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"Yin is the ideal for which we strive for and set for ourselves, Yang is the ideal given reality and form." -Unknown

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Chapter 0: Prologue Part 1

It's been 5 years since the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Peace has held strong as everyone knew that the cycle of hatred had brought nothing but death and destruction wherever its influence touched. Thus the 5 Great Nations and the smaller nations worked together to ensure that this peace reigns for as long as time will exist.

The Shinobi and Samurai have begun to see dwindling numbers in people choosing such professions. To those who aren't as observant it may not seem like much other than demilitarization. But to the more observant individuals, it's begun to spell the end of such professions.

Why you ask?

Fewer nations have begun to request missions from the Hidden Villages for one. Also that the focus of new professions has been centering towards the civilian sector specifically as technology has begun to advance, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Shinobi and Samurai will be gone for ever. No they will have a greatly reduced impact on society as it begins to shift away from militarism towards one of peace. Technology has begun to bloom and pick up in pace.

However not all things are as they seem. There's something unknown going on hidden from all eyes but 10 individuals. And these individuals aren't quite sure as to what is causing this "disturbance" to begin with.

All they know for certain is that it is targeting everyone's Chakra Networks. Well the Chakra Networks are diminishing like a virus attacking it, but contrary to what many are taught those who have lost all of their chakra live through it. Provided anyone knew what it was in the first place.

We find ourselves in a specific area one that isn't real in a physical sense, rather it exists spiritually. An area that has been christened as the Soul Plane. The deepest part of the human soul that one could access provided they know enough on the human psyche or have a certain condition. That condition being a Jinchuuriki to be precise.

"Do any of you know what is going on? I've noticed more and more people losing their chakra. While this would normally concern me greatly. They aren't dying. I'm scratching my head as to what IS going on with them," a distinctly young male's voice sounded out.

"We aren't sure ourselves. Not once in nearly 800 years have anyone of us encountered something like this. We thought the exact same thing concerning chakra and losing it meaning certain death," another voice rang out, this one holding a lot of power and possible wisdom to it.

"Tch, here I thought one of you might hold the answers. Well anyways, whatever is affecting them isn't heal-able courtesy of the Yang Seal. Baa-chan thinks it's a virus of some sort directly affecting the chakra core itself. Rather if that's the case then would I be prone to it given the size of mine, and the fact I hold all 9 of you?"the young male inquired.

"At this point whatever that busty Hokage said is most likely the case. We are monitoring your Chakra Core very closely Naruto. But we've noticed something rather different concerning yours," the same empowered voice responded.

"What do you mean Kurama? There's something different about mine? I haven't noticed outside of the usual other than mine has seemed to become more potent. Last time I checked I tore the Chakra Paper with even the littlest I put into it. Outside of that I'm not sure," the now named Naruto responded.

"It's no surprising that you don't know. Given that you human's never really took to figuring the genetics behind chakra ever since it was spread when Rikudo-jiji was spreading Ninshu," Kurama responded to it's partner.

Gyūki hit Kurama upside it's head before turning to Naruto, "What he means is your Chakra is mutating in a way that we aren't sure of. It could be positive or negative for all we know. However there is one thing we are certain of which pertains to your lifespan. Well... it's been expanding becoming more potent. Injuries that would normally be mortal and result in death would heal over in hours. At this rate, you may very well end up being what Orochimaru was attempting to reach, Immortal."

Naruto stood there stock still in shock. Immortal? Surely that isn't possible naturally. Not unless...

"What do you mean immortal?! That's not possible!" He responded, his voice an octave higher than it normally is, waving his arms around as if to emphasize his point.

"And no way do I want to end up like what that snake freak was trying to become with his sick twisted pursuit," Naruto huffed outfrustratingly.

"It's possible under one condition. And that condition pertains to us, the undiluted chakra fragments of the Shinju. Not the normal chakra that humanity has possessed since Ninshu was spread back then," Gyūki responded.

"But that..." Naruto tried to say but was at a loss for words. He scratched his head trying to figure out the connection.

Meanwhile the Bijuu were silent, giving their young friend time to think things out. Kurama turned to Gyūki before nodding to the Hachibi. Despite being the Soul Plane the Bijuu maintain one connection that no other are able to penetrate and listen in on.

"If that's the case then the source of the changes to my chakra and lifespan are centered around you all. But that would only be the case unless I've begun to absorb your chakra naturally. However knowing the differences in the purer chakra of the Shinju that you guys possess and the chakra humanity has mutated and possessed. That shouldn't be possible unless it was a Jinchuuriki that it was happening to," Naruto reasoned out.

After several seconds of silence everything began to click for the young man.

"NO!" Naruto cried out in realization, a devastated look plastered on his face.

"*sigh* It is as you figured out, you've been absorbing our chakras for the better part of the last 5 years. Only recently have we began to notice. It's only a matter of time before we lose form and you absorb our chakra. Just look at Shukaku whose been unusually silent throughout this meeting. The effects have really applied to his personality. He's been more subdued rather than him trying to pick a fight with anyone of the others, myself included." Kurama responded.

"But... but... Why me?" Naruto asked sadly, "I never wanted something like this. Not only that you guy's are like a family to me."

"And we view you as such Naruto, but not everything can last forever. That does include us. There is still much about chakra and the Shinju's chakra that even we don't know," Gyūki told the young man.

With a sigh Kurama began to speak again, "It is as Gyūki says. No one really knew anything about the Shinju other than not to get near it or consume the fruit it procured only once in recorded history. As far as we know the Shinju is a primordial entity however it is neither godly nor a demonic."

Naruto remained silent.

"Naruto?" Kurama called out to it's partner worry evident in the tone of it's voice.

"Sorry, this is just... rather much to take in." Naruto responded with a resigned tone. Indeed it was for him, to find out that Death itself cannot lay it's hands on him forever is certainly... heartbreaking. That meant out

living everyone even the Bijuu themselves, whom he thought would be the only ones that would live on eternally. But not once in his wildest dreams it would be him rather than the Bijuu.

"Do you need to take some time to sort it out?" Saiken asked of Naruto in a soft manner.

With a rather long sigh Naruto replied, "I'll deal with it. It's just a matter of acceptance. While I would rather be able to see my friends and family in the afterlife. Hell even you guys. However somethings aren't meant to be. I see that Death is one thing that isn't meant to be for me. I won't let this get the best of me though. Allowing moping and mourning of my friends and family will do me absolutely no good. The past is just that... the past. What I must look at and for is the future for that is where my path will take from now on."

'Not once in my lengthened life span would I have seen a human act in such a manner when finding out that they would be forever changed. Specially concerning the possibility of Immortality. I guess Naruto takes the cake. Even then I wouldn't have expected him to say something so... wizened.'Kurama thought to itself surprised at the sudden maturity of his partner. Though it wasn't the only one who was surprised as the rest of the Bijuu were surprised as well.

Naruto sat down in the uneasy silence contemplating about the new revelations. It was all too surreal for him.

Naruto stood up once more.

"What does this mean when I finish absorbing all of your chakra. Would I be gaining anything new? Changing physically? Mentally? Would I even remain the same person? I find myself both curious and slightly afraid of the possible answers to these questions," Naruto spoke.

The Bijuu were silent as he spoke. Kurama was silent, slightly impressed at the maturity of it's Jinchuuriki.

"It is natural to fear something, however you cannot let this fear rule over you," Kurama told Naruto.

"You're right," Naruto responded.

With that being said Naruto turned around to leave the Soul Plane.

Once he had left Gyūki turned to Kurama and spoke, "What he has learned today will forever change him. For better or worse, time will only tell."

"I know, but Uzumaki's are known for being incredibly stubborn and possess wills far exceed anyone else. They can take punishment, physical and mental, that normally would drive an individual insane. Truly interesting bunch of Ningen's. To think they would become who they are from one of the children of Asura," Kurama replied.

"It won't be very long until Shukaku is dispersed and Naruto absorbs him. Granted his blood thirsty behavior won't be missed. He's still one of us and is our youngest sibling. How long do you believe it will take for all 9 of us to be completely absorbed into Naruto and become one with him?" Gyūki intoned.

"I don't really know, nothing like this has ever happened in history. Your youki and mine are leagues above in size and potency above the rest. Given that it's taken about 5 and a half years to absorbed Shukaku to the point it's at now. At most 200 years, but I suspect that once one goes the process will speed up. So maybe as quick as 30-40 years," Kurama replied in an unsure manner.

"Hmm, well at least we can enjoy more of his company. He truly does remind me of both Father and Asura," Gyūki told the kitsune.

"Heh, that he does. Specially Asura and his behavior earlier on," Kurama responded, "At any rate I would hazard an estimate that Shukaku will dispel and be absorbed finally within the end of the year."

With that said both the Hachibi and Kyuubi fell into relative silence. Both wondering what will happen from this point forward with their young human family member.

In the physical world

"*sigh* What a day," Naruto said to himself as he observed his surroundings. He was still in his apartment on his bedin the position you'd find people meditating.

He looked outside his window to see that the sun had began to set below the horizon.

'Had time really passed by that quickly out here? It was just about noon when I entered the Soul Plane,' Naruto thought with mild surprise at the passage of time.

"Well I guess I should go get some food," Naruto mused. Right as he said that his stomach growled signaling the need for nourishment.

Naruto laughed lightly at the timing of his stomach. Naruto made his way to his kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat before heading off to bed.

Undetermined amount of time later

The Moon. Barren and Desolate, but not alone.

Hidden among the craters on the near side of the moon lies a strange structure. What it holds humanity doesn't know, the world of the mythological and supernatural on the other hand did know.

Many of those on the mythologic and supernatural side of the world had long since known that the being in the Moon had left seeking a place on the planet below.

Specifically in the side of a mountain on an island in what would later be known as The Mediterranean Sea.

It is said that there lays a being strong enough to shape the fundamental primordial forces that comprise the universe, Time and Space. While true on the depth of strength. Saying that this being actually shaped Time and Space to it's will is... a bit of a stretch. While the field of Space-Time wasn't pursued greatly due to the complexity of the field.

That didn't mean there were those who tried. Tobirama Senju, Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Minato Namikaze, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

These unique individuals all held the ability to manipulate Space-Time in some manner. Be it Kamui, Hiraishin, Amenominaka or Yomotsu Hirasaka.

These abilities. Taking what one thinks of traditional Space and Time and bending them. Some even turning one or the other or even both to their own whims.

However back to this being. After it had gone into a hibernation of sorts on the moon watching over but never interfering. Beings of a new class all together poured into existence. The primordial gods and goddesses, monolithic beings on a scale never seen before. Gaia, Uranus, Tartarus, Eros, Erebus, Nyx, Uranus, Ourea, Pontus, Aether, and Hemera. These Primordial's would be the foundation for the world after Time wrapped its destructive hands on the former planet.

The primordial's would reign until the Titan's took their place as rulers.

The Titan's would rule unhindered until the birth of the 6.

3 gods and 3 goddesses, born from the union of the Titan King Cronus and Titaness Queen Rhea.

With the birth of these 6 would see the fall of the Era of Titan's and usher in the Age of the Gods.

Cronus receiving a prophecy that his children would rise against them. Swallowing them one by one until the birth of the youngest child, Zeus.

Terrified by the events Rhea tried to trick her husband into swallowing a small boulder hoping that he would take the boulder for their newest born child.

Though Cronus wasn't fooled all that easily. He demanded of Rhea to giver him Zeus.

Rhea fled with her youngest child to Mount Ida on the island of Crete.

What she would find there or rather who she would find there would change the course of history forever...

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