Naruto sat up in bed, still debating himself over the incident a couple days ago. He'd let himself go. Hell, for all he knew it was still just a big lie, a Genjutsu or something.

Then there was the issue of the Nine-tails sealed inside.

"You still detest me." It grinned evilly. "That's fine. But you detest him too, don't you? For putting me inside of you, the village hates you… soon enough the ones here will figure out what you are too."

"Shut up…" The shinobi said, walking up to"Shut up…" The shino the cage closer, peering into it. "You're trying to trick me."

"Oh? So you do have a brain? But no, I'm not. We both hate him, perhaps you let something slip, but you still have hatred." Its words dripping with venom. "I hate him for sealing me in you, you hate him for sealing me in you. You also hate him for not being there when you needed him most."

That was a deep cut for the aspiring ninja. "I do hate him for that… but can I really turn around and do something like what you'd want to do?"

"Use my chakra. If for nothing else, you'll be able to actually to train without exhausting yourself in a manner of minutes. For what I want to do, don't worry about that, I'm yet to be powerful enough to do anything as it is." A lie seeping out, but Naruto believed it and that's what mattered.

"I don't know… I feel like I shouldn't… I'm not saying I really like him or anything, bu-"

"He ruined your life. He put you inside me."

Naruto grumbled, annoyed as the demon interrupted him. "I know that."

"Then do more. Make him pay for that."

"I will, but just let me talk with him mo-"

"You've already talked with him." Kurama wanted his shot at doing something to the man who put him within this boy.

"Fine… I'll… I'll try, alright?" Naruto asked rhetorically, he himself wasn't sure about Kurama's attitude. The blonde wasn't a genius, but he felt as though Kurama was trying to push him in a direction he likely didn't want.

The boy stood up from the bed, showered, dressed and headed out the door of the room, stepping into the living room, noticing Minato and Kushina spending quality time together.

"I'll be heading out." He said aloud, he simply got a "Alright." Out of the both of them. He scoffed before walking out into the village. Which struck him with confusion, he mumbled something before he stepped out of the Hokage's residence and went out into the village.

Naruto hadn't made it very far through before he bumped into three chunins, maybe jonins. One with black hair and some orange tinted goggles, then a brown haired girl with two purple marks on either sides of her cheeks, then there was….


It was like looking at a mirror image of his sensei, except a bit shorter…

Naruto stared at the three, speechless. ". . ."

"Well, aren't you gonna say something?" Asked the girl.

"He's the one who's staying with Minato-sen-" The black haired boy was blurting out, before Kakashi-sensei interrupted him.

"Obito! He's the Hokage now, you have to call him Lord-Fourth, or Hokage!"

Naruto blinked. "Uhh… so… who are you two?"

The three all spoke up,

"Kakashi Hatake." Said the obvious, Kakashi-sensei.

"Obito Uchiha!" The black haired boy said aloud with a proud grin.

"Rin Nohara." Beamed the girl.

The three looked at each other confused, he had said two… they all assumed the other two somehow knew this boy. Naruto soon concluded they had this in their heads, realizing he'd made a mistake, he was supposed to be more careful about that sort of thing, according to Minato.

"Uh… sorry, I meant three…! Heh!" He quickly defused the three, or rather Obito and Kakashi-sensei from fighting about it, while Rin remained on the outskirts of their debate.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, yea, I'm staying with the Hokage."

Obito looked up at Naruto, "Uzumaki? So, you're related to Kushina? But you look just like Minato-sens- err, Hokage!"

"Um… I'm sort of related to both…"

The three chunins looked at him, each with puzzled faces. "Wait what?" Asked Obito.

"So, you're their kid?"

Naruto slowly nodded, "Yea. Sort of."

"Wow!" Obito yelled out in excitement, "I never knew sensei had a kid! He never said anything about that! Plus you're older than we are! I saw you training with him the other day! You knew the Rasengan, right? You have to show it to us!"

"You saw me with him?" Naruto asked inquisitively.

Obito stepped back anxiously, "Uh, yea… sort of… I didn't wanna interrupt you guys, especially when those ninja came out and attacked."

Naruto waved it off, "No worries. But, I'm not sure I'm even supposed to talk to you guys, let alone teach you the Rasengan…" The blonde replied unsure about the way the conversation was going. He recalled the discussion he had with Minato earlier, despite his still clinging emotion of contempt for the Hokage, he did at least respect his authority.

"Aw, come on! Please!" Obito begged, standing there in wanting.

"Don't bother him so much, Obito. Lord-Fourth probably doesn't want us doing something like that anyway." Kakashi said, scolding the Uchiha.

"Well, at least let us show you around the village," Obito said, "if nothing else, we'll talk, you show me new jutsus later." He smirked confidently and gestured for Naruto to follow him.

Naruto felt like telling the younger ninja that he already knew the village, but again the discussion from earlier crept into his thoughts. "Uh, sure, sure!" He said, following the three Chunins.

The group traversed most of the village, Naruto going through and being retold where and what everything was. It became tiresome listening to something he already knew. He let out a few yawns along the way. But still, he also noticed Obito and the other two were actually enjoying giving him the tour.

He wanted to say something to Kakashi-sensei, but he had to keep reminding himself that Kakashi wouldn't know him.

He breathed in gasp of air, trying to think. Was this even real? Could it be? This world? Or was it all a trick?

After finishing up, they all met at the training fields where Obito had finally convinced Naruto to show him the Rasengan after nagging him the entire time.

"Alright, here goes. So, what you do is you focus your chakra here in your hand." He did as he said. "Then, move it from one direction to the other. Basically you just rotate it in different directions. After that, just increase the volume and the density of the chakra." He said, "Then combine both of those steps." Soon a blue Rasengan was formed in Naruto's hand.

The three stared at him in awe as it appeared, chakra swirling in all different directions.

"See? That's how it's done!" Naruto grinned at the group stared while the Rasengan slowly dissipated.

"Wow! Can you make another one?" Asked Obito excitedly.

"There won't be another one." A familiar voice said.

Naruto froze and became stiff, primarily from the surprise, but also due to knowing the trouble he was likely in.

After having a firm discussion with Minato, Naruto sighed, standing up to leave the Fourth's office.

"I don't tell you these things because I don't want you to do anything with anyone. I tell you these things for your own safety and well-being." The elder blonde said sternly.

"Why do you care? Why would you even take the time to scold me, let alone care about me?" Naruto demanded.

Minato didn't show it, but he was taken aback, "Isn't that what a parent is supposed to do? To care for their child? To prevent them from becoming endangered? Anyone could've seen what you did and list you as a threat. What if they discovered you're a jinchuriki too?"

"Maybe I am a threat. That's all the village has ever seen me as anyway. Might as well tell them already." He huffed, walking toward the door.


The younger blonde stopped and turned his head.

Minato stood up and walked up to him, turned him around. "Since we're both here alone, I'll tell you my theory as to why you're here."

Naruto looked up, his eyes threatening the other.

"You said you saw two red eyes before you came here. I have to conclude that those eyes had to be the Sharingan." Minato said, a concerned look growing on his face, "I have to say it was likely Mangekyō Sharingan. I don't know that much about it, but there's been rumors that those with it can transport others to other dimensions. You act so different here… like you don't belong. But we've already talked about that. Still though, I don't think jumping dimensions is the right idea."

Naruto narrowed his eyes up at the other, "You're right, like we already said, I'm not supposed to be here… but also like you said, you are you, regardless of what dimension. And I'm me. I've got a demon sealed inside of me, both in my dimension and this one. You may as well tell the village about it already."

Minato pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh, almost a hint of frustration. "Look, we've been over this, over and over. I'm being patient, or trying at least. But you have to understand. I'm doing my best to adapt too."

"If you were going to adapt you wouldn't have died."

Not even a mere second passed before a loud smack was heard.

Naruto's head was turned from the hard smack, leaving a red cheek in its place.

"No, that's not how it works."

It stung, but, he did have to admit it's what he needed. Besides, it actually sent a sense of feeling in him. Someone was scolding him, or in fact… had been scolding him. Talking to him. Questioning him. It felt… human.


Minato raised a brow, looking confused. "Huh?"

"No one's done that before, it makes me feel… human, you know?" He said quietly, rubbing his still stinging cheek.

Minato's face went to a more relaxed composure, "If all you wanted was humanity, you just had to ask." He let out a soft chuckle.

"But, look, really. Like I said about the Sharingan… if we can find out who it was, or find someone else with the same thing, we could get you back to your world." He smiled softly.

Naruto teared up, he did want to return, to see his friends again, he'd only been back a day or so before being teleported away to this world. But here, here he had someone who actually treated him like a human, more than a human… like family.

Still, he had a role to play in his world, and if someone had sent him here, it was to prevent him from that role.

"Oh, you probably didn't know but, Kakashi already knew who you were, I told him beforehand. He's a member of the ANBU. I trust you know what that is?"

"Kakashi? He's err… was my sensei…"

Minato nodded thoughtfully, "I see… huh..."

"Before I left with Pervy Sage, I mean."

"Pervy Sage?" Minato looked at the other confused. "Oh wait, you mean, Jiraiya-sensei?"

Naruto nodded, "Yea, Jiraiya. Pervy Sage."

"I can see how one could come up with a name like that." The older blonde chuckled.

"We returned to the Hidden Leaf the day before I ended up here. We were gone for three years training." Naruto said in remembrance. "We'd just came back. Then all this."

Minato nodded, placing a hand at his chin, looking thoughtful. "I'll have ANBU search for anything on the Sharingan we've discussed. Until then, stay out of trouble, and stop this… whatever it is, please?"

Naruto rubbed his head with a chuckle, "Uh… I'll try I guess."

With that, Naruto was dismissed from the little meeting with Minato.

Naruto returned to the Hokage's residence after the long exhaustive day of walking with Obito, Rin, and Kakashi, then talking with Minato. It was nearly dark as he opened the door up, revealing Kushina again.

It seemed she'd been waiting.

She smiled brightly, "You never told me about before you came here. I'm sure Minato's already asked and gotten an answer, right? So, can't you tell me? I'm your mother after all." She snickered.

"Uh… well, he's the Hokage, I'm not sure I'm supposed to tell you that… heh…" Naruto chuckled nervously.

"Aw, you can tell me that at least. If you don't, I'll make Minato." She winked mischievously

It was a pretty bold move, but he decided against arguing her, "Fine, fine. But look, I don't remember everything okay?"

She nodded excitedly.

He went over with her what he'd went over with Minato before. He finished up, though she seemed to have a few blanks.

"Wait… that's it?"

He nodded, "Yea."

She tilted her head a bit looking at him. "I know they went on about the DNA test and stuff… but I'm not sure one was really even needed. You're a mirror of him. At least on the outside. From what I hear though, you've got some of me on the inside." She grinned. "Since you said you're kinda from a different world… what was it like then?"

"Where would I even start…?" Naruto said aloud, unable to compute that request.

"From the beginning, as far back as you can remember. Your birth?"

"For that far, I can only tell what the Third and the others told me. But I guess I could go that far back…" The blonde said unsure of himself.

After two or three hours, Naruto had given up most of his life story to Kushina, tales of his birth story, his resented treatment by the village, his failures at the academy, his learning of the Shadow clone jutsu, training under Kakashi and Jiraiya, among the many other events.

Back in his bed within the Fourth Hokage's residence, he laid and stared up into the darkness. This was a great… reality, but was it really for him?

Not in the sense that he didn't like it somewhat. But, did he belong? Sure, he had a family here… he had friends, though they didn't know him in this place. The only thing here that wasn't out of place was the Nine-tails.

His ocean blue eyes continued to stare into the pitch blackness. He could sleep, but… he needed to figure out if he really wanted to be here. Still, though. He had to admit, figuring it out in the middle of the night wasn't really ideal.

After fighting himself through another hour of the night in thought, he finally drifted into sleep.

Author's Note: Sorry about this chapter being short, and there's likely a couple inconsistencies. Those are my fault, I'll be re-editing most likely to match. Between life and my other stories, updates will likely be more drawn out as well. But I have to give my full gratitude to you readers and reviewers! Thank you!