Senior year and this was it. This was the year Jane Rizzoli would reign supreme. She had already dreamed about being chosen as the star quarter-back for the football team in the autumn; and knew she had a good chance of being the retuning captain of the softball team in the spring. She dreamed about walking the halls of Boston High as one of the coolest students in school, and at seventeen years old she was ready to embrace it… or so she thought.

"YO RIZZOLI! Hurry your ass up!"

A voice in the distance had managed to break through her day dream, to reveal her reality. Buried in a pile of dirty washing that her mother had been begging her to wash for days, a certain Jane Rizzoli couldn't find her lucky boxers, and she couldn't go to try-outs later that day without them.

"Frost calm your shit! I'll be two minutes!" a muffled voice answered.

"You said that ten minutes ago Rizzoli, I'm starting to grow a beard here." A caramel skinned young boy of seventeen appeared in her bedroom doorway, sighing, as he leant against the frame, at the sight before him.

"Jane, you are not wearing dirty underwear to school." He finally stated matter-of-factly, disgusted that his friend would even think about it.

"This isn't dirty Frost… it's just… lived in. Besides the clean stuff is here, just at the bottom… I think."

"Nice Jane. Great first impression!"

"And just who am I impressing exactly, Frost? All the boys are meat-heads, and just no." She shuddered at the thought before continuing, "and the girls I've known since I was four, so definitely not. Let's face it, unless someone new walks through those doors, not gonna happen this year! …. AHA!"

Jane triumphantly walked away from the pile, underwear in hand, looking expectantly at Frost.

"Jane. You are fully dressed. Are you really going to tell me you're going to take everything off, delaying us further, just so you can wear these 'lucky' boxers that you don't need?"

Jane stood still. Underwear in hand, cocking an eyebrow at Frost in defiance.

"Aw man… Just hurry okay? I'll be in the car." The young man turned to walk away, retreating from her bedroom with his hands held high in defeat, "women" he muttered to himself.

Grinning at her win, Jane Rizzoli swiftly changed into her lucky boxers: slim, black boy-boxer fit with the royal blue band around the waist, they clung to her defined hip bones perfectly. Taking a second to admire herself in the mirror, and adjusting her 'boyfriend' style jeans so both waistbands lined up perfectly. There weren't many things that made Jane Rizzoli typically feminine, you wouldn't catch her spending hours on her hair or make-up; but her attention to detail in her style was second to none. Hearing the car horn outside brought her back to reality, checking her watch she realised it was 8:42am.

"Shit" she groaned. The last thing she wanted was to be late on the first day.


In the time it took for Jane to put the finishing touches on her look for the day, her two younger brothers, Frankie and Tommy, had managed to bundle themselves into the back of Frost's car and had their heads hanging out of the window, waiting impatiently.

"Eurgh, weren't you meant to be getting a lift with one of the other guys?" Jane twisted around to ask Frankie as she slid into the front seat.

"Sorry Jane. Jared's mum couldn't take us this morning and Frost was kind enough to take us…"

"Yeah not that you were here on time or anything!" a whining Tommy interjected from beside his older brother.

"You wanna walk squirt? Cos you're going the right way."

"Jane! Come on, buckle up and let's go." Frost insisted, visibly getting more anxious that they were going to be late.

"Safety nerd." Jane laughed at her best friend, but secretly, she was glad he cared so much.

"You laugh, but I'll never hear the end of it from your mother!"

At the mention of the Rizzoli matriarch, all three Rizzoli's hastily made sure their belts were secure.

"Ready!" they shouted in unison.

Tyres screeched into the school carpark with five minutes to spare and with the slamming of all four car doors, Jane and Frost shouted their goodbyes to the younger Rizzoli's and sprinted in the opposite direction and into the senior corridor.

"Rizzoli! Frost! In here!" a deep voice signalled to the two sprinting figures from a nearby classroom.

Their fellow football teammate Steve had stuck his head out of the classroom door, wondering where his usually punctual friends were. Coach always insisted on the top grades and top attendance for his athletes, and both Jane and Frost knew that senior year wasn't going to be any different.

Not expecting their form tutor to already be there, Jane and Frost stood in the doorway panting and clutching their sides from the unexpected sprint. Jane's hair now a mass of dark curls surrounding her face, 'well there goes any style I hoped to have today' she thought.

"Man I'm out of shape." She announced to the classroom.

Hearing the laughter of agreement of the students around her, Jane finally looked up to scan the room for spare seats, when her eyes fell upon the someone new she had dreamed about. A young woman, who looked to be no older than 24, stood in front of them. Her honey blonde locks fell in gentle curls that cascaded down her shoulders. As Jane tore her eyes away from the hazel green ones she had gotten lost in, she took in the rest of her outfit and her breath hitched. The azure blue of the dress was a shock of colour in the drab surroundings of the beige classroom walls, the plunging V neck-line stopped before the cut became dangerous to wandering teenage eyes, the cut was flattering and clung to every curve, cutting the woman just above the knee, the outfit rounded off in a pair of shimmering black stilettos.

"Miss Rizzoli I presume?" the beautiful woman asked, her lips turning up in a small smile.

"Even her voice is like honey" Jane thought to herself, 'Out loud Jane, speak out loud. Now! Or she's going to think you're a weirdo!"

"Yeah that's me!" Jane finally managed to reply, sounding far too eager, causing Frost to turn around to try and hide his laughter.

"I don't tolerate lateness in my class Miss Rizzoli, and the same goes for you too Mr. Frost. You made it just in time on this occasion, but I want to see you here at least 15 minutes before the bell goes in future, is that understood?" Her tone was serious, but still kind-hearted. The class could tell this new teacher wasn't going to let them push any boundaries as they were firmly set in stone.

The bell rang out through the halls as if to punctuate her sentence.

'Please take a seat both of you while I take the register."

Jane and Frost quickly made their way to the only two seats available, which just so happened to be right at the front of the class in front of the teacher's desk. Jane's eyes were still transfixed on this beautiful woman that stood before her, not quite believing what she was seeing.

After the names of her classmates had tumbled out of the lips Jane was transfixed on, she watched as the teacher moved towards the front of the classroom and wrote her name elegantly with a piece of crumbling chalk on the ageing blackboard.

"Good morning everyone, my name is Dr. Isles and I'll be your new form tutor and newly appointed Head of Science this year. I hope over the year I get to know each and every one of you, and if there's anything I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask." With a dazzling smile that captured many of the male (and female) hearts in the room, no one was so enamoured than Jane Rizzoli herself.

"I bet you're glad you wore your lucky underpants now Rizzoli. Anything in particular you want her to help you with?" Frost whispered, chuckling at the lovesick state of his best friend.

"Glad doesn't even begin to describe what I'm feeling right now Frost."

"Ew. Don't be gross."

If this is senior year, Jane thought to herself, bring it on!