Four Brothers

Ch. 2 Breaking bad

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Ch. 2 Breaking bad

Yoki Academy


Within the halls of the Academy, many a student, both male and quite a few females, paused to look as a group of five individuals walked within the middle of the halls of the Academy, lightly laughing and talking in low tones to one another, as if without a care in the world. At the head of the group, was the brunette, hazel eyed young adult, Bobby Minaka, walking arm in arm with the pink haired Moka Akashiya. Said pink haired young lady was a Vampire with a strong grip on the elder Minaka with her head lying upon his arm, and an expression of blissful happiness upon her face.

This caused many of the females within the Halls of said 'Academy' to nearly swoon with envy if it wasn't for the fact that the other, much younger Minaka's were not only single, but almost just as handsome as their older brother in their own rights. The males on the other hand, lamented at the fact that such a heart stealer like Moka Akashiya had fallen for the likes of Bobby Minaka, whom claimed to have been raised by a human alongside his brothers.

Behind them, two of the three other young males called Mike and Jake, were reminiscing about how their day had gone, while the last one known as Ben, was walking with a folded map in one hand, and his cell phone in another.

"Hey Ben, whatcha' doing back there?" Mike asked as he turned slightly to look upon his youngest brother.

"Hmm?" Ben said, barely removing his eyes from both the map and the cell in his hands.

"Ben, Earth to Ben. Do you copy?" Mike groused aloud.

"What? Oh, sorry." Ben replied impishly as he quickly put away the cell and map one after the other, the map folding inward upon itself as he closed it, and then shoving it into his backpack. "Was scanning the Academy's campus map in order to figure out the in's and out's of the place."

"Figure anything interesting out about the school?" Jake asked as he too slightly turned back to look at the youngest of the brothers.

"Maybe. Need to take another look later to be sure. Should have something more for you by the end of the day." he surmised with a shrug.

"Fair enough. What say we find a snack machine around here, I'm starving." Mike said as he held a hand to his stomach that 'churned' out loud, causing him to grin and bare the embarrassment that the sound of his stomach had caused as several female students had turned their heads upon the growling of his hunger. Some went wide eyed while others blushed at his expression, finding it cute.

"I know where a few are." Ben said as he walked around his brothers quickly, getting ahead of both Bobby and Moka, "Come on, follow me."

A few minutes later, and being a thousand yen shorter than before, the entire gang sat, with both snacks and drinks in hand, while Bobby and Mike, being big guys among the four brothers, had to double the snacks that they bought, and Moka grasping a can of tomato juice in her hand. Bobby mainly grabbed extra for himself in order to ensure he replaced the amount of blood Moka had consumed from him earlier, and would most likely do yet again in the near future.

A double set of wooden, yet metal framed benches were nearby. Sitting together on one of them, shaded from the suns rays thanks to the extended outdoor walkway ceiling, Bobbys curiosity about Mokas personal life got the better of him.

"So Moka, what can you tell me of your life before coming to Yokai Academy?" Bobby asked as he leaned back on the bench, his left arm resting on the head of aid bench, just behind Mokas head.

"What do you mean?" she replied after just opening and taking a gulp of her juice.

"Well, for one, I noticed your drink of choice is tomato juice when according to known common Vampire folklore, the only thing a Vampire can normally consume is blood." he said.

"Oh, that's because I'm from a different class of Vampire."

"There are different classes?" Ben asked.

Moka nodded in response.

"How so?" he then asked from where he sat upon the bench on Bobbys right.

"Well, there are many classifications of Vampires all over the world."

"And which one are you?" Jake asked.

"My family and I are of the Shinso Clan."

"Shinso Clan?" Mike replied with a raised eye brow.

"It is said that the origin of my Clan dates back several centuries, with the original head of my Clan being named Shinso. Those who inherit his power by absorbing his blood, are given the title of 'Shinso'."

"And, I take it that there is more to the story, and of the Legacy you hold within you?" Bobby surmised.

"Mmhmm." she replied with a soft, yet somewhat saddened smile.

Not wanting to delve too deep into her families history until he knew for sure that she trusted him and his brothers more information, he changed the topic of her Clans history, and instead, focused on her family, "What about your parents? Do you have any siblings?"

"Well, let me think." she looked up with a finger under her chin, "My mothers name is Akasha Bloodriver, and my fathers is Issa Shuzen. I have a younger half-sister named Kokoa, and two older half-sisters named Akua and Kahlua."

"Sounds more Polynesian than Japanese. What are they like?" Jake asked. "Your sisters that is."

"Uhhh...I'm not sure you'd really be interested in them." she replied a bit shyly, turning away and brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Mmm, you may be right." Taking the hint, none of the brothers sought to continue discussing the subject of Mokas family, letting the need to know of her personal life drop until she was ready speak of it when she felt like it. It seemed, that even in the Supernatural World, some things were better left unknown until Fate decreed otherwise.

Almost as if she was taken over, Mokas eyes widened as she turned back to her new friend and his brothers, she then asked, "What about you? What was it like growing up with a human mother?"

"Yeah, what was it like to live with scum, traitor?" a new voice popped up, causing all five individuals to turn to the source of the voice.

Stepping out from the side of an storage alcove, the would be school jock known as Saizou Komiya made himself known.

"Saizou, ever stop to think that this was a private conversation?" Bobby rebuked as he slowly rose to his feet, with his brothers following his lead. Bobby just glared while the others bore alert and or battle ready expressions. "And I warned you back in the class, don't ever speak of my mother like that ever again. It won't end well for you."

With a scoff, the jock-ster replied in a mocking tone, "Like, I'm so scared." he then looked at the pink haired Vampiress, "Hey there, sexy. Heard your name was Moka Akashiya, right?"

Before he could react, Bobby felt himself grabbed by the front of his shirt and barely lifted off of the ground. He'd barely saw the guy move, he was so fast.

"No, let him go." cried out Moka, as she grasped Saizous arm with both hands, pleading with him to release her friend.

"So tell me, what's a smoking hot chick like you doing making friends with numb-nuts like this guy and his three stooges? I mean come on."

With barely a grunt, Bobby merely chuckled as with right hand, he signaled his brothers to not move, as they intended to. Instead, he grabbed the wrist of the hand that held him barely an inch off the ground, and began to squeeze.

Saizou began to growl as he felt pain as if for the first time of his life. The pressure of the hand that held his wrist, squeezing tighter and tighter, forcing the teen monster to slowly lower Bobby until his feet was firmly back on the ground. Moka was in shock as Saizou then released her friends shirt, only to grasp the hand that held his wrist. The bully was groaning in pain as he began to then tremble and quake in the knees until he finally fell to one of them.

"You made three mistakes, first, you interrupted my conversation with my friend, second, you insulted our mother." Bobby said as he pointed a thumb towards his chest, and then swung it to point at the other three male teens behind him, all whom wore dark expressions promising pain unto him, "But your biggest mistake, was putting your hand where it didn't belong. Tell me Saizou, how much do you cherish this hand?"

Squeezing the wrist tighter, the Elder Minaka observed as the jock began to sweat as he also gave a small cry of pain.

A soft set of hands gently laid upon his own wrists, as Bobby turned slightly to look upon the innocent face of his friend, Moka, as she pleaded, "Please Bobby, don't. He's not worth it."

Gazing into her eyes for a moment or two, and Bobby relented with a sigh, releasing Saizous wrist.

Said school jock suddenly jumped back a few feet, holding his wrist tenderly and maneuvering it every which way in order to get some feeling back in it, he glared at the Minaka, but more so at the older brother with malice and hate, "You think you can hurt me, and get away with it?" he hollered.

Bobby refused to speak as he continued to gaze into Mokas eyes.

"Hey, stop ignoring me."

"Saizou, just shut up already. You're boring me." was the reply sent his way. Bobby then spoke to Moka, "I'm sorry if I scared you. It wasn't my intention."

Moka then lunged into his chest, leaving Bobby feeling awkward for a moment before he sighed and wrapped his arms around her, holding her to him.

"Promise me you won't fight." she said.

"I can't make that promise Moka. Sometimes...sometimes, these things just happen, and can be unavoidable. But I can promise you something," he then put a finger to her chin, and raised her head to look him in the eyes, "I won't ever begin a fight, but if I do get into one, not only will try to finish it, but I also promise to come back to you in one piece."

"You mean it?"

"Of course I do."

Leaning back into his arms where she felt safe, he then turned his attention once more to the instigator of the situation, "Beat it, Saizou."

"You think you're so tough, don't you, Minaka?" the jock said rather smug.

"He's not the only one, Komiya." Michael Minaka said as he stepped around his older brother. Pumping his left fist into his right palm, he then said, "Want a shot at me?"

"He's not the one I want, dweeb."

"Tough talk, coming from a chump." came Ben's reply.

"I'll take you all on." Saizou hollered as he began breathing heavy, his pupils shrinking with madness.

"No, your fights with me, not my brothers. You want a fight, you got one. Just name the place and time, I'll be there." Bobby said as he stepped forward with Moka hiding behind him, trying not to look at the crazed student.

Getting in Bobbys face, Komiya snarled, "Fine. The Academy burial grounds, an hour after the end of school."

"Fine with me."

With a final sneer, Saizou turned and walked away.

"It's a bad move on your part, Bobby." Ben said.

"He's right, you don't even know what species of monster he is." Jake said.

"Bo-Bobby, you're not really going to fight him, are you?" Moka asked fearfully.

"Seem's like I got no choice. Jerks like him, don't quit until someone makes them." Turning once more to Moka, Bobby spoke again, "Come on, I want to show you something. Guys, give me and Moka some privacy."

Slipping the school map into into his eldest brothers hand, Ben moved, allowing both Bobby and Moka to walk by he and the others so to have their private talk elsewhere.

"We're not really going to let this happen, are we?" Jake asked. "For all we know, he could have friends waiting in ambush at the time of the fight."

"That's why we're going to back him up." Mike said. "We keep the fight one on one. If we see or notice any of Komiya Saizous friends, should he have any, anywhere near the fight, giving him the advantage, then we jump in and handle them. Not before, understand?"

Both Jake and Ben nodded at this.


Reaching the destination that he intended, Bobby and Moka stood atop of the school itself. Leaning against the railing of the said school while overlooking the grounds, Bobby sensed the turmoil in his new friends posture. Turning around and folding his arms, Bobby began with a sigh, "Let's hear it."

"B-Bobby, I'm scared. I don't want you to fight." she said as she meekly stood with her arms over her chest in a show of fear, but it was a fear that Bobby could get hurt.

"I know." he replied. "Come here." pulling her into his arms, he turned them to look out over the grounds of the Academy's Campus grounds.

"All over the world," he began, "there are events happening everyday. Children killing children. The lower and middle class boys and maybe a girl or two, being picked on enough by the higher class bullies, and sometimes by bullies who are raised by wealthy and or abusive parents. Do you know, that there is a breaking point within the human world, a breaking point where the victims can no longer take the bullying, the depression hitting them so hard, that they retaliate in the most grotesque means they can, as if to send a message."

Moka seemed to be listening as her breathing seemed to have paused as she listened.

"Those same kids take their parents weapons and attack the bullies, only it doesn't stop there, they then choose to kill those who could have stopped it, but didn't. Other students, teachers, Deans, Principles or Headmasters if you will. So much life lost, so much blood spilled, it's an unending cycle, and yet the ones doing the killing can't bring themselves to care whom they are hurting and killing, they are numb to the pain they are causing. Their only escape, is Death. Either self inflicted when they know that the Law is right outside of the school grounds, just moments away from taking them out as they are trained to do, or let the Law put them out of their misery. And yet, the schools refuse to accept that they could have acknowledged and stopped it by punishing those bullies before anything ever got out of hand, and the News outlets refuse to at least explain just why it is that the killers took the actions that they did. They refuse to shed light on who exactly was responsible for pushing those kids as far as they did, and making the choices they made. They would rather condemn the killers, instead of condemning the ones who are truly responsible. It has been said, that sometimes, someone's going to have to take a stand. Someone's going to have to say enough. This is me, saying 'Enough'!"

Turning Moka around so as to look her in the eyes, he then softly spoke, "Sometimes, people like Saizou doesn't understand nor accept the repercussions of their actions. I should know, I was him, before a good woman taught me the error of my ways. I won't kill Komiya Saizou, and judging by the strength I felt when he grabbed me, I doubt I will be able to. But I will hurt him. My honor, and the honor of my family demands it. Earlier, Komiya spoke of murder and rape as if it was a normal everyday thing. The only thing he understands is violence. And I intend to show him, that there is are consequences for his words and the actions he has taken and or will take in the future to come."

Moka lowered her head a bit as if to contemplate what he had said when a moment later, she looked back up into his eyes, "Remember when you asked about my past?"

"Yes!" Bobby said.

"Before I met you, and in turn, your brothers, I never did get along well with humans. In fact, I feared them. You could say that I even may have hated them. Humans have a tendency to be cruel. I know this because I attended humans school all the way to Junior High. I was lonely because humans don't believe in monsters. I was different from everyone. It'd be better if I didn't exist."

"But you do." Bobby says as he pulled Moka into his arms, holding her to him with one arm while stroking her pink hair with the other. She relaxed into his embrace when she continued revealing her past. "I'm glad that you exist." he whispered into her ear.

"I know that now. But, back then, I kept thinking otherwise. And then, you came into my life, accepted me for what I am, even if I came onto you so strongly because of the scent of your blood." She turned to look at Bobbys brothers who were down below, mingling with the other students free from the days lessons. With a nod in their direction, she continued, "Even they have accepted me for what I am, despite the circumstances to how we first met."

Had they been within close proximity of the two above the school, the other Minaka brothers would all be blushing at her comment, their heads would be hanging in embarrassment when Bobby chuckled and spoke, "Yeah, not our best first contact with the Realm of the Supernatural." This caused Moka to laugh lightly as well as her face reddened, tucking a stray strand of pink hair behind an ear.

"For the first time," she continued as she turned back to look into Bobbys eyes again, "I don't feel alone..."

"You will never be alone, Moka-san." He let her know this as he lowered his head and ever so gently brushed his lips upon her own, eliciting a reaction as she almost faltered a bit. Pulling back, he saw that her eyes then looked into both of his own for a few seconds before she closed her eyes and then raised herself up, pressing her lips against his. This elicited a 'moaning' response from Bobby as he more firmly pressed Moka even tighter against him, her arms entwining around his neck.

With a roll of his eyes, Mike directed the others to turn away and give Bobby and Moka some privacy, having looked up and caught his brother and Moka making out. All the while, as Bobby continued to make out with Moka, pressed his chance as he opened his mouth, and flicked his tongue against her lips, as if asking silently for permission to deepen the passionate kiss. The pink haired Vampiress gasped at this before she accepted the unasked query as their tongues collided, eliciting several moans from both individuals.

Despite the faint taste of tomato juice on her tongue, he could also taste several other flavors his addled brain could not identify.

In her mind, even Moka could not help but enjoy the taste and feel of his lips and tongue, the sensation the kiss delivered unto her passionately dazed brain. All too soon, they both took a pause in their lust filled display of affection as both needed a moment to breathe, or at least Bobby did. He did not know if Vampires required air to breathe. Their heads touched for a moment to allow their equilibrium to even out.

Bobby then opened his eyes as he then looked into the sky and then chanced a look at the golden banded watch upon his wrist and saw it was close to the time to meet up with Saizou Komiya.

"I have to go now, Moka." he said as he began to pull away. But she instead, held onto his other arm as he did so.


Her head was lowered as she was vissably shaking, "I don't want you to fight."

"I have to Moka. One way or another, this ends today. I will not listen to Komiya speak his filth about our mother, or hear his taunts to hurt you and whatever other girls are on this campus. He needs to learn some humility."

"Th-Then...I'm coming with you."

"Moka, I don't think..."

"No, I'm going with you. I won't lose you, only when I just found you."

Bobby just stood there, her hands holding onto his wrist as he gazed into her eyes as she raised her head, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Please..." she pleaded.

"Okay." he said softly as he grasped one of her hands.

A little over 45 minutes had passed when the brothers and Moka had met back up Komiya in the burial grounds of the Academy.

"I almost didn't think you'd make it, or even dared to show." a more than familiar voice spoke up, reverberating throughout the area. From behind a dying tree on the left, Saizou stepped out, a pompous expression upon his face. "And you brought your brothers as well as the lovely Moka-chan. I'll make this quick and finish you all before I have my way with the girl."

Saizou's lizard-like elongated tongue darted out of his mouth as it spun about on his lips, as if tasting them and preparing for a meal, when suddenly, his body began to bulge into a Hulk-like form. His entire upper half shredded his uniform coat, shirt, and tie. His head only bulged out, maintaining the humanoid form, despite having shark-like teeth.

As the change occurred, Bobby began to undo his tie with Mike stepping up to him. With the tie now removed from his neck, Bobby passed it to his brother and then removed his own jacket, passing it off to Mika as well. Rolling his sleeves a second later, one after the other, Bobby then spoke to his brother, "Don't interfere. This is my fight."

"You sure you can handle him?"

Turning to Mike, and then looking into the eyes of his other worrying brothers and a much scared Moka, "I guess we'll find out now, won't we?" was his brothers answer as Bobby then stepped to the side and away some considerable distance from the others as he took a moment to look up and at his opponent.

The monster before him was a near ringer for what could nearly pass off as a human/Doomsday hybrid ripoff with a giant musculature, 3 spiked bones on both clavicles with another bone spike jutting out from both Deltoids. His sternum was guarded by ridged bone while both Brachio-Radialis were covered by bone in what was similar to arm padding with openings upon the arm, not covered by sad bone. His hands included, were covered in bone as if they were mere gloves, while his head was slightly bigger than before, with an almost Venom-esque look to it, slobber included, flowing from the elongated appendage.

His now clawed feet had torn through his shoes, now resembling an animals hind legs in the form of the 'Tarsus and the Metatarsus' with the way the legs snapped and reformed in the state they now assumed. Thankfully, Bobby had a clear idea on how to handle the situation as he took a standard fighting stance with one fist drawn, and the other close to his head, his legs spread, his body slightly hunched down. He was ready for a brawl.

With his arms spread and his bone clawed hands out, Saizou smiled evilly, "I'm going to rip your head off and eat it. Then I'm going to shit down your throat, kill the others, and take your bitch and make her my whore." With a fist pulled back, he roared as sent it forward and smashed into the ground, dirt and debris flying everywhere from where Bobby had stood, his fist leaving a crater. He noticed right away that his target was not, as when he looked up, he felt more than saw as a strong fist collided with the side of his jaw. The same fist then joined its brother as both hands then grabbed the teen monster by the back of the head and smashed it, as Bobby planted his right knee into its face, then grabbed the head of the creature and with great effort, pushed it back and away from where he then landed.

"Just shut up and fight." The enhanced human said as he then hopped back from the now enraged monster, resuming a fighting stance.

In the meanwhile, Komiya, who had to pick himself up from the ground, grabbed his slightly stinging jaw and wiggled it about a bit, before he then spit a wad of saliva and blood to the side, then felt the blood emanating from his nose, and with the back of his left hand, wiped the still flowing blood from his face.

"Not bad, you just might be a challenge after all." Saizou grinned, seeing the blood upon the back of his hand from where he had wiped the blood that flowed from his nose, before he then quickly raised himself upward and charged with another arm pulled back and swinging. As he missed yet again, he felt as another strike hit him in the left side of the face when Bobby sidestepped the attack and swung with a wild haymaker and then struck with another on the other cheek. Unfortunately, this was what Komiya was counting on as he was now too close for the human lover to get away as he swung wildly, catching Bobby with a backhand. "Pathetic.

"Bobby!" Moka cried out as she tried to run to her first human friend and potential mate, only to be held back by Bobbys younger brothers Michael and Jake. Seeing them holding onto her arms, she desperately pleaded, "Please, let me go."

"We can't. This is Bobbys fight." Michael said.

"He wouldn't forgive us if we interfered this early."

"But, he's your brother." she shouted.

"And that's why we won't step in unless we have no choice." Ben said as he placed a hand on Mokas right shoulder, "Trust that we know what we are doing."

The Vampiress looked at Ben before she returned her attention to the fight. 'I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.' Moka thought to herself.

Bobby only had enough presence of mind and time to cover up with both arms as the back handed fist sent him sailing far off into the distance and into a tree. Crying out in pain as the collision against the tree and his body, left him imprinting his physical frame slightly into the tree itself. His back hurt in ways he had not felt in some time, as he was sure some of his ribs were either bruised and or cracked, maybe even broken.

With a victorious roar, Saizou slowly began to walk towards his now downed adversary who began to struggle to rise to his feet.

Using the tree as leverage, Bobby staggered to his feet. He felt and tasted the coppery taste of blood in his mouth, despite the pain he felt in both his arms and his back. "I-Is that...all you got?" his body then collapsed upon the ground, where he struggled to get his barings, his vision swimming a bit.

Grinning maniacally, the teen monster quickened his pace with Bobby struggling get back to his feet a bit, then bringing his fists back up, "That all you got? It ain't all I got." he said as he began to slowly jog forward and then picking up his speed as he then slipped beneath Saizou's legs when the Hulk-like monster, stupidly brought both of its arms to bare as if to deliver an overhead smash. The Meta-teen managed to turn his body around, flipped to his feet, and jumped. He made to spin kick his opponent in the back of the head, but Saizou showed how quick on the uptake he really was as he quickly turned and grabbed Bobby's leg while he was in the air.

Bobby's thought at this time was 'Oh shit!' when he felt his leg snap with a loud 'crack'. He cried out loud, only to be thrown to the side a second later, where upon hitting the ground, he rolled several meters upon the said ground. "Look at you, you're just a weakling compared to me." Saizou taunted.

The younger Minakas could only watch in horror as their brother was thrown through the air like a ragdoll. Mike, who held onto a now struggling Vampiress, was shaken from the vision of seeing the damage his brothers body was sustaining when Moka cried out, "Bobby, no!"

Ripping herself from Mike and Jake's grip, Moka quickly passed the slowly approaching monster who barely missed grabbing her by several centimeters.

Mike's body itself grew as he said to himself, "Screw it, he can get onto me later." With his own body shredding the clothes upon his back, Mike charged the monstrous teen with a mighty roar.

Saizou barely had a chance to turn his head at the new roaring challenge, his eyes widening as the large fist that smashed into its face so hard, that it staggered the bony teen monster, before sailing into the air a good distance away, himself.

Jake and Ben weren't far behind Moka while Mike held off Saizou as they each came to their fallen brothers side. Moka on her knees, pulled the now battered body of her chosen mate into her arms while Jake and Ben dropped to and slid to their knees on either side of him and or behind him.

Bobby eyes were barely able to open as Moka begged him to open them. He scarcely heard her as his eyes fluttered before being able to force them completely open, looked over and could just make out the massive form of his brother holding off Saizou. "N-No." he growled out in determination.

"Bobby, you're not Captain America, you can't keep this up all day. Besides, your left leg is broken in two places, you'll be lucky to stand up." Jake said from his left side.

"I-I can"

"No, you can't." Ben said from behind him.

"Bobby please, just listen to them." Moka pleaded as she grabbed one of his hands and held it to her busom, right where her Rosary was. What happened next, was a sight none ever expected to see, as subconsciously, Bobbys hand had gripped onto the hand fell uselessly as if his strength had begun to fail him, snapping the silver pendant from its double chained choker, when he had just as suddenly, forced his eyes closed due to the brightness of the gem from within the middle of the Rosary.

Mike, whom was in a deadlock battle with his brothers adversary, had to pause and squint his his eyes, as did the others, including Saizou, as the brightness from where the pink haired young teen shined darkly. Neither moving the other, when a dark pulse of energy was released and felt by all within the general area.

Bobby gasped upon realizing what he had just done.

Mokas eyes glazed over as another pulse, like that of a heart beat, was released.

"Wh-What the hell?" growled Saizou as he was forced to back away from the fight against his newest opponent, using both of his arms to shield his eyes.

Mike too, had to look away from the brightness of the gem. Thankfully, he had his back to the entire situation, when he made to renew his attack, running up to and spearing Saizou in his midsection, sending both individuals over a cliff nearby.

Saizou didn't have a moment to think or react when the large being plowed through him, sending both away and down a mountain-ess cliff.

Jake and Ben stepped back several feet, gritting their teeth as they too shielded their eyes with their arms, "What's...going on?" Jake cried out as a force of dark energy enveloped both their brother and Moka, that then grew and flowed over them, blanketing the entirety of the dead land.

"I think we're about to find out." Ben shouted in return as he was able to revert his attention to his surroundings, noticing the changes. The skies had darkened, the moon shining like an Almandite stone with the many scars upon its surface darkened to a greater hue.

And from within the darkness of the moons scars came an untold number of bats that flew around both Moka and Bobbys, the latter that now rested upon the ground, as if unconscious.

Moka on the other hand, her body glowed as the creatures flowed into her at first. Her body seemed to hover before Bobbys downed form, her eyes closed as if in a trance, her arms and hands splayed on either side of her body.

Unknown to the younger Minakas, though the bats were from their perspective, covering her entire form, they were also enhancing her physique and enabling the personality within the gentle Vampiress to awaken after being sealed away for so long a time.

It was then, that both brother remembered Mokas warning about her other half. Their thoughts screaming simultaneously, "Someones going to die." Both shook with abject fear as though the bats had covered Moka, they could seeing the transformation as she now stood straight, the bats that covered her body, showing the more curvy and yet, masculine figure beneath the swarmed body.

Suddenly, one at a time, a bat fell from a leg and flapped its wings, soaring off into the darkened skies, followed by another from upon her busom, and then another from her right cheek, a single red eye showing, as dark as blood.

Then, the entirety of bats dispersed and flew off from the body of Moka and disappeared into the skies like their brethren.

Her hair was no longer pink, but silver. Her breasts, more defined and curvacious as they had popped out of the shirt a bit, not enough to reveal anything, but enough to stun a man, when the transformation had occurred. They could feel the massive amount of dark energy her Vampiric body was putting out.

With the light show over with, both could only stare as she took a breath as if for the first time. Her eyes then fell downward upon their brothers still body. Ever so slowly, she lowered herself to a knee.

She then picked up the upper half of his beaten form and placed a hand on his neck and sighed a moment later with her eyes closed. "He's merely unconscious. He needs rest. Take care of him while I handle the fool who thought he could claim what was never his."

Her eyes now looking upon them showed that her demands wasn't up for negotiation. Both gulped and nodded as they quickly rejoined her at their brothers side. She looked back down into the face of the young man whom had accepted her and her weaker, more gentler personality, despite the difference between them. "You are certainly a strange person, Robert Minaka. Rest, we will meet again."

Leaning forward, she kissed his forehead, her lips remaining there for a few seconds when a 'tremble' had broken her from her current situation. Handing Bobby off to one of the brothers, she stood on both feet and broke off into a run that blurred as she quickened her pace to what was perceived to be super speed.

"Man, he sure knows how to pick them." was Bens next choice of words.

"No kidding." Jake said with a shake of his head. As Ben raised a hand, his elder brother was levitated into the air. He held out another hand towards Jake who grasped the hand while placing a hand on Bobbys chest, and with nary a sound, all three faded as if they were never there.


Mike was rolling down the hill, Saizou Komiya following not far behind. As his body hit rock bottom, he rolled over onto his back. He barely had time to catch his breath when he quickly moved as Komiya too rolled upon the ground where he had landed, stopping several feet from his left.

Now on his front, Mike made to gasp a few breaths of air as he managed to raise himself up and onto his arms. Turning an eye to the side, he could barely make out the malformed teen monster.

With a grunting effort, Mike made to stand when he was forced to maneuver his arms before him in order to shield himself. Komiya had quickly managed to gather his wits about himself, and gotten to his feet much quicker than Michael did.

With a few quick steps, he was upon the Meta teen with a roar.

Michael's feet had to dig into the ground as he protected himself from the double fisted blow upon his arms. A bit of effort and a roar of his own, he pushed Saizou away.

Said teen monster touched down upon the ground, and stood facing the much stronger Minaka brother, "You're pretty strong, for some human loving, bottle feeding, runt."

"Did anyone ever tell you, that you talk too much?" came the reply back. Michael once more made to ready himself as he took a fighting stance when another body dropped down between them, landing on her sandled feet. The smaller, lithe form of a now silver haired Vampiress with her back to him was familiar to him.

Having fallen nimbly to her feet in a crouched form, the girl slowly raised herself up. Both individuals found themselves sensing the energy of the new arrival, and it made them both learry.

"Hey, what the hell's this? She looks different and scary. That's not the same Moka!?"

"Moka?!" Mike thought to himself in shock. Then remembering her warnings from earlier in the day, Mike stood at his full height and shrunk down to his much baser form. Crossing his arms, he smirked, "You idiot. You're in for a world of hurt now. She's transformed to her true form."

"Ah hell, the tales, they're true." Saizou said aloud in fear for himself. He began to sweat as he continued to speak to no one in particular, "Red eyes, silver hair, the overwhelming energy. She's an S-Class Super Monster. A real Vampire."

With a calmingly sweet, yet scary smile, Moka moved a few strands of her hair from the front of her face, her eyes closed as she placed a hand to her right hip. She then opened her eyes, and looked dangerously upon her target with a hint of amusement with something else that put Saizou on an even greater edge.

"So then, I suppose the one who woke me up was you, huh?"

'What the hell? What's wrong with me?' the Heir of the Saizou Monster Clan nervously asked himself. 'I mean, sh-she's only staring at me, but I an't stop shaking.'

As if she had just woken from a deep sleep, the Vampiress made to intertwine her hands and raise them high into the sky, loosening her joints with a few near muffled 'cricks' and 'cracks' sounding off. She then began hopping on the joints of her sandled toes as she took a boxers stance.

Mike winced at the sounds of her stiff joints loosening, but other than that, made no move towards her, figuring it would be a bad move. While the apparently scared Saizou was shaking where he stood, the much more mature voice of the new and much more dangerous Moka, said, "Roberts alive, if that's what you're hoping to know."

"I figured." Mike shot back as he lowered himself to a sitting position upon the ground in order to enjoy the show. The Vampiress, with her back to him, merely glanced back with a raised eye. Seeing the now red eye, Mike shrugged with his hands in the air, palms up, "Meh, mom's done worse. You should see the pictures of the flooring and the walls from the homes we've lived in. He'll be up in no time."

Turning back to the forefront of her reason for being awake, she barely 'huffed' aloud as she replied, "It sounds like she was my kinda woman."

"If you only knew."

"Mind if I cut in?"

"He's all yours."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

Seeing her return her focus back onto him, Saizou continued to internally monologue to himself, 'Wha- she' looking at me again. No, this isn't right.' he began shaking his head, closing his eyes as if to clear his mind, 'Hey, pull it together man, cause if you took out a Vampire...'

Letting out a huge 'sigh' while covering her mouth, the female Vampire said only a single sentence, "It's time for you to know your place."

Before the troll-like teen could comprehend the meaning to her words, or even react, with the speed fitting for a woman of her stature and size, her right leg came up, slamming into the face of her foe.

In a single violent act, Saizou Komiya was sent flying back with a mightily pained cry, leaving a trail of dust in his wake. The malformed teen monster was sent flying off over the waters surface before he fell in, his body still moving outward into deeper waters before falling beneath the darkness of the waters, all from the power and strength of the S-Class Vampire that was Moka Akashiya.

A familiar, fluffy brown bat with big black wings and black beady eyes, flapped around, having observed the action, a squeaky voice shouting out from its lips, "So quick!" it cried out in shock before shouting out, "Weeee..." only to flap off into the darkened skies.

Coming to stand beside her with a look of shock, a hand over his head in order to shield his eyes from the suns rays as he watched Komiya finally stop sliding in the water before going under, Mike whistled in amazement, "Daaaammmmmnnnn! Remind me to never piss you off."

"That would be best." was all she said, a hint of amusement in her tone.

"Someone's going to need to go after him." came the voice of Jake Minaka as he too looked off towards the waters where Komiyas water trail ended.

"Let him swim back. It's more than he deserves." Mike said as he turned to the side and asked, "How is he?"

"Slight concussion, but he's healing. Here, I believe this belongs to you. Ben's watching over him." Jake said as he handed over Mokas' Rosary Cross.

"How long until he's fully healed?" she asked as she took the said item in hand.

"Meh," he answered with a shrug, "Give him until morning, and he'll be right as rain."

"I'll hold you to that. He had my other self worried."

"So, what should we call you?" Mike asked, turning back to her.

Seeing him cross his arms and looking a her with a bit of suspicion, she glared before sighing in resignation, "I am the true Moka Akashiya. The Moka you know was created by the Rosary, which seals away my true personality and can only be removed by someone she cares for and or love."

"You're saying that the person we know as Moka, isn't even real?" Jake asked.

"It's complicated."

"Usually is?" Mike muttered as he looked back at his brother, "Do we have a room?"

"Even better, a dorm to ourselves."

"What about you?" Mike asked, turning to the Super Vampire, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm pretty sure that my weaker half would insist on being as close to your brother as much as possible." She made to replace the Rosary upon the interconnecting chains, but as the Rosary connected, the Darker Moka had one last word to say before being sealed away once again, "Tell your brother, he owes me."

A second later, and in a dazzling display of bright light that emanated from the jewel inside the Rosary, the more familiar Moka returned, her hair returning to its pink state, and her body shrinking only slightly half and inch from which she stood just moments before.

The Vampiress then fainted with a small "sigh". Mike caught her in his arms, managing to hold her up with a small portion of his normal human strength.

As the younger Minaka grabbed his older brother by the arm as he held the unconscious girl in his arms, from upon a limb of a dead tree, overlooking the area, a blue haired observer watched as all three individuals disappeared with nary a sound.

'Hmmm,' the unknown said to herself, 'This bares some investigating.' She then stood up, black bat-like wings extending from behind her back, and an thin, elongated tail protruding from her backside. Looking out and seeing that Saizou Komiya had enough consciousness and energy left to paddle his way to shore, she raised her head towards the sky, and shot upwards, turning her body towards the Academy, where she glided in the air, enjoying the silent flight.

The next day, Bobby awoke up with sore "groan". As he made to rise, he suddenly noticed an unusual weight was laying upon his body, thick white blankets covering them both. Lowering is chin, he noticed and recognized the pink head of hair as Moka Akashiya shifted a bit in her sleep, a smile adorning her beautiful features.

A smile of contentment came upon his face as he wrapped his arms around the young lady, turning his head slightly, he noticed that the room, unfamiliar though it was, was still darkened to a degree, with a small amount of light from the moon being let in from the windows. This enabled him to know that the girl in his arms was indeed his Moka.

'His Moka?!' he thought to himself. Did he really have the right to claim her as his own? Too many variables about that train of thought began to come about. He shook his head a bit in order to clear it. Putting off anymore thought for the moment, he noticed that his own clock resided upon a small table beside his bed, showing that the sun would not rise for another two and a half hours. With nothing else on his mind, his tired and phantom pained body demanded more sleep, just as much as his brain did. So, without further thoughts, he drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

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