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One word would describe Daiko's mood at the moment and that was annoyed. He was annoyed that his father had all but demanded he go with him and his team on some special mission to take over a planet that has been giving the Galactic Frieza Army some major trouble, he didn't mind the fact the he would be tagging along on the mission it was the fact that his father was taken down by someone from a no name race called Kanassans or something he didn't care to remember. He just didn't get how someone has powerful as his father could be knocked unconscious by someone with a weaker power level than him it just didn't make any sense.

Another cause of his mood was that now that his father was healing it was only him, his mother and the other members of his father's team heading for their pods to depart to a planet called Meat, he didn't know who came up with that name but he wouldn't judge them since his planet was named after their king so he wasn't one to talk. His brother had skipped out on the mission because he was with prince Vegeta as usual, he just hoped that Kakarot would take after anyone but Raditz. But the cause of his annoyed mood was the fact that his father and mother had already sent Kakarot to some unknown plant without telling him or anyone, they had to be out of their minds to send a baby with a power level of 20 to a unknown plant and he wondered if it even had a moon?.

Anyways, he came out of his daze as he looked at his father's crew from behind with his mother right beside him.

The first one he knew was Tora his father's best friend and co-leader, he is one of the taller members of Bardock's team and wears ice blue and black armor. His hair is flat at the top and kept in a small ponytail at the back, and his skin is a dark tan color. He knew Tora well enough that he wouldn't pass him on the street without at least greeting him, and what he could tell of him from the time his father had spoke of him was that Tora is much like his father in that he will kill in cold blood and is a ruthless fighter, yet has a high degree of honor and camaraderie. Daiko had also gotten a glimpse of the man's light-hearted side, when tora would come over to their house with the other's he would often playfully teasing his teammates, especially his best friend Bardock, to whom he makes of point of keeping his friend from getting too cocky. He was a good man and what the scouter said about his power level was that it topped off at a good 5,500, that would have made him a mid-class at least but like his father he was labeled a low-class like the rest of his team.

The next one was Fasha and the first word that came to mind when describing her would be ruthless, but like Tora, his father and the other members of the group she has a high degree of camaraderie with her teammates and a sense of honor. But if Daiko could describe her with another word that would be hot because she wore the female armor with a pink under suit that showed off her legs and that smirk only added to her overall looks, he would be the first to admit that he had a crush on her. The Scouter said her power level was 4,500 but from how his mother talked about her it would seem she could fight people on a higher level than her, THAT he would need to see to believe, crush or not.

walking next to her was Borgos A large balding Saiyan best described as silent and having quite the appetite, the most he knew about Borgos is that he mostly keeps to himself and he could guess that like the rest of his father's team is that he also has a strong sense of camaraderie unlike most Saiyans. His power level is 4,100 not too bad.

The last of his father's teammates was Shugesh, the first word that came to mind was overweight but Daiko now better than to judge him just from his looks alone not with the scouter saying his power level was 4,200. He would guess the man shared the same team mentality has the other.

As he looked to his mother to see how strong she had gotten he also slipped on air as his scouter showed the numbers popped up... 5,000. He was pretty sure it said 3,000 a two month ago, she must had notice him checking her power level because she turned and put up a peace sign with her fingers.

"how?" Daiko asked, that was way too fast of a power up.

"Hmm, it's a secret." Gine said with a finger over her lips.

"Well, at least you're stronger now." he said with a shake of his head, it didn't make sense to get worked up about it.

"I'll be catching up to you and your father soon, you know." she said looking down to her son, what he sew in her eyes told him she didn't say that as a joke or anything like that.

"Hopefully not too soon..." he told her, Daiko didn't care what other Saiyans would think of him but one thing he knew without a doubt was that he really cared for his mother, even if his father and tora would call him a mama's boy.

"Don't worry, you'll always be my second favorite man." Gine said as she patted him on the head.

"Let me guess, dad's number one?" he asked but she shuck her head.

"No, he's more like forth," she said in a hushed voice.

"Huh?" now that was a shocker.

"Kakarot,you and raditz all come before him." she told him.

"Aww, how cutie." a voice cut into their conversion.

Both the mother and son duo turned back to the front to see Fasha slowing her pace to join them.

"Gine, did I ever tell you how much i envy you?" Fasha said as she walked beside Gine.

"Maybe if you weren't so picky?" Gine whispered but everyone seem to have heard her.

"Hay, it's not my fault the only men I know are all brawn no brain." geez she still had time, she wasn't going to be like all those other females that would go out and look for a mate at the drop of a hat and all of her teammates didn't meet her standards, plus every saiyan knew they wouldn't show ageing until they reached the age of at least 80.

Seeing the that his mother a fasha were having a woman's only conversion Daiko decided to move to the other guy. If anyone could see a 3 foot 8 child walking with three giants man they would most likely laugh, point fingers and call them out on being weak but all three men knew that the kid walking next to them was one of the most powerful people in their entire race even if most wouldn't believe.

"Is everything alright, Daiko?" Tora asked the youngest member of the crew.

"Yes, you see I was wondering why you guys haven't been promoted yet?" it was odd that King vegeta didn't take notice of them yet.

"Oh, you mean the low-class thing..." Tora trailed off thinking about the question.

"It's because king Vegeta doesn't want us challenging his power." Shugesh was the one to answer the question.

"Isn't my father already stronger than the king?" why would the king be afraid of his own people.

"But not many people know that, now do they," Shugesh said while rubbing his scar on his cheek.

"You see Daiko by keeping us in a low position the king can control our movement," Tora stated as he looked down to the kid to make sure he understood before he continued.

"And by movement I mean missions and ranking among the other saiyans." tora said with both Shugesh and Borgos nodding their heads.

"I see, but how come I was promoted?" Daiko asked another question.

"When a saiyan is born they use the power level at the time to estimate what class you would be placed in, that's also why over 70% of our race is made out low-class saiyans, 25% is mid-class, and the other 5% are elite-class." Tora said giving the boy a rough estimate at best.

"Kid you should have noticed that even though you're stronger then the king you never moved up in the ranks,Right?" Shugesh asked, and getting nod from the young boy.

"Well that's because you're not of noble blood, the most you'll get is a mid-rank pat on the back." Shugesh laughed but it wasn't one of someone owe just told a funny joke, it was more like someone down on their luck.

"Well that's unfair.." Daiko mumbled that kind of ruler almost alway ended up killed.

"No, that's life." Tora said with a frown.

Saiyans are abnormally quick learners, able to process large amounts of information within a limited amount of time. Because of this king vegeta fear that if someone stronger and smarter did come along the other saiyans would band together and follow that person and overthrow him. The fear had gotten so bad that the king would kill any new born babies that were born with a power level exceeding 10,000 and he would do it himself if he had to.

Tora seeing that they had reached the space pods snapped out of his thoughts. Seeing that everyone was heading towards their pods he did the same.

To the side Daiko and Gine were having a one on one talk before they depart.

"Guess what?" Gine ask with over energetic smile on her face making her son uneasy.

"You only have two sons and i'm the eldest?" he joked with an uneasy smile.

"No, I just set you up on a sparring match with Fasha." she said feeling proud of herself.

"...you didn't." Daiko said wide eyed as he took a quick look towards Fasha only to have her wink at him before entering her pod.

"Now listen here mister, you're just 5 years old so no scoring until you're 18,ok?" his mother told him in a scolding way with her hands on her hip and her eyes narrowed, he could only nod still in shock to speak words.

"Now come on, we have a mission to complete." she said pushing him to their pod.

Planet Meat

On the planet Meat the lifeless bodies of the populous could be seen throughout most of it cities, on the broken ground even on the debris of the newly destroyed city one could find bodies of the Meatians, They had white and dark blue skin with red lines, stripes and bright blue eyes with a round head, but covering up most of their appearance was their own blood so the word someone would have to use to describe the scene would be mass genocide.

Located in the center of a ruined city were four individuals that were some of the main causes of the planet wide genocide, they were the saiyan's of Bardock's Planet Elite Force Tora, Fasha, Borgos, and Shugesh. Currently they were wait on the mother and son duo to return.

"What's taking them so long?" Shugesh grunted out as he layed on the ground looking up at the two suns that hanged in the sky.

"Geez, give them a break, will you." Tora said, even if they were a little late it wouldn't change the fact that they still had more than half a day to report in.

"It's not like you have anything better to do,Shugesh." Fasha said has she took a sat down on the floor.

As the group sat in silence Tora was look intently at some of the dead bodies of the Meatians, noticing their co-leaders stare Borgos called out to get his attention.

"What's wrong?" Borgos asked seeing tora look at the bodies.

"These guys," Tora said as he pointed to the Meatians with a serious look on his face.

"Huh?" the giant was even more confused.

"What could be wrong about a few dead bodies?" Fasha asked from the side.

"They were weak." this time Tora was glaring hole into to corpse.

"So?" this time it was Shugesh that asked.

"My point is, why would lord frieza's elites be having trouble with these kind of foes." he said looking towards his teammates.

"Ah, you're just overthinking things." Shugesh laughed as he hopped on to his feet and started to walk to a nearby body.

"These guy's are all just small fry is all," the overweight saiyan then picked up the body up with one hand.

Turning to the other three members of his team he dropped it "there's no better kill than overkill, i'd say," as soon as he finished speaking a hole was blast through his chest and ending his life immediately.

"SHUGESH!" the three saiyans yelled.

"Ha, my aim is on point today." a voice sounded from the top of a building.

Following the voice they found the source and it was the a orange man with two horns on his forehead but what get there attention was the fact that he was wearing frieza's army armor, and behind him was three other henchmen.

"Why?" Tora asked with anger now deep in his voice.

"Let's just say you're race has outlived your usefulness to our lord." the four henchmen laughed.

"And don't worry too much about those other two our boss is gonna take good take of them." the red horned henchmen was about to laugh again but was cut off by a fist to his face sending him down to the ground floor.

"What!" the three other henchmen jumped away to gain some space.(since they don't have names i'll just call them by numbers, horn guy is number 1 by the way.)

"We'll make you bastards pay." Fasha exclaimed as she fired off four ki blast that were missed their mark.

"You bitch!" henchmen 1 yelled as he recovered from his impact to the hard ground.

"Pay attention," tora said from behind him has he placed a firm kick to the back of the orange Henchmen's head sending him into the building opposite to them.

Tora looked to the sky to see Fasha engaged in a fist fight with the purple looking Henchmen and Borgos exchanging blows with two of the four.

Just as he was about to go help Borgos a hand grabbed him from behind a held him in a chokehold.

"ahah, maybe you're the one that needs to pay attention." Tora was pretty sure that it was the orange looking one that had grabbed him.

"Looks like the end of the line." henchmen 1 taunted, but he didn't expect for Tora to use his body and push them both straight through the same building.

See the orange henchmen hit the floor the the second time since the battle started Tora was about to finish him off but a loud explosion caught him off guard, looking to see what was the cause of said explosion his eyes widened when he saw the smoking body of one of his two remaining team members falling from the sky.

"Borgos… no," Tora whispered as she shot off to avenge his fallen comrade.

"Fasha regroup." Tora called out to her, it was better to fight together if they wanted to make it out of this alive.

Nodding her head Fasha delivered a devastating haymaker to her purple foe stunning him long enough for her to regroup with tora.

"Any plans?" Fasha asked as she saw the orange henchmen join the other three, seems they were also regrouping.

"When have we ever need a-," he didn't get to finish as he had to grab Fasha move backwards away from a giant red energy beam, it was so intense you could feel the heat just from being too close,they were lucky he saw it from the edge of his eyes or both of them would have been dust, When the beam died down it would seem that not everyone was as fortune see that only two of the previously four henchmen were left floating and from the panicked looks on the remaining two's face, the source of the blast was most likely not one of Frieza's men.

Tora seeing an opening whispered to Fasha "now's our chance while they're distracted, let's turn then into space dust.".

Seeing the as true Fasha charged up putting almost all of her ki into her next attack with Tora doing the same.

"Take this you bastards!" she yelled at the same time firing off a large beam from both of her hands, Tora doing the same with only one hand.

"Beep beep," that was the only warning the two remaining henchmen received before they were engulfed by the beams of ki, the blast traveled to the outer part of the city before exploding on impact with the ground.

"Fasha, we have to go help Gine and Daiko before they're killed." they had no time to mourn their lost comrades, even if the kid was strong there were only a handful of people Frieza would trust with leading his forces and they all were monsters in there own right.

Before the Giant beam was fired.

The mother and son duo were just finish up their work without any problem and all thing considered they were ready to regroup with the others and get off the planet as soon as possible.

"Wow, this was boring," Daiko had to suppress a feeling to yawning.

"I still don't see why we need to kill all of them?" Gine questioned.

The mission started like any other mission, go to a planet, get rid of the people populating the on said planet and more than likely they would face strong opposition. But that was the problem the people of planet Meat didn't show any signs of having the kind of power to cause any real threat to frieza's men from what the scouter said of their fighting power it only topped off at 400 and that was the few soldiers they did encounter in battle. To both Gine and Daiko they felt it was overkill… well Gine thought so Daiko just didn't care, she really need to get him to stop modeling himself after his father.

"Yeah, they're to weak for my liking," Daiko said with a frown, if his father was here he was sure that the mission would have been far more fun but that stupid Kanassan had to go and mess that up.

"You know, someday that way of thinking will get-" just as she was about to reprimand him they're scouters picked up on a power level that put both of theirs to shame.

Stand with a cocky smirk on his face was a large and pink alien warrior with protruding spikes on his arms and head. He also wears the common Battle Armor that most of Frieza's men have, including the shoulder pads and a green scouter,, was Dodoria Frieza's left hand man.

"Time to die." Dodoria said opening his mouth firing off a large beam aimed solely on the two.

Thinking on his feet Daiko created an Energy blade to hold off the beam long enough for his mother to fly out if it's way, one of two things did succeed, his mother did took the time to fly out of the way but sadly for him he was blown away.

"Dodoria! I'll make you pay." Gine yelled has she rushed him. Needless to say that didn't work in her favor with her being brutally backhanded into a building.

"Trash…" Dodoria said with a disgusted face but was cut off from saying anything else as he felt something slash against his back.

"Pant..pant, take that you ugly bastard." Daiko said, he was looking worse for wear with cuts all over his body and the hand he used to block the energy beam was for lack of a better term a steaming bag of useless right now but he could repair it at a later date.

"You little shit!" Dodoria cried out feel the hot pain from his new wound. His eyes were now bloodshot from the rage he was feeling, so he did the only thing he knew how to, he rush the kid and gabbed him by the head and throw him into the ground with his speed he stomped the kids head as soon has he hit the floor. He felt the woman kick his face but didn't pay much attention to her as he continued to grind the boy's face into the ground.

Seeing her son's face being grinded to the ground filled Gine with unspeakable rage but no matter how much she punched and kicked nothing seems to work and if she fired an energy blast that would cause more harm than good. So putting all the power she could muster she kicked with everything she had this time managing to move the fat warrior a few feet off of her son, seeing a chance to move her son and hopefully retreat.

Picking him off the ground she saw him weakly point his finger at Dodoria and whispered with the last of his strength.

"Cero…" with that he fired a unbelievably large Ki blast engulfing Dodoria and half of the city they were in, after firing off the beam Daiko lost consciousness.

As all of this was going on none of them noticed what looked like a star falling to the planet and shortly after hitting hit.

Stepping out of his pod Bardock tapped his scouter to check for the location of his crew, but what he found made him extremely mad.

"Borgos, Shugesh…" his scouter couldn't pick them up that could only mean one thing, death. Looking around bardock found fasha and tora head away from his current position.

"Fasha, Tora just where are you heading." he said has he looked farther in the direction the two were heading, needless to say when his scouter showed his wife and son's power level dropping fast he shot off like a comet.

"Just hold on for a bit longer!" when he finds the one responsible he would make them regret ever laying a hand on his family.

And that's all I had in me(I'm going to sleep) but before that let ask you guys: what do you think of Vados?

Oh and before someone ask the cero Ichigo/Daiko fired is a red ki blast and I think it was fitting to give him at least something from the bleach world and the cero was a good beam attack. also the reason Ichigo isn't acting like well ichigo is because he's a full blooded saiyan so he has a different mindset, that may change as the story goes on but don't expect him to be too friendly when he meets the Z-fighters, but he won't be trigger happy he'll start thinking thing through now that he got his ass handed to him.

so let's see them power levels:

ichigo/Daiko: 13,000. (beaten):100

Gine(full force kick): 7,000

Fasha(full powered): 5,000

Tora(full powered): 6,000

Borgos: 4,200

Shugesh: 4,500

Dodoria: 22,000 (after Cero):?

Bardock(recovered): 21,000.

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