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Chapter 18
Pre In-Laws

Serena had to take deep breaths over and over again to calm her self. But what ever she did, her nervousness seemed to mount even more. Her mother had advised her to bring Darien over before her father got off of work. Serena understood the hidden message. Before her father killed Darien. She twisted the engagement ring he had given her three days earlier on her finger. The ride seemed to take forever. She watched Darien from the corner of her eye. He was nervous she could tell, but she couldn't prolong the inevitable meeting between Darien and her parents, no matter how much she wanted to.

He pulled into the driveway and they all exited the car, Serena grabbing Caleb from his car seat where he fell asleep. He's getting heavy, she thought with a grimace as she rested him on her shoulder. Darien hesitated at the door.

"Go." She commanded him softly. So he did and minutes later, the door whipped open and her mother stood in front of them.

"Hello, so nice of you to come. Please." She motioned them in. She saw Darien's shoulders relax a little. Sammy bounded down the stairs and joined them in the living room.

~ ~ ~ ~

Ikuko Tsukino studied the young man in front of her for a long moment. Her daughter sure knew how to pick them. But looks can only go so far. She remembered all the times Serena would come home in a huff, upset that this guy, Darien Chiba, would tease her about her hair, or her clumsiness, or her grades. Ikuko had to admit, even she was starting to hate the boy that constantly tormented her baby girl. Which had her staring at him, wondering how the two ever got together in the first place. She thought they hated each other. There were a lot of questions about her daughter she wanted to ask. Serena had changed for some reason

"So, Darien, what do you do?" She asked him politely, while poring tea for him.

"I'm a student, and I run my family business." He answered smoothly. She raised a brow.

"How old are you?" She saw him shift uncomfortably.

"I'm twenty one." Ikuko nodded. Kenji was four years older than she when they had met. But she had waited until she was nineteen until she had Serena. Kenji already had a great job and they had wanted to start a family right away. When she was younger, seventeen, he had called her jail bait. She laughed at the memory, but they were determined to be together. Her father wasn't very happy about their hasty marriage when she turned eighteen, and threatened to disown her if she did marry him. But he got over it when Serena was born. Her blonde hair, blue eyed child that had her wondering if the hospital hadn't mixed up the babies in the nursery.

"And that would be Chiba Electronic?" She asked. He nodded. "Serena told me about you. She said that you would always tease her. Is that true?" He gulped.

"Well you see, that way my way of telling her I liked her." He almost stuttered. Serena smiled.

"You could have just told me upfront." She said and hit him playfully in the shoulder.

"I loved it when you got mad, you looked like an avenging angel ready to strike me dead."

"A clumsy angel." Sammy muttered, but Ikuko saw the glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Shut up devil spawn." Serena shot back at him and they stuck their tongues out at each other. Ikuko rolled her eyes, really, how old were they again?

There was a jingling of keys at the door. "Ikuko? Who's the prick who parked in my parking spot?" She quickly looked to the hall and saw Kenji pulling at his tie.

"Dad!" Serena stood up.

"Hello sweetheart." Kenji greeted his daughter and pulled her into a hug. He looked passed her shoulder to see a dark haired young man standing awkwardly to the side. "Who are you?" He asked, frowning.

"Uh, dad, I want you to meet Darien." Serena said and tightened her hold on his arm. Ikuko inched off the couch when she saw rage fill her husband's eyes.

"So you're the one who impregnated my one and only daughter." He said in a chilling voice.

"Dad..." Serena began, but he slipped out of her hold and went upstairs. Ikuko knew what was waiting upstairs. She sent Serena a warning look and followed her husband.

Serena went to Darien's side and kissed him hard on the mouth, before looking him dead in the eye. "Run." She said softly. Darien blinked, not sure if he heard her right.

"What?" He asked.

"RUN!" She hissed and him. He looked up to see Serena's father stomping down the stairs with a deadly looking shotgun. He cocked it with one hand.

"Die boy!" He hollered. Darien was already booking it down the sidewalk. Serena watched him run, his long legs eating up the distance. Her father was right behind him, waving his gun he bought after Serena left that day from telling them about Caleb.

"You will die for touching her! I'm going to kill you! You better run! Sleep with one eye open every night for now on!" Her father ranted. Serena stood with her mother in the doorway. Sammy was keeling over with laughter on the front lawn. Caleb had waken up and toddled outside, watching his grandpa chasing his daddy all over the small neighborhood.

"He really is a fast runner." Serena's mother commented. Serena giggled.

"So is dad." She paused. "For an old guy."

"Yes, he has vigor. Keeps us both young." Her mother said a little dreamily.

"Ewww MOM! I didn't need to know that!" Serena covered her poor ears.

"Who do you think will tire first?" Her mother asked.

~ ~ ~ ~

Serena and her mother stood by their mates' side, wondering when they were going to wake up.

"That was a pretty nasty blow they took." Serena sighed.

"You would think that they would have seen the tree they ran into." Her mother commented dryly.

"Men are hard headed." Serena giggled and wiped the blood of Darien's forehead and poured some peroxide onto a gauze.

"On three." Her mother said and poised the soggy gauze over her husband's forehead.

"One...two..." The two women smiled evilly at one another. "Three."

"AHHHHHHH!" The cries were heard through out the whole house followed by a string of curses.

"Are you trying to kill me woman!" Her dad hollered at his wife.

"Jeeze Serena, don't you know that stings?" Darien growled at her, putting a protective had over his cut.

"Men are such babies." Serena and her mother said in unison and left the glowering men to start dinner. It took three whole weeks for her dad to get over his anger, but when he did, he and Darien were the best of friends.

One night, Serena sat alone in the moonlight.

"What are you doing up?" A silky voice behind her spoke up.

"Thinking." She said and lifted her head to kiss him. A lazy desire sparkled in his midnight blue eyes. He lifted her from the window and gently pulled down a strap of her tank top and kissed her shoulder softly. Serena moaned and pulled at his shirt as well. When his flesh was exposed, she kissed his lightly salty skin.

"What say you and I go and practice making another beautiful child?" He murmured in her ear. She let him lead her into the quiet bedroom.

"And what do you want next?" She asked him, kissing down his hard stomach.

"Doesn't matter." He told her huskily, bringing her back up and claming her mouth for another kiss. "What do you want?" He breathed. Serena was thoughtful as she kissed him back.

"A girl." She said softly and arched up to meet him. Hot flesh connected and she heard him growl.

"And she'll be as perfect as you." He told her and began moving slowly. They soared together in the limitless starry night. The moon seemed to glow brighter at that moment and time seemed to stop for them as they moves in sync with one another, desire running rampant through their systems. Everything seemed right. Everything seemed endless, and Serena knew that she would never tire of living like this, where only she and Darien mattered for the moment. Eternity didn't seem long enough for her...