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(Chapter 5)

"Where do ya think yer goin now buddy?"

Those words sent a chill up Jack's spine. Though the rain probably had something to do with it as well. Jack turned his head as much as he could to see who his attacker was.


The man holding him down didn't seem much older then he was, had raven black hair, and a tall stature. Though his eyes were red instead of Jack's blue. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He didn't have much time to think about such things now. He needed to get out of his grasp somehow.

"I'm...just trying to get home..." Jack answered slowly. Careful in choosing his words.

"Yea sure. I saw you talking with the big guy. I'm guessin you were meeting while no one could see am I right?" The mysterious figure laughed.

Well this was great. He thought Jack was a criminal. His mom would kill him if she found out.

"W-what? No! I'm not some crook!" Jack denied, nearly sputtering. The man only chuckled again.

"Yea whatever. I'm takin ya to the police station."

Jack nearly panicked. If he took him there then they would look him up and find out that he didn't have any kind of record at all! That would raise alarms for sure. And he didn't have any decent explanation for it.

He HAD to get away!

"Wait a sec ok! Just hear me out!" Jack cried, the man stopped pulling him.

"Talk fast kid."

Kid? He didn't seem much older than himself...whatever.

"Listen my boss can straighten this out alright? Just talk to him."Jack pointed his head to the opposite side of the street, the man followed his gaze.

Which was exactly what he wanted.

Jack suddenly twisted his hands out of his captor's grip and rotated his body to throw him off.

"What in the?!"

Then he took off, not bothering to look back. It wasn't long before he heard footsteps behind him.

This guy had been able to find him in the pouring rain long after fleeing the original ambush. If he didn't do something fast he would be caught all over again. That wouldn't end well for him.

Jack just continued running until he could think of a plan. He hopped he could find something soon.

(Unknown POV)

Well...this kid had aura...that was odd.

The man hadn't taken long to get up and charge after the boy in the grey shirt. He supposed he deserved a telling off for falling for that obvious trick.

"Man Rav is gonna kill me if she finds out." He said to himself. He could still just barely see the kid though he was steadily gaining on him. It wouldn't be long before he caught up.

(Jack POV)

"Come on come on give me something!" Jack said as he ran. Desperately looking for something to slow down the guy behind him. While looking back he vaguely saw a bus coming his way, and suddenly had an idea.

If he could stop the bus and climb under it maybe he could lose the guy. Though for this to work he would have to get out of the line of sight. Which meant being very very fast.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Jack muttered as he ran into the street. As the bus passed he waved his arms to the driver, trying to signal him to stop. Luckily he did. But instead of dashing under the bus like he planned Jack was thrown to the ground.

"Gotcha!" Jack heard. He looked up and saw the man standing over him with his fist rapidly heading towards his face. He quickly rolled to the side and stood up, only to get a foot in the gut. Sending him into another brick wall. Jack was honestly surprised he hadn't broken a rib or two by now.

Jack heard the quiet "Shing!" Of a sword being drawn with his rabbit ears and quickly rolled to the side.


He glanced back to see the guy had SHOT right where he had been.

"What the heck dude!?" Jack cried. The man said nothing and charged at him with the sword raised. Again Jack dodged the swing, he considered running again but if he tried the man would just gun him down. Keeping at a close range was his best bet.

"What did I do to you?!" Jack called out, he didn't answer and just continued attacking with various swinging patterns, and occasionally letting the blade come apart from the hilt to take another shot at him. Suddenly Jack heard footsteps coming from behind, getting louder by the second. Another roll later he turned and saw a woman with a blade that looked a lot like the other man's, and hair just as black as his own.

What worried him most was the fact that she wore a eerily similar look on her face that Arcee did when she was fighting Cons.

Considering where those Cons ended up that didn't bode well for him.

"Do I always have to clean up your mess brother?" The woman glanced at her apparent brother.

"I had him you know." The man glared back.

"Then why am I here?" She retorted.

While this exchange was going on I looked around for something to defend myself with. I didn't think I could hurt them but I wasn't just gonna lay down and give up. I never did for the Cons and I wouldn't here. On the other end of the street I saw a store advertising dust and other items to along with it.

...I hate myself for doing this...

Now what I had planned on doing was charging at them and squeezing in between them, counting on them not attacking so they wouldn't hit each other. Only when I kicked my feet to charge through I suddenly felt the ground under me give a bit and I went sailing...

Into the air?!

I looked down to see the ground probably about ten feet below me.

"Wooooaaaaah!" I yelled as I went over my attackers and came careening down on the other side. I saw the ground coming closer and I held my arms out. When I hit I expected to break them, but instead they held up perfectly fine.

I was extremely confused but didn't have much time to worry about it cause they were already starting to close the minor gap I had made. I dashed inside the shop and ran behind one of the isles and stopped to catch my breath.

I heard the door open again and two pairs of footsteps enter the building thanks to my new pair of ears. I looked around at my surroundings and was surprised to find that the store's stock was almost entirely dust! This stuff powered their entire civilization right? Wouldn't the major companies out there have gotten a monopoly on there only source of energy?

I couldn't think about it anymore as I heard the footsteps getting closer. Scrap I got distracted! I had only just started to move when a saw the woman run into the isle straight at me! I turned the other way but the man was on the other side. I had been boxed in...

They slowed to a walk towards me with weapons raised and I knew It was over. They seemed to realize it too cause the man held a rather smug stature. The woman didn't seem the type to gloat.

"Alright kid, the funs over. Let's get going."

I was so dead.

A few blocks later and a few jabs at my pride from the man (whose name was Qrow of all things). We had arrived at the police station. Inside was a lot like the police station back home...not that I've ever been in trouble with the law before, I was only there for my license tests. Anyway the main entrance led into a small lobby where a few people were standing a I line, most of them families with some sort of grievance or another, a few were police with a prisoner to lock up. Eventually in came to us.

"My brother found this man conversing with a crime boss, we tried to bring him in for interrogation but he resisted." Raven spoke. The woman behind the counter nodded.

I'll get someone to talk to you. In the meantime please leave him in the interrogation room, I assume you know where it is? They both nodded and led me across another hallway.

"She acted like you were cops. Are you guys undercover or something?" I asked as we turned into a small room with no windows, a grey desk and a single ominous chair. The man laughed and shoved me into the chair.

"Nah kid we're huntsmen, we just do this a lot." He said. They left the room and locked the door behind them.

And for a while after that I was alone.


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