Chapter 5

"Hey Prowl, come in Prowler Prowly. Yo Mech com on"

"Jazz I have been busy looking for the twins and there are some data pads that I have to finish what is it?"

Me an Hound have some guest com'in over. Screamer here took a few of dare friends and it seems two of dam were about to fight."

"Fine, wait for me in the rec room and comm. Red Alert. We don't want a do over of Bluestreak and you know I hate the name Prowler"

"Sure thing Prowly just make sure the door to the Ark is open. Jazz out"

"Well folks here we are I know it's not the best place but manageable and it has a great view" Hound implies. Q, Liam and Frank get ready to use the door handle. Neither reach the handle instead Hound opens it. Parking next to Hound is Jazz he does the same thing, letting out Soleil, Joe, and Sparkplug.

"Well guys welcome to the Ark." Says Sparkplug

"Home of the Autobots" Sol chimes in.

"Sol please behave" Liam says Walking forward

"No promises" she hugs her brother.

"Never thought in my life that I would ever be here" says an astonish Frank.

"Yeah I know what you mean"

"No not that I mean…" Frank doesn't finish his sentence a small tear comes out of his eyes he tries to cover it but Sparkplug manages to see it.

"Hey men are you ok?" Hearing that Frank is crying Soleil breaks out of her brother's arm and limping checks on Frank. Behind her Liam follows.

"Frank will you be alright"

"Yeah I'll be fine dear, but do you know how it feels?"

I can't say for sure since I've never voiced them but, watching them from Tv to seeing them alive breathing it changes, but it's a lot more for you isn't Frank"

"Yeah Soleil it is" she give him a hug a hug of encouragement."

"Do you know what that is about? Ask Sparkplug

"I've never been a fan but all the Transformers have a special place in their heart"


"I can't say for now but soon you will understand"

Joe watches the group of four he won't go over so he stay put looking over the group is Brian. Taking a deep breath Joe start to walk to his friend.

"Hey Brian?"


"Listen I'm sorry about screaming at you it's just with all that's happening and with Murray and Sal gone."

"Yeah I know Gatto, we mostly have Sal and James arguing but with the robots being real and us here trying to stay alive."

"Not to mention that we still have to find a way home"

"Yeah the stress gets to you."

"I mean we've done thousands of challenges but they never came out like this"

"I know"

"So we cool"

"I'm still upset but for our sake I'll let it go"

"Jazz what exactly is going on here?" hearing his name being called Jazz sees an angry Red Alert marching his way.

"Yo Red just the mech I wanted to see"

"Jazz you know that there is proper protocol for these situations they have to go though procedures and you don't know if they have anything that will scramble the cameras. That's it! Isn't it humans you plan to get close to the security cameras then have them all disabled leaving us all for the Decepticons to attack."

"Is he for real?"Ask Joe the question gets left unanswered. A soft giggled could be heard coming from Soleil but she is doing a very bad job of hiding her laughter.

"That everyone is Red Alert"

"Sparkplug don't tell them who I am we don't know if their trust worthy"

"You didn't Comm. link Red Alert did you Jazz?" A Dotson police car comes from where Red came in. During his drive he transforms. He's slightly smaller than Jazz but only a bit.

"AW Prowl you know me I've had things on my processor"

"Everyone this is Prowl he is second in command of the Autobots" Hound introduces the new guest.


"Red calm down Jazz comm. me telling me about our guest."

"BUT …. THE …..CONS"

"Go check the security cameras unless you want me to take over"

"There is no way I'm leaving my cameras with u Prowl"

"Then go" Everyone sees Red Alert marching away.

"Well come on lets go over to Ratchet"

"Who's Ratchet and Why Ratchet?"

"Hopefully it's a babe if you know what I mean" says Q a smirks appears on his face. Joe laughs everyone else decides to ignore it.

"Why Ratchet?" Hound ask again

"Hound its Procedure ever since spike pulled that prank on us, with the help of Bluestreak. Red Alert thinks that most humans have an Alien in their chest and of course thanks the movie now it's mandatory.

"Well let's go" says an Excited Soleil limping all the way. Even though she's injured she's moving faster than her group.

"Ok how does her ankle not hurt her?" Questioned Joe "Hey Liam any chance you're thirsty?" questions Q

"For now were in her favorite fandom. She can't feel it, and she's too excited" Liam answers.

"Fandom!?" questions Prowl

"Doe she even knows where she's going?" Ask Frank

"No" says an upset Liam. Not bothering for her group to catch up, Soleil hobbled at full speed.

"Jazz shouldn't we stop her?" ask a confused Hound.

"I'd say let er go shell find her place round ear"

"Jazz you know that isn't proper protocol"

"Yah prowl I knows"

Liam doesn't hear the bots conversation instead he runs after his sister. Behind him is Q which he easily kept up with the boy.

Ironhide was getting ready to shoot the target. He had the doors open to the target range. It was common knowledge that doors were kept closed for the safety of others and this was followed by everyone, but there was the exception if at least majority of the bots were missing then he left it open. Getting a clear shot he was about to shoot when a loud name was heard." "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" thanks to this distraction. The shot that he fired missed the target and hit the string which caused the target to fall off and activate a switch the switch released a bomb. The bomb was dangerous in close proximity, so the idea was to evade. That of course didn't happen and landed close to Ironhide cannons. Covering his face the brunt of the damage was his hands. Trying to change his cannons back to hands was hard. The bomb seems to have broken the circuitry in his hands. Now the only thing was to head for the med bay. On leaving the firing range he sees the perpetrator. A teen no older then spike.

Soleil was smiling like an idiot. Never mind that her favorite Autobot was giving her a death glare she was happy just to be in his presence.

"Whoever you are u better come with me"

Trying to stand as straight as possible she gives him a solute.

"AAAAArrrrrgggggggggggg Ironhide I told you to be careful with your cannons"



"I have to fix you now"

"Hey Hatchet you can't be blaming me"

"OH AND WHY NOT" an angry medic screams.

"This here human scared the pits out of me almost wiped out my audio with all her yelling coming out."

"Ironhide what human are you talking about?"

"This one" pointing his servos to the ground he finds it empty

"Ratch I promise you I ain't loosing my processor that soon"

"Ironhide there is no hum…"

A giggle coming behind Ratchets bottom cabinets is heard.

If u asked Liam when his happier days would be it would not be today. He was supposed to be watching his sister, but instead she ran off with a hurt foot. How does someone do that? Q was right behind him he would stop at one area and look for something then did a quick jog to catch up with him. Truthfully both guys were lost. It wasn't until they heard metal against metal that they ran to the sound.

How robots are quiet is something both Q and Liam are asking themselves. Watching the red one open his doors they see Soleil hopping towards Ironhide foot. Another loud squeal breaks out. This time Brian is happy to be away from it.

Ironhide doesn't move as expected Soleil glomps his foot.

"So care to explain" Q and Ratchet ask at the same time. Hearing human voices Ratchet looks over and low and behold Liam and a waiting Q approach.

"Hello Prowl, Optimus, Jazz I've seem to have gotten some humans in my medbay. GET THEM OUT NOW"

"Oh good they found you first" says a mild manner Prowl

"See what I tell you Prowler gurl knows her way around.

"Is there something going on that I haven't been informed?" Questions Optimus.

"We have some guest that will need our help; I'll inform you at the Medbay, Ratchet how many humans do you have?

"Two on the ground and the one that won't leave Ironhide alone make three"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, the youngling is trying to pull the female off but she won't let go now the older gentlemen is helping out."

"I see!?"

" Well keep them there, I'm walking with Jazz and the other three humans well be there shortly. Optimus will meet us there"


"The humans were caught in Decepticon activity and thanks to Spike for putting Alien on last week the humans are getting…."

"Fine but they're going to have wait after Ironhide cannons"

"What happened?"

"That What I'm about to find out"

'Ratchet Out"

Crossing his servos over his chases Ratchet says "Explain".

"Well at the moment were trying to pull Soleil off…"

"Man she really has a good grip on this guy huh" Brian says

"Considering its Ironhide yeah it's going to be awhile" Liam signs

"Wait I thought? Megatron"

"Naw man she saw a picture online of that character and wanted to try it."

"What picture?"

"WHAT exactly are you talking about?" screamed an annoyed Ratchet who was trying to help Ironhide.

"If you can pull her off I'll tell"

Ratchet picks up the teen by the nape of her shirt he gently lets her down with Q and Liam. Liam grabs her arms so she won't escape. That doesn't work as Liam thought it would. Knowing her brother weak spot she tickles his stomach. Not able to hold his laughter in Liam raises his hand letting Soleil go. Before Q can get his hands on her she hobbles to Ironhide.

"This is going to take a while longer" mumbles Ironhide.

"Hey Joe, why didn't you go with them?"Ask Frank.

"Do you not see my belly!? I won't be able to keep up with them"

"Relax Ratchet has them in his medbay so I'm sure there safe." Smiled Hound

"Who's ever safe with Hatchet?" Jazz chuckled


"Aw Prowl you know I'm joking"

"Anyway we should be in his lab at 15 nanoclicks." Prowl responded.

"Nanoclicks?" Joe questioned.

"Oh sorry Joe they have their own units of measurement" Sparkplug shrugged.

Walking along the hall way was a weird picture; three Autobots were tagging along three older gentlemen. IF you lived in the ark this was consider normal but for Frank and Joe it was something they would have to get use to. The walking didn't take too long, well according to Jazz it was short, but if you looked at Joe he might have said something else.

"Hey you'se cool man"

Sparkplug and Frank turn around. There kneeling over is Joe his breath is coming short.

"I'll live…..(huff) Just …(huff)just let me …..breath."

"No need"

Plucking Joe off the ground Jazz decides to give him a ride.

"You couldn't… have done this…. any sooner?" Joe ask gaining breaths of fresh air

"Sorry man it was suppose to be a short walk"



"No don't look for Larry you can never find Larry when you look for him."

If people ever wanted to see confused robots then that would have been the best moment to be at. In the bottom Frank's shoulder could be seen laughing silently.

"Whose Larry?" asks a bewildered Prowl.

"And how would going up anyone's aft be a short walk" stated Hound that did it Frank lets his laughter out.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" I didn't think you would say that Joe. Frank laughed through tears in his eyes.

"If you're done with your shenanigans the medbay is here" Prowl explained while trying to link to Ratchet. No one responded trying again an answer comes from behind the doors

"IN A MINUTE" A loud yell screams


Soleil was on cloud nine even thought the angry Medic was screaming at her over the accident Which caused Ironhide to damage his cannons. She was happy that Q and Liam were no longer trying to pull her off her favorite body guard. The guys had given up by now and just let Ratchet deal with it. Sure she had a Megatron costume that was the closest to the transformers cosplay she had but her heart belong to the weapon Specialist Ironhide.


"NO!" a sly smile could be seen. She was sitting on top of Ironhide's shoulder.

Hearing her answer his optic starts to twitch Taking air to calm down he looks at the other two humans.

"What about you two?"

"I was trying to keep her out of trouble" Liam says turning over to Q as they wait for his response.

"Hey I had nothing to do with this I just wanted some booze thinking they were going for some drinks I followed Liam here."

"Booze really?" Liam asked

"Hey with the day I'm having alcohol sounds well right now" With a hard stare Ratchet turns his attention to Ironhide.

"And you Ironhide why didn't' you close the doors to the firing range?"

It takes a while for him to answer but he does.

"None of the younglings were around and I didn't expect the girl to come in and disturb my training. You know when we send out everyone out I leave the doors open"

"SIGH," Hearing a knock on his door it stops their conversation.

"IN A MINUTE" he screams out. That must be Prowl with the rest of their gang. Leaving the conversation he grabs the two humans on the ground and put them on the table.

"Hey what the …"


Brian and Liam don't appreciate getting grabbed like Items. Ignoring their protest he tells Ironhide to get a hold of the girl on his head and watch his new patients.


Walking to the door he opens it. There waiting is Jazz along with Hound and Prowl. In Jazz's hand is a human he seems to be holding onto Jazz's servo for support. As his optics goes lower he sees Sparkplug and an older Gentleman.

"Well come in the lot of u, Oh and pick up the humans and put them on the table"

"Hound thank you for the support you may leave" says Prowl

Acknowledging what Prowl said, Hound leaves the Med Bay.

"BYE HOUND" Soleil says.

"You still haven't captured her?" Ratchet remarks

"What's da Hatchet going on about?"

"Jazz I suggest u put a quirk on it"

"Ratch it ain't that easy."

"What does he have to capture?" an intrigue Prowl ask

"HI GUYS" Soleil yells out

"She's still sitting on top isn't she?

It had been 20 minutes and watching four bots trying to capture a human was not something everyone was expecting. As soon as Jazz and Prowl found that Soleil was sitting on top of Ironhide head they were expecting her to get down. Imagine there surprise when she hid inside the small nooks and crannies of the Autobot.

"I don't know what I'm watching?" Frank stared bewildered

"At this point my money is on the girl "

"Sorry Joe but If anyone has a chance to capture her it's Prowl"

"Naw Spark Gatto's right Soleil has a tight Death grip on, what's his name?"

"Ironhide and don't encourage it."

"Were not encouraging it its just fun to watch"

"Has she always been this way?" ask Frank.

"No but since we're here she's always wanted to drive the Autobots crazy and that's what we're seeing."

So engrossed were they with what was going on that nobody saw Optimus Prime come in.

"May I ask what is happening?" Prime ask

The chatter that the bots had quiets down even Soleil stops her fooling around. With everyone distracted Jazz takes that opportunity to capture her.

"So that's what u had" Jazz chuckled at the instrument Soleil was using.

"Here Hatchet better find somewhere else to hide this."

"Of course, Spike!" he groans. In his hands were two strong magnetic gloves along with pads for her knees.

Jazz puts Soleil down with her brother.



"Eh eh eh nope first were giving each of you a medical exam once that's done you will all leave MY MEDBAY AND HAVE YOUR MEETTING SOMEWHERE ELSE UNDERSTOOD? Good THERE HAS BEEN ENOUGH SHINANANIGANS IN HERE ALREADY. NOW WHO'S FIRST?"

Taking the most troubled person first he checks over Soleil. Ratchet takes out a CD type object from his sub space emitting a laser over the body. Everyone was intrigued on how the exam went

"Is that safe?" Q asks

"Why of course it's safe it tells me the temperature, heart rate, weight, height and any condition inside your human bodies especially the rib cage." Ratchet rolls his eyes at the last mention.



"You're done kid" Leaving Soleil on the table he goes to one of the many items of equipment he has. Grabbing some ice chucks from a freezer he gives it to Soleil.

"Keep ice on that ped of yours and DON'T MOVE he growls out. Next "he yells, no one expected for Frank to step forward. The same procedure is done to Frank as the data is being received Ratchet takes out a data pad passing the information from the CD to the pad. In no time at all both Soleil and Frank's information is in the data pad. Ratchet doesn't ask this time he gently removes Liam from the group and starts his exam. The exam is done faster than the other two. The last two jokers are left neither seemed to want to go. Not wanting to have everyone in his med bay he chooses Q and just like Liam he doesn't ask. The light glows over his body.

"Hmmm it seems everything is in check ok you're done". Joe knows he's next. Not avoiding it he moves forward. To everyone astonishment his was the fastest exam that ever took place.

"Now that all of you are done GET OUT and Ironhide the cannons are staying in the med bay."

"'I'm sorry old friend but it seems we are going to have an officers meeting in my office." Crossing his servos and glaring at Prime Ratchet Ask

"Jazz may u hold two of the humans?." Shrugging his shoulders Jazz picks two up. He ask the same question to Prowl. Not seeing the Harm he picks up two humans. Ratchet grabs the last two humans placing them in Autobot servos.

"Now that the humans are safe GET OUT THE LOT OF U BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND AND REFORMAT U INTO SOMETHING THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY USE "He yells out. Jazz being close walks out. Next to come out is Prime with Frank In hand. Prowl walks with Liam and Sparkplug. Last but not least is Ironhide with Soleil. "Bye Ratchet "she yells.

"Is he always that angry?" ask Joe.

"Naw ever since Red made that call to have humans get a medical checkup he's been grumpier" Jazz replies.

"And to think that my Best Friend Kat is in Love with Ratchet. Man I don't know what she sees in him "Soleil Rambles out loud, both human and Bot stare at her.

A good portion of that time was in silence, if this was a comedy crickets would be chirping. Breaking that silence Prime says "Let's just get to my office."