Even In Death, You Are Mine Yandere Len X Smart Rin

Rin woke up to the darkness in her room. It was currently 3 AM and she could not for the life of her sleep.

The poor girl had never been much of a worrier, but these days, she always woke up around this time. Her mind always screaming at her to awake, or else she'd be in grave danger.

She sort of found it ridiculous that her body was doing this.

Rin's PoV

***Btw, all thoughts are going to be italized***

Why the hell is this happening to me?

Ughh, I swear reading all those yandere stories are taking a toll.

Maybe I should stop.

But then how else am I going to fantasize about hot guys being obsessed with me?

What the contemplating girl did not realize was that she was not alone in her dark room.

Rin looked toward the window, and thought about how the lack of sleep would affect her at school tomorrow, what the poor girl didn't notice was that there were electric blue eyes observing her from the side lines.

She turned towards her closet, and sighed, "Why, do I always forget to close the closet door. The next thing that'll happen to me is that I probably find a really attractive guy hiding in my closet. Oh gawd, what if I'm like a chapter 1 yandere fic heroine with all these things happening to me."

His Pov

How can my goddess be so perfect!

Too bad she didn't guess that I was actually hiding outside her other window.

I can't wait to make her mine.

I can't wait to feel her soft skin under my fingertips, smell her hair, and mark her.

I can't wait to do 'other things' to her glamorous body.

Hmm…maybe I shouldn't wait.

As that thought leaves his mind, the gears in his brain start turning.

Soon my sweet Rin Soon