Chapter 21

"Camille I can't thank you enough for tonight."

"It's my pleasure Jane. Just make sure I meet this girl as soon as possible okay?"

"I promise."

Jane looked around at the setting for her long-awaited date with Maura and she couldn't believe what the trio had managed to pull off. In less than 12 hours, the planetarium at the Boston Museum had been completely transformed into something straight from Jane's wildest dreams. The vaulted ceiling looked like it was dancing with starlight from the projectors and the air was thick with excitement and romance. Suddenly, the butterflies in Jane's stomach were growing restless.

The three were just putting the finishing touches on the room when Jane's phone beeped.

Hello mi amor, you've been awfully quiet since this morning… I know you mentioned a casual dress code before, is a playsuit okay? I can't wait to see you, M xx

"Okay that grin tells me that message could only be from a certain lucky lady." Camille commented from across the room, where she was adding some final touches to the flowers Jane had brought.

"Yeah, she's just checking the dress code again for tonight… I mean I'm nowhere near as fancy as Maura is. She's asking if a playsuit is okay?"

Jane then stopped and paused.

"Wait… what's a playsuit again?" Jane asked her second mother, trying to wrack her brains for any of the girly knowledge she'd stored during her lifetime.

"Tell her a playsuit will be lovely Jane," Camille chuckled, "It's an all in one piece that's a top and shorts together." She added, smiling at Jane's lack of knowledge.

"Ohhh, that's what that's called?" Jane replied, the penny finally dropping, "Man, I need to read up on these things."

"I'm sure she'll teach you all about them sweetie. Now speaking of, I want photos of how beautiful your girl is. I want to know everything!" Camille insisted, squeezing Jane's arm playfully.

"Ma, just leave them in peace! I'm sure there's some details Jane and Maura don't want you to know!" Frost muttered at his mother, looking very embarrassed.

"Ah, the mysterious lady has a name." Camille smirked triumphantly and crossing her arms.

"Yes Camille, her name is Maura and she is perfect." Jane grinned, before realising she probably should text Maura back.

Hey Maur, I can't wait to see you tonight either! A playsuit (that I definitely didn't Google) will be perfect, so no ballgowns okay? It's just going to be me and you. I know you'll be perfect no matter what you wear. J xxx

You and I, you mean? ;) Okay Jane, I'm going to start getting dressed now. I can't tell you how excited I am! M xxx

I think the fact you're getting ready at 3pm when I'm picking you up at 7pm tells me everything Maur! I can't wait, I'll text you when I'm on my way xx


Jane had brought her clothes to Frost's house earlier, so she didn't have to go back home and avoid a million questions from her mother and maybe some uncomfortable questions from her Pop. The matriarch had, however, requested a photo of Jane once she was ready.

"Smile Jane!"

Frost laughed as he took the picture, but that soon turned to annoyance as he had to take another one. Somehow the brunette's middle finger had made its way into the last one.

Oh, Janie you look so smart.

Angela replied to her grown up daughter as the required photo had appeared minutes later on her phone.

Jane was wearing a similar fitted shirt and skinny jeans to the ones she wore on her birthday, apart from this time the shirt was baby blue which complimented her tanned skin tone perfectly. She had only done a couple of buttons up on the shirt over her breasts, which revealed a respectful amount of cleavage and a glimpse of the white cotton vest top she was wearing underneath. The brunette had tried to calm her usually wild curls with some gel, which teamed with some eyeliner, gave her a more mature appearance and made Jane Rizzoli look absolutely stunning.

At the Rizzoli household, Angela's eyes were tearing up at the thought of how quickly her daughter had grown up.

I hope you're not making a big fuss. Pop hasn't asked you anything more has he?

No Janie, your secret is safe. I'm realising just how much she means to you now with all of the effort you're making. Go and enjoy your night and I'll see you at some point tomorrow I presume? Angela replied, with a wicked grin she was glad Jane couldn't see.

MA! Okay, I'm officially never coming home.

"Geez." Jane whispered as she put her phone safely back into her pocket.

"Angela on top form?" Frost asked as his best friend started to pack up her things that were scattered around the room.

"As always! Thanks for helping me with this buddy, I owe you one."

"Yeah, you do actually." Frost nodded in agreement as he waved Jane off through the door.

"Dick." Jane flipped him the V's (with a smile) before grabbing her leather jacket off the hook by the door and checking one last time she had her phone, keys and a backpack (which contained a spare set of clothes) before giving a final wave to her best friend and his mother who'd appeared at the doorway beside her son. As Jane got into her car, she typed a quick message to Maura before starting the engine.

I'm on my way Maur, see you soon, J xx


As Jane pulled up into the driveway, she laughed at seeing one of the upstairs curtains ripple quickly, as if Maura didn't want to be caught watching out for her. Stepping out of the car, Jane cursed under her breath as she tried to smooth down the creases that had appeared in her shirt after the short drive. The brunette took a deep breath to try and slow the beating of her heart, before she knocked at the oak front door.

Moments later, the sound of heels approaching on the other side of the door, made Jane's pulse quicken.

"Good evening, mi amor." Maura practically purred as she opened the door fully and took in the brunette in front of her.

Both women's eyes greedily devoured the other as their bodies swiftly gravitated closer to one another. Jane reached out her left hand to place it on Maura's right hip, while she raised the other to stroke the honey-blonde's cheek tenderly.

"You look beautiful Maura." She whispered, the hot air dancing on Maura's lips.

"As do you Jane. That shirt fits you so perfectly it should be a sin." She murmured before capturing the brunette's lips in a slow, passionate kiss. As Jane felt Maura's tongue glide along her bottom lip before pushing into her mouth, she knew they needed to stop, or they'd never leave.

"There'll be time for that later." Jane confidently winked at a breathless and slightly frustrated Maura who huffed as she turned the key in the lock behind her.

"For now, would you care to join me Doctor Isles?"

Jane offered her arm out to the honey-blonde, who could only laugh at the terrible English accent Jane had attempted in order to be chivalrous. Maura rolled her eyes as she accepted the brunette's arm who led the way to the car. The older doctor was yet again surprised when Jane held the door open for her.

"You truly are treating me this evening Jane."

"We've waited this long Maura, I'm going to make every second perfect." Jane replied truthfully. She didn't want anything to go wrong tonight.

The smile that was shared between the two women lit a fire deep inside of Jane and she knew one thing. She never wanted to let Maura go.

The rest of the car ride was comfortable, the two women spoke about their days as the honey-blonde's fingers were drawing delicate circles on the brunette's thigh.

"We're here." Jane announced as she parked the car in front of the grand building.

"The Planetarium?" Maura asked, the excitement barely hidden in her voice.

"Erm, yeah. Is that okay?" The brunette was suddenly very aware that Maura had probably spent a lot of time here.

"It's wonderfully thoughtful Jane. Thank you." Maura leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Jane's cheek which promptly turned pink.

The brunette then dashed out of the driver's side to open the door for the honey-blonde, before taking the older woman's hand and led her up the grand stone steps towards the entrance. Maura made to go through the main archway as she had done many times before but found it locked. She looked up, slightly puzzled, but Jane was beaming and gently tugged her hand to their right, pointing to a side door.

"We get special treatment tonight."

There was a small light above the window of this smaller wooden door and when Jane knocked, a friendly face answered.

"Hey Janie." The older man smiled first at the brunette and then to Maura, he was of a larger build but the honey-blonde thought his eyes twinkled with kindness.

"Hey Marco, thanks for this. This is Maura."

"Nice to meet you Maura." Marco replied, extending his hand out to shake Maura's.

"The pleasure is all mine, Marco." Maura said sincerely.

"Your evening awaits through there ladies," Marco pointed towards a large door at the end of the corridor, "you enjoy your night now."

As both women walked happily towards the door, Jane turned back and mouthed 'thank you' once again. As they approached the doors, the brunette stood directly in the middle and gave a warning look to Maura, arching her eyebrow as she did so.

"Eyes closed and no peeking please."

"Really?" Maura asked impatiently, "I just want to see!"

"Really really," Jane insisted, "or you know, I could just drop you home?" the brunette continued innocently.

"Don't even think about it, Miss Rizzoli." Maura smiled seductively as she closed her eyes.

Moments later, Jane pushed the double doors open and led Maura into the room.

"Okay, open." Jane whispered and felt her heart flutter at the audible gasp the honey-blonde let out at the scene before her. From left to right, there were pink and white orchids spread in small vases, the largest of the bunch sitting beside a picnic blanket in the middle of the floor.

"Oh Jane, this is beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," Jane leaned in closer to Maura as their lips touched once again, both women instantly felt electricity crackling through their bodies.

"I've missed you." Maura whispered sincerely into Jane's ear, laying her head against the brunette's shoulder, as their arms wrapped tightly around one another.

"I've missed you 100% more." Jane replied, enjoying the feeling of holding Maura so close to her again.

"And do you have evidence to back up your claim Miss Rizzoli?" Maura smirked, stepping away from Jane so only their hands were linking.

Jane smiled as she lifted Maura's hand and placed it on her chest, where the doctor could feel the rhythmic, fast-paced pounding of Jane's heart.

"That proof enough for you?" The beautiful dimples were on show once more, as they honey-blonde felt her knees buckle.

"All the proof I need, mi amor," Maura tilted her head towards the picnic basket, "shall we?"

As the two women took their seats on the pillows Maura hadn't spotted before, the date they had both been waiting for, finally began. The conversation flowed easily, each sentence punctuated with meaningful, lingering touches and neither woman wanted their time together to end, Jane plated up the food she had brought earlier and handed a plate to the honey blonde.

"So… are you going to tell me how you managed to organise this? I've never known anyone to come here after hours."

"Let's just say I know a guy, who knows a woman, who knows a guy." Jane replied smiling, "plus I wanted to take you somewhere special, not just your average dinner and a movie. You mean more to me than that." Jane shrugged, taking another bite of her pasta.

"Well whoever you know, I'm very happy you did this. Thank you, it's wonderful." Maura leaned into kiss Jane on the lips, only lingering slightly before taking a bite of her own food.

Before long, the picnic basket lays forgotten at the far end of the blanket, as Maura lays her head on Jane's chest, feeling safe between the brunette's strong, jean-clad thighs. Suddenly, Jane sat up straight, causing Maura to fall slightly.

"Oh man!"

"Everything okay, mi amor?"

"Yeah, I just nearly forgot something."

Jane reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a small black remote and pointed it towards the ceiling. Almost instantly, the warm lights that had been shining on them dimmed so the two women were in near darkness.

"Look up Maur,"

As she did so, the honey-blonde felt her eyes fill with tears and her heart beat faster at the words written in the stars above.

Will you be my girlfriend?

"Oh Jane! Of course, I will." Maura replied, kissing Jane deeply and intimately and moved to straddle her. Both women wrapped each other tightly in a romantic embrace, their tongues battling for dominance in one another's mouths. It was only when Jane felt Maura's hips grind against hers and the fire that had been burning low all night sparked into existence, that she knew it was time for them to go home.

"Maur… home… now."

"I love it when you're dominating." Maura whispered in her ear breathlessly.

"Then you're going to love me tonight… and tomorrow morning." Jane moaned back into Maura's mouth, before hastily grabbing their belongings and heading back towards the car.

"What about the picnic?" Maura suddenly stopped and asked as she opened the car door.

"Don't worry Maur, I've got it covered," Jane smiled as she pulled her official girlfriend into the car and trailed her tongue along Maura's bottom lip, "just relax."

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