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Chapter 2: The Lion Pounces, the Wolf Eludes

Lannister Encampment


Loren said as he noticed his big brother entering with some wild looking men and a sellsword.

The war has been victory after victory so far. Jaime defeated and captured Edmure Tully on the field and broke the Rivermen at the Golden Tooth and Riverrun, he then laid siege on Hoster's home, things seem to be going well for House Lannister. The Wolf Pup and his men are still near the neck and scouts report only being around twenty thousand but it could always change.

"Uncle, father, little brother." Tyrion started with that same cocky smile on his lips. He frowned and his father frowned.

"The rumors of your demise are unfounded." His father's clear displeasure at Tyrion living and not dying on some road, he is glad his brother is alive, but then again he also is not. Tyrion scoffed lightly, he knows about how their father feels towards him.

"Sorry to disappoint you."

His brother was kind to him and was really the only other Lannister he can speak with, all whilst Jaime and Cersei were in King's Landing. He didn't want is demise until he was allowed to leave home and would often never come back unless called by their father for something to do with Lannisports drainage, an embarrassing duty not meant for a lion of Casterly Rock, it's a rats job.

"And who are your, companions?" His father asked Tyrion, and his brother cleared his throat and turned to his men.

"This Shagga, son of Dolf and chieftain of the Stone Crows, Timmett the Son of Timmett and leader of the Burned Men, and this, fair maid is Chella the daughter of Cheyk, leader of the Black Ears." His brother then turned to the sellsword, "This is Bronn, the son of... " Tyrion trailed on and Bronn shrugged.

"You all wouldn't know'em."

After this was a demand for arms and armor for his wild men which is preposterous, yet his father agreed to it. Afterward when the elder brother and father threw a few more insults at each other and then they all got down to business.

"I am happy you went to war for me." He scoffed at Tyrion's next sentence and it drove him to speak.

"We didn't do it for you, we marched to war to preserve our families pride." He snapped and his brother's face didn't shift to a response, knowing his father, he would have gone to war for any Lannister being taken captive, even Joy would involve plenty of bloodshed being spilled.

"Loren is right. Your capture gave me no choice. Jaime or Loren wouldn't have surrendered so meekly." Tywin snapped out and it was the truth, he wouldn't have allowed himself to be arrested by some bitch who is grieving over a crippled pup. He would have the woman bow to him and pay the debt of ever presuming to take him captive, can't say the same for Jaime though.

"You know the three of us, He and Loren are braver, I'm better loo- "

Things took a dive there as his brother went on about Jaime and his accomplishments, after Edmure was captured, his father sent him to capture surrounding holdfasts and towns which never had more than a few hundred and either fought to the bitter end or surrendered without a fight, yet his laurels pale in comparison to squashing the Tully forces at the Tooth and near Riverrun.

The day ended when his father allowed Tyrion to have the van in the next battle which might possibly be against Robb Stark if they pass by the Neck. His brother brought three hundred to the table, all gangly and gaunt like himself. He rested for some time until morning when a war meeting was called to plan upcoming battles against the enemies of the crown and the realm itself.

Scouts reported that Robb moves south of the Twins with Lord Frey's levies in tow. His father praised Stark for his courage, though his greenness on the field will be what makes this war a little more interesting, will this new rebel leader win the first battle or lose it. He sipped his wine cup and heard the whistling of his brother who entered the room and took a seat to eat and drink.

"I hope these men of yours are useful, or else we have wasted good steal on them." His uncle Kevan then followed up his fathers comment on how the big one wanted two double-sided steel battle-axes, his quarters in a tent a yard down from Tyrion and heard these 'gentlemen' arguing amongst each other. Tyrion spoke of these arguments and father reprimanded his big brother's incompetence as a commander and the Imp stated that there are better strategies of getting him killed than damaging the war effort, he agrees to this but is too amused to say anything.

The day went on the same as the war meeting had ended and he met with his lieutenants to tell them about everything, First lieutenant and second in command of his half of the force was Wilhelm, a monstrously sized man, though not as brutal as Gregor he is an intimidating man and can swing a battle-axe with a single hand much like old Robert with his Warhammer, he defeated 100 men led by House Piper and seized the Stoney Sept. Next was his cousin by Stafford Lannister, Damon is a good man, a good knight and loyal, he won him the seat of Acorn Hall and took a fort on High Heart from House Smallwood who still held 300 men. The last was Yarwyn of Lannisport, a rich warrior, and merchant that he uses mainly for his coin, not much else.

"Robb Stark is on the move, tomorrow we will meet his host in battle, good luck my friends, dismissed." He said to his men who nodded and took their leave but he wasn't alone too long when his brother came waltzing in, "Tyrion?" He greeted and also asked why he came.

"Ah, you do love me. Usually, everyone ignores little ole me! I came to drink with you, who knows what tomorrow will bring." His brother said and lifted a cup of wine he poured from his flagon.

He smiled and poured himself a cup and lifted it up, "Very well, to tomorrow, Tyrion."

The drummers beat assembly beat in the morning and he was already prepared, his brother and his new friends got so drunk that they must still be asleep and that made him chuckle, his big brother is such a drunkard fool. His father set plans and positions the night before, Gregor and Tyrion are given the vanguard, several hundred men that will bleed a swath into Robbs center and give his 8000 men the opportunity to charge in. His uncle Kevan and Lord Marbrand held the left and right flank with 6000 men each, the last was his father with 5,000 men, half mounted and afoot reserves if things become more strenuous. This is his first big battle against House Stark and he intends to see just how much this Robb Stark does in a first battle.

The battle would take place on the Green Fork where the scouts reported that Robb has brought 20,000 men and it would be quite the fight, he was never interested in battle as a child, but this war will help him prove to his father that he is much worthier an heir than Jaime could ever be. He took a breath and placed his lion helm on his head and pushed his horse forward.

The battle was a disaster for the Starks, given that the force they met wasn't what the scouts reported, only 2000 men led by House Bolton, Hornwood, and Karstark, during the fighting not many notable men were seen besides Roose and Lord Karstark's son Harrion, casualties were only Halys Hornwood and the majority of the Bolton forces, captives consisting of Harrion Karstark, Wylis Manderly, and Medger Cerwyn. He killed 80 men and sustained a wound on the left arm but it is minimal at best, other casualties were mountain men and Yarwyn, sadly to say.

He lost 600 men and replaced them with the word of his father. It was still a victory though Robb and his host marched west to Riverrun, hopefully, Jaime will actually defeat the rebel Lord. It was midnight when he found himself on a hill, wine cup in hand and alone beside his 'sword' at his side, Wilhelm remained quiet as he drank to victory for his brother, and may be suffering a grievous wound too, that would be boon to his goals in getting his father to consider him the better heir. Green eyes laid themselves on the moon above, several victories and hopefully-

"Don't step any closer!" Wilhelm barked and he turned to see what his man was referring to, it was a soldier from the armor who looked intimidated by Wilhelm and he should be. He smiled and waved his hand for his guard to let him pass and the soldier hesitantly did so.

"What brings you? did my father call a meeting?" He questioned and the soldier nodded.

"Yes milord, it has to do with Ser Jaime and..." He smiled lightly, maybe his dear brother perished in his last and final victory. His smile fell at the soldier's somberness and quiet manner, it caused him to be suspicious.

"What happened?!"

He walked through the camp, angered at what the soldier had said to him. Not only did his idiot brother fail and his forces were completely smashed at the Whispering Wood and near Riverrun, but his equally idiotic nephew went and offed the Lord Stark's head in King's Landing. His isn't all upset about Eddard's death as it was going to happen either way, but he was a valuable prisoner for the war against House Stark. More so the remaining brothers of King Robert went and made themselves Kings to contest for the Iron Throne, neither are worthy for it, not even his idiot nephew for that matter.

He heard his father shout as he made it to the entrance and dismisses his lords, all that remained was uncle Kevan, Father, and brother. He heard one lord mutter about suing for peace with the North and he couldn't stop himself from scoffing, his brother and favorite son is held, prisoner, there is no point in such talk now and especially with Eddard's execution, this will be a fight to the bitter end until either the Wolves of Winterfell or Lions of Casterly are dead and gone.

"I assume you know." His father said to him and he gave a silent nod, "We will get Jaime back, but for now we must think of this war. Stannis in Dragonstone, Robb in Riverrun and Renly at Highgarden." The more innocent part of him resurfaced and had his heart fluttering at the mention of the castle in the Reach and the woman who lives in that castle, Margaery of the House Tyrell. "Robb has Jaime but he can be dealt with, its Renly who is the problem. He has the armies of the Reach and Stormlands, together giving him the largest army in Westeros. I cannot turn back and defend the capital from him, but you two can." His last sentence caught him and Tyrion by surprise, what does he mean? He thought as he scrunched his eyebrows.

"And what will we do?" Tyrion asked his fathers answer was quick.

"Rule. Loren will serve as Hand until I finish Robb Stark, and you will aid him in this endeavor." He smiled a little at that, that his father would trust the position as Hand to him must mean he is doing something right.

"Clearly Loren is able for this task, but why me? shouldn't a Lannister defend our lands." Tyrion asked and Loren groaned on the inside, he saw what his brother is getting at and he is a fool if his father will agree to that. His father's expression turned almost cold to the eye and ignored the request.

"You both are my sons. Two Lannisters can defeat the threats to our family, you were also right about Eddard Stark. Alive he could have ended this war earlier than expected, Loren will need aid in defending our families dynasty. You will both set out tomorrow with your cavalry, though I will be taking 3000 men from you and placing them in the command of Lord Brax. Now go." His fathers words had some effect and truth to it, two Lannisters can do anything though one is sufficient enough. He cleared his throat and sat up from his chair.

"And what will you do? You can't stay here. Not with the majority of our forces routed." He inquired and his father and uncle nodded.

"No one will stay here, I am giving Gregor commands to burn the Riverlands from the Gods Eye to the Red Fork. We will retreat back to Harrenhal and garrison until proper plans are set."

Farewells were then made and by dawns coming he had his men ready for march. His brother Tyrion is still upset on being denied the chance to act as Lord of the West in their father's place but after some drinks and a few key talks, his elder brother was on board with everything. He also allowed him to bring that camp whore with if only to stop him from depressing the men and annoying him as well. He bid his father good luck before leaving the camp and prays to a quick end to the Stark host whilst he gets his fathers back against Renly Baratheon.

"What is your plan at this moment?" He heard Tyrion ask him and he smiled on the inside a bit, that is a queer question to ask coming from the one who undeniably has more wit than himself.

"One step at a time I suppose, we will need to shore up defenses in the weakest spots, get the city ready for siege and more so, win," Tyrion smirked and took a drink from a water sack which is surprising.

"Very well. To our victory, or defeat depending on the coming battle."

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