Disclaimer: I do not own, nor did I create, any of the A-team characters (main or support) nor do I own, nor did I create, any of the episodes. That credit is due to Stephen J. Cannell and his associates. Any familiar catch phrases or settings also belong to the Cannell team..

Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from Season 3 Episode 10: "Sheriffs of Rivertown."

Author's Notes: This is piece is based on a statement Face utters about bats: "Boy, oh boy, I sure hope There aren't any bats in here."

Special Thanks to Miss Eclipse for being my gracious sounding board and offering me guidance and suggestions to help me get this piece written. Without her sincere ideas this would still be trapped in my writer's blocked brain

Summary: Everyone has fears, entrenched fears. When those fears belong to a survivor like Face, well you know something wretched embedded them.



1984 -

Hannibal sighed heavily as he landed on the sofa in his current abode. His men dropped into their own spots on the furniture. Face shared the couch with him.

"Well that plan came together." Hannibal blustered "And we got paid in full on this one."

"Yeah I guess so Colonel. I've even got a pending date with Nikki, if ever I find myself in Oklahoma." Face replied wistfully.

"Piece of cake, Colonel. Just like always." teased Murdock.

"Clearly locking you Fools behind bars, didn't knock any sense into your thick skulls! I fell asleep at my Rivertown sheriff's desk, and woke up in my van in LA! Somehow- even in that cage- you suckas drugged me again! When I ain't so tired I'm gonna pound those thick skulls of yours!" grumbled BA.

Everyone was too tired to even pretend to be frightened by the Big Guy's tirade, and he was too tired to even care. Each man fell into his own silent thoughts. Eventually hunger kicked in. Hannibal phoned in an order to a local pizza delivery shop.

Thirty minutes later the pizza guy was knocking on their door. Face was just coming out of the bathroom when the guy arrived. He called out that he'd answer the door so no one else would leave the living room and miss whatever show they had begun watching. Face walked into the living room to see that Murdock had settled on some old 1930s horror movie. BA was watching it too. Hannibal emerged from the kitchen carrying drinks for everyone.

While setting down the soda cans, Hannibal asked, "So what did you select, Captain?"

"Dracula's Daughter, " Murdock replied in his best vampire voice.

Face passed out the pizza and then took his own seat. It was obvious he was purposely ignoring the tv. Hannibal raised a curious eyebrow as Face now opted for the armchair with the poorest view of the screen. Once everyone ate their fill, Face quickly popped up to gather the rubbish. Returning from his trip to the trash barrel, he perched in his chair and began earnestly reading a random magazine.

"Not interested in the film, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked.

"It's a classic, Faceman." piped up Murdock.

"Ah, vampire films just don't appeal to me. Never have, even as a kid."

No one pushed the conversation any further. Three men enjoyed the movie while the fourth buried his head in his periodical. An hour later the movie wrapped up. Murdock stood up and took a great stretch as Hannibal clicked off the tv. With a nod of his head BA pointed out that Face was asleep in his chair. Hannibal carefully removed the magazine which had landed across Faceman's mouth. Murdock gently covered him with a throw blanket.

"I wonder why the movie didn't capture his attention? Face usually enjoys a classic film?" pondered the Captain.

"It was because of the bats." BA stated flatly.

"The bats, BA?" queried Hannibal turning his full attention to his Sergeant.

"That's what I said. Faceman doesn't like bats." the burly man repeated.

"Yes I must admit to thinking that myself. Just during this last mission, he did complain about possible bats in that mine." admitted Hannibal.

"I don't just think it, Man. I KNOW it!" asserted BA.

"Why, I wonder, is our Faceman so adverse to the species of flying mammals known collectively as bats?" Murdock asked.

"Nam, Fool. You were barely conscious so maybe you didn't see. The night we all got captured, that damn jungle was swarming with bats." BA elaborated in a rare melancholy tone.

Hannibal gazed down at his Lieutenant, then added, "You're not wrong BA, but for the bats to have triggered Face to break cover like he did that miserable night, well, I suspect his phobia was set much earlier in his life.