Chapter 3

There is cursing involved and suggestive themes.

I apologize if this offends anyone, it was not my intention.

With the sound of the bell, the match began.

All eyes were on those two.

Oliver decided to go first, "Len, you know that you're the reason that people think all blondes are air heads right?"

Len could not believe his ears, how dare that little-.

"OI, WHAT DO YOU MEAN? MY BROTHER'S SMARTER THAN YOU." Rin screamed from her front row seat.

Fine, if Oliver wants to start off with blonde jokes, let it be so. He was going to take the high road.

Len clears his throat and says, "Of course."

Oliver at the moment looked quite satisfied till Len opened his mouth again.

Len with a smirk says, "You know Oliver, the other day I saw you bathing in a bird bath, why is that so? Is it because you got kicked out of your house?"

Oliver looked so embarrassed, his face looked like a cherry tomato, why the hell would he make something so crazy up?

"I wonder if Oliver was so horrible that his own family kicked him out." Meiko says, adding gasoline to the fire, while Luka who was still furiously glaring at Kaito, spoke into the mic, "Well, if he agrees, then it'll be embarrassing for his whole life."

Oliver, taking a deep breath, looked over at the glaring leek, and said, "Of course."

Oliver opened his mouth again, "If laughter is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world."

"OHHHHH SHOTS FIRED!" screamed Meiko, who was feeling a little tipsy at this point.

Len, "Of course, it looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer."

"And the compliment is returned," Luka comments with sarcasm dripping from her voice.

Oliver, "Of course. You've got to admit Len, Rin's way manlier than you."

Len, "Of course, Oliver, you must have no friends."

Oliver, "Of course, hi Len, I heard your favorite nursery rhyme is HumpMe DumpMe."

Suddenly the crowd looks focused, everyone wanted to know if the rumors were true or not.

"Wow, it seems that Len's fangirls are super focused," Kaito absently added as he held on to a wild Meiko who wanted to kiss the imaginary M&M man.

Len, who was fuming at this point, a guy only does ONE SONG about using girls, ahem Spice ahem, and suddenly he's a player.

Len couldn't admit to that, he was not a ladies man. Woman and girls actually terrified him thanks to his sister and cray-cray fangirls. He was sick of all the people calling him a player.

There was a silence, and then then Len spoke.

"I'm sorry, no." Len got up from his chair and back away.

A gasp was heard.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ROUND 1'S VICTOR IS BIRD BOYYYY OLIVERRRRR." Said Kaito, who rushed over to the ring to hold up Oliver's hand.

"Stay tuned for the 2nd round of the match which will decide the victor, the theme is…PERSONAL CRITIZISM and other family members may be included." Luka added, as they went into a 10 minute break time.

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