I will confess. I loved the 2004 Batman show. It wasn't the best and had a few problems, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It also has a special place in my heart for being the first standalone Batman show I watched. So, I decided to try and make a season 6 for it with my own touch.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Episode one: Kabuki dilemma

In the streets of Gotham city, a jewelry store was being robbed of it's contents by Penguin, who was laughing as his two red-clad bodyguards stole the various jewels the store and to offer.

"Tick tock, ladies! We have a schedule to keep!" Yelled Penguin, annoyed at how slow everything was going. Soon, the Kabuki twins were finished grabbing everything and placing it all in large duffel bags. Satisfied with the results, Penguin began to leave, his two guards in tow. They were out on the street, going to their getaway vehicle across the street, when a batarang embedded on the ground in front of Cobblepot. Penguin scowled as he looked up, and sure enough, Batman was on the roof of a building with Batgirl and Robin.

"Can't stay away from crime can you, Penguin?" Asked Batman sarcastically, waiting for Penguin to attack.

"Again! Can't you just stay out of my business!?" Demanded Penguin as he aimed his umbrella at the trio of heroes before firing a grenade at them. The bat family got out of the way and landed on the ground safely. Seeing that their boss needed help, the Kabuki twins let go of the loot and charged at Batgirl and Robin, claws ready to slash them. The two sidekicks dodged the attacks and proceeded to fight the twins. Meanwhile, Batman was dodging Penguin's attacks. The short villain getting angry that he was doing nothing against the Batman, resulting in him making mistakes. Something that Batman exploited. When Penguin thrusted his umbrella blade at Batman's chest, he dodged before grabbing the arm holding the umbrella. He then bent the arm in a painful way, causing Penguin to drop the umbrella. Penguin, not giving up, tackled Batman, who was caught off-guard at Penguin's tenacity. He then pulled out a small knife and was about to stab Batman with it, when one of his bodyguards crashed into him, courtesy of Robin, when he saw Penguin about to stab Batman. The last remaining Kabuki twin was soon defeated by the combined force of both Batgirl and Robin. Penguin scowled at how this fight went, before grabbing his nearby umbrella. He then pressed a button and it fired another grenade, which began to spew out smoke. When the smoke cleared, Penguin and the Kabuki twins were gone. The bat family stared at where the three crooks used to be before Robin smirked at Batman.

"You owe me for saving you, you know." Said Robin. Batman just grunted before calling the Batmobile.

Sometime later

Abandoned warehouse

"I can't believe this!" Yelled Penguin as he paced around the floor of an abandoned warehouse he took as a temporary hideout. Meanwhile, his guards were looking at their boss pacing around like an idiot. "We were so close in getting away this time, but then Batman and his two sidekicks came and defeated us!" He then walked to the Kabuki twins. "And one of you stopped me from finally ending the Bat! So, which one of you was it?" Asked Penguin. The two guards simply remained silent, enraging Penguin. "Right. How could I forget? You two can't talk!" Yelled Penguin as he pressed his hands on his head to deal with the headache that was coming. "Make yourselves useful, and get me dinner!"

One of his guards complied with the orders and went to get what food they had ready. The other stayed to watch her boss complain on never winning against the Bat and how it wasn't fair. Soon her twin came back with a plate of cooked turkey leg, which Penguin grabbed and began to chomp down on it. He then spluttered it out. "What the heck is this!?" Yelled Penguin, examining the turkey leg. "It's undercooked and expired!" He then threw it at the twin that brought it to him, causing turkey juice to be splattered all over her catsuit. "Useless! Useless! USELESS!" Yelled Penguin at the twins, anger getting the best of him. Both for his poor living conditions and his defeat at the Batman. "You two are absolutely useless! When I acquired you two in Asia, I thought I got skilled bodyguards. Instead I get a bunch of useless dolls!" If the twins were offended by this, they didn't show it aside from a twitch of their claws. "You two can't even win against children!" Yelled Penguin, remembering their defeat against Robin and Batgirl. "And let's not mention one of you caused me to miss my opportunity to kill the Batman! What's worse, neither of you can cook a good meal!" He then pushed one of the twins down to the ground. "That's it! You two are fired!"

The twins were now showing visible shock. One placed her clawed hand on Penguin's shoulder, right before he swatted it away. "Get out! I can't stand seeing you two again! Get out! Get out! GET OUT!" Yelled Penguin, aiming his umbrella at the twins. The twins looked at their boss, betrayal visible in their stance, before lowering their heads and leaving the warehouse. As soon as they were gone, Penguin began to think of who to hire as his new body guards.

"The next henchmen needs to know how to cook, that's for sure." Said Penguin as he walked to his temporary room.

Few days later


As people were depositing or withdrawing money in a bank, an explosion at the front door caught everyone's attention. Soon, the Kabuki twins came out of the smoke and pointed to the duffel bags in their hands. The people got the message, and deposited any valuables they had to the twins. After the last bag was full, the two swiftly got out of the bank and into a back alley, where they disappeared. After a few short hours, the police arrived to examined the scene of the crime. Commissioner Gordon was standing outside the bank, when the bat family landed next to him.

"What's the situation?" Asked Batman. Gordon just sighed before telling them what happened.

"*sighs* It's a mess. We got here hours late. Someone must have disabled the silent alarms and disabled any way of communicated with the outside." Said Gordon, causing concern with the Bat family.

"Who did it?" Asked Robin.

"it was those strange girls that accompany Penguin on occasion. According to witnesses, they came and stole the money in the bank along with any jewelry the victims had on at the time." Said Gordon.

"Just those two?" Asked Robin. "Where's Penguin?"

"He wasn't at the scene of the crime." Said Gordon before being called by an officer. "I have to go." With that, Gordon left the 3-crime fighter alone to their thoughts.

"How come Penguin wasn't here?" Asked Robing, wondering why he wasn't with the twins. "Did they have a falling out?"

"I doubt it. Those two broke Penguin out of Arkham numerous times and stuck around him even during his…hardships." Said Batgirl. "I say, that Penguin had those two perform a crime here, so he can another without any complications."

"Maybe." Said Batman while looking at the crime scene. "We'll ask Penguin when we see him again." With that the three got on the Batmobile and drove off to the Batcave to determine where Penguin was. Meanwhile, the Kabuki twins were carrying their stolen loot to abandoned apartment building somewhere in the lower end of Gotham. They soon entered a room in the fifth floor and threw the bag on a sofa. They then heard chuckling coming from a shadowy figure in the room.

"Good work. Your proving to be more useful under my employment than under Penguins. Keep this up, and I might consider employing you full time." Said a male voice. The twins simply stayed silent.


Penguin's hideout

"Yuck! You call this a meal!?" Yelled Penguin as he threw away a burger given to him by one of his goons.

"Yeah." Said the goon wearing an old chef hat. "I mean, it looked alright to me." He then received a jab to his foot for his answer.

"That food is not worth anything." Said Penguin as the goon held his foot. "Heck, the food in Arkham is better than whatever you served me."

"Even the twins could have made a better meal." Thought Penguin, remembering how the Kabuki twins made a meal out of scraps after a failed heist curtesy of the Batman. It tasted bad and smelled awful, but it was tolerable. He then shook his head, cursing himself for remembering those two failures. "Forget those two! They weren't good for anything! Besides, you got a whole gang now. Now, you can carry more loot and stand a better chance against the Bat." Though Penguin with a grin as he looked at his new gang, which numbered at twelve guys. People were willing to work for a villain for the right price or motivation.

"Alright, boys, time to get to business." Said Penguin, getting the attention of his new gang. "We're about to pull of a heist soon, and I want you all in tip-top shape when it happens. Understood." The gang simply stayed silent, making Penguin angry. "I said is that understood!?" Yelled Penguin, still not getting a response from them. "Well!?" One of his new gang members then got up. A bulky man that used to be part of the marines.

"Look, freak, we know what we gotta do. Just point us to where you want to go, and we'll do it." Said the men, making Penguin glare at the man.

"How dare you!?" Yelled Penguin. "I'm your boss! That means, you obey every one of my orders!"

"*Scoffs* You're not my boss. I only listen to people I respect and you…I got no respect. I'm only here because the other villains are too insane, or weren't hiring. So, you better be worth my time or else." Said the man before leaving. The other men looked at each other before leaving as well, leaving Penguin alone. Once the last man left, Penguin began to throw a tantrum. Kicking crates and yelling out his frustration.

"That…that…that…PUNK! Who does he think he is? I'm a Cobblepot!" Yelled out Penguin. "That means I'm better than all of those goons and that they should all respect me. So, why don't they!" After kicking a tower made of boxes in frustration, Penguin was about to leave when one of the boxes from the top of the tower fell and landed behind him. He turned around to see the box was full of red catsuits and masks that belonged to his former guards. He picked one of the masks up and examined it. "You two wouldn't have second guessed me or talked back." Said Penguin, remembering how loyal the twins were to him. How they would care for him when he was sick. How they would do the heavy lifting part of a job without objections when he felt lazy or just didn't want to. Or when they would continue to work for him, even with his numerous failures. All those memories caused Penguin to let out a small tear. He then wiped his face of the tear before dropping the mask. "Well, gone with the new, and in the new. Penguin doesn't need you two anymore." Said Penguin, reverting to his old self. He then left the warehouse, not looking back at the mask.

The next day


"Alright. Put the money in the bags, and no-one will get hurt." Said Penguin, pointing at the empty bags his henchmen were carrying. The guards of the bank were already taken cared of, forcing the people working for the bank to deposit money into the bags. After a while began to smile, feeling confident about himself.

"Boss. Uh…not to be rude, but shouldn't we get out before the Bat comes?" Asked one of the henchman standing guard in case the Batman comes, causing Penguin to glare at the man.

"No one leaves! Not until we get every last coin in this bank!' Yelled Penguin.

"But, boss! We already have enough!" Said another.

"What I saw goes in this outfit! And I say, we stay until I say so!" Yelled Penguin, getting annoyed at how he was being talked back.

"Then you should probably leave now." Penguin and his gang looked to see Batman and his two partners standing in front of the door.

"*Yells out in frustration* Out of all the villains in this city, you come after me!" Yelled Penguin before pointing at the heroes. "Get them!" The goons stopped what they were doing and converged at the heroes, hoping to use their numbers against them. Penguin meanwhile charged at Batman, leaving Batgirl and Robin to deal with the thugs. Penguin aimed his umbrella and used the flamethrower option in his umbrella against the Bat, who covered himself with his flame-retardant cape. Once Penguin stopped firing, he threw a Batarang at the nozzle, damaging it and rendering it useless. Penguin growled at this before charging at the Batman with his umbrella, intending to use it as a club. The Batman sidestepped the attempt and tripped Penguin, causing him to fall. Meanwhile, the goons were getting their butts handed to them by the two teenage heroes. One gang member, the same one that challenged Penguin last night, threw another gang member at Robin before charging. The boy wonder kicked the man away, but didn't have enough time to block or dodge the folding chair that came down on his head, knocking him out. Batgirl, upon seeing this, widened her eyes and was about to help Robin, when three thugs dog-piled her. The man that attacked Robin then brought out a knife and held it at the boy's throat.

"Bat freak! If you don't let us go, I'll slice this boy's throat out!' Yelled the man as Batman was about to knock Penguin cold. He looked at the man holding Robin, then at Batgirl, who was struggling to get out of the dogpile, before looking at Penguin, who was struggling to get out of the grip Batman had on him. Growling, he let go of Penguin, who left scrambled for the safety of his gang, the ones that were still conscious. The man continued to hold Robin, even while the remaining gang members grabbed the bags holding the money and leaving. Once everyone was away, the man let go of Robin and left the scene. Batgirl, after the goons that dog-piled her got off and ran away, rushed to Robin. Batman did the same, rushing to Robin and checking for a pulse.

"Is he…" She sighed in relief when Batman nodded that he was okay. "What do we do now?" She got her answer when Batman began to carry Robin to the Batmobile that was parked in an alley. "So, we just let them go?" Asked Batgirl as she got on.

"Don't worry, Barb." Said Batman as he carefully laid Robin down in the back seats. "I put a tracker on Penguin. We'll know where he is soon. For now, let's help Dick recover." Said Batman before driving the Batmobile back to the Batcave. After a few minutes passed, Batgirl spoke.

"Do you think Penguin fired his guards?" Asked Batgirl. Seeing Batman tilt his head over to her, signaling that he was listening, she continued. "We didn't see Penguin during their heist last night, and we didn't see the twins during Penguin's heist today. I'm starting to think that they went their separate ways." Batman just gave a grunt, but he also began to wonder too.

"Whatever the reason is. We'll figure it out once we get Penguin." Said Batman upon entering the Batcave. Speaking of Penguin, he was laughing at how much money he and his gang stole.

"I must say, despite having a rough start, you're beginning to be my favorite worker." Said Penguin, looking at the man that confronted him last night. "Keep this up, and I'll give you a bigger cut of the profits."

"I don't think so, bird." Said the man slamming his fist on a table. "I'm the only reason that we got this loot. If it weren't for me, you all would be stuck in Arkham right now." The other gang members looked at each other, knowing that he was right.

"What are you saying?" Asked Penguin, glaring at the man.

"I'm saying, we should have a change in management." Said the man as he walked over Penguin, towering over the short man. Penguin sneered at the man before aiming his umbrella.

"Careful, what you say next, kid. You're starting to become a liability." Warned Penguin.

"I'm a liability!? You left five of our crew back there for the cops. They would still be here if you weren't so greedy. If I was in charge, we would have been gone before the Bat got there." Said the man. The other gang members were nodding their heads in agreement, muttering each other on how Penguin mucked up. Penguin, however, was getting angry at what's happening and decided to make an example of the man.

"You had a bright future, kid, but now you're about to burn!" Yelled Penguin before pulling the trigger on his umbrella's handle. The umbrella, however, didn't do anything. Penguin, confused, looked at the umbrella's nozzle to see that it was broken. A result of the Batman. "Oh yeah. Forgot about that." He then yelped when the goon grabbed him and threw him across the room.

"Anyone else have a problem?" Said the man. The other goons just shook their heads, showing their support for the man. The man smirked before looking at Penguin. "Time to take out the trash." Said the man as he and a few others ganged up at Penguin, who smiled nervously at the men. Soon, Penguin was thrown out of the warehouse with a few bruises. As he hit the pavement, his former gang threw all his belonging at him.

"And stay out!" Yelled one of his former crew before getting back inside. Penguin then got up and glared at the warehouse.

"Who needs you all!" Yelled Penguin, intending to stay strong even after what happened. "I can do my own crimes!" With that Penguin began to collect his belongings. After collecting everything, he began to walk away from the warehouse. After a few hours of walking, Penguin, exhausted, decided to talk a break at Gotham park. As he was sitting on one of the benches, he saw a couple of twins, both old and young, playing together or having a good time with each other by just watching the kids play. He even saw a couple of birds of the same species flying together in pairs.

"Oh! Why, must this happen to me?" Asked Penguin. All this twin stuff was starting to remind him of his old bodyguards. "I can't relax here with all this! I'm gone!" With that, Penguin began to leave the park. As he was leaving, he saw a pair of young twins performing cartwheels in perfect sync with each other. It reminded him of how the Kabuki twins would perform attack with each other against their enemies. He snarled at the resemblance before walking over to the twins and yelling at them. "Stop that! You're giving me a head ache!" This caused one of the twins to cry and people to look at Penguin in disgust. He grunted at this before leaving. A few hours later, learning that he hadn't eaten since morning, Penguin visited a shady bar for a bite to eat. While he waited for his food to arrive, he heard some gossip.

"Is that Penguin?" Asked a patron.

"Why aren't his body guards with him?" Asked another.

"Didn't you two hear? They quit after a botched-up job with Penguin. Now, their working solo."

"Really? I heard that they're working for someone else."

Hearing all this talk about him and the Kabuki twins, made Penguin snap. He climbed up his table and yelled out.

"Alright! Anyone else got a problem with me!?" Yelled Penguin, getting everyone's attention. Let me make this clear!" He then grabbed a plate of chicken wings from a waiter and began to eat them. After finishing them, he continued. "*burps* I fired those two because they kept failing me! Robbery after robbery, those two kept failing me, repeatedly. So, I decided to fire them for their incompetence! That's the truth! Anyone have any objections!?" Penguin looked around to see the patrons, seeing if any had the guts to challenge him. Seeing no one was going to talk, he was about to sit back down when a patron spoke.

"I got a question! Are you stupid?" Yelled a patron, making the other laughs and angering Cobblepot.

"You got something to say!?" Yelled Penguin.

"Yeah, those two have been robbing Gotham banks since last night. And so far, they robbed three banks since leaving you. All in the course of one night! And they never been attacked by the Batman once!" Yelled the patron.

"I heard it was five!"

"No way, it had to be six at least!

Silence!" Yelled Penguin, catching everyone's attention again. "You mean to tell me, that those two have been more successful than me!?"

"Yup. They've got quite a streak going for them if this keeps up." Said a patron.

"Yeah, leaving you was the right call. Least now, they're actually winning!" Upon hearing this, Penguin glared at the patrons before leaving the bar. He was about to leave when a hand grabbed him. He looked to see two big strong men, cracking their knuckles. Soon, another man appeared before Penguin.

"You have to pay for those wings, sir." Said the third man. Penguin just sneered at the man.

"I don't need to pay. I'm a Cobblepot. And I don't need to pay for anything." Said Penguin before leaving, but before he could do so, he was grabbed from behind by one of the big guys, who forced him to look at the boss.

"I insist." Said the man before leading the two men and Penguin to an alley. "And, if you don't have money. I'm afraid this will get ugly." Said the man as he motioned the other man to check Penguin for money. Upon confirming that Penguin didn't have anything, the man motioned the two men to do what they wanted to Penguin, who gulped in fear.

After an intense beating, Penguin was limping aimlessly as people began to laugh at his state. He would have yelled at them and threatened them, but he was too exhausted to do so. As he was walking, he began to remember something like this happening back in Asia. He had refused to pay for so-called protection money from a gang that owned the street that his hotel was on. Penguin chuckled at that memory.

Flash back

"Now gentleman. I'm giving you one chance to leave me alone and leave with your dignity intact." Said Penguin, calmly, as he watched a group of thugs surround him.

"No can do, foreigner. You refused to pay for our protection fee. Now, we'll teach you a lesson." Said the lead thug while twirling a bat. Penguin simply smiled.

"Suit yourself." Said Penguin as the first thugs charged at him with a gold club. He was soon stopped, however when woman landed in front of him. She wore a red catsuit and had a kabuki mask on her face. She also had three metal claws for hands. She stared at the thug before slashing the golf club, slicing it into pieces. She then proceeded to beat up the thug along with everyone else. Soon, everyone one, but the leader, was on the ground and groaning from the intense beating the woman gave them. The woman then looked at the shaking leader before taking a step forward. Seeing this, the lead thug ran for his life. He was about to turn the corner when he was tripped. He looked behind him to see another red clad woman with her foot outstretched. The two women looked at the man before smashing their feet at his face, knocking him out.

"*Laughs* Excellent work, ladies." Said Penguin as he walked toward the two women. "I see that you two got some skills over the years." He then grinned at the two ladies. "We'll make a great team." Said Penguin before laughing.


Penguin smiled at the memory. Since then, that gang gave him a portion of their protection fees. And it was all because of the twins. He then began to remember a few more good memories with the twins. How they saved him from death during that one botched job. How they cared for him when he was sick with the flu. And how they celebrated his birthday in their own way. Each pleasant memory came one after the other. And it made him feel misery and regret at what he did to the twins. The final memory was him firing the twins and how betrayed they looked. That was the final nail in the coffin and Penguin began to sniffle.

"What have I done?" Thought Penguin as he clutched his head. "I just fired the only people that have been with my ever since my parents died." Tears were now rolling down his cheeks. "I got to get them back. But how, they could be anywhere." As if someone was listening, a bank across the street was being robbed by the twins. Of course, he didn't notice the twins until he saw them robbing the bank. Relief at seeing the two, Penguin began to run over to the bank. Ignoring the pain that came from his beating. The two were about to leave when Penguin yelled at them.

"Wait! Wait! Stop, girls! It's me!" The Kabuki twins stopped and looked at their former employer. They watched as they saw him stop in front of them, trying to regain his breath. As they watched him do so, they noticed that he had a lot of bruises all over him, his monocle was gone, and that his clothes were tattered. They felt a ping of worry, but it soon left when they remembered what happened the last time they met. Once Penguin recovered, he looked at the twins and smiled.

"Great news, ladies! I've decided to rehire you!" Yelled Penguin with a smile. He then frowned when the two didn't respond. "What? Didn't hear you hear me? I want you back." The twins were still silent. "C'mon. What do you want from me?" Complained Penguin. "To beg for your forgiveness? A sorry? I'll do it." The twins just shook their heads in response. "What, why?" Asked Penguin in shock. The twins then urged Penguin to follow them, which he did. They led him to a back allay where an armored truck was waiting. "Is this your getaway vehicle?" Asked Penguin, shocked that they got such an expensive vehicle so quickly. The door then opened to reveal, to his shock again, Black Mask and several of his men, including his second-in-command. Black mask dusted himself before walking over to the twins and Penguin.

"Nice work, ladies. I say that you both passed the test. Welcome to my organization." Said Black Mask before looking at Penguin. "Cobblepot. You look like trash. Not that, I'm surprised." Penguin, who was still shocked, glared at Black Mask.

"You hired my guards!" Yelled Penguin, pointing an accusing finger hand at Black Mask.

"Ex-guards." Corrected Black Mask. "These two lovely ladies, after you fired them, came to me for a job. I agreed, but only if they passed a test. Which they had just did. I must say, I was surprised that you fired such skilled accomplices. What was the reason?" Penguin then donned a sad face.

"Stupidity." Said Penguin simply, before looking at the twins. "C'mon, girls! Don't you, remember all the good times we had together? All the times you helped me? How you saved me all those times?" The Kabuki twins simply stayed silent before walking to the armored truck. Penguin, feeling betrayed, begged them to come back. "Please come back! I'm useless without you! A nobody!" Seeing that the twins were about to enter the truck, Penguin rush to them. Black Mask's men were about to grab Penguin, when Black Mask held them back. Amused at how this was going. Penguin grabbed the both of the twin's legs and began to plead again. "Please, I'll do anything! Just come back!" He continued to beg as the twins entered the truck. "I'll give you both a big raise! Vacation breaks! Whatever you want for a month! Please, just come back!" It was then that Black Mask, having seen enough, had his men grab Cobblepot and throw him out the truck. Black Mask then placed his foot on Penguin.

"Give up, Penguin. You lost them for good." Taunted Black Mask. "So, there's no need to embarrass yourself any longer." With that, Black Mask got on the truck and ordered the driver to leave. As the truck drove away from the crime scene, Penguin began to sob. Sobbing at how massively he screwed up. He would let Batman win a thousand time over if that meant the twins would come back to him. He then got an idea. It was crazy, but he had little choice in the matter. He then got up and went back to the bank.

Sometime later

GCPD department building

As soon the bat family, minus Robin as he was forced to remain in the Batcave in order to recover from the hit to the head caused by one of Penguin's goons, got out of the Batmobile, they walked up to commissioner Gordon. They received a call from him personally that someone wanted to speak with them personally. Gordon, upon seeing them, motioned for them to follow him into the GCPD building. As they were walking, Batgirl began to talk.

"So, who's the guy that wants to talk to us?" Asked Batgirl, wondering who it was.

"It's…better if you see for yourself." Said Gordon. Noticing the hesitancy in Gordon's voice, Batman suspected that it was someone he despised. Gordon soon lead them into an interrogation room. They entered and, to both their shock and angry, Penguin was there, hand-cuffed and patiently waiting for them. As soon as the door closed behind them, Batman went up to, grabbed him, and hoisted him to the air.

"Give me one good reason not to hurt you, Cobblepot." Said Batman with a strained voice. Penguin looked at Batman in fear for a moment before recomposing himself.

"I need your help, Batman." Said Penguin in a pleading voice. The pleasing in his voice, surprised Bruce, causing him to drop Penguin roughly to the floor.

"Our help? Why should we help you?" Asked Batgirl. "After what your goon did to Robin, you're not getting any help from us."

"But I really need your help!" Begged Penguin, holding his arms together in a pleading fashion. Batman looked at this, contemplating on what to do.

"Talk. And make it quick." Said Batman, deciding what to do. Penguin sighed in relief before speaking.

"As you probably know, my old guards haven't been there when I robbed that bank." Seeing the two bats nod, he continued. "That's because I fired them after our last encounter. I so angry with how it went, that I took it out on them. Now, they hate me and they're under the employ of Black Mask."

"Wait. Black Mask hired them? Why?" Asked Batgirl, angry replaced with confusion temporarily.

"It's because of their skills." Said Penguin. "Black Mask must have seen their potential and recruited them. He gave them a test to see if they were worth the time. And they passed."

"That's explains all those robberies last night and how the police didn't know about them until it was too late. Black Mask must have disabled any form of alarm and communications device to see if the twins are up to his standards." Said Batman. "But that still doesn't explain why you want them back, Penguin or why you came to us for help."

"Because Bats. You're my best chance in getting them back. The police are no good. What with all the red tape and all. And I can't take on Black Mask's entire organization by myself. I need your help. They're like family to me. Like you and your sidekicks." Said Penguin, attempting to bring out the human part of Batman, who was listening in with a stoic face. Batgirl, on the other hand, was skeptical.

"You expect us to help you by just giving us a sob story? Sorry, but no. After what you did to Robin, you're on your own." Said Batgirl, not wanting to help Penguin.

"But you gotta!" Begged Penguin. "Please, Batman. Wouldn't you be doing what I'm doing right now, if it meant getting your family back?" Batman looked at pathetic display Penguin was giving him. He also saw the guanine pleading, and sadness in them.

"He really misses those two." Thought Batman as he saw a tear roll down Penguin's eyes. After seeing the tear, he sighed.

"Do you know anything about where Black Mask is?" Asked Batman, causing Penguin to look at him in surprise and joy while Batgirl looked at him with surprise. Penguin wiped himself with a tattered shelve before getting up from the ground.

"Not really, but I do know one place he frequents." Said Penguin. "But, I'll only tell you if you let me come."

"Fine, but don't push it anymore, Penguin." Said Batman.

"I swear." Said Penguin with an hand on his chest.

"You're kidding me. You want to help Penguin get his lady friends back. You know, that he'll go back to stealing after this, right?" Said Batgirl.

"I know, but Penguin truly cares for them. I've seen it." Said Batman.

"But he hurt, Robin."

"I know, and I intend to have justice served for that, but for now, we're helping Penguin. Whether, we like it or not." Said Batman. Seeing that there was nothing she can do to convince him, She sighed in defeat.

"So, how are we going to get Penguin out of here?" Asked Batgirl.

"I have an idea." Said Batman with a smirk. A few minutes later, Gordon was walking down a hall when he bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." Said Gordon. When he saw no one, he looked around to see the door that exits out of the building was swung open. Concerned and suspicious, Gordon ran to the interrogation room where Penguin was. He opened the door to find a pair of cuffs, laying on the table. He sighed before closing it, deciding to trust the Batman.

"So, now we're on the run from the police. Great" Said Batgirl as Batman drove according to the directions Penguin was giving him.

"Gordon will cover us." Said Batman. "Where to Penguin?"

"Take a left and go straight. It'll take you to an abandoned factory at the south end of the city." Said Penguin from the back seat. Batman complied and the rest of the trip went smooth sailing. To pass the time, Batgirl decided to make a conversation with Penguin.

"You seem to be doing an awful lot for those two, Penguin. How come?" Asked Batgirl. Penguin sighed before speaking.

"I told you. They're family to me." Said Penguin.

"Criminals rarely consider guards or henchmen as family. So, why do you treat them differently?" Asked Batman, joining in on the conversation.

"Well…" Said Penguin hesitantly. "It was back when my parents were still around. Back when we just went broke. Sometime ago, when I was a child, we went to Asia to get away from Interpol. Apparently, my parents illegally extorted money out from people's bank accounts as well as making several people disappear. Interpol found out and sent agents to arrest us. We evaded them for years until one day, they finally caught us. Only I escaped. My parents were taken away and that was the last time I saw them. I was forced to defend myself from all the other kids, who constantly bullied me, just for my ethnic group. Then one day, while I was eating food I scavenged from trash cans, two girls of about my age appeared and approached me. They were hungry and wanted the food I had. I yelled at them to go away. They persisted and there was a tussle. Eventually, the two got the better of me and they began to eat the food that I scavenged. Just when I was about to cry, the two then shared a portion of the food with me. We then eat to our heart's content. When we finished, the two showed me to an abandoned house, they took as home. Since then, we've been living together, fending off anyone that tried to bully us while also trying to scrape a living. It was during that time, that we grew to be like…a family. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Interpol eventually found me and brought me back to England, so they can send me to an orphanage that can rehabilitate me. As they were taking me away, those girls came and made me promised to come see them again. They gave me a code word and everything." Explained Penguin. Batgirl and Batman were silent during the whole thing.

"So, how did you become Penguin? And how did you meet again?" Asked Batgirl after a moment of silence.

"Well, I managed to escape the orphanage and decided to go back to the old family manor. It was there that I found a secret stash of money. Using that money, I went back to Asia while also picking up some nice clothing." Said Penguin, gesturing to his outfit. "I went back to the street where I met those two girls, only to find they were gone. I looked everywhere for them. For three months I searched for them. During this time, I began to teach birds how to steal for me. Just in case, I needed the funding. After the third month, I was about to call it quits when two red clad women with claws and creepy masks attacked me. We tussled for a bit until they got the upper hand. They were about to finish me off when they recognized me. They stopped attacking and began to write down the code word that those little girls from my childhood gave me. It was then, that I learned that they were the little girls from my childhood, taken away and trained to be emotionless killing machines. We then had a talk, well actually I did all the talking since they didn't talk throughout the conversation, and I figured out that a gang wanted to teach me a lesson for failing to pay their protection fees, and they fired them to kill me. So, I confronted them, telling them to reconsider threatening me. They refused and attacked me. But…"

"The twins changed sides and helped you." Guessed Batman.

"You got it, Bats. They changed sides and helped me defeat the gang. After that, they swore their absolute loyalty to me and became my bodyguards. And that's about it. You can fill in the rest." Said Penguin. "Now, are we there yet? All this talk, made me impatient."

"We're here." Said Batman after a few seconds. The three then got out and observed the factory.

"I don't see a single guard. Both outside, and inside." Said Batgirl, looking over the factory with a pair of advanced binoculars.

"That's the trick." Said Penguin. "Black Mask isn't using the factory. It's just a cover-up. He built an underground base underneath it. So, it people won't suspect anything if they ever came and investigate here."

"Clever." Said Batman. "But it also makes our job more complicated. Anyway, to get in?"

"Just one. An exhaust port somewhere used to clear out smoke in case of a fire. I can show you it." Said Penguin.

"Lead on." Said Batman. Penguin nodded before running to where the exhaust port. As they were following, Batgirl spoke again about the wisdom of helping Penguin.

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do? I mean, he is the enemy." Said Batgirl, unconvinced in helping Penguin.

"It is the right thing to do. Penguin just wants to be reunited and reconcile with his guards. He's not here to steal anything. I saw it in his eyes, Barbara. He truly believes them to be family. Even the evilest person in the world has something to love." Said Batman.

"Really?" Asked Batgirl. "Joker has something he loves more than doing crime?"

"Yes. It's his love for causing chaos." Said Batman, smirking a bit at Batgirl gaping at him in shock, unable to process that he just burned her. She then pouted and continued to walk with Batman to find Penguin. They found him waiting for them beneath a small exhaust port, big enough for them to crawl in.

"Took you long enough. Let's get going." With that, Penguin got into the exhaust port and crawled him into the base. Batman and Batgirl following close behind. As they were crawling, Batgirl suddenly had a thought.

"Hey, Penguin. How did you know about this place?" Asked Batgirl as they were nearing the target.

"My guards, of course! They're skilled in all manners of infiltration. Why do you ask?" Asked Penguin. Batgirl looked at him in disbelief before yelling.

"If you're guards knew about this, then they would tell Black Mask about it since they work for him now!" Penguin processed this information for a few moments before widening his eyes in realization. The three were about to move back, when the exhaust port was suddenly full of Methoxyflurane, a halogenated ether used for clinical use as a volatile inhalational anesthetic. In other words…knockout gas. The three tried to stay conscious or to get their rebreathers on, but they eventually succumbed to the gas.

Sometime later

As Batman groggily woke up, he heard a voice. "Knock, knock, Batman." Said Black Mask as he observed Batman, Batgirl, and Penguin all chained up under a tank of sulfuric acid. "I knew that Penguin was stupid enough to try and attack me, but I never thought that you would help him, Batman." As he was speaking, Batgirl and Penguin awoke. "Now, that you're all awake, let me explain what's going to happen. I drop you all into that tank of acid by pushing this button." Black Mask held out a small remote, his finger on a button. "This button will cause you three to lower down to the acid, where you'll all die a painful death, leaving me with free reign over Gotham. Any questions?" Seeing no one was talking, he then pressed the button, lowering the three to their doom. As they were being lowered, Batman tried to think of a way out of this. Seeing this, Black Mask laughed.

"Don't try it, Bats. Even if you succeed in getting something out to help you escape, I press this button and you all drop immediately." Said Black Mask, showing that there was another button underneath the other one. "And even if you did somehow escape and get the remote away from me, those two are ready to slice your chains to bits." The three then looked at the Kabuki twins on top of the crane that was holding their chains. Black Mask then began to laugh again. "I win, Bats. No one is coming to save you. Any last words?"

"Uh. I have." Said Penguin. "But it's for my former guards, not you."

"Doesn't matter to me, go ahead." Said Black Mask, deciding to grant his request. He then turned off the crane, giving Penguin the time to say his piece. Sighing, Penguin looked up to the Kabuki twins, who looked interested in what Penguin had to say.

"I'm sorry, girls. I've been a real jerk to you two that night. You both didn't deserve to be fired." Said Penguin. The Kabuki twins still didn't show any emotions. "I'll be completely honest with you two. Before I meet you gals, I never felt love. My parents treated me like trash, I had no friends, and I got constantly bullied by others. But you two, you two gave me compassion and pity, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was a normal person. But then I went and squandered that by treating you two like dirt. You two helped me through my childhood, and I didn't give you anything in return. I'm sorry, and I hope you two forgive me because you two have been the closet thing I had to a family." With that, Penguin closed his eyes and accepted his fate. The Kabuki twins remained silent during all this.

"That was touching. To bad, you'll be dead, Penguin." Said Black Mask as he activated the crane again. As the three were slowly getting near the acid, the Kabuki twins looked at each other for a moment. They then suddenly nodded their heads, and soon, one jumped from the crane and landed near Black Mask. Before he could do anything, the masked woman kicked the hand that was holding the remote, causing him to drop it. She then grabbed it and pressed the button that would stop the crane. Meanwhile, her twin went down the chains and helped Batgirl, Batman, and Penguin in removing their chains. She first helped Batman, who, after being freed from his chains, grabbed onto Batgirl's chains, and began to free her while the Kabuki woman helped with Penguin, who was tearing up. Soon, the three were free and out of harm's way. The four regrouped with the second Kabuki twin, who was running from a group of Black Mask's men with Black Mask in tow.

"*Growls* Kill them and those traitors!" Yelled Black Mask. His men followed his orders and charged at the group, stun batons ready. Batman, in response, threw a smoke grenade at the men before entering the fray. There were sounds of grunting and shouts of pain in the smoke. The smoke soon subsided to reveal Batman took out the group of men.

"Give it up, Black Mask. You're outnumbered." Said Batman as he looked at Black Mask.

"*Chuckles* Batman, you should've learn by now, that I always have a back-up plan." Said Black Mask before snapping his fingers. As if on que, large groups of his men arrived and surrounded the five heroes and villains.

"Uh…Batman. Might, I suggest a retreat?" Asked Penguin nervously, the twins nodding in agreement. Batman narrowed his eyes into slits, calculating the odds.

"As much as I hate agreeing with Penguin, he's right. There's no way we can win against this many." Said Batgirl. Batman, taking into consideration both Penguins and Batgirl's suggestion, had to agree. There were too many to fight, even for him. He then took out all his smoke grenades and threw them at the ground, creating a large smoke screen. While his men were scrambling to find the trespassers and traitors, Black Mask walked up to his number one. He looked at her.

"Tell the men to stop. They're all probably gone by now. Tell them to also scuttle this base. It's compromised now." Ordered Black Mask.

"Yes sir. Should I transport the assets into secondary safehouses?" Said number one.

"Yes, so long as I have even one barrel of that stuff, I don't care what you do." Said Black Mask before leaving. The woman nodded her head before barking orders at the men. Meanwhile, Batman, and Batgirl were looking at Penguin hugging the Kabuki twins. Crying happy tears and saying how much he was glad they forgave him. The Kabuki twins in turn, hugged him back.

"So, does this mean we let them go?" Asked Batgirl. Batman looked at her before looking at Penguin and the Kabuki twins. Seeing them so happy, reminded him of his own parents. He briefly smiled before resuming his usual stoic face as he marched to Penguin, who turned around when he noticed Batman coming to him.

"So, do I still have to go to jail?" Asked Penguin. Seeing Batman nod, made Penguin sigh.

"Alright, Bats. Since you helped me get my girls back, I'll go peacefully." Said Penguin. He then held out his hands. Batman looked at Penguin before cuffing him.

"Are you sure about this?" Asked Batman. Penguin simply smirked.

"Positive." Said Penguin before Batman escorted him away. He then winked at the Kabuki twins, who stayed silent before jumping away from the scene.


Wayne Manor

Bruce Wayne was currently drinking a glass of water when Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth came and visited. Dick, after receiving the head injury from one of Penguin's goons, had several layers of dressing around his forehead.

"So, Penguin just turned himself in?" Asked Dick as he watched Bruce drink his water.

"Yup. Surrendered without a fight." Said Bruce after putting down the, now empty, glass.

"Quite, unusual for Cobblepot to do such a thing, sir. Was there any reason for such an action?" Asked Alfred, wondering why Penguin would do such a thing.

"Guess he felt grateful to me helping him get his girls back." Said Bruce. "Besides," Bruce then got up. "He also probably let himself arrested, so the GCPD and everyone in Gotham will know that their back in his employment. In fact, their probably springing him out now."

GCPD truck

"*Laughs* Cobblepot is back in business!" Yelled out Penguin as the twins took care of his police escort and freed him from his shackles. "now, before we go back to business ladies, I got something to do first." He smirked as the two followed him to his old hideout.

Wayne Manor

"Then I suppose, you'll be going out to catch him, master Bruce." Said Alfred. Bruce simply looked out the window, looking at Gotham city.

"I'll let Penguin go free tonight. He deserves it." Said Bruce. "Besides, I'm sure he wants to have quality time with his only family after everything that happened tonight.


Abandoned Warehouse

"*Sighs in satisfaction* Nothing like having a cup of coffee, sitting back, and letting my pretties deal with some traitorous dogs!" Yelled out Penguin as the Kabuki twins were dealing with his former gang. They caught them by surprise while they were out celebrating a successful heist. They were so unprepared that most were knocked out before they got the chance to fight. Soon, the fight was over and the twins were holding down the leader, the one that had been talking back to him ever since Penguin hired him. "Well, well, well. Looks like the tides have turned." Said Penguin before gulping down a cup of coffee. "Ladies, do what you want with him, but don't kill him. I don't want this place messy." The twins nodded before flashing their claws at the man, who was shaking in fear.

After the twins were done with the leader, they tossed the gang out of the warehouse, tied up and bruises all over their bodies. Once that was done, Penguin looked at the twins.

"Ladies, today, you will witness a new Penguin. I won't demand anything overbearing or yell at you two anymore. I'll even give you two a better cut, what do you say?" Said Penguin. The twins looked at each other before shaking their heads, surprising and shocking Penguin. They then used sign language to converse with Penguin, who had some knowledge on the subject. Once they finished, Penguin gasped. "You want things to go back to normal. Why?" The twins used sign language again. "You like it that way and you don't want me to change?" Seeing them nod, made Penguin confused, but relieved. "If that's what you two want, then I guess we'll do it, but let me give you two a day off because of what happened. It's the least I can do." The twins then nodded in thanks. Penguin made a smirk before yawning. Seeing that he was sleepy, the twins helped their boss to his bed and tucked him to sleep. They looked at their boss for a moment before leaving.

Arkham Asylum

At Arkham Asylum, the warden in charge of Arkham Asylum was doing some paper work when his receptionist called him to inform him of the new psychologist was here.

"Good. Send him in." Said the warden as he got ready for the new worker of Arkham Asylum. He had a seemingly spotless record, and he graduated from a respectable university in Gotham. There was no indication of corruption or ill intent. The door soon opened to reveal a man. The man then walked up to the warden before holding out his hand. Seeing the hand, the warden grabbed it and shook it.

"Greeting. I'm warden John Billmore. It's a pleasure to meet you, doctor Crane." Said the warden. Crane simply smiled before looking at the warden.

"It's a pleasure as well. I'm pleased to know that my application here was accepted. I heard it isn't easy to get a job here." Said Crane.

"Well, isn't" Agreed John. "The prisoners here are some of the worse human beings on the planet. A lot of good people quit after dealing with some of them for so long."

"Don't worry, that won't happen with me." Said Crane before smiling a devious smile. "For the criminals here will be begging to die, once I'm through with them." Thought Crane as the warden began to escort him throughout the facility/

Anyone guess, who that was? C'mon guess. Anyway, here's the first chapter, or episode, for my own season 6. Was it bad, good, or okay? Tell me in the comments. Oh, by the way, I'm leave you all a preview of the next episode. Here it is.

Ethan Bennett's redemption: Ethan, after sometime of good behavior and some backing from Yin and Bruce, has returned to the GCPD. But, at the same time, Clay face has returned, posing as Ethan to frame him for his crimes. Can Batman prove his friend's innocence before he goes back to Arkham.