I really am sorry for not posting a new chapter in so long. I have been working on the rough draft, but several things have been stopping me. Number 1: Me. I will get my notebook set up to start writing and WILL write a little before my brain just shuts down. I want to write I really DO, but it's like I've run into a brick wall inside of my mind sometimes. Number 2: I only have a limited time that I can work on my rough drafts. The place where I live has wiring issues and will blow a fuse if too many electronics are used. I won't use any lights so that my nieces can keep their lights on so I can only work on my rough drafts when it's light outside.

I've finally been motivated to write again thanks to Markiplier. For those that don't know who Markiplier is he's a popular gamer YouTuber who is quite funny. I recommend his Five Nights at Freddy's playlist, Untitled Goose Game playthrough, Vanish playthrough, and if you want to see him get angry Getting Over It playthrough. Anyway, he just did a members-only live stream that motivated me to write. So please send him some love or thanks over on Twitter or YouTube for motivating my lazy ass.

I WILL have a new chapter of Fallen Angel up sometime next week. Why not today? Because the rough draft isn't finished yet. I'm going to work on it for a while today and then I'm going to celebrate my birthday!

Thank you all for being so patient with me. I love you all! Buh-bye for now!