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Chapter 1: A Proposition

The ride up the elevator to the 600th floor was an uncomfortably quiet one. Just an hour ago Percy's girlfriend Annabeth had announced that they were needed in Olympus for an emergency meeting. Percy was ready to cry, it hadn't been two months since they had defeated Gaia, he and Annabeth had moved in together a week ago, he just started at Taco Bell yesterday! He didn't need some apocalyptic bullshit ruining the good thing he had going! But he knew there was no way he could live through ignoring an emergency summons from the gods, forget about what his Wise Girl would do to him. So with childish complaining and heavily dragged feet Percy got into his '02 Ford Focus and headed to the Empire State Building.

Percy knew something was wrong when every time he tried to start a conversation with his girlfriend she either ignored him or was so blunt in her reply that she left no opening to continue the conversation. It was rude, kind of hurtful, and downright weird for Annabeth to be doing for what seemed to be no reason. Sure she could be nervous about the meeting, but honestly she seemed more angry than anything. For the rest of the slow ride, oh the pains of midday traffic, Percy desperately searched his memories memories for anything that would explain Annabeth's cold demeanor, but for the life of him he couldn't remember a thing.

He couldn't say he was a perfect boyfriend, but he loved his Wise Girl with all of his heart. Everyday he tried to treat her like the queen she deserved to be treated as. Since she was currently attending college at Columbia University to get her masters in architecture he always made her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He wasn't doing anything at the moment so he got a job so that he could bring her out on more dinner dates and buy her jewelry. Sure he bought himself video games and other knick-knacks, but his earnings went mostly to her and their future. So he gave up, maybe she was just in a bad mood over something one of her classmates or professors did, beside, she clearly wasn't in a talking mood so he had chosen to talk to her about after the meeting.

So there they were in the elevator, 'Gods I hope this ends soon, I'm going to drown in all this silence!' were the desperate thoughts of one Perseus Jackson. To his great relief the telltale ding of an elevator arriving at its destination occurred a moment later. 'Haha, thanks pops.' Smiling a bit at his silly thoughts Percy saunters out of the elevator with Annabeth in tow, only to be greeted by a relatively desolate Olympus. The city was as beautiful as always being colored predominantly by gold and marble and in the ancient Grecian style, but unlike Percy's previous visits there were no gods going about their daily lives. He reasoned that the emergency might be huge, on a scale grander than even Gaia was, which was a disturbing thought.

As he had pondered upon his situation he and his girlfriend had arrived at the grand entrance to the throne room. The doors were shut, which felt a bit odd as the gods seemed to be expecting them, but they opened easily enough to Percy's push. Unlike what he had been expecting the throne room wasn't stuffed full of gods, the only ones there were the fourteen main gods (the twelve and Hades and Persephone). They seems to have been bickering over something but had stopped when they saw Percy enter.

"Hoho, don't stop on account of little ol' me now. What's the emergency?" Ignoring the heavy atmosphere as was typical Percy failed in lightening the mood. If anything it grew heavier, a sort of cold tightness seemed to clutch at Percy's throat. Something was wrong, very wrong. Looking towards his father in whom he trusts with all of his heart he voiced the obvious question.

"Dad, what wro-?" He was cut off quite harshly by his father.

"Do not speak boy! You've been summoned to stand accused of murder!"

Completely stunned by his father's words Percy barely sputtered out, "Wha, wha?"

Sneering at his "son's" flustered appearance Poseidon spoke once again. "Do not play dumb, we know of your heinous murders, you might as well fess up now. Perhaps we may bestow a lighter sentence." The end of his speech actually sounded like a honest suggestion.

Not one to abide by while being falsely accused Percy answered immediately. "The fuck? No! I haven't killed anyone!"

Hearing his response Zeus finally spoke up. "Don't pay with us boy! Over the course of the last week almost fifty demigods have been murdered... by drowning. We know it was murder by the fact that all of the bodies were found large distances from any body of water and without any signs of struggle."

Confused as to why he hadn't heard of this sooner and disturbed that things genuinely pointed towards him Percy answered with his defense. "Well that's nice and all, but it doesn't mean it was me! Tons of gods and monsters can manipulate water well enough to drown someone without being near a river or the ocean! How can it only be me when there are tons of gods capable of doing that exact thing? There's no way that you guys can keep tabs on-" To his great frustration he was cut off once again, this time , surprisingly, by an irate Artemis.

"Don't be ridiculous! All minor gods that live on Olympus are kept very well track of especially since most never leave! And the biggest thing pointing toward you is the lack of struggle. Not a single one of those poor, dead children struggled even as they drowned. Clearly the murder had to be carried out by someone they trust and you Perseus are trusted universally by basically every demigod out there." She had calmed a bit by the end of her tirade, but her anger was clearly bubbling just beneath the surface.

"I, uh, but, I don't have the time to kill all those people I have a job! And I take care of Annabeth and the apartment!" Looking at his beloved desperate to find some sort of support he was only met with a cold glare that spoke of anger and betrayal.

"Well since I've been at school I can't confirm any alibi you might have, not to mention the killings started when we moved in together. I'm sure you've been planning to use me as your alibi all along! The final nail in the coffin though was your murder of one of my sisters last night. You might have claimed to be going to get take-out, but I knew you were taking too long. If only I had known then what I know now…"

Percy was lost. He felt as though the whole world was crumbling around him and no matter where he looked there wasn't a ledge to save him. He desperately looked around the room, hoping to find compassion, sympathy, doubt, anything in the eyes of the gods! He was only ever met with cold indifference and several harsh glares; clearly these gods had lost children. Even Hestia greeted him with a deep frown and watery eyes, her expression and demeanor practically screamed, "How? How can you betray us, your family, like that! After all of the good you've done? How!"

He looked away in shame, though he knew he hadn't done a thing clearly the gods thought otherwise. Quite unfairly all the evidence pointed directly to him and to be honest not many of the water gods had his level of power even if they shape-shifted into his form it would take some time to kill somebody, doubly long for a demigod. Even his Wise Girl doubted him. Percy knew he was beaten and hung his head causing his hair to shadow his eyes all in an effort to block out the world.

"Hmph, so you've accepted the situation? Good. It just so happens that Tartarus has been quite restless these past few days no doubt cause by the loss his beloved Gaia. To appease him in a sense he has demanded our greatest demigod as sacrifice, we have easily chosen you." When he had finished his words Zeus threw down his master bolt hit, the center of the room and causing a blinding flash. When Percy was able to open his eyes again he was greeted by a gaping hole. It's darkness seemed eternal, but Percy knew it ended… and where it ended.

Deciding that if he was going to go it was going to be his way Percy stepped up to the edge of the pit. With one last look around the room Percy spoke his final words.

"I didn't do it. I have worked too hard for too long to destroy what I helped create. I hope you guys are proud of what you've done." With one last, longing look at Annabeth he jumped.


'How long have I been falling? It feels like it's been an eternity… unfortunately I doubt it's been more than a few hours. Bet the gods are all smug that they've "done the right thing" and I bet Annabeth's gone home, probably getting rid of all my stuff.' These were the surprisingly calm thoughts of a boy doomed to an eternity in a place worse than hell. Yes, eternity, Percy and the rest of the seven had decided to accept the gods offer of immortality, golden ichor no ran through their veins. 'And here I was thinking eternity was going to be with my Wise-' he mentally cut himself off, 'with Annabeth.'

The last time Percy descended into Tartarus it was to save Annabeth, now she had basically in. It hurt, it hurt deep. But Percy was brought out of his musings by the eerie green glow that signified that he was nearing Tartarus. That genuinely surprised him; it meant that it had already been nearly nine days since he jumped into the pit. "Here we go.' Bracing himself for impact Percy realized he was going to land by one of the rivers, but it wasn't the Cocytus, it looked more like the Lethe since its waters were black. Realizing this Percy had a morbid thought. 'Maybe a short dip won't hurt that much… if I end up anything like Bob and Nico I might be ok… No never mind, I don't want to forget.'

Preparing himself for the struggle to stay dry Percy tried to will the waters of the Lethe to cushion his fall, they did not answer. So Percy took a perfect diving form and plunged into the river. It was as uncomfortable as last time, he had to hold his breath and swim with all of his might to reach the shore. It took almost a minute as his dive left him deep in the river, but he eventually reached land, gasping for sweet, precious air only to be greeted by the stale poison that Tartarus claimed to be air.

"Hack, cough, cough, hack, hack, cough." Was all that escaped Percy's throat for a full minute after exiting the river of forgetfulness. When he finally was able to control his breathing Percy realized something wonderful, he wasn't burning up!

"I guess immortality comes with some serious perks! At the very least I know I can survive down here for a while, at least until one too many monsters finally comes and stomps me into golden paste. Ugh, that'll be the day."

Finally sitting up Percy looked around only to be greeted by the last face he ever wished to gaze upon ever again. He could honestly go for the rest of his immortal life and be ok never seeing him again, yet there he stood in all of his humongous glory, Tartarus. He looked just as he had last time Percy saw him (Google it i can't do it justice), inspiring that same fear in him to just run away and hide. But he stood firm, this Protogenoi apparently wanted him for something and Percy was going to find out even if it was the last thing he was going to do.

Mustering up his courage Percy stood tall and spoke with a sure voice, "The hell you want hole-face?" Truly he embodied elegance and poise…

To Percy unending horror Tartarus laughed… laughed! Put off by the grating noise and his casual demeanor in a stressful situation, for Percy at least, Percy angrily shouted at the primordial being.

"What's so damn funny, what do you want with me?" The laughter stopped which almost pushed Percy even closer to the proverbial edge, the short silence was unnerving, so he filled it. "Did… did you cause what happened to the others so that the gods would have no problem sending me to you?

There was another long stretch of silence as Tartarus kept silent, and just as Percy was going to speak again Tartarus did. "You poor foolish boy, It was you who killed those demigods. Do you honestly think you spent all day around your new apartment lazing about and waiting for your precious girlfriend?"

Taking Percy's shocked silence as a yes Tartarus continued, "Those are merely false memories placed in you so that you wouldn't suspect my influence. It was a simple matter really, you and everyone else were just so relaxed after defeating my beloved that no one was prepared for an attack. The chaos sown by my actions will be glorious but the future is what I wish to see. You see, I can't leave this place since I am this place, and the lesser beings who dwell here have all been defeated by one demigod or another over the millennia, so i need someone else to fight for me. I can play the long game without a problem, and to be honest i have no reason nor do I want to rule this world. I was merely helping Gaia out of a whim to be honest. But something that has always annoyed me is the ease in which my tenants can be destroyed forcing me to stay awake and keep an eye on them for all eternity. I don't want to do that anymore so I asked myself, who can I trust to take care and watch over the mindless beasts who roam about me? The answer was easily no one. My sons have proven themselves worthless and those lesser beings are locked up tight in a prison guarded by the Hekatonkheires, and I don't like them anyway. Typhon wouldn't be a terrible choice if he weren't so dull and no other beast really stacks up to my requirements."

He then paused for a moment and realized Percy wasn't really paying attention. Clearly this form was far too terrifying, so with a huff of annoyance Tartarus shrank down to average human size. His new appearance was quite opulent, his face was the same black hole as before, but his body was one of a well built and deeply tanned middle eastern man, purple must've clashed with his suit. Speaking of, his suit was a deep red, clearly of fine make, and it seemed to be a full three piece, overall very snazzy. He completed the look with a matching hat and a black belt with matching black shoes. If it weren't for the fact that Percy knew who it was, and his face, he would have been intimidated in a completely different way. His poise and clothing practically screamed wealth and power. Percy would have preferred that, but he was in Tartarus, speaking to Tartarus.

Clearly content with his form, but annoyed with his newfound weakness, and seeing that Percy had unconsciously relaxed Tartarus continued to speak. "So I tried to figure out who I could make king of my realm and realized that a demigod was a perfect choice. They're just so malleable and have such potential for great power. But it couldn't be just any demigod, they had to be very very powerful already, and immortality would be nice, but I could provide that without an issue. That really only left you, Jason Grace, and Frank Zhang, unfortunately for you the other two are in positions of power and therefore much more difficult to manipulate. The other side was that the gods fear the rise of another Protogenoi and would eagerly give me whatever I wished. Their beloved hero would be a difficult acquirement, but an easy one if they had reason to hate him. So here we are, rather, here you are." Tartarus stopped speaking once again, giving the demigod time to absorb all that he had been told. Even Tartarus could admit it could be a lot for a puny demigod, even if he was immortal.

Percy was shell-shocked. He honestly didn't know what to say or even think. He was I super hell talking to super hell being told this current circumstances were orchestrated by said super hell. He sat down on the mildly acidic dirt underneath him so that he didn't fall over in front of this all-powerful being.

"I… uh… what?" Still at a lost for words Tartarus took pity on him and explained some more.

"You Perseus will be the ruler of this abyss in my stead."

"How? I might be powerful but the monsters here are even more powerful than normal, not to mention the great ones who are here like your son Typhon and the Giants. How can you expect me to keep those sorts of beings in line? Not to mention…" He paused for a moment and looked hard into Tartarus' pseudo face. "Why the fuck would I do what you want anyway? You caused me to end up here you can offer no incentive that could change my mind."

Having been expecting such a response Tartarus answered quickly and easily. "How about revenge? A chance to smite those who wronged you?"

"Uh, reality check, because of you their punishment of me was totally justified. It sucks but I can't fault them for being so masterfully manipulated." It hurt a bit to say it but it was true, knowing what he knew now he couldn't fault the gods and Annabeth for what they did. It would have hurt but with such strong evidence he would have condemned himself in their shoes. Percy's only regret was that they'd forever remember him as a two-faced psycho murderer and there was nothing he could do about it. It was then he remembered the shrine of Hermes down here, but he dismissed it immediately, no one would pick up for him.

A bit miffed that the opportunity for revenge didn't tickle the boy's fancy Tartarus brought out the big guns. "Unfortunately for you, as I'm sure you remember, simply being here warps your way of thinking and I can wait a couple of centuries for that to happen. But to speed things along I'm giving you something that you cannot reject even if you wanted to because it is a gift of power."

"Hehe, I just won't use it." was Percy's slightly arrogant reply, but Tartarus did not react like he hoped he would have. Instead he just gave a knowing smirk and answered in an even tone.

"Ah, but you won't have a choice. My gift to you is a simple yet powerful one, any species of lesser being you defeat will have its essence absorbed into you. The essence will provide you with the ability to transform into said lesser being as well as give your normal body some enhancements. This ability works only once on each species so you want have a form for each individual hellhound you defeat or something silly like that. Though defeating the leader of a species will change your form to one similar to the defeated leader. Basically you have no choice but to use your ability as it occurs automatically and you will undoubtedly be besieged by the lesser beings here for all of your stay. And before you go thinking you will grow powerful enough to challenge me… you might, but you won't want to. An added effect of absorbing a creature's essence is an innate understanding of its various abilities and how it thinks. There won't be some sort of mental war you'll have to conduct against these various thought processes, but they will influence you. I'm sure one day you'll become a bloodthirsty monster capable of keeping all of the other beings in line. That is your ultimate destiny and there is no way to stop it."

Once again Percy didn't know what to say. He wanted to shout and fight and deny the reality of what Tartarus said, but he knew there was no point. He had no choice, if he wanted to survive then he had to fight, and if he fought and won he would slowly become more and more like the monsters he slew everyday. It was a terrifying prospect, but one with a way out. Realizing what he could do Percy laughed out loud the laugh of a man already on the brink and spoke to the elder being before him. "I just won't fight, I'll just die and be done. Completely unable to hurt anyone or anything ever again, I won't bend to your will Tartarus, not now, not ever." He finished with a self assured grin and looked at Tartarus, challenging him to deny the possibility. To his horror the pit simply laughed a long and mirthful laugh. When he finally calmed down, Percy's grin now a worried frown, he spoke and shot down the boy's plan of action.

"Foolish godling, death is simply a temporary inconvenience. You're immortal and in Tartarus, you are bound here and will simply reform after a couple of years. Decades or centuries it doesn't matter, eventually your mind will deteriorate and my plan will resume. And if I don't want to wait that long? The Lethe is right behind you, a quick dunk will leave a blank slate perfectly willing to do what I want. The time it would take to reacquaint you with your abilities is a mere pittance in comparison to the payoff. And while the Lethe erases memories it cannot take the body's natural abilities away, I could probably leave you with Anaklusmos and go. No matter what you do my plan will succeed."

Even though he didn't have a face Percy could easily imagine a self-satisfied smirk upon the primordial's middle eastern features. 'Is there truly nothing I can do? I wish Wise Girl was here, she'd know what to do… actually no I could never wish this upon her, it's better that it's just me.' Steeling his resolve Percy got back to his feet and stared into the Abyss. "Fine, but I'll fight this every step of the way. I just… I just don't want to lose myself."

"Good, good. I'd be disappointed if you just lied over and gave in so easily, so please, fight your destiny. It will make seeing you fall all the more enjoyable." With that said Tartarus sank into… himself and was gone. Silence reigned for a few moments as Percy gained his bearings. He didn't know the exact layout of Tartarus so he resigned himself to wandering and surviving. At the very least the prospect of growing stronger was a very attractive. His thoughts were interrupted by a howl from off in the distance, curses, he couldn't think in peace for longer than a second. Facing the direction he had heard the growl from Percy began to walk. Riptide at his side Percy faced his destiny head on, as he always had.


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