"The new students have just arrived."

"Ah. Well, I suppose it is time to greet the new students, Professor Magenta. Thank you for telling me."

"You are welcome, Headmaster Odran."

The door closed with a heavy clunk, leaving Headmaster of the Beacon Academy, Odran sitting in his chair, hands fingering the cane leaning against his chair. Standing, he strode from behind his desk to the door. He was a not a very tall man, but what he lacked in height he made up for with his powerful aura. The white military jacket sat firmly on his shoulders, dropping below his knees. His dark blue shirt contrasted sharply with it, black trousers tucked into his white boots. A blue-gloved hand gripped his cane with a light grasp.

It had been a hundred years since the Heroes of Remnant had vanquished Salem and saved the Four Kingdoms of Remnant. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xio Long were legends, their stories beginning to be stretched by those who retold the stories outside of the history books. Beacon was rebuilt by another legend, Glenda Goodwitch, who restored the Academy to its former glory. Another long peace between the Kingdoms had stretched for years since then, thanks to the Heroes who had ensured a safe future for the following generations. The world had progressed since then, but still Hunters and Huntresses were required to keep the ever-present threat of the Grimm at bay.

Odran turned the handle to the door and stepped out into the hall. Running a hand through his dark brown hair, he shut the door behind him and started towards the Main Avenue. His light blue eyes locked on the towering doors leading to there.

Time to meet his new students.

Jazpeer Aldenwood gazed out the window of the aircraft as they landed. His arms were crossed, closing himself off from the other students in the airship. His black hair fell messily around his eyes, cut short at the top of his shoulders. Eyes that gleamed like Remnant's moon peered out the glass, examining all they could see of Beacon. A group of students moved towards the window. Giving them a sidelong glance, Jazpeer moved away. People never liked him, not when they found out about him. Dark, like the Grimm, they would always whisper.

Being different hurt. If there was anything more he wished in the world, he wished he had never been given his gift, his semblance.

The door opened and the students poured out of the ship, glad to be on solid land again. Jazpeer held back until they had all filed out before exiting himself. His black clothing and white armor made him stand out among the colors that filled the Main Avenue.

If they want to compare me to the Grimm, he thought, then I will make it easier.

Besides, he never did like color much. Not after…

The gates up ahead swung open and a commanding figure stepped outside. Jazpeer sighed and hurried to catch up with the others.