1x03: Wedding from Heaven (Part 1)

With the sun rising creeping so steadily over the horizon, the rays stretched across the skies of San Francisco and accompanying that, a fresh and cool breeze swept across the city sporadically. A large mansion can be seen, three to four stories high surrounded by pools and maze-like gardens.

Allison Michaels stood in the center of the garden, watching the sun rise over in the corner and the occasional breeze that blew her short blonde hair for a moment. Her gaze was distant, as if her mind was elsewhere, far away from where she stood.

"Mrs. Allison Spencer, I presume?" a man's voice can be heard saying, shattering her mini day dream as she turned around and smiled. Her smile faded away when she sees a man standing before her with a red rose.

"A rose?" she snaps quickly as she snatches it from his fingers and tosses it onto the ground, "You know I hate roses, Elliot….and it's Mrs. Allison Michael Spencer."

Taken aback, Elliot moves closer and wraps his arms around her, "Are you okay? You want to be alone?"

With a sigh, she moves closer and shakes her head in response, "No."

"You're not getting cold feet, are you?" Elliot asks.

"No, I'm definitely not getting cold feet. I love you, you know that…" Allison answers quickly but hesitates.


"I don't know. It's just so overwhelming." Allison says as she breaks away from Elliot and runs her fingers through her short hair, "I mean after all the trouble we have endured these past few years, it feels too good to be true that this is finally happening. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, that's all."

"You've just got to just take a deep breath and relax. Set your mind at ease."

"That is easier said than done." Allison says, cracking a half smile.

"Well, I've got an idea." Elliot says, "Let's elope."

"Yeah right…" Allison scoffs, "Like your mom would really allow that."

Elliot lifts up her chin and stares into her eyes. Without saying a single word, Elliot's eyes grant Allison the comfort she needed, the security she was yearning for. She smiles and leans in as they kiss.

"Elliot?" a female's voice can be heard calling out in the distance.

"Speak of the angel…" Allison says as she rolls her eyes.

Grace Spencer, a middle aged woman stood in the distance wearing a serious look. She wore a dark blue suit with a skirt to match and her hair was neatly tied into a bun so tight, her face looked slightly peeled back. Her demeanor was as tight as her bun, and her presence shifted the amorous mood in the garden in an instant second. With a swift but cavalier pep in her step, she strolls over and kisses her son on the cheek.

"Hi, mom." Elliot greets.

"I've been looking all over for you." Grace says with a hint of panic in her voice, "Did you get the marriage certificate yet?"

"Not yet."

"Well, you have to. The wedding won't be legal without it." Grace snaps quickly.

Elliot and Allison shoot Grace a confusing stare and Grace regains her composure.

"We're going to City Hall tomorrow before the rehearsal dinner." Elliot says, in hopes of assuring his mother.

"But why not go today?" Grace asks desperately.

"Mom, relax, will you?" Elliot chuckles slightly, "Why are you so bent about this?"

Grace begins to answer but her words cannot escape her lips. Allison looks past Grace's shoulders to see a blonde woman standing in the distance, wearing a wide grin accompanied by a chipper expression. Her bright pink suit with her white purse in her hand stood out in the bleakly colored maze of a garden.

"Who is that?" Allison asks curiously.

Grace turns around and her eyes meet the strange woman's standing in the distance.

"Oh no…" Grace whispers as she tries to hide her terror but fails miserably. The woman walks down with a pep in her step, the hair bouncing perfectly as she struts towards them.

"Who is it?" Elliot asks.

"Someone I haven't seen for a long time." Grace says as she rushes over to the woman to meet her half way.

"What are you doing here?" Grace whispers through her gritted teeth.

"Hello to you too, Grace…" the woman says with a smile, "What's the matter? Have you forgotten about our little pact?"

No, Jade…" Grace mutters nervously, "But I was hoping that you did. My God, you haven't aged in twenty years."

"See, you could've asked for eternal youth, Grace." Jade says happily, "But here we are. Wealth, power, all this; you have a good life, haven't you?"

Grace rolls her eyes and folds her arms nervously. The look of regret was sprawled all over her face as the tears welled up in her eyes. Another young woman approaches them and stands by Jade's side. Her eyes were cold and she wore a stone faced expression and if looks can kill, her stare alone would either turn her victims to stone or those who saw her would drop dead.

"Where to?" the young woman inquires as she stares at Grace without blinking.

"Oh, have the butler show you to our rooms, Kristen." Jade answers, "Tell them Mrs. Spencer was expecting us."

Kristen nods and walks away.

"You can't just move in here. People will be suspicious." Grace says as her voice grows quieter with worry, "What will I say?"

"Just tell them the truth." Jade says as her smile finally wanes and her voice begins to mirror the evilness within, "Say your son has had a change of heart. That was our deal, remember? Speaking of deals, are you going to introduce me to my betrothed or you're just going to be rude and a tight ass?"

Grace steps aside and waves towards Allison and Elliot. Elliot walks up to Grace and Jade with Allison on his arm.

"Who the hell are you?" Allison asks as her grip on Elliot's right arm tightens.

"Now, now dear…" Jade says as her smile grows, "Thanks for keeping Elliot company for me."

She leans in and locks lips with Elliot as they close their eyes to enjoy their passionate kiss, leaving Allison aghast. Red veiny lights transfer from Jade to Elliot's face, as his eyes open wide. He falls back as Jade smiles and wipes the corner of her lips.

"Elliot?!" Allison screams as she falls to her knees, shaking Elliot in order to get a response, "Elliot?!"

Elliot lies on his back, eyes fixated on the clear blue sky with little to no life lingering in his pupils. He didn't blink and the cries of Allison faded into the background as his mother stood by and watched hopelessly, her regret finally mounting high and weighing heavily on her heart and mind.


A week later, peace befalls the Halliwell Manor as the sun rises and fixates in the center of the sky. Phoebe lay in bed, tossing and yawning happily as the sunlight streaks into her room through the blinds. She hears the silent creaks of the wooden floors in the distance, so light that you have to focus to hear them. Her eyes widen when she figures out what that noise is when she jumps out of bed, opens the door to her bedroom and notices Prue tip toeing around the house. Prue freezes and turns around as her eyes meet Phoebe's. After a momentary stare down, Prue spins and dashes down the hallway with Phoebe directly behind her.

"Nope! No you don't!" Phoebe screams as she chases Prue.

"I have to go to work in a few, I need the hot water. You're just going to be home all day. You can wait to take a shower." Prue argues as she tries to plead her case.

"Nope, I don't care." Phoebe says as Prue reaches the bathroom door and holds on to the handle. She and Phoebe begin to fight for control of the bathroom door knob.

"I actually have somewhere to go, Phoebe!"

"I don't care! Use the downstairs bathroom!" Phoebe rebuts.

"The downstairs bathroom has less water pressure."

"Sounds like a personal problem." Phoebe grunts.

"Fine." Prue says as she back up with her hands up, "Remember you made me do this."

"Do what?" Phoebe asks in confusion.

Prue squints her eyes and sends Phoebe flying across the hallway. She falls and slides across the ground unconsciously. Breathing a sigh of satisfaction, she flicks the hair out of her eyes as she twists the knob and tries to open the door but finds that the door is locked.


"Piper?!" Prue screams, "Are you in there?"

"What the hell is going on out there?" Piper's voice can be heard asking, muffled from the outside.

"How long are you going to be in there?" Prue asks.

"I'm almost done." Piper answers.

"Define almost." Prue asks, her impatience beginning to manifest.

"Give me a minute…or two." Piper says as she holds up a pregnancy test.

"You're positive?" Prue asks.

"I hope not." Piper mumbles to herself as she stares at the test with great trepidation.

"Piper, I cannot be late." Prue says.

"I know the feeling." Piper whispers.

"My first biannual auction starts tomorrow and I…"

"I thought you didn't care." Piper shouts.

"I don't but I can't get comfortable yet. Not with the new takeover. I can't get complacent until after this auction, then I can slack off again." Prue explains, "Until then…."

"Why don't you use the bathroom downstairs?" Piper asks.

"Because I don't want to!" Prue says, clearly sounding agitated.

"Well, it's not about what you want, is it?" Piper counters.

"If you're not out in three seconds, I will use my power to open this door." Prue threatens as she waits for an answer. She steps back and tucks her hair behind her ears.

"One…" she begins to countdown.


"Thr…" she begins to count but she is tackled into the ground by Phoebe. Phoebe stands up and sighs happily as she looks down at an unconscious Prue laying on the ground.

Piper, still in the bathroom hears a loud thud and looks up. She looks down at the pregnancy test one more time and tosses it into the trash. She opens the door and sees Phoebe standing over Prue.

"Ha!" she sighs victoriously.

"What the hell is going on?" Piper asks confused.

"Just a little sister to sister rivalry. Nothing new." Phoebe smiles as she turns to Piper.

"What did you do to her?" Piper asks.

"The same thing she did to me but it doesn't matter…" Phoebe says, "Is there any hot water left?"

"Hmm?" Piper asks, seemingly distracted.

"Am I in for a cold shower? Yes or no?" Phoebe asks once more.

"Knowing you, you probably need the cold shower more than any of us do." Piper says as she walks out of the bathroom. She steps over Prue's unconscious body and walks away.

"Yeah, three cold showers in three days and the cold shower isn't helping me anymore than it helps you." Phoebe says as she steps into the bathroom and slams the door shut. Muttering to herself, she turns on the faucet and picks up her toothbrush. After putting the toothpaste on her brush, she begins to brush her teeth as her eyes wander aimlessly around the room when the colorful box in the trashcan catches her attention.

She picks up the box and is immediately pulled into a premonition:

She sees a pair of legs opened on a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors. A doctor pulls a crying child from between the legs and gasps in horror at the sight of the child, a demonic baby shrieking with red skin and small horns protruding from its scalp.

Phoebe comes out of the premonition with a look of shock on her face.


"I don't know why I have to do it!" Piper complains on the phone as Prue walks into the kitchen. She grabs an empty cup and begins to pour her coffee. She sits on the kitchen island and watches Piper pace back and forth angrily. She puts on her oven mitts, while pinning the phone between her ear and shoulder.

"Still, there are plenty of people at Quake who are perfectly capable of doing this! I have only been working at Quake for a month." Piper says as she opens up her oven and takes out the tray of hors d'oeuvres and slams them on the table. Prue chuckles as she takes a sip of her coffee, wallowing in her sister's obvious misery.

"Fine! I guess you give me no choice, do you? I'll be in soon." Piper says as she hangs up the phone and tosses her phone across the counter angrily.

"I take it today is not going to be your day?" Prue asks.

"Does it show?" Piper groans as she runs her fingers through her hair, "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Upstairs or downstairs bathroom?" Prue jokes.

"That isn't funny." Piper glares angrily at her sister.

"Not funny to you, dear sister but to me?" Prue says as her grin grows even larger.

"Go to hell." Piper spits back.

"Love you too, sister." Prue says as she takes another sip.

"Maybe I can ask Phoebe to help me with the catering."

"Phoebe? The jobless wonder?" Prue scoffs, "Good luck."

"I can use all the hands I can get." Piper says.

"Will your boss even allow you to do this?" Prue asks.

"My boss? That would be Chef Moore." Piper answers.

"Ah…" Prue finally understands Piper's frustration.

"Who is on his way to France and since technically the contract is with Quake, he's off the hook and I'm on the line. Now, I have to tell one of the richest families in the city that the chef they hired cannot do their wedding. They're stuck with me and I hope they go for it."

"Why do you care anyway? You can give this to one of your subordinates if you really don't want to do it."

"Did you not hear me say that this is for one of the richest families in the city?" Piper laughs, "I would be an idiot to pass this up."

"Well, I'm glad to see you 're not acting like the sky is falling." Prue says.

"Doesn't mean I'm still not nervous." Piper says

"You'll be okay. It's not the end of the world."

"What's not the end of the world?" Phoebe asks as she walks into the kitchen and stands between Piper and a sitting Prue.

"Piper's problem." Prue answers.

"Oh, you know too?" Phoebe gasps as her sisters give her a confused look.

"She just told me." Prue says.

"How do you know?" Piper asks.

"Oh, I…" Phoebe stutters but Prue interrupts her.

"I think Piper can handle this. And if they say otherwise, you can cast a spell on them to change their mind." Prue smiles as she stands up and grabs the newspaper.

"I thought maybe you could help me." Piper says as she turns to Phoebe.

"You want me to help you cast spells on mortals?" Phoebe says as her eyes light up.

"No, to help with the catering. Pick up some supplies, tie some bows. Keep me from turning any of them into frogs. At least until the wedding is over."

"Where's the fun in that?" Phoebe whines.

"$20 an hour?" Piper says in an effort to persuade her.

"I'll take it if I were you." Prue says as she walks out of the kitchen, "Good luck with the wedding."

"What do you say?" Piper asks.

"Uh, sure. I can't say no to easy money." Phoebe says as she watches Prue leave and then looks at Piper.

"Great." Piper says as she breathes a sigh of relief. She digs into her pocket and hands Phoebe a note, "Here's a list of supplies I need. I'll head to the Spence Estate and you can meet me there at 1:00."

"Uh, Piper…" Phoebe says as she looks at Piper with a lost look drawn all over her face, "You and Prue were really just talking about a wedding?"

"Yeah, what did you think we were talking about?" Piper asks.

"Jeremy…" Phoebe says as she exhales sharply, "…and his aftermath. You know, you slept with him."

"Ew." Piper says as she takes a step back, "Don't mention his name in this house ever again. He's in demon heaven. End of story. Let's focus on this wedding instead. We clear?"

"Crystal." Phoebe says with a nod.

Piper taps Phoebe on the shoulder gently as she walks away. Phoebe turns around and sees the tray of hors d'oeuvres, reaching to grab one.

"Don't touch those!" Piper screams from the other room, causing Phoebe to flinch.

"I'm not!" Phoebe screams in response as she turns to walk out. She turns back and grabs a couple of the hors d'oeuvres and stuffs them in her mouth as she dashes out of the kitchen.


Driving up to the Spencer Estate, Piper's mouth drops wide open as her eyes glance over the huge towers that would have put the Buckingham Palace to shame. The walls were so high, they made the compound look like a fortress. The gates were gilded in black and gold with a golden S on the left gate and a backward S on the right. A man approached Piper's vehicle and tapped on the window gently.

"May I help you?"

"Uh, yeah. My name is Piper Halliwell. I'm the caterer."

The man looks through his tablet and scrolls down till he looks back at Piper, "We have a Chef Moore listed as the caterer."

"Yeah, that's been changed.

"That's something you need to talk to the Spencers about."

"And how do you expect me to do that if you won't let me inside?" Piper asks but the man shrugs.

"I really don't have time for this." Piper says as sighs. She sticks out her hands and freezes the gate man where he stands. She leans over and grabs his tablet and begins to look through it and smiles as she presses a button on the tablet. The gates swing open slowly and Piper tosses the tablet on to the ground, smashing the screen. She shifts gears in her car and drives through the open gates.

As she pulls up into the compound, she sees numerous vans and personnel unloading and setting up the venue, getting ready for the wedding of the year. She resumes her awe struck gaze as she looks around, admiring how large the property is, how green and perfect the grass is, how majestic the entire compound looks.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" a man's voice can be heard in the distance.

Piper turns around and sees a priest standing behind her with his arms folded and wearing a huge grin.

"I guess it's okay." Piper lies as she tucks her hair behind her ears.

"You keep lying to yourself if you must. This is going to be the event of the century." The priest says giddily.

"I think you're over exaggerating, aren't you?"

"Do you know what's going on here?" the priest asks Piper. He continues to speak when he sees Piper has not the slightest clue, "This is the beginning. She is going to be the bearer of the demon child who will usher in the new world order…"

"Excuse me?!" Piper asks in surprise.

"There's a reason why you're here…" the priest says with a smile, "Protect her."

"Father Trask!" two security guards shout as they approach Piper and the priest, "We've been expecting you."

The security guards grab Father Trask as they proceed to carry him out.

"Protect Hecate! She is the bearer of our savior! Protect her." He screams as he gets further and further away from Piper.

"Hecate?" Piper mutters to herself, "Whatever."

Piper walks to the back of her car as the security guard she froze earlier approaches her.


"Ugh..." Piper scoffs as she turns around.

"You broke my tablet, and I didn't allow you to come in."

"Can you prove it?"

"Uhhh…" the security guard begins to stutter as Piper's grin grows.

"Thought so." Piper says as she taps him on the chest and starts to pile restaurant food trays in his arms, "I have ice sculptures melting over wedding cake. Be a dear and help me get these inside, would you? I doubt Mrs. Spencer likes to be kept waiting."


At the Buckland's Auction House, the chaos and the panic that had ensued during the past month seemed to have died down. The employees were more at ease even though Rex had them on their toes. Prue stands in Rex's office, rummaging through a couple of items when Hannah walks in. Prue picks up a carved idol and examines it. Hannah watches Prue from a distance with a smile as she quietly walks up to her.

"So what do we have here?" Hannah asks, causing Prue to jump.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Hannah says as she laughs to herself.

"It's okay." Prue says as she looks down at the small statue in her hand, "It's a rare Lassa warrior fertility goddess. The tribe believed in its mere presence would help a woman conceive."

"Hmm. That item is in high demand. Someone has already tried to steal it already." Hannah notes.

"Really? I wonder why." Prue asks.

"You tell me. Appraise it and tell me how much it's worth." Hannah says.

"Ms. Halliwell, your sister is waiting for you in your office." Rex says as he walks into the office.

"Which sister?" Prue asks.

"The one who upon seeing your office said, 'I worked in bigger offices when I was in New York.'"

"Ahh, excuse me." Prue nods as she sets the statue down as she walks out.

"Uh, Prue?" Hannah calls out to her and Prue turns around.

"The fertility icon?" Hannah points.

"I'll take care of it in a second. I just want to see what my sister wants." Prue says, "I'll be back."

"Don't take too long." Rex says as he folds his arms.

Prue nods her understanding and walks away.

"Why are you trying to make leave this in her possession?" Rex asks Hannah as he picks up the fertility statue, "You know we're under strict orders to protect it and keep it away from the likes of her."

"She doesn't even know what this is for or who wants it. There's no way she is going to make the connection." Hannah responds.

"Her sister is catering the wedding. It is only a matter of time, Hannah. We can't be careless." Rex says cautiously.

"You worry too much." Hannah says with a smile as she strokes Rex's chin gently, "Take it easy and relax a little, will you?"

Hannah walks out, leaving Rex in the office, staring at the icon with a pensive look on his face.


Prue walks into her office and slams the door shut. She sees Phoebe sitting in her chair, feet up on the desk as she laughs over the phone. Her laughter falters when she hears the door slam shut with Prue standing across the room, staring at her angrily.

"Okay, I got to go. I'll talk to you later." Phoebe says as she hangs up the phone, "I thought this place would be bigger than you described. I must say I am a little bit disappointed."

"Get out of my chair." Prue says as she walks closer to her desk and Phoebe stands up.

"Love you too, sister." Phoebe says as she blows a kiss.

"You knocked me unconscious this morning, definitely didn't feel the love then."

"That was after you used your power on me but we're even." Phoebe says as she folds her arms and leans against the desk.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be helping Piper with the wedding?"

"I am but I need to talk to you first." Phoebe answers.

"Ok…" Prue says as she checks her wrist watch, "You've got five minutes. Go."

"Uh ok." Phoebe says as she stands up, "I had a vision this morning and in this vision, a thing was being born so, I started to think back to, oh, six, eight weeks ago…"

"is this your subtle way of saying you're pregnant?" Prue asks with widened eyes.


"That's why you came home from New York, isn't it?" Prue assumes, "You just got here a month and a half ago. It makes sense."

Phoebe laughs, "No. But I shouldn't be surprised that you would think that. You would think that after everything, I wouldn't be still considered the outcast of the Halliwell household, the…"

"Phoebe!" Prue cuts her off.

"Ok. No. I'm not pregnant."

"But then why..."

"Excuse me. I think I still have two more minutes left. For your information, you have another sister in the household who has had sex. Remember Jeremy? The guy who blew up in the attic? The goodie good warlock? Think about it, Prue. Because it wasn't me in that vision having the demon child. It was Piper."

"Are you sure? It doesn't make sense that…"

"I'm sure, Prue." Phoebe affirms, "If you won't believe me, you can believe my power."


Inside the Spencer compound, Grace paces back and forth as she sees Allison walking towards her building. In a fit of panic, she rushes out of the house and meets Allison. She drags Allison to the side.

"You're going to have to stop calling and showing up here, Allison. Do you understand?" Grace warns.

"Do I understand? Are you kidding me?" Allison says as she tries her best to maintain her composure, "You're keeping Elliot away from me and you want me to be fine with it? We're supposed to be married tomorrow."

"I can't explain right now."

"You're going to give me better than that." Allison says as she stands firm.

"Who is this Jade?" Allison asks.

"An old acquaintance of the family." Grace says.

"I don't believe that." Allison says, "Elliot would have told me about her."

"Elliot didn't tell you a lot of things about our family." Grace says as she grabs Allison by the arm and tries to drag her out, "You've got to go before I call the guards to kick you out. Leave with your dignity, Allison. Please."

Allison looks at Grace, staring at her with all the hatred one can muster.

"I'm sorry, Allison. He's going to marry Jade." Grace says as she turns around and walks away, leaving Allison to seethe and pout.


In the kitchen of the Spencer estate, Piper moves around, barking orders as she tries to keep things in order. She walks over to the stove and stirs the pot, inhaling the aroma that seduces her nostrils. She breathes a sigh of satisfaction when she looks over to the other side of the room and sees her chef turning up the heat on one of the stoves.

"Keep that at a simmer, not a boil." Piper chides as she turns to another cook, "No! Not yet. I've got buns in the oven."

Phoebe standing by in the shadows mutters, "Yeah, you're not kidding." She walks in carrying two bags of groceries.

"Hey, sis!" Phoebe says in her usual chipper mood.

"Finally. Did you get everything?" Piper asks she digs through the grocery bags.

"Most of it…"

"I expected you over an hour ago. Where have you been?" Piper asks.

"I went to see Prue."

"At the auction house?" Piper says in confusion, "That's all the way down…what were you doing there?"

"Trying to decide if I need to save you or kill you…" Phoebe whispers under her breath.

Piper scrunches her face in confusion as the butler walks into the kitchen and interrupts with his thick English accent, "Mrs. Spencer and Miss D'Mon will see you now."

"Miss D'Mon?" Piper asks as she looks at the clipboard in her hands.

"The bride? Miss Jade D'Mon." the butler answers.

"I thought the bride's name was Allison…"

"She does not like to be kept waiting." The butler cuts her off in a monotone but rude voice.

"Now listen here, Benson…" Piper snaps but Phoebe holds her back.

"Piper!" Phoebe stands before her, "Remember the paycheck. It will all be worth it at the end."

"Can I at least freeze him?" Piper whispers through gritted teeth while her eyes stayed fixated on the butler.

"Later." Phoebe says calmly, "Hell, you could turn him into a lawn ornament after this but now is not the time. Just breathe."

Piper takes a deep breath as her eyes shift from the butler to Phoebe and she calms down. She exhales slowly and clears her throat.

"Good girl." Phoebe whispers as she turns around to face the butler.

"Mrs. Spencer and Ms. D'Mon do not like to be kept waiting, right?" Phoebe says with a smile, "Après vous."

The butler turns around and walks out with Piper and Phoebe following closely behind.


Piper, Phoebe and the butler walk into a room where Jade is being fitted into a royal purple wedding gown by a seamstress. Grace flashes a smile, obviously concealing her anguish as she watches Jade blush and strike various poses in her wedding dress.

"Miss Piper Halliwell." The butler introduces.

"Sure. Forget that I'm here. Not that I mind." Phoebe mutters as Piper elbows her to shut her up.

"Mrs. Spencer, it's so nice of you to see me…" Piper says as she lays eyes on Jade's wedding dress, "Um, wow…your dress, it's beautiful! I'd recognize that style anywhere. It's a Monique Lhuillier, isn't it?"

"Um…" Jade says as she looks at Grace and then at Piper, "Is it?"

"Um, how are things in the kitchen?" Grace segues the conversation in order to take the pressure off of Jade.

"Um, right on schedule…" Piper begins to ramble, "The lobsters arrive in the morning, the hors d'oeuvres are ready, Chef Moore is in France and the puff pastries are baking."

"What?!" Jade exclaims in anger.

"Chef Moore is gone?" Grace asks in disbelief.

"Yeah, I'll be handling the catering." Piper says softly.

"My wedding! It's ruined!" Jade says in a panic.

"Now you're being dramatic. Give me a break." Piper says as she rolls her eyes.

"Piper!" Phoebe grunts in an attempt to rein Piper back in. She smiles politely as she walks towards Jade and Grace, "Look, you don't know me. Hell, I barely know me."

Phoebe laughs loudly in an effort to soften the mood but the stone cold faces of Jade and Grace staring back at her tells her that she failed miserably.

"Okay, tough crowd." Phoebe whispers as she clears her throat, "Look, I do know my sister. She barely cares about anything and does not give a damn about what anyone thinks."

"Is this your idea of trying to help?" Piper asks.

"Shhh!" Phoebe says as she continues, "But for some reason, she cares a lot about making everything going perfect for this wedding. When she cares about her craft, you will be surprised at what she can do for you. She already ahead of schedule and she is actually putting her sweat, blood and tears into making sure there are no problems or glitches. So you should not only be grateful that Chef Moore dropped out but you should consider yourselves lucky."

"Hmmm." Jade says as she steps closer to the Halliwell sisters. She examines them and with a deadpan, serious face and voice says, "If there is even the slightest hitch, I will rip your soul out of your bodies and feed it to my dogs."

"Ohh…" Piper shudders and looks at Phoebe and then back at Jade.

"She's kidding!" Grace says as she steps in between the sisters and Jade.

Jade laughs and Piper chuckles nervously.

"So would that be all?" Grace asks.

"Yeah." Piper says as she turns around and walks away.

"We will leave you to it." Phoebe says as she flashes a nervous smile and follows Piper.

"What the hell was that?" Grace asks Jade.

"I'm sure you already know the answer to that question." Jade says as she brushes the hair from her eyes and smiles.


The security guards sit in their shack with their backs turned to the security cameras. On the cameras, we see Father Trask slip out of one of the trucks and runs into the Estate, wielding a poignard.


Elliot lies on his bed in his room reading a magazine. Allison sneaks into his room and quietly shuts the bedroom door. Her eyes water as she moves in closer to Elliot.

"Oh my Elliot…" she whispers, "What did they do to you?"

Elliot puts down his magazine and stares at Allison. His eyes were empty and hollow, although fixated on Allison, it felt as though his mind and attention were elsewhere.

"Listen to me, Elliot." Allison pleads, "This is not you. I don't know what she did to you but I will fix it. Jade will not get away with this."

Jade, Kristen and Grace walk into the room.

"Really, Allison?" Jade says as she folds her arms, "At first, your misery was entertaining and amusing but now it's just plain old pathetic."

"Pathetic? I'm not going to stand by and let you take away the love of my life." Allison says.

"Grace, call security before I throw her out of the window." Jade says.

"I'll lead her out myself." Grace says as she seizes Allison by the arm and drags her out.

Outside in the hallway, Allison breaks free and backs away from Grace.

"You can't get rid of me that easy." Allison says.

"I suggest you leave before you end up hurt…or worse." Grace warns.

"There's nothing worse than losing Elliot. I will fight for him or die trying." Allison vows.

Jade and Kristen steps out of the bedroom.

"That can be arranged." Kristen says as she steps towards Allison.


Piper and Phoebe walk towards the kitchen when they see Father Trask run past them and up the stairs.

"What the hell is going on?" Phoebe asks as she looks up.

"It's none of our business." Piper says as she walks towards the kitchen but Phoebe grabs her.

"It wouldn't hurt to find out." Phoebe says, "Just a peek?"


As Kristen lunges towards Allison, Allison holds her hands up and a gust of wind emanates from her hands and throws Kristen and Jade across the hall as they crash through the door into Elliot's room.

"Allison?" Grace says in shock, "You too?"

"Not really." Allison says as she walks into the bedroom, "Quite the opposite."

Jade stands up and Kristen rises up as well.

"A good witch." Jade scoffs, "Would have never guessed."

"Well, I make it my job to keep my affairs to myself. Looks like I'm doing it right." Allison says as she pulls out a potion vial.

"A potion?" Kristen laughs, "You think a potion is going to vanquish the queen of the underworld?"

"Not vanquish but at least it will do some serious damage." Allison says as she holds the potion up.

Father Trask runs into the bedroom with his poignard, holding it up in defense, "Leave Hecate alone!"

"Et tu, father?" Allison says as she shakes her head, "I'm sorry for this."

Allison waves her hand and throws Father Trask against the wall behind Jade. He slides down and groans in pain.

"Hit me with your best shot." Jade says with a smile.

Allison winds her arm and throws the potion at Jade, but Father Trask jumps between them and the red vial hits him straight in the chest. The energy blast from the potion throws everyone back He flies through the window, screaming "Protect Hecate!" as he plummeted to his death.

Piper and Phoebe hear a blast and a few moments later, see Allison running down the stairs and out the door.

"What the hell?" Piper gasps as she runs after Allison with Phoebe right behind her.

"Oh my God." Phoebe gasps as she sees the sprawled body of Father Trask on the floor, the crimson liquid oozing from his scalp and eyes frozen open.