Sakura Doruido's teal eyes moved back and forth between the many students around her. Somehow she had ended up in the middle of everyone. Not that she minded it. No one seemed to notice her. What will I say if someone starts a conversation? She spotted a few faunas in the crowd. Thank goodness, she thought. If there was anyone she could manage a conversation with it would be a faunus. They were so easy to talk to.

She paused a moment, looking up at a statue of a tall woman with her arm outstretched, a crop in her hand. On the opposite side of the Avenue was a small replica of the tower being put back together piece by piece. Even though it was a statue, it had a powerful influence on Sakura.

Shaking her head, she hurried to catch up with the others, having fallen behind while she stared at the statue.

Recognizing the Headmaster from her parent's descriptions, Sakura still marveled that he was so young. He didn't look a day over thirty, yet he stood there, calmly surveying the new students. Suddenly feeling young, even though she was only a year younger than most of the students gathered here, Sakura listened closely.

"Thank you for coming," Headmaster Odrun began. "Today you are stepping into a new world which will become your home for many years. For some this is a daunting task, a new adventure, or a challenge. I hope that here, you will become not only the best Hunters and Huntresses, but the best person you can be. Today, you will continue in a lifelong art, the art of learning."

He paused, surveying the many students in front of him. So young. So innocent. Unaware of the horrors that many years would lay on their shoulders. Already some looked touched by an aging of experience.

"Tonight, you will stay in the ballroom," Odrun continued. "Sleep well, for tomorrow is Initiation Day. You will need all the rest you can get."

With that he turned into the hall.

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