Chapter 13

After, Hayley's terrible and unforeseen death.

The Halliwell sisters beside Phoebe have left the Sanderson house leaving the Turners alone in Sanderson house with the Sanderson spellbook.

The Turners have realised that the charmed ones collective couldn't destroy the book.

But that doesn't mean the Turners don't have a way to destroy this tome of evil forever!

Toby and Bane looked through the Sanderson spellbook to gain a better understanding what kind of dark magic they would have to counteract with.

The twins have only just finished searching in the Sanderson spellbook.

When Cole asks his two oldest boys if they have found a way to destroy the spellbook forever and end the curse placed on Dani, Max and Allison!

"Boys, do have a way to destroy the book,"? Cole asks

"Oh, I think so Toby don't you agree," Bane says

"Yes, I think we have a way to destroy the book," Toby replies

"And lift the curse Sarah put on Dani, Max and Allison,"? Phoebe asked

"That to let's end Sanderson legacy for good," Bane said before he closes the Sanderson book that lies on the stand and holds one of Toby's hand while holding his other hand out towards the book the same as Toby

"Let's hope it works," Cole spoke

"Two Sanderson brothers, we act as one our might equal to no one in every day and all future hours we destroy the Sanderson spellbook with all our power and may the evil brought upon the world by our mother and her sisters be erased remove their wicked deeds from everyone," The twins chant the spell caused the Sanderson spellbook to ascend into the air and is engulfed in flame and rendered to ash meanwhile at the local hospital Dani is visiting her brother Max and sister in law Allison and is replacing the flowers in a vase when suddenly they awaken Dani is overjoyed that the curse is over and embraces her family

"It's over the Sanderson sisters are gone," Phoebe announces

"Look," Matthew spoke as he points over to the black candle that shines brightly before it disappearing for good

Leaving the Sanderson house Matthew is carrying Hayley's corpse.

The family relieved that the Sanderson sisters are dead now and forever.

But are deeply sad that Matthew has lost Hayley for the second time forever!

Matthew although sadly is not as nearly as heartbroken as he should be thanks to Hayley's spell.

"It's going to be okay Matthew I promise," Phoebe says to her son

"Hayley, came back to save me rather us she knew how much you meant to me," Matthew replies

"Maybe we should go and bury her," Bane suggested

"We can't bring her back but we can bury she deserves that at least," Toby spoke

"I guess it is after all it's for the best," Matthew said and just before Cole is about to flame the Turner family and Hayley's corpse to a graveyard a voice in a form of a whisper is heard

"Live your life Matthew don't wait for a train that is never destined to come," The voice whispers

"HAYLEY," The Turner family speak in unison after hearing her message then Cole flames them all to a graveyard to bury Hayley