Naruto was in his room, with his kunai on the table next to him. The blonde peered at it with his blue eyes. The knucklehead ninja peered down at himself while he sat on the bed. Sixteen years since his birth and the jinchuuriki was still not ready to become Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. Here he was within it, after having returned from training with Jiraiya.

The young shinobi stood up from the bed and stretched his arms out high. With a loud yawn he decided he should do some training before the day started. He dressed himself, putting on his pants, shirt, jacket, and his sandals then wrapped his headband around and tied it tightly. It was instinct on tying it.

With that, Naruto set out and left his apartment going to the training fields. Naruto felt fresh today, he decided to keep it simple with concentrating his chakra levels to his feet.

Soon enough, his chakra was flowing around him in its blue color. He kept increasing it until it was balanced the way he desired. His hand sign was perfect, his eyes closed as he breathed in.

Then he opened his eyes and took off toward a tree before running up the tree all the way to the top, then hopping off and back down.

He trained for sometime after, up until the dawn had turned into noon. Naruto was still training, however he was breathing much harder and sweating profusely. He had used up much of his chakra, the demon inside urging him to use its own, which he refused.

The boy soon ceased and leaned against a tree, huffing and wiping his forehead to get the sweat off. His chakra levels were nearly flattened out. He soon slid down until seated on the ground against it, his eyes slowly closing, despite his fight to keep them open. "Have to…. F-fight… it…" He groaned. Before he passed out however, he saw two red eyes. They were Mangekyo Sharingan. Then he drifted into sleep.

Naruto was in a pitch black room, or he thought it was a room. The blonde looked around for a bit before he realized he wasn't in reality or conscious. He blinked for a moment, no, he wasn't back in his mind. This place, the demon fox in front of him behind the locked cage, a seal placed on the door. He looked up at Kurama, Kurama's red glaring eyes staring back into his own blue. "So… you've decided to outdo yourself and still refuse me. How much longer until you finally succumb?"

Naruto stared back at the giant demon fox with narrowed eyes. "I am not going to let you take over, I don't care if it kills me. You've made my life so miserable… I can't imagine how many more you'd make miserable if I let you go… although… I have to admit, it is tempting…"

The fox's lips perked up as its teeth were revealed in an evil grin. "Naruto Uzumaki… you will let me out on your own, even if I have to force it out of you…"

"We'll see, Kurama. We'll see…"

Then…. Nothingness.

Naruto awoke from the blackout to only be blinded by a bright light. Once his blue eyes adjusted, it was all white. A white ceiling. "Hn…" He groaned as he attempted to move his arms. He couldn't, He couldn't move a muscle!

He then spoke out, "H-Hey! W-Where am I?!"

Immediately a voice was heard, "He's awake! Sedate him, quickly!"

Naruto answered back almost instantly, "N-No don-!" But it was too late, the voice spoke however before he blacked out again, "Don't worry, it's for your own good."

Two days went by and Naruto's eyes again slowly opened, though not fully. He was still laying down, he determined it was a bed. He was staring up at the ceiling, the lights weren't as bright this time though.

The blonde again attempted what he did before, this time he could move. With his arms he positioned himself to be sitting up so he could see the room he was in. It was white as well, but after inspecting it just for a few seconds, he discovered he was in a hospital. Which brought another question to his mind. Why was he here? To answer that question, he simply looked down at himself. He had been sore when woke, but what he saw was almost shocking. He had bandages all over his arms, legs, and after uncovering the sheet on top of him, his chest and abdomen too.

He sunk back down as he bit the bandage on his right arm and tried to tear it off, but before he could make a move, a hand grabbed his wrist. His eyes widened as he jumped, being startled.

He slowly turned his head to look to who had grabbed his hand, his mouth dropping as he peered at the other, "Y-You're t-the…. F-Fourth Hokage!"

"F-Fourth?" The other blue eyed blonde asked rhetorically with a face. "Yea, I'm the Fourth Hokage. Just calm yourself for a second, kid, okay?"

Naruto blinked. "K-Kid? I'm not a kid!" He yelled out, almost angrily. The man's eyes widened a bit at that, surprised. "Hey, calm down, if you don't want me calling you that, then maybe you ought to tell me your name."

Naruto thought and then shook his head. "You're supposed to be dead! I know you are! Wait…" He thought then, was he dead? Was he the Fourth Hokage? Naruto shook his head, why couldn't he remember?

"Dead? I'm pretty sure I'm alive." He chuckled, "I'm Minato Namikaze. So, now you know my name, what's yours?"

Naruto's eyes shrunk and glared at the other before speaking again, "Na-ru-to U-zu-ma-ki." He sounded it out, as if to mock Minato's intelligence.

Minato froze up as his eyes widened. "Uzumaki….?" He repeated.

Naruto gave a confused look, an eyebrow rising, "Uh… yea?" He said before trailing off in his thoughts, though keeping an ear open.

"Alright well… I'd have to make sure of that… you don't mind a DNA test do you? All it is will be swabbing your saliva." Minato said, shaking the trance off himself.

"Giving you my spit? Yuck! But… I guess…" He submitted reluctantly. "Not sure why you'd need it though, it's not like there's any Uzumaki's left… not that I know of at least." He said somberly.

"Oh, you'd be surprised." Minato winked, "Anyway, I've gotta go, Naruto. But I'll be back. Just don't… hurt yourself, alright? Oh, one more thing, don't use any of your chakra for anything! Not that you could do much with it anyway, while you were out, I put some seals on you. For your own protection of course, I'll remove them when you're in better condition, alright?"

Naruto shot a glare at the older blonde, but it didn't help him considering the other was gone.

Naruto laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling, it was the next day. He had provided the DNA test to the doctors and was now just waiting. He bit his lip as he heard footsteps approaching his door. For some reason it struck fear in him, or anxiety at least.

The door slipped forward, opening up, to reveal Minato Namikaze. Minato approached Naruto at his bed. "So… the results are in," He had a serious look on his face, "Your DNA… it's… well… see, you are…"

The young blonde shot an impatient glare up at the elder, "Come on already! Spit it out, what is it?"


". . ." Naruto was practically fuming with impatience and anger at this point.


Naruto went pale. Extremely pale. His eyes froze, his entire body froze as he heard the term. Naruto didn't have parents. They died back when he was born when Kurama attacked the village.

"I know, it's quite a bit to take in, you se-" He was cut off as Naruto began speaking.

"Wait, you said your name's Minato Namikaze! I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Not Namikaze!"

Minato scratched his head for a minute, he hadn't realized the boy was so perceptive. "Well, you're right. You do got my DNA though. See, the thing is, my partner, she's an Uzumaki. You share her DNA as well… though, I don't understand why… we've never had children."

"Oh great…. They've never had kids, but I'm supposed to be their son?"

Naruto eased up, laying back against the back of the wall, sitting up on the bed. "But… my parents died… the Fourth Hokage is dead… so… this has to be a dream! Or a Genjutsu!"

"I wish it was, Naruto. But I'm afraid this isn't a Genjutsu. Nor a dream, I am real. This place is real. Do you know how you got those injuries?"

Naruto shook his head. "No…" He said, a hollowed word as he looked down.

"We don't either. We just found you outside the village. But you've got multiple lacerations, I also found a seal that was already on you, on your stomach. There's something off about it, though."

"Oh yea?" The blonde asked. "What's off?"

Minato's eyes narrowed at the boy. "It's a Eight Trigram Seal. You knew this, didn't you?"

Shit. He knows. Come on, stupid, think of something.

"Oh, well… wait, what was that other Uzumaki you were talking about before, your partner?"

Minato rolled his eyes and glared down at him again. "Don't try to switch topics. The Eight Trigram Seal is only used to seal a Tailed-beast inside a person. So don't try to lie."

"If I tell you, will you let me get out of here?" Naruto asked, his eyes starting to water from the nervousness.

Minato looked thoughtful for a moment, "Alright. Tell me, are you a jinchuuriki?"

The young shinobi nodded. "Yea… I'm a jinchuuriki."

"Which one?"

"The nine tails."

Minato again give a shocked look at the boy, was this kid serious?! He kept it before he spoke once more. "Who put the seal on you?"

Naruto blinked, his inner wrath grew as his next word was being formed in his thoughts. The wrath of Kurama was growing, Kurama's chakra was taking over. Naruto's eyes stopped watering and he shot an angered glare at Minato.

"You did."