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Chapter two

(In unkown territory)

When Jack had first seen those ears on his head, He was stunned to silence. He didn't know what to think, It just made no sense! Maybe something in his DNA got screwed up in the ground bridge? No, that didn't make any kind of sense...maybe he was just going nuts?

It was honestly his best explanation at the time.

After staring at the puddle in shock like an idiot for what felt like an hour (though in reality about five minutes) he finaly disregarded this crazy information in favor of finding something he could actually recognize.

He decided to start with-


Suddenly everything turned into chaos! People darted to the exit with no regard for anyone or anything else, leaving there luggage and even shoving people over! He was even shoved to the ground himself once or twice.

"H-Hey! What's going on!" Jack shouted, but no one could hear him over the commotion, or just plain ignored him.

"What's happening!?" He yelled again at the top of his lungs. Still no answer. At this point he just gave up and ran with the crowd in hopes of finding out some other time. Usually when an air horn this loud went off it meant something dangerous was happening such as a tornado or earthquake. Though there hadn't been any bad weather out, nor had the ground been shaking. He still didn't want to be caught out in the open if whatever was going on was bad.

(Scene break)

After a lot of running and getting shoved a few times (and getting his not-ears pulled, but he didn't think about that), the crowd gathered in a large bunker not too far away from, judging from the large sign on the front of the rather ornate building, was the town hall. The bunker while big, was still too small to hold an entire city. Jack figured there were more across the city or whatever was happening only concerned the section he had been in.

Speaking of...

Now that things had calmed down and he had a spot to sit maybe he could get someones attention. He decided to try the woman with...cat ears...("don't think about it Jack!") beside him.

"Um, E-Excuse me miss? What exactly is going on out there?" He asked in a near whisper, not wanting to disturb the quiet that had come over the mass.

The woman looked to him with soft eyes and glanced up slightly, just as the man before had. At least he wasn't the only one who thought they were strange ("stop it!").

"Are you from Vale?" She asked lowly and without malice.

Jack remembered the place from the map before but knew nothing about it, he figured that he shouldn't tell her that though.

"Yes mam."

The woman nodded and spoke again.

"There's a Grimm attack close to the city, they're not sure if it will break through the defenses or not." She said and looked over to the small child clinging to her shoulder.

Grimm attack!? The heck was a Grimm?! What was going on?! Why couldn't he get a hold of anyone?! Why wasn't he able to recognize anything?! Why did he have EARS ON HIS HEAD?!

Where was everyone?...

The woman beside him must have noticed his panic and knelt down beside him.

"Hey hey, it's gonna be ok, the Grimm are still outside the city. Things will be ok." She said, Though Jack didn't notice, still to preoccupied with his inner turmoil. She shook him a bit and he snapped up with eyes wide, showing clear fear.

"Are...your parents around?" She asked slowly. He took a second and shook his head. He didn't want to worry her but he didn't know what to say or where to go. The womans not-ears sagged slightly, she nodded again and sighed.

"Listen, I work at a place where you could stay for a while if you need to. We dont have much but at least you would have a roof over your head right?"

"You mean...like an orphanage?" Jack asked after some hesitation. He wasn't very fond of orphanages, he knew they needed to exist but he didn't like what they symbolized.

People without family's, People who's parents had given up or just didn't care.

People who's parents had...died.

He never wanted to go there.

"Not exactly" the woman said slowly.

"Its more like a place for people to just stay the night when they have nowhere else to go. We give out a free meal every evening and then send them off in the morning. Sometimes they come back sometimes not." She finished.

Jack just nodded. At this point he was very drained emotionally. Everything felt like a dream. Even meeting the Autobots and getting caught up in an intergalactic war hadn't prepared him for this. The woman didn't say anything more and handed him a piece of paper with an address and left. Jack held the paper in front of him and sighed. He didn't want to go to this place. It would be like admitting to all this crazyness that was happening around him.

Then again his life had been pretty crazy for a while now, and he had gotten a second family out of it.

In the end he didn't have much of a choice.

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