Impractical Transformers

Hasbro owns all Transformer I've check and in no way do I own the Autobots or Decepticons. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker own their self's. In no way shape or form have I met these men or have I ever been affiliated with them. The same goes for the Tenderloins Salvatore Volcano, Brian Quinn or Q, James Murray, and Joe Gatto the Impractical Jokers. Which u can see on TruTv? I also don't own Batman or anything else you recognized. Oh I only own those unrecognizable characters that nobody knows. Please don't sue I'm broke as hell. Well now that the Disclaimer is over, the same thing I said before my spelling sucks and I'm not good in grammar. Read it if u want.

The new episode of Impractical Jokers was filming and Q lost meaning that they were going to punish him. The guys were laughing their ass off over poor Brian. Joe, Sal, and Murr were already backstage telling everyone that was watching what Q was going to go against.

"Okay everybody for those of you watching at home we're at a Botcon."

"What exactly is a Botcon?"Questioned Sal

"It sounds more like a mugging." Murr answered

"Oh you mean like how the Terminator would take your money instead of trying to kill whoever was in its way."

"Yeah exactly"

"You're all wrong you dopes a Botcon is a convention for all transformer fans." "Only Q would know that" replied Joe. "Well like Q said were at a Botcon and were at one of those famous panels where Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are going to answer some questions except this time Q is going to ask more embarrassing questions that the fans won't like one bit. The only difference is that Mr. Cullen and Mr. Welker already knows; the fans not so much.

The camera goes back to Q he's sitting front row seats with two teenage boys. "So you guys fans?" Asked Q "Naaw man our baby sister is" the teen replied. The audience sees a teenager no older than 20 years old he has curly red hair. Bright green eyes and no freckles the skin color is pail white. On his left arm is a tattoo you can see a mechanical cobra as if ready to strike. He's wearing a black t-shirt. One side of the shirt shows it the Batman symbol. The shorts he wearing are camouflaged.

"Hey Liam who are you talking to?" The boy next to Liam asks. As the camera turns it shows a guy around 18 or 19. His hair unlike his brother is blond full blond with the tips of it being black. His eye color is ocean blue. Muscles show you can definitely tell he's been working out. The skin shows that he likes the sun a lot. A beautiful tan color is what his skin looks like. Instead of wearing a t-shirt like his brother a bright blue tang top cover his chest. The shirt is plain. As the camera goes lower the teen is wearing black skinny jeans. "I'm not sure Logan"

"Oh my name is Brian Quinn."

"Logan" they both shake hands. As there about to start a conversation, a feminine voice tells them to quiet down. "Logan, Liam be quiet Peter and Frank are about to come out." The camera goes back to the hidden Jokers "Well that was rude" says Joe "Well considering what she's wearing she's super excited to be here." Murray comments "This isn't comic con she shouldn't even be that excited." Sal replies with a sass. "Well one thing is for sure check out her clothes." A close up shows that she's cosplaying Megatron, but not just generation one it's Transformers Prime. The outfit is made out of cardboard u can see she took her time on spray paint everything to look like the cartoon. "Check out the detail on her spikes and the helmet wait go back to her eyes!?" The eyes look purple but on a closer examination you can tell they're contact. On both her arms two bracelet show the Decepticon insignia. What's left of her skin is either in black or purple. "WOAH SHE WENT ALL BALLS OUT ON THIS DIDN'T SHE?!" Joe ask "Well they are about to meet two great voice actors."Murr says. As if on cue the gentlemen that everyone was waiting for come out. When Mr. Welker sees the costume of Megatron he gives the teen a thumbs up. Screaming fans could be heard everywhere, but the loudest one happened to be the girl closest to Q. Everyone back stage could practically here her yell. "I think I'm going to be deaf." They hear from Q. "Sorry buddy you lost." Both gentlemen come out waving to the crowd. On the stage are two comfy chairs they take a seat and the panel begins.

Half an hour has already past and you can tell Brian is enjoying himself. Hearing both men talk about their hard work and dedication to something they both love. Many fans can tell that it's almost over, some are nice enough that they cover their yawns, others not so much. "Okay folks this here is where u can say your name and well limit one question per person." As soon as he's finish the line starts to grow.

"Okay Q get in line." Doing as he's told Q goes to the line; behind him is none other than the cosplay girl. "Oh look who got in line!" "She is going to be so angry with Q once his turn is over." "Yeah I can't wait." The line moves fast each of the fans follows the rules. One person is left then Brian can ask. The fan goes to sit down and the time comes for Q's turn. The guys are so excited for this that they walk out from behind the scenes and take the seats close to Liam and Logan. Both guys raise their eyebrow at what just happened. It takes 15 minutes but Logan's mouth suddenly opens into an O shape. Eyes wide he looks back at Q and sure enough he remembers Saturdays watching the Impractical Jokers. As Logan is about to mouth it Joe shakes his head and puts a finger to his mouth as if telling him to keep it a secret. A smile forms on Logan face indicating that he won't interrupt what is about to happen.

"Well hello my name is Brian Quinn and my first question is." "Okay so this question is for both of you gentlemen if Megatron and Optimus were here would they be wearing briefs or Boxers?" A few snickers could be heard from some of the girls. Taking the question to stride Mr. Welker answers first, changing his voice to the evil Decepticon Lord he answers. "Why would you even ask that in the first place Brian" the crowd laughs. Peter not to be out done does the voice and answers with boxers. The crowd laughs it up. As the security is about to remove him Brian argues that he has two more questions. "Let him ask" Peter tells the security guard. A slight twinkle can be seen in his eyes. Thanking Peter, Q asks his next question "What are Optimus' and Megatron's dream date?" It gets quiet u can hear a needle drop. "Do you mean me and Frank?" ask Peter. "No Megatron's and Optimus'" "Well, we will have to get back to you on that." The guys are seen laughing. The cosplay girl is getting impatient. "Well can I ask my last question?" When Peter is about to say something, Frank interrupts and says sure. Taking a huff Q ask "What do you think of all the Yaoi stories online?" The cosplay teen turns bright red, but she's not the only one, a few other girls start blushing as well. Turning to the guests of honor their faces show confusion. Mean while Murr is shown talking to Sal and Joe. "Yaoi what the heck is that?" ask Joe. Sadly neither Joe question nor Q gets answered. Instead a black swirly portal opens. Fans leave screaming and running to the nearest exit. The portal swallows anybody close to it. Sadly both voice actors are within reach, in goes Frank and Peter. As if not satisfied with its sizes it starts to grow. Q tries to run for safety and almost makes it but sadly the cosplay girl falls on somebody merchandise trying to run. "Help please" Brian can't decide if he wants to be a good Samaritan or not. Remembering his fireman training he sighs and helps her out. "Okay I'm here just put your arm around my neck, easy does it slowly…." Neither of them know when the portal got close to them but it did. One minutes there hobbling away next the darkness is all they see. "Soleil" Liam Screams "Brian" the jokers cry out. Both brothers look at each other with silent communication they jump in. "Were doing the same thing aren't we?" Questions Sal. He doesn't get an answer instead an arm takes both Sal and Murr wrist. "LARRY" Joe screams as all three go into the portal. As if it can't take any more weight the vortex closes leaving a mess in the Panel.