||Hiccstrid week 2017||

What ho fellow dragonites! A micro romantic comedy: HTTYD – How To Tell Your Dad

This story also runs in conjunction with the first chapter of the upcoming 'Tales of the Archipelago' One Shot Series

– A Tuff Walk in the Woods –

The Awkwardness Begins

Parchment was strewn in a scattered mess about the table and the light of dancing candle flames illuminated the pages. Together they formulated with intricate detail the mechanics of a new Dragon Blade. The shaft was longer with symmetrical jagged edges for an extra advantage in combat and even traversing some terrains. Three pairs of eyes analysed the designs making sure it was up to the standards befitting of its user.

'How's it looking there?' Gobber queued in from the other end of the forge wiping his hand off with a rag.

Two pairs of eyes cast a brief glance before falling back to the blade. 'Gobbler, we've been working on this for weeks, of course it's gonna work. I mean when have Hiccup's inventions ever failed?' Fishlegs chimed in for reassurance.

'Ah don't answer that!' Hiccup was quick to point out the flaw in his statement. 'But, to be fair it is only a sword. A glorified, fire brazened sword that's nearly as tall as me.'

Gobbler nodded trusting his judgement. 'Oh well, good luck too you lad. I'm sure I have some Gronkle iron lying around somewhere,' he said squeezing out towards the workshop stations.

Hiccup piled up the plans and neatly stacked them away in the shelves. 'Alright I think we're good to start working on this tomorrow, better having a few hours sleep behind us,' Hiccup commented with a certain sparkle to his eye.

Fishlegs quirked an eyebrow at the irony of his suggestion; it was common in his behaviour to work late into the night and even into the early hours of morning on projects. There was something else amidst what with his chipper expressions and bouncy movements; a suspect aura that he presumed belonged to something of the near future, or should he say who?

Fishlegs' ears burned at the thought. 'Aahah, right, I'll ah. I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good night Hiccup,' he slyly smirked before shuffling out of the Forge to a validation of his suspicions.

Hiccup rolled his eyes at the antics, though he wasn't surprised; Fishlegs was sharper than people gave him credit for. Outside the workshop, Gobber was sorting through different piles of tools and metal sheets looking for his old stores of Gronkle iron when he heard patted footsteps passing by.

'Evening Gobber,' Astrid sang with cheer.

'Astrid,' he replied briefly acknowledging hery as she skipped past. 'Hiccup's inside.'

Her smile broadened as she travelled the quick distance bumping into Fishlegs on the way through. 'Oop, sorry didn't see you there Fishlegs. Hey great work with training today.'

Fishlegs blushed heavily. 'Ahh, thanks. Yep. Um see you tomorrow, have fun,' he stumbled over himself bumping his head on an overhanging pan before shuffling away with a little giggle.

She cast him a sideward glance though dismissed for the most part as she slipped into the depths of the workshop. Gobber narrowed his eyes curious as to the unusual allusions. Fishleg's cheeks were burning as he scooted away with Meatlug quick to fall in beside him. A light clatter emanated from the room followed by murmured voices; it wasn't strange for the sake of Hiccup's past and the calm sounding reaction seemed to conclude there was no problem. He slowly returned to sorting through the shelves when he heard a rather unique noise with respect to the regular ambience of the forge. A soft giggle reached his ears pulling his complete attention, all other sounds drowning away. He knew it wasn't his business to intrude but he had never heard a giggle like that before, it was soft, cheery and… feminine. The pieces put themselves together as he realised it was Astrid, but she never giggled, laughed most definitely but not in such subtleness; it just wasn't in her personality.

He edged himself over to the door as silently as he could, which all things considering was a valiant triumph, and further peered through to lay his eyes upon a sight he hadn't seen in nearly four years. Hiccup and Astrid were locked in each other's embrace sharing a passionate kiss completely oblivious to the world around them. He froze for a moment realising he should back away before he was caught, but his peg leg slipped and his chunky frame crashed through the door sending his face into the dirt. The couple broke apart in surprise at the sudden intrusion; both looked down at the fallen body precariously pushing himself off the ground.

They were too shocked for words sharing awkward glances but still held up in a loose embrace. 'Gobber? Ahh hi, yes. What are you… do you need, can I help you with, something?' Hiccup nervously blabbered under the weight of his self-consciousness.

Gobber was boldly fixated in a stare only to feel the edges of his lips curl upwards into a broad grin. His mind was reeling over this discovery trying to process what it meant, but at the same time trying to maintain a bit of rationality. He returned with a soft chuckle where the respective expressions were of growing concerned.

'Does ahh… does Stoick know?' it was the only thing he could vocalise causing a flush of fear to flood through them.

'I think if my Dad knew, so would the rest of Berk,' he tentatively replied realising too late why he was asked.

Hiccup shot an anxious glance towards Astrid and began moving forward. 'Oh no, ahh Gobber, no. Don't even think about telling him yet,' he frantically babbled in an attempt to sway his mentor from doing something rash. 'I'm serious Gobber, you know what he's like, and beside shouldn't a son be the one to share you know ahh big, life changing developments with his dad anyway?' he clambered onto reason.

Gobber couldn't wipe the smile away, he just rocked on his heel and slowly saunted out the door still chuckling away, highly amused about what was to come; Stoick was in for some big news soon enough. He returned to sorting out through the shelves still chortling away his amusement.

In the meantime both Hiccup and Astrid stood perplexed staring at the doorway unsure what to do. 'Do you really think he's going to tell your Dad,' Astrid asked.

'Probably,' came his succinct reply.

'Do you think we should try and stop him?' she followed.

Hiccup shook his head, eyes not refraining from the doorway. 'It's already too late.'

To Be Continued in The Awkwardness Continues