It's a wonderful morning of the last day of the academy. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the wind-


"GODDAMNIT!" Naruto pounded the alarm clock with his fist. He sighed then yawned and stretched then grinned.

"Today's the day when I'm finally gonna become a ninja!" he said happily.

He jumped out of his bed and ran to his bathroom to quickly brush his teeth and wash his face. He impatiently waited for the water to boil and then poured it into his cup noodles while he changed. After quickly finishing his noodles he threw on his headband that Iruka gave him and made sure it's tied properly. Zipping up his jacket he locked his door and dashed to the academy.

When he got there some of the students were already there and some were just arriving. He got into the classroom and took a seat. Not long after Shikamaru came into the classroom and spotting Naruto he walked up to him.

"What are you doing here? You failed the test didn't you?" he said in a lazy tone.

"Well, open your sleepy eyes Shikamaru! Don't you see my headband? I passed too and we'll be training together, how do you like that? "Naruto replied cockily.

"Huh? What a drag…"

A couple rows above them a girl was sitting and watching them. Her big pearly eyes glistening, her blush intensifying and her fingers fidgeting. "Naruto passed! Thank Goodness!"

Naruto was still grinning "…And it looks so darn good on me! Believe it!"

"Oh, Naruto…" Hinata quietly whispered, her cheeks getting redder. But she was distracted as two kunoichis burst through the door.

"I'm first!" They both yelled simultaneously then got into an argument about it.

Naruto looked up and his eyes met Sakura's. He blushed and waved at her.

"Hey, good mornin' Sakura! What's up?" he said happily.

"Move it!" Sakura yelled in annoyance and pushed him out of the way looking at Sasuke dreamily. "Good morning Sasuke…mind if I sit next to you?"

"Back off, forehead! I'm sitting next to Sasuke!"

"I was here first!" Sakura yelled back at Ino.

"I got into the classroom before you, everyone saw it!"

"Actually I got here before either of you, I'm sitting next to Sasuke!"

"No, I am!"

As girls one by one joined the argument Naruto was still on the ground where Sakura had pushed him. His brows furrowed in anger and just as he was about to get up and jump in front of his rival he felt a soft hand on his shoulder.

"A-are you ok Naruto?" Hinata quietly and sweetly asked him.

"Yeah, I guess I'm fine…can I sit next to you?" He asked directing his gaze towards her.

Hinata felt her heart flutter and her face heat up "O-of course…" she managed to stammer out.

He got up and they walked up to the highest row in the classroom and Naruto sat next to her and crossed his arms on the table putting his chin in between them. She looked at him shyly then she took a deep breath and with all her courage she decided to try to talk to him.

"Are y-you ok? You l-look sad?"

"Why is he so much better than me? What does Sakura see in him? He's arrogant and an asshole, I'm much better than him!"

Hinata gulped "Y-you are…she just does not know you…s-so she does not know how n-nice you are…"

"Huh? You mean that? You think I'm nice?"

Before she had the chance to answer Iruka walked into the classroom holding a paper in his hands. "Everyone please take your seats and girls, please get off of Sasuke…" He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Alright…as of today you are all ninjas, but you are still just genin. All of you will be split into teams of three and you will have a jounin as your sensei…

Then the entire classroom started chatting about the announcement and they all had different thoughts:

"Teams of three, that will only slow me down…"

"I hope I'll be with Sakura and anybody but Sasuke! I don't care who just not Sasuke!"

"Cha! I'm going to be with Sasuke, he's mine!

"Oh my…I h-hope I'm with Naruto…"

"What a drag…"

Munch, munch, munch.

"Ahem!" Iruka coughed stopping the chatter.

As he announced the teams one by one the cries of disappointed fan girls could be heard, then he got to the last few teams:

"Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki…Sasuke Uchiha…and…Hinata Hyuga!"

Sasuke stayed emotionless as always but Naruto sure as heck didn't.

"Why do I have to be stuck in a team with this jerk?!" He yelled angrily standing up and pointing at the Uchiha.

"Because, in order to balance out the team we put Sasuke, the best student of the year with you, the worst student of the year. Iruka replied with his hands on his hips.

While the other students laughed at him he sat back down and his eyes met Hinata's.

"Well, at least you think I'm nice right?" he asked her in a concerned tone.

She nodded lightly smiling at him.

"Just don't get in my way…loser." Sasuke replied coldly.

Naruto glared daggers at him "You can't boss me around, got it jerk?!"

"Hn…you just get further away from me loser." Sasuke replied not looking at him, but his head snapped back at him after Naruto replied:

"And you'll just get that stick further up your ass!"

"What did you say, dead-last?!"

"Ya deaf?" Naruto grinned making Hinata giggle and the rest of the class laughing at Sasuke for the first time ever.

Sasuke glared at him with his teeth clenched not knowing how to reply to that.

However, Naruto did.

"Why do ya keep staring at me? Good looks aren't contagious."

Now the whole class was really laughing. Even Iruka chuckled. Sasuke just turned away from everyone an angry expression on his face.

After the laughter stopped Iruka announced the rest of the teams and told them where to meet their sensei. In the end team 7 was the only team left in the classroom. Naruto was walking up and down the classroom occasionally peeking through the door wondering why their sensei was so late. Hinata was sitting in the first row on the left playing with her fingers. She couldn't believe her luck, she was on a team with her crush just like she had hoped for. She didn't notice Sasuke looking at her.

"Hn... at least I didn't get stuck with one of those banshees…" (AN: banshee – an Irish legend, a female screaming creature…I think…)

However, his thoughs were interrupted when he heard a dragging sound. Looking up he saw Naruto standing on a chair placing a chalk eraser in between the door opening.

"Heh, that'll show him."

"Idiot, our sensei is a jounin, there's no way he's going to fall for a boobie trap…"

"Hihihi, you said 'boobie'!" Naruto laughed.

Sasuke sighed "Idiot…"

At that moment the door opened and a gray haired man walked in covered in chalk powder.

"Ha! You fell for it!" Naruto laughed.

"Is…Is he mad? It was funny though…" Hinata thought trying to suppress a giggle.

Sasuke was eyeing the man "He fell for that? Is he really a jounin?"

Finally Kakashi spoke up "Meet me on the roof in five minutes…oh…and…

…you are a bunch of idiots…"