A Foxy Nine-Tailed Titan

(Notes: Now, this is my first fiction, so expect a hell of a lot of mistakes and below average organization. I expect to be criticized, I want to learn from my mistakes. I've always wondered about Kurama's height, it's never been made clear so it ended up being quite a conundrum on my part, having made attempts to measure the beastly nine-tailed fox. I came upon a site where someone had apparently bothered to put in the time to figure this out. Kurama's height is about 390 meters on his hind legs, whilst he's about 103 meters with hands and feet to the ground. Kurama's tails range no less or more than 440 – 536 meters. Now, understand that I myself am in doubt, but those are the height and length limits that I will follow until I am given a reason to do otherwise. Besides, Kurama is made of chakra, what's a little fanfiction magic to fix that? Link showcasing all this will be at the bottom.)

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Prologue: A Foxy Titan and the Absence of Ninja!

Asleep within a cavern is an orange-ish, large, furry mass standing tall at the height of a mountain—depending on whether he chooses to move as a bipedal or not—with the torso and upper limbs of a human, the lower body of a beast, a vulpine head with long rabbit-like ears and black fur that extends from the inside of said ears to around the eyes. The pure red of his eyes dwarf even the tint of rubies and his dark lips accentuate those sharp, pointy, murder-lizing, teeth. Ladies and germs, this is Kurama, or known by many as the 'demon fox,' 'nine-tails,' or just 'fox,' overall.

-Third Person Narrative

Histories and pasts are fragile things. They tend to dictate one's character and define their qualities, whether for better or worse is up to the one that undergoes the experience. Such was the case of the nine-tailed fox, Kurama. Over the years of his seemingly never-ending life, Kurama had been victim to the machinations of humanity. The first to ever make matters worse was Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. The second in line of those that had wronged him was Hashirama's wife herself, Mito Uzumaki, simply by seeing him, Kurama, as something that needed to be contained and being said containor. Third and fourth that have caused him nothing but trouble are the parents of one of the few humans Kurama had come to actually give a damn about, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Kurama's past had shaped him into a mass of hate and anger, something that Naruto Uzumaki, Kurama last and final container, had managed to do something about. Naruto was the epitome of the will of fire that the old Sarutobi always rambled on about, something that Kurama wholeheartedly agreed upon. Kurama had been heavily affected by Naruto's presence, his views of the world and its people altered by the whiskered blonde's words and actions. It's a shame that the blonde and his offspring had long left the mortal realm…Naruto's wife was okay, too, according to the fox.

Kurama now slumbers beneath the surface of the world within a cavern somewhere in the eastern region of the world; the space having formed around him as sediments kept piling up over the years, never once affecting him for his body's corrosive chakra kept the minerals of the ever forming chamber from petrifying him. The age of the ninja was over, shinobi and the use of chakra had faded into the realm of mythology, their secrets and power dying with them.

It used to be that Kurama would awaken a few times every millennia or so to check on humanity and their progress, but after he found that chakra was reduced to nothing but a slight strength enhancement that the few remaining practitioners dubbed 'ki' or 'chi,' Kurama decided that any and all advancements humanity would come to have will be of no interest to him, however, he decidedly observed the tech savvy humans, if to at least gain an understanding of their machinations. Kurama, decidedly, was unimpressed and returned to his seemingly everlasting sleep. There was nothing wonderful about dabbling in technology that would allow humans to travel through the sky in mild comfort; an elongated cabin with metal wings did the flying, there was nothing jaw-dropping about a bomb capable of wiping cities off the face of the planet; all of this could have been done without technology if the right application of chakra was implemented. The flying was accomplished by the old Stone Village Kage, Onoki, if Kurama's memory served right, and techniques that could potentially wipe out populations could be accomplished by just about any ninja that trained seriously. Anything that the humans' so called technology could accomplish, chakra was able to do just as—if not better—much as it could. If anything, Kurama saw it as an offence to the ninja and samurai of his time after having observed the on-goings of humanity for the last time.

The very first time Kurama had awakened from his self-imposed hibernation he was paws deep in an uneven circular depression and humanity had seemingly ceased to exist. It actually turned out that the furless apes had retreated into caves, disappearing into the depths of the planet, only to be seen when the humans were migrating to new areas. The nine-tails was curious at this 'development' and so set out to observe the nude bipedals; Kurama had done so by pulling himself under an illusion that bent light around him, allowing for stealth. The illusion silenced his thundering steps as he slowly followed the migrating party of humans to their next abode; and at the time, if humans were able to communicate with languages, Kurama understood nothing because the language was comprised of unintelligible grunts and a variety of other sounds. At the point of reaching the next cave, Kurama eyed the retreating backs of the humans as they entered the new cavern with apprehension in an unorganized matter. At some point curiosity got the better of him and Kurama plucked the very last human from the messy, receding line before making away from the group to return to the very earthly depression he had awoken in. It was a good thing that the simple man at the time wasn't very observant, otherwise they would have noticed Kurama's enormous hand snatch the human and pulling the hairless ape into the camouflaging illusion around the fox's gargantuan body. …to say the least, the encounter didn't go so well. The human panicked and defecated on Kurama's hand in sheer fright. The experience was described with one word: disgusting. As a result, the demon fox, with the flick of his wrist, sent the insignificant and bowel-releasing human aflight; Kurama was sure the puny man lived...kind of.

The third time Kurama had awakened, he explored the world, adventuring the lands of the planet and swimming across oceans. It was after Kurama had returned to his hole in the earth that he deduced the landmasses of the world, or rather, landmass; at the moment the world had only one continent, and one that dwarfed the Elemental Nations—a supercontinent to be exact—and it wasn't anything to laugh at either. This was a wonder of the world, albeit one that more than likely caused the location of his dear partner's burial to shift and preventing future visits to his knucklehead's gravestone. Fucking nature. It was more than likely that while Kurama slept, the Elemental Nations drifted until it came into contact with another landmass, the same occurring with whatever other land there might've been elsewhere until every continent and island came together.

The fifth or seventh time Kurama woke up, he was less than amused. No. Kurama was absolutely annoyed. Not because of the increasing height of the depression Kurama slept in, because, hell, should it rain and the chasm floods, Kurama would do nothing except sleep through it. No, the annoyance stems from the fact that many walks of life would temporarily populate the space around Kurama for the great warmth that his body radiated. Plenty of avian creatures would roost anywhere on his body, taking up a section of his form…and this happened with more flocks of birds than Kurama cared to count; serpents and rodents would either burrow or wedge themselves underneath Kurama's hands and paws, predators and prey alike congregated around the skyscraper-sized fox. Silently having given a mirthful curse the initial day of the animals' appearance around him, Kurama, kept his chakra from harming the animals that would rest in his presence. Naruto really softened him up. At times humans would even show up, nomads apparently, that have broken off from whatever society they might've been a part of. It was in the presence of humans that Kurama would be curled up and had the space and vicinity of his chasm primed with an illusion to make it seem as if he were naught but a large boulder in a hole in the ground. Albeit a strange boulder that gave off waves of warmth. The first human Kurama personally observed shit himself in fright atop his hand, no fucking way was Kurama going through that again, so he did not deign to interact with any human that came to him. One day Kurama might do otherwise, however, until then, he'll not do so.

And it will be another vast amount of years before Kurama ever awakens again…

-First Person—Kurama

I felt myself in deep bliss, the darkness of sleep and the occasional dream lulling me further. This continuous cycle of dreams and silent nothingness couldn't be compared to anything else, I was sure that it was the best sensation in the world. Second best, that is. The absolute best involves sappy feelings and the like, not something I feel is necessary to indulge in at the moment. It lasted for a while longer, the sweet mist of sleep, however, everything comes to an end eventually, unfortunately. With a mighty drawn out yawn I awoke for the first time in what seemed to be…a long time, apparently. I couldn't spot any change in terrain and layout, additionally it wasn't a result of an altered landscape, either. This was due to the hole I took refuge in; evidently it closed around me for the duration of my hibernation.

"Are you serious?" I murmured after having examined the surrounding enclosure, then decided to test out the limits of my space.

I stretched out, slowly sprawling myself out as much as I could, only to come short and touch the walls of the enclosed chasm without fully extending any of my extremities. "Oh, come on!" I snapped, as if yelling at the walls would cause them to suddenly expand.

This wasn't something to truly get cross over, although I felt that I could very well overreact if I so I fucking pleased, especially after great sleep and a large stream of dreams to accompany said sleep. I sighed exasperatedly, grudgingly coming to terms with the current situation and mulling over the options I present to myself: brute force my way out with physical strength, or brute force my way out with a Tailed-Beast Bomb. Either way, I'd still look like a badass, no doubt. Now, considering the options, a Tailed-Beast Bomb would not only blow open a way to the surface, I'd also get caught in the blast of my own move—something that admittedly won't hurt so much. Naruto's barrage of giant Rasengans hurt a kiloton more than the explosion of my own attack; well, to me, that is. It could also potentially draw unwanted attention to myself, however, I'm not sure how unwanted that attention is. Tailed-beasts can be lonely, too, just look at Gyuki thirty years after Killer Bee died of his old age.

However asinine it might be for a big ass fox like myself, whose manner to escape could really just be the swipe of a paw-hand, I decided that this needed more mulling over before I made a move at all. For all I know, humanity could have come up with some devastating technology that allowed them to harness any energy source; something that I refuse to let myself become victim to. That kind of situation would end up with me dying only to reform and get caught up in the same damn problem.

If I were to go through with the Tailed-Beast Bomb, there's little doubt that more than just probably, I'd bring down a majority of the chamber on top of my head. Plus the explosion and other things to consider.

'On the other hand…' if I were to go with my physical strength the likelihood of bringing everything down is just as likely. I sighed, there were a few other options but I wasn't really feeling the need to be so complex about the simple task of rising to the surface.

'All these ifs and weres are getting on my nerves, let's get the fuck out of here.' It was with that thought that I turned onto my back, giving the ceiling above me a blank stare.

The Tailed-Beast Bomb isn't the only weapon in my arsenal, but it is my most powerful, especially now with all the elemental applications thanks to having been with Naruto his whole life. That, and I recall the other beasts having donated some chakra to aid in combating Madara and Kaguya, something that I do appreciate, even if they aren't aware I kept some of it to myself for a decent power boost.

Decidedly I declined to utilize any of the two options I had at the forefront of my thoughts and went with simple chakra bursts, otherwise known as by the ninja of the past: Consecutive Tailed-Beast Bombs. They're basically weaker Tailed-Beast Bombs, but that's so that they could be fired in such rapid succession. The Consecutive Tailed-Beast Bombs would no doubt garner attention, although they wouldn't attract as much as a complete Tailed-Beast Bomb or otherwise. If I were to use the Nine-Tails Beam, or Tailed-Beast Shockwave, I wouldn't be making this any easier on myself to escape with the most anonymity as possible. Who knows how much the humans had advanced? I hoped that my brothers and sisters were alright.

In the next moment, my cheeks bulged somewhat as I gathered charka within my mouth. The process took no longer than about a second or so and I followed up by releasing the chakra in the form of a small, compact, crimson orb. The sphere of chakra ascended without being impeded, only to have several other Consecutive Tailed-Beast Bombs follow its path, each having been released from my muzzle as soon as I barely open my jaws.

In the seconds to come, the only thing I saw was smoke, debris, and flashes of bright red as the chakra projectiles collide with the ceiling of the nature enclosure.

It took a while, but everything eventually cleared up to reveal a sliver of light entering through a small crevice in the ceiling. Immediately I scramble to pull myself up, to finally stand on my hind legs once again, albeit in a crouch at the moment due to the lack of space. With a mighty push from both my back and legs the crust above me finally gives way to the surface, the earth becoming scarred from my success in liberating myself from that dark hole.

Upon my head breaking the surface I inhaled profoundly, hopefully not sucking up any nearby wildlife—that makes for a nasty booger—then promptly exhaled after having savored the taste of fresh oxygen.

Before I even dare to completely exit the hole in the ground, I begin to swivel my head around, scanning the environment for any signs of an intelligent presence. I don't spot a single modicum of any sort of activity, only grass, plains, trees, hills, and so on and so forth. Either humanity went extinct, which would sort of suck, because my own siblings aren't intimidate by me at all, for any reason, and I'm bigger than all of them! Animals don't really feel trepidation unless I become upset and turn into a walking natural disaster, and trees aren't the most expressive organisms out there.

'So I'm either the only intelligent entity for several kilometers, or humanity died off…' I furrowed my brow and a spasm came to my right eye and ear from utter irritation, 'I'm more prone towards the extinction possibility…that's definitely something that would happen to the human race, considering everything I've seen the last time I was up, several countries having their own nuclear 'solutions.''

With the irate spasms soon sedated, I hauled myself out of the hole I tore in the earth and began my trek to look for…some sort of sign of civilization.

This is going to be a long walk, I just fucking know it.

(Notes [cont.]: The initial idea was to have Kurama wander the Elemental Nations and actively observe the changes to the landscape over time as he explored, eventually coming to see another strip of land near the E.N. until the two landmasses make contact, thus giving more reason for exploration. While I thought of entertaining the idea, I felt that I'd be wasting time explaining a bunch of minor changes made to the landscape over the years, or how ninja inexplicably expanded the land utilizing devastating jutsu. I just didn't feel it. There should be no reason why the E.N. is the only continent, right? This is more or less the case during the paragraph briefing Kurama's exploration of the world. None of my previous ideas seem to fit, especially since AoT seems very keen on all—or at least the remainder—of humanity living behind massive walls. I promised you all a link, here you go! thread/7651/100-kuramas-size-calc )