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Ran was sitting on the couch, doing a bit of homework while her father slept next to her, TV on and blaring at full volume. This had become their nightly routine after Conan had vanished, due to the fact that, with his absence, the rate she and her father encountered murders seemed to have dropped. It was odd, and actually managed to induce a little fear in Ran. What if Conan was cursed, or worse, haunted…? Ran chased that thought away quickly, with a swift shake of her head. She was just being superstitious, as usual. There was nothing to be afraid of... Right?

"Kud- I mean, Conan-kun? Ya here? Oi!" A loud, easily recognizable voice brought Ran out of her thought train, and she jerked in surprise. She got up from her seat and walked over to Heiji who had burst into the room without waiting to be greeted. Why, oh why, did they leave their door unlocked when they were home? They really should just lock it, especially with her father being a famous detective… She shook that thought from her head to stare at Heiji for a moment, confusion in her eyes, before remembering her manners and giving him a polite bow.

"Um, hello, Hattori-kun. What brings you out to Tokyo?"

Heiji continued to glance around before turning to Ran. "Oh, Ran-san. Sorry, I was just lookin' fer Ku-Conan-kun. I was in da neighborhood and ah… well I told Conan-kun last week I'd be stoppin' by. Didn't he tell ya?" He continued to look past her as if expecting Conan to pop up out of nowhere.

Ran shook her head, a bit confused. "No. I can't say he did…" Internally, she thought to herself: That's strange... Conan's usually pretty excited about Hattori's visits… I'm surprised he didn't mention it to me. Although, given the fact he is visiting Shinichi right now… Maybe he was just distracted? Come to think of it...It's rather strange that Shinichi took him with him. Isn't he supposed to be on a case right now? Though, there is his parents' spontaneous reputation to consider...

Heiji continued to glance about the room. "So where is that brat anyway? He off with those other kids somewhere?"

Ran was shaken from her thoughts. "Actually, he's not home right now. Shinichi called me the other day and said he was taking him on a trip somewhere, and by the sounds of it, they aren't going to back for a while."

Ran watched as Heiji's eyes widened. "Did ya just say Kudo called ya?"

Ran was taken aback by Heiji's reaction, though given how rare Shinichi's calls were nowadays, she supposed it wasn't too odd. "Yes. Just the other day. The morning after that KID heist, actually. Apparently, he was in the area because of it, and after meeting up with Conan, he decided he wanted to spend some family time together. He took Conan with him to visit his relatives in America." Ran carefully watched as Heiji's expressions seemed to shift as she retold him what she had heard over the phone. They were mostly unreadable, but seemed to be a mixture of confusion, surprise, and lastly and most curiously, a bit of concern.

Finally, Heiji settled on looking mildly intrigued. "Yer sure it was Kudo who called ya?" he asked, his voice showing a hint of something Ran couldn't quite put her finger on.

Ran nodded, blushing slightly as her voice wavered, but her expression was resolute. "Of course I'm sure! Here, look at the call log." She handed Heiji her phone.

Heiji fumbled with it slightly, glancing over the screen and pressing some buttons. "See...right there: 'Shinichi Kudo' 8:30, June 12," Ran pointed out, gazing over Heiji's shoulder.

Heiji quirked an eyebrow and stared at the phone screen for a long moment before handing it back to Ran. Suddenly, his expression brightened. "Well, guess that's that! I'll have ta give Kudo a call of my own, an' give him a-piece-o my mind." Heiji grumbled something else under his breath afterward, which sounded a lot like; "kidnappin' yerself...What da hell are ya thinkin', Kudo?"

Ran ignored this and shrugged softly. "Good luck. It's not easy to get a hold of him when he disappears like this. Though, if I find out he's been mistreating Conan-kun…" Ran took up a karate stance and punched the air besides Heiji's head firmly. "I'll make sure to drag him out of wherever he's hiding."

Heiji's eyes widened a bit and he gave a small flinch as he backed away, heading toward the door. "Right. Well, thanks fer the help, Ran-san. I guess I'll be seeing ya around."

Ran paused, tilting her head to the side. "Oh? It'd be such a waste if you came all this way for nothing. Sure you don't want to stay for dinner or something to drink, at least? Conan-kun might call if you wait around a bit."

Heiji stared at her blankly, tipping his head to the side a bit. Then, abruptly, his face lit up. He quickly took his phone from his pocket, tapping a few buttons and giving out a quiet curse.

"Dang it! I knew I felt my phone buzzin' away in my pocket. Appears Kudo gave me a call. Probably 'cause he just remembered that he should tell me, his best friend, about him takin' Conan outta Japan." Heiji frowned deeply, shaking his head.

Ran blinked, watching as Heiji put the phone up to his ear, noticing his toe starting to tap a bit.

"Kudo! How could ya not tell me, yer best buddy, about a development as important as ya takin' Conan-kun!" Heiji yelled into the phone, eyebrow twitching.

Ran listened, but didn't manage to catch anything of Shinichi's voice on the other end.

"Oh? Is that true? You want me in America with ya too? 'Cause yer stuck on a hard case, and ya miss me?"

Ran raised her brow at this, somehow doubting that Shinichi had directly said he was missing Heiji. But… he was making the phone call, and she didn't see any reason for Heiji to lie.

"Yer parents'll pay fer the ticket fer the plane ride!? Well, how can I deny that offer?" Heiji said, giving an oddly evil grin to the phone.

Ran frowned, feeling her muscles tense at those words. Shinichi was inviting Heiji to America? That idiot! If he was going to invite Heiji to America, and bring Conan there without notifying him, couldn't he just ask her to come over as well? Or kidnap her like he had with Conan...

Ran shook her head. As if that would ever happen. After all, Shinichi was just a jerk who could make offers to bring everybody but her to America with him… A jerk who she cared very deeply about. A jerk who she could almost say she loved.

"Alright, Kudo! I'll head right ta the airport!" With that, Heiji hung up and stuffed the phone in his pocket.

"Ya heard our conversation, I gotta go!" Heiji turned back to Ran, gaze flashing quickly toward the door.

Ran merely nodded, not sure exactly what else she could do. If this were a trick, she'd definitely fallen right into the trap, and there wasn't anything she could think to do to get out of it.

And before she could say anything more Heiji was out the door, presumably on his way to the airport, though Ran had the odd sense that wasn't really what was going on… People seemed to be hiding things from her. Then again, maybe they weren't and it was just all in her head.

"Huuuhhh? 'Ooo stopped by?" Her father mumbled from the couch, waking up from his nap just as the door slammed shut behind Heiji.

"Oh, uh, it was just Heiji. He came to see if Conan was here." Ran spoke truthfully, going back to where her homework laid on the table.

"Ehhhhh…" Her father moaned, sighing as he sunk lower into the couch, falling swiftly back to sleep.

Ran shook her head at her obviously hungover father, closing her eyes wearily. What the heck was Shinichi doing anyway? When he had taken Conan without asking, she had wondered whether he was was actually on a case of some sort. One that called for a young child to help him solve it or something strange like that. But now he had called Heiji in too! Didn't he know she missed him?

Ran chased the thought away, London flashing in her mind's eye. Of course he did. She had no real cause to worry. He would be back soon, he had a reason for all this nonsense. And if he didn't, she would give him a good kicking when he got back. With all the pain he put her through, he deserved it.


Shinichi looked carefully at the building in front of him, before being interrupted by a sudden sneeze. A small shiver ran up his spine right afterwards, and he rubbed his arms. There was a certain feeling of foreboding lingering over him… It felt as though someone was thinking dark thoughts about him. He quickly shook it off, remembering where he was.

They were out in the middle of nowhere, completely isolated from the outside world. It was unlikely anyone bad, or even good, would find them out here, which was part of the reason they had chosen this particular place. According to Kaito, it had been one of his dad's old "vacation" spots, though, it had been apparently rarely used. Funny enough, it had been mentioned in his father's journal as being one of the places where he practiced channeling his abilities.

It certainly didn't look like a KID hiding spot from the outward appearance. The cabin itself looked plain, and was definitely worn down with age, showing signs of decay in the corners and crevices. Still, the roof, flooring, and walls all looked sturdy enough. Someone had been keeping this place in relatively good condition, which was slightly disconcerting, given that it was supposedly abandoned some time ago.

Shinichi glanced over at Kaito, who had at some point returned to his fox form, seemingly satisfied that they were far away from society now. The tufted detective pursed his lips a bit, noticing Kaito was sniffing around the area just aside the doorway. Shinichi picked up on the strangely nostalgic feeling coming from him, though his expression was entirely unreadable.

Shinichi kneeled down next to Kaito, tipping his head to the side. "Whatcha up to? Find an interesting scent?"

Kaito turned to him, looking dazed. "You could say that. It's… I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's familiar. Like something from a distant memory. I think I know it, but I'm not sure from when and where."

Shinichi merely nodded, understanding on a certain level. He could somewhat sense what Kaito was feeling, after all. With that thought in mind, Shinichi chose to let Kaito do all the sniffing he needed; taking in the strange sense of nostalgia radiating off from him.

"Has someone been here recently? Are there any newer scents?" Shinichi questioned, knowing it very well could, or could not be, a reason for the nostalgia. He was curious as well, it seemed as if someone had been coming on a regular basis to do repairs and take care of the obviously old cabin, if the outside was any indication.

"There is a newer scent… It's layered over the same scent, so it does seem that someone comes here semi frequently. My best guess is the last time they came here was a few months ago. I don't think they're any danger to us, though I couldn't tell you why..." Kaito reported, lifting up his head and snorting definitively.

Shinichi paused, taking in this information. "Hmm, if it's the same scent… It's unlikely it's just some random stranger staying here from time to time. Does anyone else know about this place? Your mom, perhaps?" Shinichi suggested, not able to come up with anyone else familiar who might know of the KID hideout off the top of his head.

"My mom…? Could be… I guess " Kaito's expression grew a bit distant at this, his brows coming together as if he were thinking deeply about something.

Shinichi watched carefully, semi-subconsciously probing Kaito's mind for some hint of what might be causing this expression change. He found himself inadvertently reaching his hand out to touch Kaito, fingers curling and uncurling as he grasped for the magician.

He nearly jumped as an image of a young looking, red-haired woman stood next to where Kaito was sitting. She had two, long fox tails protruding from her hind end, and a set of red fox ears placed where her human ears should be. She had a wide smile on her face, as she held a small bundle of white fur. There was also the sense that there was someone standing next to her…

"Welcome to our new home away from home, little one." The vixen woman spoke softly to the white clump of fur in her hand, who then raised its head, giving a small squeak in response. Its tiny tail gave a small wag, and it licked the vixen's face happily, seeming excited. She gave a soft response, nuzzling her child joyfully.

"You first, milady, and our handsome little gentleman." Suddenly, the figure who had been unseen in the initial vision stepped forward, revealing a man who looked exactly like the one in the picture on Kaito's wall, just without all the magician's garb. He smiled handsomely, gesturing toward the door he had just opened. Shinichi then realized what this must be.

"Oyaji?" Came a voice to Shinichi's left. He turned to see Kaito sitting on his haunches, watching the scene alongside him, though after a little focusing he noticed something odd about his form. It was translucent. Glancing down at his own form, he found much of the same.

Kai's form got up, creeping closer to the door, aimlessly following the other figures as they went inside. "Wait!" Shinichi called to him, his voice coming out distant and echoed.

Kaito paused in the doorway, turning back to face him. He blinked at him. "Shinichi? This place...I remember it now! Come on, I'll show you!"

Shinichi felt himself pulled forward by strong teeth on his pant leg and dragged inside the cabin, which looked far less worn than when they arrived earlier. Inside, he found himself staring at the main room. It was more spacious than he would have imagined from what he had seen of the exterior. There was a traditional Japanese entryway, but the rest of the interior seemed to have a modern-rustic European theme.

Shinichi tried to match what he knew of Kaito's family with what he saw here. Everything was rather simple and yet homely looking, rather alike the Kuroba's main household. The room was dimly lit by some intriguing lamps, that had activated the moment the Kuroba's stepped into the room. Shinichi didn't know much about magic, but if he had to guess, the lamps flames were likely made of fox-fire.

Kaito ran about, excitedly following the visions of his parents and presumably younger self through the main room and to the kitchen. Shinichi followed a bit more reluctantly, taking everything in, but feeling a bit out of place. Shinichi soon managed to catch up to his excited companion, who was standing in the kitchen, watching a scene carry out.

Kaito's mother was cradling the young fox in her arms as she stood near the stove. "You should let me take care of the cooking, dearest…" came the deep voice of Kaito's father. Shinichi felt Kaito tense at the voice, and he could feel the sudden mixture emotions flowing through him, strong and painful.

"I'm fine, my love. Though, if you would like to take Kai for a moment? I won't burn him, but I'd still rather not take any chances." Kaito's mother held out the tiny white bundle, who grinned a sharp toothy grin towards his father, eyes sparkling and tail wagging.

Kaito's father beamed back at him, quickly taking him in his strong arms. "I'll settle for that," he said with a chuckle. As he took the young kit in his arms, his image seemed to flicker a bit before fading, as the present Kaito let off a hoard of emotions next to him. There was a lingering scent coming from the stove and Shinichi could still see ghostly hands moving a pan above a flame, but Kaito had moved on, exploring further in.

Shinichi followed, still feeling nagging emotions drifting off from Kaito. However, they quickly faded as Shinichi found himself staring upwards at a sizely loft area on one end of the cabin. A wooden staircase lead upwards, and he could see a small blur of white climbing it.

Shinichi followed in silence, treading up the stairs. Though his feet made no sound, he felt as if he could hear each individual steps creaks beneath him. He quickly found himself staring at the loft area, standing next to Kaito, who was staring at the bed before him. Moonlight streamed in through the single rooftop window, illuminating the floor in an eerie glow. There was a smaller bed to the side of the queen size one, in which the little fox lay.

The white kit moved about restlessly on the equally white sheets, pounding them with tiny paws. "I never liked that bed…" Shinichi turned towards Kaito, who had an amused yet nostalgic smile on his face. "Though, I rarely actually slept on it. I usually just…" Kaito's voice trailed off as the young fox jumped from the smaller bed to the larger where the two other figures were.

Shinichi watched as the figures stirred, Kaito's parents looking down at the younger him with blank expressions. There were whispered conversations between the family, though the words in this case came out garbled.

"Spoil him," came an audible grumble from Kaito's mother.

"One night..." Kaito's father answered in a fading, mysterious voice, which quickly muted itself.

The little kit seemed to be paying little attention to what his parents were talking about, instead running up and down along the bed before nuzzling next to his mother's head, looking ready to settle right there, before darting off again.

Kaito's mother let out a long sigh as she sat up on the bed. His father shook his head, grabbing hold of the young kit in his arms before standing. "You sleep, mylady. I'll take care of this one."

Kaito's father got up, carrying an excited kit in his arms. Shinichi began to follow, before the vision started to waver again, misting over, before fading to complete blackness.


At that same moment, Shinichi felt a sharp pain flow through his body, starting at his head. He had a vague and disturbing feeling that his bones were repositioning themselves and melting in a chorus of agony. It was as if the APTX were happening all over again, but instead, his skin had a tingly feeling, and he had this vague sense he was going through an even more drastic change than before.

As he felt himself hit the ground, he heard the fuzzy voice of Kaito crying out in shock, then calling out to him in worry. He did his best to open his eyes to look at the kitsune, but as soon as he managed to lift his eyelids a crack, an intense pain flowed through his skull, causing him to let out a small whimper and squint his eyes shut once more.

He could feel a blurriness taking over his mind, and he knew immediately he was about to pass out. This feeling passed rather quickly however, and he soon felt as if he could breath again, move again, think again. It was such a relieving feeling, he knew that had to have been some of the worse pain he had ever been through, counting the APTX and being shot in the cave that one time...

Distantly and suddenly, he felt himself being called to then shaken, rousing him from his thoughts. "Oi! Tantei-kun! Oi, I know you can hear me! Are you doing alright in there? Come on say something..."

"There's no need to yell…" Shinichi said lightly, slowly opening his eyes, but he ended up choking on his words. He took in Kaito's concerned face before him. Sometime during the interim of those odd dream-like images and waking up, Kaito had gone back into his human child form. "I...can hear you just...fine…?" There was something definitely wrong with his throat. The words were coming out peculiar-sounding almost like a...No it couldn't be.

He slowly lifted a hand upwards gazing down at his wrist where his watch hung slightly loose. Sheesh, the world really did seem to hate him; for down his much too long, newly black furred muzzle, there was a red-socked, fluffy wrist attached to a clawed paw. Great, just perfect. Now, on top of shrinking, and later finding out he was a wizard of all things, he had suddenly transformed into a fox. "Kaito, I'm a fox."

Kaito blinked at him clearly a bit dumbfounded himself. Though, he held a completely blank expression."Yeah…kinda noticed that," Kaito gave an unsure laugh, sweat dropping. "I mean...It could be worse?"

Shinichi gave him a glower, pursing his lips as best as any fox could. "Not helping in the least." The fox detective then tried to lift himself to his paws, only to have his legs give out weakly under him. He then realized just how sapped of strength he was feeling at the moment. He didn't know if it was the transformation, or the magic at this point, but he was definitely going to find out soon. "Umm, you know what would help? If you could get me over to that window, that would be great."

Kaito nodded, lifting Shinichi carefully off the ground after standing up himself. He then proceeded to carry Shinichi over to the windowsill, so the little fox detective could get a good look at himself. Once there, Shinichi tensed a bit.

"So. I really have turned into a small fox. A black and red fox… That's wonderful. I can't even blend in with regular foxes in this state, much less humans. " He let out a reluctant sigh, shaking his head a bit. All he could do now was accept it… He cursed under his breath, the sound coming out like a snort. This was completely insane! What cruel entity had decided to give him such a fate as this?

He had a small urge to just lay down, close his eyes, and give up until all this crap magically ended, but he knew that wasn't truly an option. He might as well just try and find out why this happened, see if it was reversible, and never do whatever had caused it again.


"Well. That was quite an interesting little spectacle there. Would you mind explaining it to me? Since you made me wait for what... How long has it been now... Three hours? All spent on this tree, watching to see if you would both make it out alive," Draven cawed, causing Kaito and the Conan-fox to both whip to face him, and he leaned himself down, closer to the duo. His thoughts swirled actively with intense curiosity and quite a bit of worry as well, though he hid the latter away as best he could.

Conan moved his mouth a few times, obviously trying to find words to describe what had just occurred. Though, Draven became slightly confused when the black kit tilted his head to the side confused. "Did you understand any of that?" he barked out.

"I got nothing. I may take care of doves, but that doesn't mean I can speak bird...Wait, couldn't you understand him earlier?" Kaito replied looking just as baffled as Conan.

The boy had a point...Earlier the shrunken teenager, now fox, had been able to understand and even speak Draven's home language. Now, however, if the confused look on his face was any indication, he didn't seem to comprehend Draven's words any longer.

Interesting. So they were both ignorant in this case. Conan gave an unsure laugh, coming out as a few barks in a row, clearly not taking this new development well. Draven himself understood several languages due to his own abilities, combined with his Mistress' knowledge. It was how he was able to follow their conversation now, even with one in fox form.

It would probably be easier to do things that way then...

Draven harrumphed, the sound coming out as more of a coughing guffaw. "I suppose as neither one of you would probably have the answer to the question I just asked...Shall I give you my best guess as to what just happened then?" he spoke in perfectly accented Japanese, mimicking the language his Mistress often spoke with. The small duo flinched at his sudden use of their language, so it was fairly certain they both understood him.

Shinichi and Kaito glanced briefly at each other, locking gazes before nodding simultaneously and turning back to face Draven. "Go on… It's pretty clear you know more about this than we do," Conan said cautiously, eyes narrowing.

Draven puffed up his feathers in a bit of a prideful display. "I should hope so. I've been around a good many more years than you, after all." Draven opened and closed his eyes, an eerie expression on his bird face.

Reopening his eyes fully, he stared hard at the strange shrunken-wizard-turned-fox. "You, mind-magic wizard, are an interesting one, just as my Mistress thought." He pointed at Conan with his left wing. "Most wizards take years to pull off what you have just done. Even coming from a familiar bond, such a thing should not be possible for one so young."

Both shared confused expressions and Kaito motioned for him to continue. "And what exactly did he do?"

Draven lowered his eyes briefly at Kaito before letting out a huffing sigh. "Patience, kit. I was getting to that. It seems as if your master reached into the very depths of your mind. He synced his thoughts with your own, essentially melding them together in a magical link. If I had to guess he saw some of your deeply repressed thoughts, or rather, memories. Unless I miss my mark."

Once again, the two shared temporarily identical and puzzled expressions, though Conan's quickly switched to something more contemplative, while Draven was certain he saw something resembling abject horror in Kaito's eyes. It quickly passed, however, emotion draining from his expression, and yet it still held a touch of curiosity.

Conan's brow furrowed, and a note of fear reentered his eyes. "So...I used magic and probed Kaito's mind without my knowing it? Tell me that this is a thing I can control...at some point. Sooner is more preferable, though." Something a bit pleading crossed his face, before he gave a gulp, biting his fox lip.

Draven kept his expression limited to only mild frustration, despite the fact that he felt several emotions passing at once, worry first and foremost. He shook his head, feeling exasperated. He reflected on his mistress' earlier sentiments. How could a wizard so powerful be so very untrained? Did he even realize how dangerous the magic he had used was?

Draven shook his head again, he could feel his feathers ruffle. Just what had his Mistress gotten him into? It was clear he had his work cut out for him here. Not only would he have to defend these two from outside forces, but from themselves as well.

Letting out a crackled sigh, he stared into the eyes of the two young magic users. "Very well, I shall answer your question. However, it would be best if we retired inside beforehand. While I do not mind the open air out here, I would recommend, kit, that you get your Master to some place a bit more...comfortable. He looks about ready to collapse, not that that is surprising given the circumstances."

Indeed, the young wizard turned kit was barely standing on shaky legs. This further confirmed Draven's theory as to what had just occurred. He sighed, and hovered above the pair.

Kaito stared up at him. "Could you...transform for a moment and hold on to him? I can't open the door and hold him at the same time." It was very subtle, but Draven could hear hints of exhaustion in Kaito's voice, though his face still remained blank.

Nodding quietly, Draven morphed himself into one of his favored forms, his wolf form, and used his mouth to lift Shinichi by the scruff, much to the tiny fox's displeasure. Draven fought to keep Conan in his mouth as he let out a tiny yip of surprise and proceeded to struggle as much as he could in his weakened state. After giving a few small wriggles, he kicked out as hard as he could, then went still with a small, weary growl.

Kaito quickly pulled a key out of nowhere, the bit of mundane magic not tricking Draven's trained eye for a second, then unlocked the door, opening it to let Conan and Draven inside.

Kaito was quick to follow them in, pulling out a battery operated lantern as he came into the living area. He then did a quick scan of the room, brow furrowed, before waving at Draven to follow him. They went past the kitchen, and through a narrow hallway, reaching a wooden staircase. Kaito led them up the stairs, Draven leaping up with ease in his shape-shifted body, Conan still hanging limp. They reached a lovely wood loft with a large western style bed. It looked as though it hadn't been used in some time.

Once up, he set Conan down onto the covers of the bed, noticing that his eyes were starting to droop. "Alright, I'll explain it more in depth tomorrow, but to be brief for the time being; you can learn to control your powers. You will merely need a little bit of training to get yourself started, more intense training at a later time. That is the main reason I am here, to give you that starting step into your magical abilities. But, I shall save the rest of that for tomorrow. For now, get rest, and recover your magic, young wizard."

"One other question…" Conan bit out weakly, slouching onto the sheets. "This...Form...Is it temporary? How is it even possible?"

Draven snorted. "That's two questions, little wizard...And I'm afraid even I don't have all the answers." This was the honest truth. He had been pretty baffled at the sudden transformation himself, though truthfully, he did have yet another theory in that regard. That could wait a little to be revealed, however. He needed to get a more solid idea, and maybe a bit of evidence, so he could be confident in the theory first.

Conan didn't seem quite satisfied with his answer, but was obviously too tired to argue further as his eyes fell completely shut and he snuggled into the sheets. Kaito sat there beside him, though his expression remained unreadable, it was pretty clear he was still worried.

Draven shook his head tiredly. There was nothing more he could do tonight. Even if he attempted to explain his theory to Kaito it would likely only worry him further. "Well I think it's time I retire for the night." Kaito glanced up briefly at this, looking suspicious and a little angry. "Take my advice, kit, and follow suit. There is nothing more we can do tonight. I promise I will show you more in the morning. Though I'm unsure how much your master will be able to follow in that state."

Kaito quirked an eyebrow in suspicion, but he quickly consented, obviously tired himself. On that note, Draven nodded lightly and was off; back to the great outdoors. It was not long before the three fell into deep sleep.



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