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4 years later.

It had been four years of restless missions and non stop training for our young saiyan Daiko, ever since he was a baby the only thing he knew was battle and destruction, the fact that he was strong meant he was sent to some random planet to conquer it for someone called frieza. Someone he didn't even know what he or she looks like.

"This is getting boring…" Daiko sighed as he looked around the fiery city of a once peaceful planet call Yamak, over the past four years of training he had gotten too strong for someone his age as his mother always told him, not many four year old could say they boasted a powerlevel of 6,900. well there was the prince but Daiko alway told himself that it was because of his royal blood or something along those line.

"These missions are getting way too easy,huh?" Raditz asked taking in his brother's appearance with the flames of the burning city as his background, his brother wore the same type of saiyan battle armor as their father the only difference was he replaced the green with red, there was no shoulder pads like the standard saiyan battle armor and unlike their father he didn't have the leg bands instead only wearing the a set of red armbands. Raditz wore the standard set of battle armor with his being black and brown in color.

"Say the guy owe didn't do anything."Daiko whispered while checking his green Scouter for any survivors.

"I heard that!" Raditz yelled at his brother it wasn't his fault that his powerlevel was 1,200 sometimes he wondered why he was born in a house of monsters, hell even their mother now that she started to go on missions with their father and her old team again is becoming more powerful, and he didn't want to even think about his father there were rumors going around that he was catching up to king Vegeta.

Noticing Daiko not giving a response Raditz looked over to him only to see his brother looking off into the distance as three figures grow closer by the second and only when they were visible did his scouter started to sound off with their powerlevels.

"Two 800s and one 1,500,huh?"Daiko stared as they landed a bit away from him and his brother, he noticed the two with the powerlevel of 800 were a male that looked like he was in his late twenties and a female around the same age, the one with the powerlevel of 1,500 was an old looking man with a long white bard… and they were all green with dark dots on their heads.

"Were you the ones that did this?" the male asked looking down on the two alien children, you could hear the anger in his voice.

"This? No it was space Santa… honest." Raditz said mockingly while firing a ki blast at a random building, " that one was a space duck." he laughed.

"You little demons!" the female yelled and was about to move forward only to be stopped by the elderly person.

"Pinra, stay your hand for the moment, young ones what have we done to earn this?" the Elder asked looking to the two kids.

"What you've done? Nothing really we just want you gone… permanently." Raditz answered him with Daiko not paying attention to the little back and forth between his brother and three. He just crossed his arms and zoned out everything until they stopped talking.

"Even if you both are nothing but children… this act is UNFORGIVABLE!" the Elder yelled with his aura coming to life and kicking up a lot of dust.

"Pinra, Pikkon you two handle the one with the mouth, i'll take care of the other one." the Elders spoke in a commanding voice.

"Yes master!" they both answer.

"This way." Raditz told the two as he flew off into another part of the city with the two hot on his trail, leaving Daiko with the old man.

Raditz vs Pinra and Pikkon

Landing a good ways away from his brother Raditz crossed his arm over his chest as he waited for the other two. It was ten seconds later that the two landed and took a their fighting stance.

Raditz noticing the height difference levitated off the ground it a mocking smirk and lifted his left hand doing a bring it on gesture.

Taking the lead Pinra charged towards the cocky kid hoping to wipe the smile from his face. Throwing several punch to his small body with all of them be blocked by Raditz with little effort, she jumped back as Pikkon flew in with both his fist on fire forcing Raditz to dodge instead of blocking.

"That's too annoying." Raditz said as he vanished and reappeared behind Pikkon and kicked him into a building, forming a ki blast in his hand he was about to fire it but was blindsided by Pinra as she delivered a powerful punch to his back sending him crashing flying towards the same building before he could hit it he was kicked in the face back to Pinra by Pikkon.

Just as Pinra was about to send him back to Pikkon with a kick he vanished with an afterimage and appearing above both of them "Eat this double sundae!" he yelled with some blood coming out of his mouth, he fired two large purple beams of energy from both of his hands.

Seeing the powerful beams of energy heading towards them both Pikkon and Pinra knew they couldn't dodge it because it was far to large they fired their own ki beams it the two approaching purple beam attacks and pushing with everything they had. The beam struggle lasted for a good 30 second before the the double sundae attack overpowered their own attacks and wiping them both out with almost half of the city.

"Foolish idiots!" Raditz yelled at what was left off there battlefield, even if it was a fun fight he hated being man handled.

Daiko vs Elder

Sensing his students death the Elder couldn't help but clutch his fist in rage, how dare these two little monsters come to there home, mock them and kill his people. He knew he had to be the one to put them in their place. Looking to his small opponent he was shocked to see the child not even paying attention to him.

"Lesson number one, never take you eyes off of your opponent," the Elder said as he pushed off the ground causing a small indent to form from the force, the Elder's fist was on fire has he reeled back and punched Daiko in the face feeling the hit connected he let a small smile grace his face for about a second until it fell from his face as he noticed the boy's face didn't even move and inch.

"Huh? you need something?" Daiko asked moving the fist from his face.

"So you're stronger than you look…" the Elder shook his head as he jumped back and took his fighting stance.

"I don't have time for this," Daiko said as he started to flew above the city confusing the Elder by his move.

"RADITZ, GET UP HERE NOW!" he yelled and then smirked as he sew his brother speeding towards him.

"What is it?" Raditz asked while rubbing his face.

"We're done here." Daiko told him with a bored tone.

"What about the old man?" Raditz asked again only to see his brother point a finger at the city. then a red energy started to form at the tip of his finger.

"Doom blast." Daiko said as he fired off a city sized red blast from the tip of his finger, the elder from below only saw red before he and the city were completely removed from the planet.

"We still have more cities to visit before we can go home so let's not waste too much time,OK." Daiko said as he begun to fly off to the next city hoping to get this mission over with the last he heard his mother had some kind of big news to share with them.

As the two brothers continue to take over the planet, one could only say that it was just another day as a saiyan.

Planet Vegeta

It had been a little over a month since the two saiyans had finished their mission to conquer the planet of Yamak and as soon as they opened the door to their home Gine told them that she was pregnant with another baby boy. She told them that her and their father had already picked a name for the baby, Kakarot sound like a good name.

Since the mission Daiko had been promoted to a mid-class saiyan and Raditz had been assigned to work under the prince how he got that position no one knew, all the family knew was that he started to follow the prince around. Bardock stayed with his crew as a low-class saiyan even though he had the powerlevel of an elite-saiyan telling his family that moving up in the ranks didn't make a warrior stronger it just filled their heads with delusion of grandeur. The only reason Daiko even payed attention was because he knew that his father was far stronger than him.

Gine over the course of her pregnancy had stopped going on missions with Bardock and their crew instead choosing to rest and prepare to give birth. When the 9 months were over she gave birth to a baby boy with a powerlevel of 20 which made the family shocked because of how low it was, even if it took Bardock over a month to accept the fact that his latest son didn't have what it took to be a warrior. For Daiko he had to play babysitter far more than he would like so he used that time to train, sure he didn't get much training with his baby brother constantly crying but he was sure that it would somehow add up.

Over the past year and a half not much has happened, besides his father and mother spending more time on mission leaving him to take care of his little brother. Raditz was sent off to a different planet with prince Vegeta and a saiyan called Nappa.

'Something feels wrong.' Daiko thought looking to his brother's sleeping form, the feel of fear was something new to him so payed it no mind and went back to taking care of his sleeping brother.

None of the Saiyans knew of the ship sitting right on there doorstep.

That's the end of the chapter. I know things maybe moving fast for some people but I felt that it would be better to move on to the dragon ball arc as fast as I can, so next chapter will be the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Powerlevel so far in the story:

Daiko/ichigo(5 years old): 12,500

Kakarot(baby): 20

Raditz(5 years old): 1,300

Prince Vegeta(5 years old): 13,000

Nappa(with hair): 7,000

King Vegeta: 12,000

Gine: 3,000

Bardock: 19,000

Frieza(first form): 530,000

Class/rank powerlevels.

low-class: 2,500 and below

Mid-class: 3,000 to 6,500

Elite-class: 7,000 to 10,000

Super Elite: 11,000 and above

Timeline: on week before the Destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Note: Bardock had to be on Zarbon and Dodoria's level to be able to man handle so many of frieza's soldiers in his space fight. I mean it took like 20 guys to hold him back and king Vegeta got one shot. for Nappa he was stated to be the second strongest saiyan on the planet after the king then Vegeta said he passed his father in power when he was just a kid. it was also said that Gine's personalty was not suited for a warrior it's not her power itself just that she was too gentle.

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