Hiya! I'm somas and welcome to my newest story "Still Alive"! Right now I'm still not sure about this idea. I have a few plans for it but if nobody has any interest then I will discontinue it. So pretty much everyone who has done a transformers story has put Jack through the ringer at least once it seems. Well now it my turn to take a crack at it. My idea going into this was to take an old idea and breath some new life into it. Thats part of the reason why this is a crossover. The other being that I love seeing Jack sent to other planets and Remnant seemed like a great opportunity. Also I may confuse a few things in the timeline so if I do that please be sure to let me know in a review (heck just a review in general would be nice). In any case enjoy the story!

(On Cybertron)

Jack and Arcee stood in front of the ground bridge to Earth, looking into the swirling rift in time and space with worry. Arcee had been unable to contact the Autobots on the other side to get the go ahead to go through. Which probably meant that it wasn't ok.

But they had to go through.

They had to get the Key to Vector Sigma to Optimus! It was the only way they knew to restore his memories and get there leader back. Without it he would just be Orion Pax, Iacon clerk and P.O.W to the Deceptions. They couldn't let that continue.

So after a moment's discussion it was decided they would rush the portal and Jack would get the key to Optimus while Arcee held back whoever was on the other side. So that's what they did, and at first it went well. Once on the other side Arcee fought off Megatron (who had incapacitated the other Bots) and he ran straight to Optimus who was watching the fight progress. Jack remembered him asking if he was truly worthy of the Matrix of Leadership, to which Jack responded "You have no idea" and released the key.

That's when Megatron saw through their ploy and came to strike Optimus down before he could fight back.

He was too late however. As Megatron brought down his sword Optimus caught in between his hands not unlike the time Megatron had done the same to Optimus back when this catastrophe began. Optimus said a few words of intimidation and proceded to beat the crap out of the silver titan.

It was then Megatron realized he had been beaten, and he was furious! He had been so close to finally destroying the Autobots forever! If not for Jack...

After that all Jack could remember was the sound of a plasma blast and the key glowing in front of him. Then a big flash of white.

And then he had woken up here. In an alleyway of an unfamiliar city. It was daylight out and due to the warmth of the sunlight he guessed that he was probably in Jasper or at least somewhere near there. He decided to get ahould of the base and see if they had gotten home safe and ask for a pickup. They were probably pretty worried by now. Jack took his cell phone out of his pocket and to his suprise he didn't have any cell service...odd, considering even Jasper had decent service in this day and age. He decided to head out of the ally and find out where he was.

Once out of the ally he could see that there were a few mountains near the city, which meant that this definitely wasn't Jasper. The city itself was busy with all sorts of people and vehicles going about there daily lives so he must be in a rather big city. Maybe he could find a train station or airport? those places typically have maps and he could use that to find out where he was. So when someone was passing by he walked up to them and began to ask for directions.

"Excuse me sir? I'm looking for the train station, do you know where that is?" Jack asked the man politely, Just as his mother had taught him.

Said man gave him a rather...hostile look and glanced up at his, forhead? Then responded in a gruff voice.

"Yea sure, Just head up that street and take a left until you see the station, can't miss it" He said quickly and walked away while muttering "Dumb Faunus". Jack didn't know what he meant about Faunus but decided to ignore the insult and head for the station.

The station turned out to be more like a subway station. Similar to the ones you would see in New York or someplace like that. There was graffiti on the concrete walls and people waiting impatiently in line for there tickets, further cementing the fact that he was in no small city. Beside the ticket booth stood what Jack had come here for, A large map. At first he was joyful, but that joy quickly turned sour when he examined the map. He found that he didn't recognize any of the places on this map. Vale? Emerald Forest? What we're these places? Where was he?! He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

And froze...

On his head He felt two...somethings...pulling on his scalp. He slowly felt around and noticed that he could feel from these appendages, In fact they kind of felt like...

But, there was no way right? These couldn't possible be...

Jack spotted a puddle over by one of the wooden benches lining the subway walls. He frantically dashed over to confirm his fears. Hoping that this was some strange trick.

Sure enough. Jack Darby had two bunny ears sticking out from the top of his head.


Welp, That's that. maybe this will gain some interest and maybe it won't but either way any kind of criticism would be most helpful. Thanks for reading!