"You are a Yamato?" Rouge's eyes glittered dangerously.

Ghara fidgeted as best he could being held up off the ground by a tree limb. He didn't like the look in Rouge's eyes. It wasn't her usual crazy one, this one was...scarier. Evidently his silence and guilty tells gave Rouge all the information she needed.

"Tell me one thing," Rouge hissed. "Were you involved in the slaughtering of the Dragomirov Clan?"

"I don't know," Ghara gulped.

He didn't know much about the relationship between the Yamatos and the Dragomirovs, but he did know enough about the feuding faunus families. Yamatos called the Dragomirovs elitist snakes and backstabbers while the Dragomirovs called them barbaric warlords and tradition soaked soldiers. They were enemies and the Dragomirov Slaughter had many suspects, the Yamatos at the top. In fact, Ghara had heard they had been completely eliminated, and had been surprised when Rouge's last name had popped up at the end of the entrance exam.

"Its fun when they tear each other apart," Geppetto smiled, the yellowish light of the lantern staining his teeth a sickening goldish color. "Go on, continue your family feud. Have one last duel."

The branch holding Ghara released him and he fell to the ground. His thoughts flickered towards Geppetto for a moment before returning to Rouge, who looked like an angered cobra. His hand rested on his katana as he backed away from her as she approached.

"Tell me!" Rouge shouted at him.

Ghara stopped backing up, "I don't know."

"Liar," she flicked her tongue as if spitting out the word.

"My father never gave much information," Ghara shook his head.

"Surely you would know about this," Rouge narrowed her eyes.

Ghara carefully opened his canteen that hung on his belt behind his back. "It was years ago, I was busy training."

"I'm sure you were," Rouge snapped.

"I'm telling the truth!"

"How am I supposed to know that?" Rouge demanded. "You lied about your real name and who you really are for almost a year!"

"There was a reason!" Ghara shouted back.

"Like what?" Rouge growled.

"Like that bounty Hunter!" Ghara replied, forgetting Geppetto was near. Rouge was the biggest threat right now.

Rouge flashed her fangs at him, "Well, Yamato, you won't find this Dragomirov easy to kill!"

She lunged at him and he threw the contents of the canteen in-between them. A three headed snake lunged up out of the single pool of water. Ghara stumbled backwards, drawing his katana. Rouge changed her spear into a gun, blasting the ground so that the water dissipated into the dry earth. She then transformed it into a sword, which glowed with the light of one of its cubes. Their weapons clashed together with a resounding clang.

Geppetto watched with fascination in his eyes. He went to pull his knife back from where he had dropped it, but it didn't budge. Narrowing his eyes, he looked uncertain before picking up the lantern and smashing it to the ground. The dried leaves easily caught fire and Geppetto bolted into the woods. That professor was near and Geppetto was not going to risk capture now. He still needed to kill that boy, if the Dragomirov didn't do so first.

Cloud arrived first, her staff ready. She still couldn't activate her semblance due to Professor Sterling being right behind her. What was happening? She could hear fighting, but she couldn't tell who was fighting who.

"Enough of this!" Professor Sterling shouted, drawing his mace.

Rojo and Rye ran up, staring confused at Rouge and Ghara, fighting as if for real. He blinked as he realized that they were fighting in earnest.

"Ghara Mizuchi and Rouge Dragmirov, I order you to stand down immediately," Sterling boomed.

Rojo explained what was going on to Cloud as the Professor broke the two up. He stopped as soon as she could figure things out for herself.

"He's a Yamato!" Rouge shouted angrily. "He's been lying to us from the start!"

"What?" Cloud walked over. "Is this true, Ghara?"

"I am a Yamato, but I wasn't lying because she's a Dragomirov," Ghara protested. "I'm telling the truth!"

"Why would they believe you?" Rouge scoffed.

"Enough," Professor Sterling barked. "We are all coming back to camp. Now."

"Wait what about that bounty hunter?" Rouge suddenly exclaimed.

"The what?" Professor Sterling snapped.

"Geppetto was here," Rouge continued.

"Then we are all going back to camp," Professor Sterling said seriously. "Now."

One Week Later…


"Ouch," Moegi winced at Cally's enthusiasm.

"Sorry," Cally whispered. "But he's doing such a good job…"

"Yeah," Moegi looked around.

Jazpeer and Sakura were missing, the later in a hospital bed recovering from the poisoned wound she had received. It had been a close call, but they had arrived at the pick-up site just in time for her to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Their team leader was keeping her company since Ghara wasn't available. Speaking of Ghara both he and Rouge had been missing since they had all arrived back from their mission. Something was wrong with Team Cargo, but Moegi couldn't place a finger on it. The very opposite of Team Cargo was team Opera, who seemed to have strengthened and become better friends. Moegi wasn't sure how Team Jasper had changed, other than the fact they had been brutally reminded of the harsh realities of being a Hunter.

Depressing thoughts aside, Cally's brother and his team were passing their graduation test with flying colors. Moegi grinned, she couldn't wait for their own graduation.

"Hello Yamato. I'm afraid this is our last meeting. Your father is getting anxious and I don't disappoint."