Last Chapter

As they turned the corner of the path to the fountain, Sirius was met with a familiar scene because Ayra took after her mother and Tommy looked like James from a distance.

"Kim, who is that girl and why does she look familiar to me?" Sirius asked

"We'll that's because it's your goddaughter." Kim answered

"What is she doing here and who is that baby with her?" He asked again

"The baby with her is Teddy Lupin, her godson." Kim answered again

Chapter 3

As Kim was leading Sirius and Faith to Ayra, Teddy and Tommy. Sirius was taking in Ayra and Teddy. Ayra grew and blossomed into a beautiful young lady with her raven colored hair and emerald eyes. Teddy was a young one, his was flashing threw different colors, Sirius noticed that Teddy had the Black Family gift. As Kim, Sirius and Faith got closer to Ayra, Teddy and Tommy, Kim called out


She looked up and saw Sirius, Faith and Kim

"Sirius," Ayra called out while handing Teddy to Tommy and running to Sirius and giving him a hug while crying as she had missed him so much.

"Ayra, can you tell me what happened after I fell through the Veil and why your here." Sirius asked

"What happened Siri, is that after you fell through the veil, I lost it and started chasing Bellatrix, and used the torture curse on her and Voldemort turned up along with Dumbledore and they started dueling each other. He then possessed me for a short time before more Ministry workers arrived and saw Voldemort for themselves. After that Dumbledore sent me to his office where i had a massive temper tantrum because he finally decided to talk to me face to face. After that, he told me the Prophecy that got smashed and then sent me on my way. After that he sent me back to the Dursleys and decided to ignore me once again but he came to get me closer towards the start of the school year to convince a Horace Slughorn to take over potions for the year. He also had me look at different memories of Voldemort at his youth and what caused him to change. Also Snape was defence against the dark arts teacher for that year, he also killed Dumbledore at the end and became headmaster for the Seventh Year. Ron, Hermione and I went on the run that year and found all of Voldemort's Horcruxes that he made. After the final battle at Hogwarts, we won and I collected the Deathly Hallows from the story and I became the Mistress of Death. Everyone was still scared and decided that since I killed Voldemort I might become the next Dark Lady, I was sentenced to Azkaban, for 2 months before they decided to send me through the Veil. I went to Gringotts before I left and got my inheritance in order first and found out that I was the only one who had any gold left in the vaults because of massive inbreeding and because I defeated Voldemort 7 times I got all his death eaters money and took it all out of the bank except for what I gave to the Goblins as I did wreck their bank and I sent the British Wizarding World crumbling because I took all available coins with me." Ayra finished

Sirius let out a bark like laugh "Awesome Prank, Pup"

"Thanks, I had to do it because the Weasleys betrayed me and have tried to get all my monies from me since the start as they don't want to be poor anymore. But I turned it back on them as I pulled all the Ancient Vaults, Potter, Black and many others from the bank leaving the British Wizarding World in disarray."

Let's check in with the Goblins of Gringotts

"Ragnock, My King, The Humans have decided to take the Vault belonging to the Lady Potter as their right." Griphook spoke (He never betrayed Ayra)

"We can't have that, I want all Humans out that includes our employees, I want a massive audit on all active accounts and find out what has been going on." Ragnock spoke

"Yes, My King." Griphook answered bowing and walking out pass on the message.

There was a lot of yelling from the customers but they pleas were ignored. Let it be known that the Goblins would be calling in debts from all wizards for betraying the Lady Potter

Back with the group in Angel Grove Park

As Ayra was wondering what to do,

"Sirius, what am I going to do?"

"Well, pup what your going to do is live with Faith and I and your going to start High school too, While Teddy can either go to daycare or Faith can watch him."

"I'm fine with going to school, and Teddy can stay home with Faith."

"Ok, Now time to go to our homes and deal with things tomorrow."

"OK, night all, see ya tomorrow" Tommy spoke up after giving Ayra a kiss on her cheek and left the park. While Kim, Ayra, Teddy, Sirius and Faith all went to the Black house and got ready for bed.

Next Day

As Ayra woke up early she unshrunk her trunk and got her clothes and clothes for Teddy out and put away in the bureau and then took a shower and got dressed after drying off, she also noticed that her hair was now at her hips when before it was at her shoulders, it must be her metamorph powers acting up, and she really likes the long hair that has rainbow tints in it. Teddy started crying and wanted to be fed so she finished getting ready and brought Teddy down stairs and put him in the highchair and gave him some Cheerios to munch on. She also started breakfast and sounds were coming down the stairs as Sirius and Faith were moving about and getting ready.

I'm Soooooooooooo Sorry that it took so long to update but work has been killer and i've had a horrible writer's block, It's breaking little by little so don't worry. How its breaking is by listening to Black Veil Brides as I feel like an outcast all the time