Chapter 1

Two years have passed since the events of Matthew Turner and Prometheus flame.

Now the twins are 18 while Matthew is 16 the twins are the only children of Cole who still possess magic, unlike Matthew who sacrifice his magic in order to stop Prometheus and bring order back to the universe through the Grand Design!

Today is just another regular day for the Turner family who ever since the events of Matthew Turner and Prometheus flame were forced to adapt.

Phoebe kept her job at the newspaper and even got her own tv show called Ask Phoebe.

Then we have Cole who still remained the Source of all evil but soon discovered a passion for politics and campaigned and became a major.

While the twins still graduated from both the Academy and San Fransico local high school and have just begun Demon and Warlock collage.

Now, Matthew was pulled out of the Academy but keeps in touch with his demon friend Vlad but started going to the local high school full time while trying to adapt and survive his new life as a mortal.

Today is a typical Monday morning for the Turner family.

Cole has a dozen meetings since becoming major then Phoebe has an important meeting with Elise her editor at the newspaper.

Meanwhile, it's the twins day off from college and are sitting down at the penthouse watching tv.

Matthew has just finished getting changed into a grey t-shirt and blue jeans as well as a green bomber jacket and leaves his bedroom and makes his way to the elevator when Toby shouts for him.

"Matt," Toby shouts causing Matthew to halt and turn to his older brothers

"What's up Toby," Matthew asked his older brother

"I need you to go into town later and pick a few things up for me," Toby said

"What am I a servant," Matthew replies

"No, but a spell could change that," Toby snarled

"Fine, whatever it has to be after school," Matthew mumbled

"Suits me fine," Toby said

"Have a nice day at school," Bane spoke

"I doubt it," Matthew says before walking to the elevator and presses the button and waits for the elevator door to open before he can enter and press the floor he wants to be on and the elevator door closes

Matthew hates that he had to destroy his magic!

Ever since he lost his powers Toby just bosses him around more and uses magic as a threat which is totally unfair in Matthew's eyes.

Walking down the street to school Matthew is met by his mortal friends Regina and George.

Regina has brown hair and green eyes and is quite thin then there is George who has blond hair and blue eyes.

"Hey Matthew," Regina and George said

"Hey to you too," Matthew replied

"Are you excited for the school trip,"? George asks

"What trip,"? Matthew asked George

"You're kidding right the trip to the Sanderson house," Regina spoke

"Oh, yeah I totally forgot," Matthew says

"Oh, man that means you don't get to come," George speaks

"No, I got it signed the other day and handed in," Matthew explains

"Thank God for that," Regina said

"Apparently there some myth about a black candle there," George says

"What kind of myth,"? Matthew questions his friend George

"Does it matter it's not like magic exists," George replies

"Today is going to be a long day," Regina spoke