Lexis smiles at Felix and says, " did you just say poetry? I love poetry! I have a big collection of poetry books. By the way, you did say that your name was Felix Floetry right?" Felix sips his tea and responds, " yes that's my name...why do you ask?" his ears tilt with confusion.

Lexis quickly runs out to the back and returns with a small stack of books. She pops them onto the table and look through each one of them until she finally finds the one she's looking for. "Aha!" She said, " I knew your name sounded familiar!" Felix is still slightly confused. " see?" Lexis hold open one of the poetry books to reveal Felix's name and the bottom. For he was the author of that book. Felix Facepaws and says, " I almost forgot about my very first poetry book that I published. I honestly didn't think anyone would buy it." his ears droop a little bit. Lexus runs over and hugs him. " are you kidding me?! I'm a huge fan of your poems a lot of my friends have bought your book! As a matter of fact I think one of my friends is showing up right now!" she points outside of the window and a bright yellow Pegasus Pony with a black and yellow braided Mane enters the tea shop.

"Hi V!" Yelled Lexis as she greets her best friend. "I want you to meet somepony! He's the author of our favorite poetry book!" the Pegasus mare looks at Felix, "Oh my Bucking Celestia! Is that really him!?" she trots over to him, "are you THE Felix Floetry?" Felix smiles and nods nervously. "Y-Yes that's me alright...hehe."

"Lexis and I really enjoy your writing! The names Epic V, I make internet videos!" she extends her hoof and shakes his paw. Felix smiles and says "its a pleasure to meet you too! I've actually seen your videos. Never knew you were a fan of me." He Smirks.

Lexis then says, "Hey Felix, V and I are planning on hanging out this evening... Would you like to come with..?" She said while blushing a bit. "Sure, sounds fun to me. Hehe." Felix said, as he scratches his head out of Bashfulness. "Great!"said Lexis "its a date! Hehe" she giggles and quickly kisses his cheek. Felix blushes bright red. V smirks then leans over and says, "oooooo I think she liiiiikes youuuu... Haha!" She laughs which makes Felix turn even more red and he gulps.

He says goodbye to the two ponies and leaves the shop. He had a smile on his face as he contemplated the fact that someponies actually enjoyed his poetry. This fact filled him with joy and confidence as he happily walked down Downtown Ponyville. He then bumps into someone, "ooof! Ow!" Said a soft voice as Felix falls over. Felix rubs his head and says, "I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't see you there..."

"I-Its ok " Said the young stranger. He was a small Young Unicorn Colt with an Orange Coat and a bright red and orange spiky mane. "Don't worry about it Mr.! I'm not hurt haha!" Said the Colt. "My Name is Fire Heart. I was just walking around town for a bit. Hmm, No offense but I don't believe that I have ever seen a fox here in Ponyville before." Said Fire Heart as he circled Felix and looks and him with innocent curiosity. Felix then says "yea I'm new around here. I just Arrived in Equestria earlier this morning. Umm my name is Felix by the way. Nice meeting you."

Fire Heart grins and says "wow! Cool name! Wanna play with me?" Felix chuckles and says "sure thing kid. I think I have time before my dat-I mean, before I have to meet up with some other friends haha" Fire Heart jumps up with excitement "Friends?! I wanna meet em too! Please can I hang out with you Mr. Felix?"

Felix smiles and said "eh, why not. I'm sure Lexis and V won't mind if One more joins us"

-End Of Chapter-