone try to help you?" asked Naruto.

"There was no one to help at that time, my research into enhancing humans with the characteristics of animals sounded promising but because I wasn't showing any results, they cut off my funding. I was getting desperate, being so close…I would be able to find a way to correct birth defects, create immunity to diseases, increase chances of survival in accidents. But then…this happened to me,"

"I see now…you needed the money so that you can find a way to change back to normal," said Naruto, having been listening attentively and not once sensing a lie "You kind of remind me of someone else but unlike you, he was trying to attain immortality and didn't care how he was going to get it even if it meant treating the life of others as nothing more than guinea pigs,"

Cheetah was surprised "Would I know this person?"

"I would be surprised if you did, his name is Orochimaru and the kind of stuff he did would make you feel sick just hearing of it. I've met some who were victims of his experiments, some we were able to save while others were too far gone due to being brainwashed into serving him. One of them was genetically modified to be a weapon capable of fighting underwater and on dry land, she was so desperate to become human and almost went down a path of no return if I hadn't stopped her in time. The guy who spearheaded that project under Orochimaru's command had no intention of restoring her humanity and even turned himself into an advanced version, you can bet that I let him know exactly how I felt about that,"

Batman was paying abrupt attention to Naruto's story; hearing of this person reminds him of Langstrom's work albeit took on a darker path with what he's hearing from Naruto which makes him rather wary if this person is still at large. Cheetah herself was shocked to hear of someone following the same path but to help himself instead of others.

"Is he still around?" asked Cheetah

"No, the bastard is dead thankfully. He was killed by the brother of a…friend of mine, the world is better off without someone like him…don't give me that look Batman, that guy even used children in his experiments," said Naruto as he remembered Yamato's dark origin of his Wood style, shocking both of them further "Which is why I've decided to help you,"

Of all the statements, THIS is the one which knocked both Batman and Cheetah for a loop as it was both unexpected and unheard of.

"Do you realize what you're saying? How can you be so sure that I'm telling the truth?" asked Cheetah, feeling nervous and tense.

"Because I can tell you didn't want to become a criminal but had no other choice, you suspected that your former employees would try to duplicate this and sell as a weapon to the highest bidder. So, you decided to cure yourself and take the secret to the grave, not to mention I have the ability to sense when someone is lying," Naruto pointed out.

"You intend to use the Yang Seal on her?" asked Kurama.

"Well, I was able to restore Kakashi-sensei's eye and saved Gai-sensei's body from crumbling away which normally shouldn't be possible, so I'm willing to try the seal on her as well. Surely it would be better than the way she is now," thought Naruto.

"Just be careful, the physiology could play a factor here,"

"I'll keep in mind,"

"How can I be so sure that you would help me? For all I know, this could be a trick and you would throw me in jail immediately afterwards," said Cheetah with a frown.

"When I make a promise, I treat it like a blood oath. I promise to help you get a second chance in life," said Naruto assuredly.

"It won't be easy, I'm sure you're aware of that Zenko," said Batman pointedly.

"I am, but we both know that there's more to being a hero than simply fighting bad guys or saving people from disaster. Cheetah was forced to take this route unlike those guys above us who freely chose regardless of the consequences. If we can give her a way out of this life, then let's do so instead of looking away," said Naruto,

Batman listened to Naruto and understood where he's coming from. But having been living the life he has as Batman, he would always be wary of individuals and the potential dangers they could pose to others.

Cheetah looked unsure and indecisive about all this "Zenko…I…I…,"

"Don't force yourself to answer right now, just give it some thought. I promise to help you whether it being a cure or some other method that could let you live a better compared to now," said Naruto.

Cheetah felt torn in all this, one part of her wanted to take the ninja's offer but the more logical side combated against this, that it might be a ploy to escape. She gradually approached him and slowly reached for his mask when the elevator doors opened up, revealing to be Ultra-Humanite who was there to over for her. Seeing her leave, Batman decided to execute a plan he had in mind on Humanite and hopefully it would work the way he thinks.

Back on the upper floor, Luthor finally managed to bypass the belt's security and found exactly what he was looking for…a remote control which grants access to the Watchtower and began to make plans which will secure his victory and finally get rid of Superman!

J'onn was currently in the control room, trying to find a way to locate Batman and Zenko when he suddenly got an alert that the bay doors are open. He quickly accessed the surveillance system and was shocked to see Star Sapphire along with Shade and Grundy enter the Watchtower. He quickly activated the alarm before flying over to the hangar bay area, cautiously searching for the enemies when everything went dark then the Martian received a heavy blow to the head which knocked him unconscious. The darkness was reabsorbed to reveal the villains, particularly Grundy holding a bent pipe and a suitcase.

"Nicely done, now let's do what we came here for then leave. Don't want to be here when they return," said Shade, Grundy nodded in affirmation and immediately got to work.

Naruto and Batman were silently held with Humanite again reading the newspaper when Joker came in with a tv and popcorn on a cart while smiling gleefully.

"It's time for some entertainment, a live coverage of the end of the Justice League," Joker turned on the tv to display the Watchtower where they saw the Javelin flying towards it "In mere minutes, your club will be blown into smithereens!"

"Your voice annoys me Joker," Ultra-Humanite got up and left the room.

"You better hope that I don't get my hands on you," said Naruto darkly.

Joker quirked an eyebrow in response "And why's that, ninja boy?"

"Cause when I do, I'm gonna castrate you with a rusted but highly heated knife…while you're still conscious, I'd be doing the world a favor by preventing a generation of mini-yous running around,"

"I don't see that happening as both of you aren't Superman and won't be living after this, I doubt Batman would let you do that, right Batsy?"

"…," Batman didn't respond.

"Surely you aren't agreeing with him, are you?" Joker felt a bit uncomfortable with the Dark Knight neither saying yes nor no.


"Fine, be that way. I'll just enjoy the show," the crazed villain began munching on the popcorn which he brought along.

"Whatever you say, be sure to play with your flute while it lasts till its expiration date," said Naruto all too innocently, sending shivers down the villain's spine.

Meanwhile, the heroes had found J'onn and carried him to the medical bay while still trying to find a way to locate their missing friends when a comm link began ringing for Wonder Woman to pick up and answer.

"Hello, who's this? I beg your pardon?" Diana's eyes widened in shock "Where?! Hello?! Hello?!" but the call ended.

"Was it Batman or maybe Zenko?" asked Superman.

"It was neither of them, someone just called saying that there's a bomb here in the Watchtower!" said Wonder Woman, surprising everyone.

"Maybe it's a prank," said Flash.

Superman shook his head in response "Not likely as it's a secure line which they called through,"

"Then let's hurry and find it before this place gets blown up!" said Green Lantern urgently.

Everyone save for J'onn rushed out of the Medical Bay and began searching every part of the Watchtower for the hidden bomb, Green Lantern was able to locate the suitcase containing the bomb over at the hangar bay and quickly alerted the others with Superman opening the bay doors and Flash picking the bomb up and throwing it out just in time before exploding.

Minutes earlier, Luthor was viewing the Watchtower through the large monitor along with the other villains including Joker who had decided to join them out of slight discomfort from being so close to the shinobi. He smirked with glee upon seeing the explosion but the feelings of victory soon turned into outrage when the explosion died down to reveal the Watchtower completely unscathed.

"NOOO! IT'S NOT FAIR, THEY SHOULD BE COSMIC DUST!" Luthor yelled while smashing the screen with a thrown chair which he was sitting on.

Soon, pieces of equipment would be seen flying around as the sickly man was throwing a tantrum. The villains tried to calm him down but Luthor lashed out with insults which annoyed them to leave even when he offered to double their pay but changed their minds when he had no other choice but to triple the payment. Throughout all this, Deathstroke was simply watching all this silently.

"Why didn't you leave with us?" asked Shade.

"I wasn't hired by him in the first place plus I have my own reasons," Deathstroke replied.

Seeing that the Watchtower is safe from the tv left behind by Joker, Naruto turned to Batman "I think now is a good time as any to make our move,"

Batman nodded in affirmation "Go for it,"

Naruto concentrated for a chakra chain to emerge from his shoulder and pierce through the upper part of the machine they were held in to destroy the stasis force before retracting right as Grundy entered to see the current situation at hand.

"What did you do?!" Grundy demanded,

Naruto shrugged in response "Must be faulty tech,"

"Grundy tell Luthor!" the zombie retreated to the elevator to alert the others.

"I've alerted the others, they should be on their way now," said Batman.

"Good to know, time to move into phase 2," said Naruto.

Luthor was being outfitted with a chest plate by Ultra-Humanite which has the ability to extract the radiation by a limited amount as well as reduce the chest pains when Grundy arrived to inform them of the bad news.

"No need to panic, we'll be ready for them…once the traitor has been dealt with," said Luthor darkly.

"A traitor?" asked Cheetah.

"By all means, the bomb should have blown up the Watchtower…but this didn't happen because someone tipped them off about it," he picked up a remote on a table next to him "Luckily for us, there's still functioning surveillance cameras so we can find out who the snitch is,"

Luthor turned on the spare monitors to display the camera recordings…one of them showed Cheetah speaking with Zenko and reaching out to touch his mask before walking away when Ultra-Humanite arrived. Cheetah felt a sense of dread and took a step upon seeing how everyone were now leering at her with hostility, especially Luthor.

"Grundy, the pretty kitty is all yours to play with," said Luthor.

"I need to get out of here!" Cheetah jumped away from a gleeful Grundy trying to grab her and turned to run when she felt something grab her tail then was suddenly zapped with electricity before collapsing to the ground, revealing Joker with a joy buzzer in hand and smirking evilly.

"And they say that I'm not a team player," said Joker, Grundy loomed over Cheetah with a dark smile before reaching out to grab her with bad intentions.

"Time to get out of here," Naruto located a pipe nearby and switched places with his Substitution jutsu before summoning Gunshin to free Batman of his metallic restraints "I'll go on ahead to draw their attention while you go get your stuff and join in on the fun,"

"I won't keep you for long," said Batman.

"More like try not to be late to the party,"

Naruto went into the elevator first to reach the upper floor then he casually walked into the room and whistled loudly to catch everyone's attention.

"Hey everyone, are you planning for a birthday party? Cause I got some ideas that would interest you," said Naruto playfully.

"You! How did you did get out of those restraints?!" Shade demanded.

"Do you really expect me to tell you? Plus, I would have escaped anytime I wanted, I even would have done so that you wouldn't have caught Batman and I before,"

Deathstroke chuckled before speaking "You purposely let us capture you, knowing that we would remain where we are so that the rest of the heroes would locate us instead of hiding elsewhere…the good old 'Carrot and Stick' tactic. I knew there was something different about you, no wonder my client is so interested,"

"Still not gonna tell me who this client is?" asked Naruto.

Deathstroke took out his dual pistols and aimed them at his target "Obviously not,"

He opened fire only for Naruto to dodge by leaping into the air, Star Sapphire fired a pink energy beam at the airborne ninja. Naruto created a shadow clone to grab him to throw towards the wall and stuck to it with his feet, he looked to see Star Sapphire firing another beam along with Shade launching a shroud of darkness which he proceeded to dash along the wall to keep ahead of the incoming attacks then suddenly disappearing in a blur to reappear within their midst and finishing the final set of handsigns for a jutsu "Wind Style: Whirlwind Spin!" Naruto spun rapidly like a top to form a large spinning sphere of wind which sent everyone flying away from him "Shadow Clone jutsu!" he created several clones who immediately split up to face the other villains whilst the original went after Deathstroke who quickly recovered and unsheathed one of his swords but not before flinging several throwing knives with the ninja dashing sideways to evade and snatching two whilst maintaining the charge.

Deathstroke now wielded both blades and attacking with both speed and ferocity, Naruto was also proving to be just as formidable with the two snatched knives which the former had to comment at "You possess great skill and I can tell you're more than capable of ending this in seconds yet you restrain yourself. Such a waste of talent, not that it matters as you will soon die,"

"Considering how the fight is going, you'll have to forgive my skepticism," Naruto retorted.

Deathstroke suddenly sheathed on of his swords then jumped back whilst tossing a flashbang at Naruto's eyes, stunning him. Recovering from the daze, Naruto sensed killing intent and quickly moved to block a slash from Deathstroke with the assassin proceeding to unleash a relentless assault of slashes from his dual swords whilst Naruto went on to deflect each and every attack heading his way.

Naruto locked the blades in place then countered with a headbutt, causing Deathstroke to stumble backwards before creating a shadow clone in front him to unleash a combo of punches to the gut and face before launching him into the air with a nasty uppercut then the original leapt after the assassin in pursuit, attacking with a roundhouse kick to send him flying away.

"Surprising, but we're far from done," Deathstroke got back to his feet and retook his stance with both swords back in hand. Suddenly he dashed sideways to avoid a batarang thrown by Batman who landed next to Naruto with his utility belt reequipped and handed his ninja pouch back to him.

"Kept you waiting, didn't I?" asked Batman.

"Nah, you're right on time," Naruto reattached the pouch and sent a pulse of chakra into them to unseal the contents inside "Let's get busy!"

The duo went on to face the villains with Batman exhibiting his tactics and skills in combat with his gadgets and tools whilst Naruto proved to be as unpredictable and a big pain in the neck to his opponents. He was engaging Star Sapphire when Grundy suddenly came charging into the room and attacking him.

"Oh there you are, was wondering why I hadn't seen you all this time along with the others…," said Naruto, somersaulting over the zombie to avoid getting grabbed.

"Grundy will crush you then go back to petting kitty!" Grundy roared out.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at that "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb, Cheetah snitched about the bomb we put in the Watchtower…we simply let her know of the consequences," said Shade.

"You…what?" Naruto used his senses to locate Cheetah and was horrified to sense that her lifeforce isn't stable and growing weaker by the minute.

"Oh no, they've gone and done it," Kurama muttered, feeling Naruto's instant change in mood.

Grundy lashed out with a punch only for Naruto to catch it with one hand and didn't even move an inch from the impact, the atmosphere suddenly became heavy with shivers crawling up the spines of everyone including Superman and the others who had just arrived to help. Naruto reached up with his free hand to take of the fox mask, revealing glowing red eyes with slitted irises despite the hood and the secondary mask.

Naruto put away the mask and spoke in a low, all too calm tone "You speak of consequences, how about I show you the consequences of PISSING ME OFF!"

He clenched Grundy's fist tightly and pulled him close to send the zombie flying with a nasty punch to the face then crashing into a wall. Grundy didn't get a chance to recover as a golden chain wrapped around his neck and was pulled out towards Naruto with a large blue spiraling sphere of energy "Giant Rasengan!" he rammed the jutsu into the zombie to send him spiraling away and this time actually smashing through the way this time.

Shade aimed his nightstick at the shinobi and was about to launch a shroud of darkness to bind when Naruto was immediately in front of him with a wind-coated hand raised above his head before bringing down to split the nightstick in half. Naruto proceeded to uppercut Shade then created two shadow clones that jumped into the air after the villain before following after them. The clones grabbed Shade's arms as they fell to slam him into the ground before the original Naruto landed atop him knee first for the knockout blow before flipping backwards with the clones dispelling.

Deathstroke witnessed the actions performed by the shinobi "That killing intent…so you're more than capable of following that path and yet…,"

"Save your philosophy for someone who cares, I've wasted enough time as it is," Naruto spun round and dashed towards Deathstroke with the assassin jumping back and throwing several frag grenades whilst rapidly firing from his firearm. Naruto quickly brought out a small scroll from his ninja pouch and unraveled it as he yelled out "Seal!" the incoming projectiles were sealed into the scroll before rolling it back up and returning to the pouch then speeding through a set of handsigns right before reaching Deathstroke "Lightning Style: Jolt Clamp!" he grabbed into Deathstroke and send a large jolt of electricity into the assassin's muscles, paralyzing him.

Joker was about to attack Naruto from behind by throwing one of his razor-sharp throwing cards when he heard a loud screech and turned towards the sound only for a large fireball to collide with him and slam into the wall, knocking him out with scorch marks all over his body. The fireball dissipated to reveal Sigmis in his phoenix form, angrily chirping at the mad villain for daring to attack his master.


Naruto turned to see Grundy angrily charging towards him, the shinobi rolled his eyes before taking a stance with a fist reared back while channeling Kurama's chakra into it along with wrapping it with a chakra chain for a makeshift brass knuckle then waited for the zombie to get within range. Dodging at the last second, Naruto…


Countered with a deadly uppercut underneath Grundy's chin with far more than enough force to launch an unconscious zombie into the air, smashing through the ceiling into the night sky.

"Great Hera…," said Wonder Woman in awe, seeing the ferocity of her fellow hero.

Calming down a little, Naruto turned towards Superman and the others "You guys can take over from here, there's somewhere I need to be right now," he took off before the others could question him with Sigmis following afterwards.

"Can anyone tell me what's going on and why he's so mad?" asked Flash confusedly.

"We can find out later, right now we need to deal with the current problem here," said Superman.

The heroes went on to round up the remaining villains, easily suppressing Star Sapphire and Lex Luthor who tried to take out Superman by donning a power suit which fires beams of kryptonite energy but he got knocked out by none other than Ultra Humanite who revealed to be the actual 'traitor' due to Batman offering a far better deal compared to Luthor's.

Naruto quickly closed in on Cheetah's weakening lifeforce and was feeling dread upon seeing splashes of blood all over the floor and walls, he finally found Cheetah and already didn't like the state she is…coughing out blood, fatal injuries, uneven breathing and bleeding all over. Naruto gently carried her in his arms and making sure not to aggravate her wounds but not before leaving behind a shadow clone to inform the others of what he is doing then warping over to his base.

Naruto carried Cheetah to the med bay and gently placed her on the cot, he proceeded to look over her injuries "How bad is it Kurama?"

"I don't even know where to begin from what I'm sensing, multiple bone fractures and broken bones, internal bleeding, punctured lungs…that zombie really went at it," said Kurama with a frown.

"No doubt having been ordered by Luthor, no wonder why Superman and Batman dislike that baldheaded bastard so much," Naruto muttered angrily.

"The only reason she's still alive is because of the healing factor gained from having the cheetah DNA infused in her body. But I have little to no idea what will happen when you use the Yang seal on her,"

Naruto took off his glove to reveal the Yang seal on his palm "Anything's better compared to her dying,"

He placed the hand on Cheetah's chest as a golden flamelike aura enshrouded her body, the bones properly realigned and mended, the coughing stopped entirely, she was breathing much easier. However…something else seems to be happening to her. Cheetah's body is undergoing all new changes, giving a different look compared to before.

"I'm gonna say that the theory is way too different from the practical with what we're seeing right now," said Naruto.

"So, what would be the next step? It's obvious that public hospitals and labs are out of the question," said Kurama.

"What I'm going to do is call Batman and the others then we'll see where to go from here," said Naruto, covering Cheetah with a blanket before walking over to the computer to contact the League "I just know that Batman's gonna be a stiff about this,"

"Can't blame you, sometimes I think he has no sense of humor,"

Meanwhile in the police van on the way to prison, Deathstroke was smirking to himself "Looks like you've earned my respect Zenko. When a man earns my respect, that means I do not rest. I devote all my energy, everything I have…to killing him!"

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Luthor and his team of villains had Naruto and Batman detained while making sure that they wouldn't be located by the heroes, wanting to gain access to the Watchtower for a dastardly plan. Obviously, the duo refused and attempted sow discord, forcing Luthor to take matters into his own. The Justice League were also having difficulties of their own trying to locate the missing members, unaware of the trap soon to be laid in wait for them. During their captivity, Naruto got to know more about Cheetah and couldn't help but want to help her after hearing of her origins.

Things suddenly went south when the trap was thwarted by the League and Luthor accused Cheetah of being the traitor which led to being beaten close to death, a pissed-off Naruto went to town with most of the villains before the rest of the heroes finally arrived then went to use his Yang Seal to heal Cheetah which seemed to have some sort of unpredicted effects on her. The blonde shinobi contacts to discuss the way forward concerning the villainess whose conditions forced her into the role.

I took inspiration from Freedom Guard's Justice League: Fire Shadow (The guy made the best Naruto Crossover Stories in my book). Making plans for certain villains to be redeemed and I've already started with Poison Ivy and Cheetah. Anyone else you think deserves a second chance, be sure to review or pm me like always. To make things clear for some readers, Naruto let himself be caught despite being more than capable of escape so as to get a better feel of the villains up close as well as keeping them in one place,

Also, this is a Naruto who is a bit more mature and inherited a bit of intellect from Minato to go along with his unpredictability, not to mention that he would keep his trump cards close till the right moment to use them plus he's aware that Batman is poking around for info and so is being careful with what he says. Be sure to read and review as always.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

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