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Quote of the chapter: "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." -Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Chapter 1: The calm before the storm

June 23rd, 1914

Sitting on some chairs on the front deck of a house you can find three individuals sitting at tables. 2 men and 1 women.

The men were having some wine whilst conversing with one another while the woman was reading a book and waiting for more tea to be brought out.

A grunt came from one of the two men.

"What's the matter Vasiliy? Still not able to taste or smell anything?" the other male asked.

"... Yes, though I believed I told you that I wasn't able to taste or smell anything all those years ago, Naruto," Vasiliy responded in kind.

"Ahahahaha, right. I forgot my bad," Naruto responded scratching the back of his head.

Vasiliy rolled his eyes before frowning, "Hmm.."

"You're thinking again. I'm worried that you have not been drinking enough wine," Naruto teased the man.

"Just because I have a fondness for wine doesn't imply anything to my capability of thinking. Even if I cannot smell nor taste it, however on to other matters I'm certain you've noticed this as well but Europe has become one massive melting pot and there are the Olympians who have begun to take sides against one another," Vasiliy told Naruto.

"Yeah, I've noticed that alright. Hestia's grown rather worried that the slightest spark could ignite the fire just waiting to consume Olympus," Naruto replied.

"With good reason giving her domains. I fear it may not be the Olympians who are the ones to lite that fire. It might be the mortals who do that for them. Thus giving the Olympians the reason to break out into fighting once more," Vasiliy told him before pausing for a bit.

"Then there is the situation in the Russian Empire, both mortal and monster," Vasiliy finished.

"Oh? Well, the mortal situation was given, but monsters? How so?" Naruto responded.

"My informant's have been sighting monsters more or less rampaging around in the Ukraine and the Caucasus Mountains. This has posed an issue since there are clear-sighted mortals who have been in the line of fire. Even a few demigods of the Greeks and Norse. The Office of Mythological Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church (OMAROC) has been asking around for help on this issue, but so far they haven't received any answers from the pantheons nor the Catholic Church," Vasiliy told Naruto.

"Really? Have things gotten that out of hand over there? That's very unusual since Russia has seen almost no activities of this sort since the early days of the Kievan Rus," Naruto replied surprised at the revelation.

"Yes, and you are right. monsters generally have left the entire region alone because local clear-sighted mortals who've hunted and gathered took care of them or demigods were requested to clear them out. However, no one really knows the actual reason as to why they are running rampant in these areas of Russia. The Olympians have pretty much abandoned the eastern fringe of Europe. Granted it's not all that surprising as Mt. Olympus was last over Constantinople during the time of the Byzantine Empire in the early 6th Century. The Norse as of right now are not really in the position to do anything given that we have to deal with Ragnarok impending. Even if we aren't in the position to do anything I've still made it a priority to at least stabilize the area as a Norseman from Russia," Vasiliy spoke while sporting a frown.

Naruto looked up at the sky, "True. I don't see that situation changing unless it's brought up at the next Olympian meeting this winter. However, with both the mortals AND Olympians pretty much at the brink of war with one another. I highly, and stress the word highly by a considerable amount, doubt anything will change in the near future. As it pains me to say, the only thing we can do is wait until the situation calms down enough for the subject to be brought up."

As the two men were discussing what was going on. The front door to the house opened up to reveal a young woman holding a tray with a tea kettle and some cups on it.

"I've brought more tea out Rhea," the woman told the occupant of the table she was heading to.

"Ah, thank you, Atalanta. Is it more of the green tea? That's the one I like more than the others," Rhea told her.

"Yes, it is. Though we are running low on it. I'll see about asking Vasiliy or Naruto can order some more," Atalanta replied.

Rhea smiled before replying," Sounds wonderful. Why don't you join me? I could use the company."

Atalanta hesitated for a second before complying with Rhea's request.

"Those two are really going at it with their discussion. Though I'm surprised Vasiliy is even back seeing as he told us he wasn't going to be back until early September," Rhea commented seeing Naruto and Vasiliy talking.

Atalanta sighed out before replying, "Yes. It is..."

"You're mad he sent you back aren't you?" Rhea inquired.

Atalanta didn't say anything, but that gave Rhea the answer she needed.

Upon Atalanta's silence, Rhea giggled.

"Must we keep talking about this subject?" Atalanta grumbled out.

"Are you worried about THAT, Atalanta? Because if it is, then that's not going to occur for quite some time. I'd hazard a guess maybe two years at the most," Rhea told her.

"I'm not worried, though I am still confused as to how I'm here so far ahead of that. Nonetheless, I can't sit by while he's out gallivanting around Europe in the advent of something happening," She responded to Rhea.

"I wouldn't ponder too much on it as Vasiliy can easily take care of himself against most things bar deity-class opponents. With Naruto here, unless someone doesn't know who he is, winning is highly improbable." Rhea told her.

Atalanta refused to respond to Rhea, in favor of looking out at the city below from the house.

Rhea sighed before returning to her book.

'I honestly doubt that could ever happen given the problems that are rising at this point. Naruto and Vasiliy are of the impression that it might not even happen at all. Though if that's the case then just how is she here?' Rhea thought.

As the conversation between the two women died out. The two men were still talking about the situation in Europe.

"Huh, well it would be prudent that you expand out your informants to more areas or recruit more. I have a feeling that we might need them," Naruto told Vasiliy.

"I've considered that. However I'd have to be careful if I do as if I pull in too many then it becomes a hassle for one to manage this entire network," Vasiliy lamented.

"Then I suggest finding people who can help you manage it," Naruto responded.

Vasiliy grunted in acknowledgment before replying, "I am aware of that fact. What else do you think I've been doing before I came back early?"

"Really now? That's why you came back early?" Naruto inquired curiously.

It was unusual for Vasiliy to not be prompt when arriving or returning. So it stuck Naruto, Rhea, and Atalanta as odd he returned 3 months early back on the 2nd.

More so Naruto and Rhea as they've known him longer than Atalanta had.

"Well, that's all said and done so really it's just that I'm going to relax for a while before heading out again," Vasiliy told him.

"Heh, I see. Well, you know as well as I that things may take away from that relaxation so I'm there with you while we can relax," Naruto responded with a smirk.

Vasiliy rolled his eyes while donning a smile on his face. Now that was something he could get behind.

1 month later July, 27th 1914

Walking about in the forest just outside of Zürich, you will find Vasiliy who was walking while looking up at the sky. In his hand was the Nordic bow Ichaival, a memento from Odin before he became a God.

'Something's going to happen. I can feel it, I just hope those Olympians don't pull us in. I don't want to be the one to answer to Odin when that happens, though it will most likely be the case as I would have the most information as to what was going on at the time. Then there is THAT that's most likely to be either canceled or put off until everything is sorted out," Vasiliy thought with a frown. Vasiliy was in a precarious situation given that he interacts with some of the Olympians on a regular basis. Though the one he's hesitant to meet is Artemis given that Atalanta is around.

"Is something bothering you, Vasiliy?" Atalanta inquired.

"Nothing more than the usual as of the last several months," he replied, "Though I should be asking that of you given our chance to run into your former patron. What are you going to do when we eventually do?"

Atalanta slowed her pace a little before replying with a frown, "I don't know. I wouldn't have thought that I'd have the opportunity of meeting with her again. I doubt it would go over well if you were nearby, she might take it the wrong way in its entirety."

"Heh, and you wouldn't be wrong either. Her reputation does give some insight, though it helps that Hestia and Rhea have described her personality in considerable detail."

Atalanta didn't say anything as she knew how her former patron was like.

"Well, I guess the idea would be to try to avoid an encounter with her. Though that will probably be tested since the mortals are going to end up at war soon," Vasiliy told her.

While reluctant, she agreed with the plan. It would be best as she knew what happened to her hit her former patron hard.

"Well, let's not dwell on it. I need to get back and start making more of my arrows," Vasiliy said before turning around and walking back to the house.

Atalanta smirked before replying, "Just don't blow yourself up doing it again."

Vasiliy stumbled when she said that before replying, "That was only once!"

"Still try not to do it again. Repairing the house is rather troublesome when you do," she retorted.

Vasiliy continued on walking knowing that she was right about the repairs. Those arrows were a pain in the ass to forge as well as to handle by hand. Mostly the handle part considering how volatile one specific kind was.

'I'd have to set up a special field to contain and stabilize those arrows as well as line my quiver with this field too. I'd much not create an explosion using such a small amount of that stuff,' Vasiliy thought to himself as he trekked back to the house drawing up a magical field for his workshop. Perhaps he could ask Naruto about how to recreate that explosive ball he saw him attack with once.

'I have always wondered why Naruto was so evasive about the Tunguska Event,' Vasiliy thought. Now that event he knew Naruto had a hand in. Just how much he didn't know and Naruto wasn't yielding any answers at all to help him figure it out. Oh well, he'll get his answers even if he has to seek out Rhea's help for it. Naruto can be very terrified of her when push comes to shove. Well, no need to really worry about it for now.

And that is a wrap to this chapter! I hope you liked this chapter. It did take me a while to find somewhere to start with it but I managed to bang this out. Below this, you will find information on the OC


Mortal Name: Vasiliy Gera Mikhailovich

Godly Name: Frømund

Age: 531

Born: April 17, 1383

Status: Demi-god (former)

Minor God (Current)

Domains: Winter, Fortune, Virtues, and The Wilds

Pantheon: Norse

Godly Parent (Mother): Skadi

Weapon: Ichaival

-Forged unique arrows in tandem with the bow