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The end of summer…

Anyone walking around the manor on this day would have noticed a girl who was sitting in the Garden, her unruly hair covering her face as she read one of her many books. Even as Cassiopeia glanced at her baby her heart hurt knowing that her life wasn't destined to be easy. One day she would find out the truth, it was a web of tragic events but Cassiopeia knew her niece would rise to the occasion with a fierce devotion to those she loved. But for now, she knew Juliet was bloody well angry, to say the least with her lack of allowance out of the manor grounds and with Hermione off in Paris with Jane for two weeks. But fear of the Death eater attacks kept her from allowing Juliet out, she couldn't lose her. But Sebastian Snape her soulmate shined a little reason, with that she wrote Molly Weasley, another mother who was devoted to those in her care.


I hope my letter find's you well in these troubling times, thank you for coming to Juliet's birthday celebration. Although I wish this letter was under better circumstances, I have let fear rule over me with her attack at Hogwarts. She hasn't been let outside with her friends, of course they have come here but she hasn't left the manor. Would you take her for the reminder of the summer holidays? I know she is safe with your great family, the wards we have placed on the Burrow are well placed. Please write back as soon as possible, it gives me such distress seeing her so down.

-Cassiopeia Snape"

I watched as my owl, Hestia, flew out of the large window until she was gone bearing the letter to Molly, a while later turning away from Juliet who barely took notice of me standing feet away. She used to be so indecisive on her own behavior torn on how to act, now she was Lady Black there was no acting any other way.

-Juliet point of view-

I knew my Aunt was watching me as I read our garden was filled with sunshine and aromas all so very relaxing, I flipped the page looking down at a letter from Neville.

"Lady Black-

Two days ago in Appleby-in-Westmorland, three muggle's were killed with the Dark Mark risen over their property. I heard Grandmother telling Uncle about it over tea, the ministry is covering it up they don't want to cause a panic so they hid the facts. Rumors of Death eater attacks have risen, also Sue's Aunt is Head of Magic Law Enforcement. Sue sent me a letter coded to relay to you. Her Aunt was attacked your Uncle Sebastian came to her aid now she has been getting threatening letters. That is all I can say right now, more when we see each other at Kings cross.

Faithfully yours N. Longbottom."

This was escalating rather fast "Juju," I called out once.

"Young miss called for her Juju," seeing Juju gave me the best memories.

I answered, "Take this to Susan Bones, don't wait for a reply," a letter sealed with green wax and the Black symbol shined.

I was a head strong girl but at times even I felt weak even when the knowledge was known that my family had only my protection and interest at heart. I wasn't one to take kindly to being stuck in the Manor, isolated from my friends. Having row's with my Uncle and Grandmother "I am not a child anymore, I am not safe anywhere. But I don't see any of you jumping to tell me why. Why am I and Harry under attack from rogue death eaters?" was heard through the Manor when Albus came to see me.

Other point of view…

Her hair was a mass of sheer crackling magic the unruliness came from her love of potion making, it caused her curls to become wild untamed at least it wasn't greasy. Thank Merlin.

Pop pop answered, "For now you are too young," his bright eyes twinkling but I wasn't buying what he was selling.

She scoffed, "Oh don't start that with me Pop pop. I wasn't too young to have to defend and kill a professor, to face much more. I know you're not telling me something and you better pray to Merlin it doesn't come back to bite you in the bum," her raven hair frizzled as she stormed from the room her magic crackling over her skin as she slammed her door.

She stood from the dirt her jeans torn in several spots her shirt was white and very modern with some tiny burn holes due to her Potion experiments. Her bare feet cooled once hitting the West wing marble floor, her eyes turned to the sky when a brown bolt started descending rather fast. Her eyes moved with it, it couldn't be dangerous or the wards would never have allowed it.

A rather loud explosion that was sending dirt and flowers flailing in every direction she reached up pulling a Moon lace from her black hair her face covered in dirt in frustration she blew a bit of dirt from her mouth "AUNTIE," she screamed out rather annoyed but not alarmed.

The worried voice "My darling, what was that," her Aunt ran her wand drawn ready for an attack.

Juliet answered, "Something shot from the sky and landed in the bloody garden," Juliet had her wand out her book tucked into her pants as they moved closer, with a strangled hoot Errol passed out in a large pot of dirt covered in destroyed flowers.

"Bloody hell, that birds a menace," Juliet laughed causing bright pink sparks to shoot out from her wand all around her the flowers bloomed.

Her Aunt scolded, "The poor thing help me with him Juliet, stop laughing," but her Aunt's smile gave her away as Juliet gladly jumped in the dirt lifting Errol as softly as her arms would allow.

She noticed how her Aunt retrieved the letter as she lay Errol in a cage with food and water, only a small hoot of thanks told her he was still alive somehow. "Juliet, get your school trunk and extra clothes, you are going to spend the rest of summer with the Weasley's. I am very sorry we have kept you locked away most of the summer. But with the death eaters attacking it is very dangerous right now. But hurry we must leave soon. Juju," Cassiopeia called and the little elf appeared smiling while bowing low.

Cassiopeia smiled, "Help Juliet, pack she leaves at once for the Burrow," with those last words and a light breeze. All the two saw was Cassiopeia's blood red cloak before she turned the corner heading towards the study.

Juliet smiled, "Come on, I get to go see my friends Juju," the elf took her small hand with a faint pop they vanished reappearing in her suite.

"Juju, is there something going on?" Juliet was ready but dread creeped in.

Juju answered, "Yes little miss, but Mistress Snape made me promise not to tell," Juju looked ready to hurt herself when Juliet took her hand. So something was going on first with Amelia and now here, the Weasley's might know now she had to find a way to get the information.

She saw her Aunt smiling waiting for her, with a charm her trunk was shrunk and in her pocket, as they walked out of the manors large oak doors, they closed on there own or so it seemed. "Juliet, your Uncle and I are going on a short vacation while you're away for this two last weeks. We will see you at Kings Cross station on the first. Be good for Molly my little love," Cassiopeia Snape nee Black was regal looking with her wine colored hair, her bone structure was flawless high regal cheek bones. The way she carried herself was hand taught by the head female of her house, unfortunate I can't say the same for Bellatrix, but Narcissa along with Andromeda had the regal stature.

They vanished, it was never a welcomed feeling the twisting and turning but for us it was the easy way of traveling, Juliet rather use the floo.

"Is everything okay?" Juliet's now cool, calm tone chimed in once they reached the spot at the very top of the large green hill, if you looked down you could see the Burrow even further down was a house in the shape of a rook.

Cassiopeia answered, "For now everything is well, just have a good time my dear," Cassiopeia didn't really like lying it was unbecoming but a half-truth would do for her baby. She looked down seeing Juliet looking down so her eyes turned, four gingers running with little Ginny trailing behind.

She ushered, "Come Juliet," her wand still drawn as if on the defensive. This didn't go unnoticed by Juliet, she was training herself to always observe others to get a feel for how their very natures are.

"Hey little snake, nice of you to join us," the twins coursed at once, their sentences intertwining. But Cassiopeia wasn't looking at the twins as they hugged her niece but it was the muscular Weasley with long red hair tied back with a leather tong, her eyes piercing his very soul.

Juliet smiled, "Hey boys," her voice broke her Aunt from her thoughts.

"Good afternoon boys," her smile was welcoming as they started walking back down the hill as Charlie walked next to Juliet, he looked to Cassiopeia but it was a wary look.

"Hello dear, so very glad you could make it. We simply love having another girl around," Molly Weasley loved children, loved with all her heart even though she was a tough bird.

She gushed, "Seb and I, appreciate you having Juliet for the rest of the Hols, Molly. Give her some down time from her training and all," Molly gave Cassiopeia a nod with a stern smile as if something was passed between them as all the kids looked between them.

But the twins were quick to grab Juliet's attention back to them "Hey Jay, have you heard from Potter cause Ron sure hasn't," they heard a low hiss as her face contorted before she controlled it.

"No but I am sure those Muggles have something to do with it. Now the question is how do we go about fixing it?"

After Cassiopeia left and Molly went inside to cook supper it left the twins, Ron, Ginny and Juliet outside to talk alone. "Well it's settled tonight we go," Fred smiled as Ginny huffed in aggravation with her lack of involvement, but we had a backup plan and she was it, Charlie was watching from the door the entire time.

Juliet worried, "What is going on with, Charlie?" her tone was guarded Juliet was looking over her shoulder, but the twins knew she was talking to them.

Fred says, "All we know is your Aunt came over and spoke to him and mum a week ago," as Ron snorted.

Ron spoke, "He has been in a right foul mood ever since," Juliet turned her eyes they're as welcoming as ice spiders as Ron jumped to his feet.

"DINNER TIME, COME ON KIDS," was called out by Molly, her voice echoed making them all clamor to their feet.

"Luna will meet us on the train, Jay," Ginny mumbled as the girls walked pasted Ron who just chuckled, he was slowly getting better not as annoying.

"Hello there Juliet, glad to have you," Author smiled down into her blue eyes with such a soft look on his already kind face.

She gave a radiant smile, "Thank you Mr. Weasley, it's always a pleasure being here," her voice charming but honest. Juliet sat in between Fred and George with Ron next to Fred and Ginny next to George with Charlie next to Gin, his eyes roaming over to Juliet, every few minutes.

Everyone listened as Mr. Weasley talked about the raids how they had been increasing and some pretty dark things had been found, Ginny and Juliet's eyes met before Juliet looked up at Fred who gave a faint nod of his head. Juliet was more playing with her potted roast and potatoes moving it along the plate her mind else were, when Molly's voice cut in like a knife. "Young lady you need to eat," Juliet's eyes snapped up looking into the stern brown eyes of Molly.

"I am," she smiled her sweetest smile taking a small bite her stomach protesting it the whole time, feeling her stomach roll with her uneasiness.

She smiled back, "Good girl, I'll just go fetch desert," she smiled hurrying from the table as Juliet looked for an easy escape her eyes fell on Ron who was still eating but nearly done, Arthur was chatting with Charlie. Reaching over as fast as she could switching plates with him, the look on his face was priceless and confused until he saw hers than just shrugged it off and went back to eating as if nothing happened. Taking her seat she cleaned up his plate sitting like nothing happened when Mrs. Weasley walked back in with small dishes of chocolate pudding.

Once everyone had a pudding set in front of them with fresh whipped cream, Juliet still couldn't muster eating the feeling of dread, that something had gone wrong was nagging at her. As soon as Molly was out of sight she slid her pudding to Ron who was more than happy to eat it, as she stood walking "Molly, care for some help washing or anything," Molly turned looking at the child in her kitchen.

She answered, "That is very sweet of you Juliet, but you go have some girl time with Ginny. I bet you miss Hermione, no worries three days dear then she will be here too," it was true she did miss her sister something fierce they both hated being away from each other, for years they couldn't be away only this last couple could they take different holidays but maybe for a week maybe two.

It was getting late near nine the elder Weasleys would turn in soon, Fred, George are in corner talking in low whispers as Ron and Charlie are playing a game of Wizards Chess as Ginny and I discuss how things will run at our return to Hogwarts, in a low tone in another corner. "I will do as you instructed, but as you asked I will wait until the meeting to pledge," Ginny said her wine colored hair was different then that of her brothers, her eyes a warm chocolate brown with freckles running across the bridge of her nose.

I say, "We have Lovegood along with Greengrass this year as well," as she gave me a firm nod, then another telling me to look behind me, Charlie was crossing the room in our direction. The older much older boy was my first crush, still was I remember the way his lips felt on mine, the way my heart felt when he told me he really cared for me. And by the look in his eyes he was going to say something to make me very angry, and that was never a wise move to anyone.

Charlie spoke running his fingers thought his hair, "Aye," was all he muttered his long red hair around his shoulders as Juliet stood.

I scoffed, "Hello Charlie, seeing as I have been here all day and you have acted as if I have not. I assume you want to have a little chat, let us go outside," he gave a nod as I turned giving the twins a nod that I would make it fast because we had plans, Ginny and Ron stood watching from the window as Charlie shut the door behind us.

"The night is not getting any younger say what you have to say, Charlie," Juliet snapped out her hand shaking, using her breathing to try and remain calm and focused. He was watching her yet his eyes were soft she needed to know what has caused this rift in their friendship, he was withdrawn from her all day this a very abnormal issue.

He spoke, "Your Aunt came to have a talk with mum and myself it was odd sitting there with them talking about everything in the end. I can't come to Hogwarts to see you anymore, I am too old for you and I guess they are right Jay, I am eight years older than you. I care about you so much, so much more than you know but again you are twelve years old, bloody hell, I am in my twenties. It has nothing to do with me as a person just my age, if I wasn't so much older or the fact you're twelve. I am just so angry they feel as if they can dictate how I can feel, what I should do," he was angry the tips of his ears blood red.

Juliet just stood watching her head tilted to the left looking at him with murder clear in her eyes, flashing to red in her anger. "Fine Charlie, listen to them it makes no difference to me. But if these feeling's you say you truly have for me were real, this conversation, would have been very different. Because age is nothing but feelings are real, that's is always how I felt about you, your age meant nothing because how I feel was real. So unless you come to your bloody sense's stay away or I will hex your balls off," she spun so fast her hair hitting him in the face, she stormed off but once she returned Author was on his way out as a raid was called in Molly was fussing over him as Charlie walked in behind her, Juliet was with his four siblings who all gave him dirty looks.

Now she was going to make herself heard," "I am just going to say this now, no one has a right to make a decision for Charlie or myself. You all look at our age, not the feelings we shared for each other. Nothing would have happened until we were older, till I was older now you all including my Aunt have ruined any chance of that," her eyes flashed red in her anger.

As the twins chimed in "Told you, you had no right," their words intertwined, everything about them would seem that way. But they had a vast number of differences. Molly and Arthur looked red in the ears, as their children walked back resuming their actives.

Ginny waited until she saw Charlie close his door for Jay to head out the window the floors creaked way too much, Juliet prayed to Merlin she didn't break her leg doing this as she clamored down the pipe to the three boys below her. She saw Charlie's light on as he moved around in his room, he shouldn't be here he has work in the morning, in Romania. Her eyes landed on him he was removing his tee she was young but not dumb, he had a very nice one.

Tearing her eyes away as she finished down the pole, with this they took off into the night, it wasn't too bad a drive as they pulled into Little Whining, in Surrey, it wasn't hard to locate number four private drive either bars on the bloody windows. Only Muggles could come up with devices as such, barbaric.

Ron peered out tapping on the glass, his hand snaking through the bars.

"Ron." breathed Harry, creeping to the window and pushing it up so they could talk through the bars.

"Ron, how did you - What the -?"

Harry's mouth fell open as the full impact of what he was seeing hit him. Ron was leaning out of the back window of an old turquoise car, which was parked in midair Grinning at Harry from the front seats were Fred and George, Ron's elder twin brothers in the back was Juliet Black smiling causing him to go weak.

"All right, Harry?" asked George.

"What's been going on?" said Ron. "Why haven't you been answering my letters? I've asked you to stay about twelve times, and then Dad came home and said you'd got an official warning for using magic in front of Muggles -"

"It wasn't me - and how did he know?"

"He works for the Ministry," said Ron. "You know we're not supposed to do spells outside school -"

"You should talk," said Harry, staring at the floating car.

"Oh, this doesn't count," said Ron. "We're only borrowing this. It's Dad's, we didn't enchant it. But doing magic in front of those Muggles you live with -"

"I told you, I didn't - but it'll take too long to explain now look, can you tell them at Hogwarts that the Dursleys have locked me up and won't let me come back, and obviously, I can't magic myself out, because the Ministry'll think that's the second spell I've done in three days, so -"

"Stop gibbering," said Ron. "We've come to take you home with us."

"But you can't magic me out either -"

"We don't need to," said Ron, jerking his head toward the front seat and grinning. "You forget who I've got with me."

"Tie that around the bars," said Fred, throwing the end of a rope to Harry.

"If the Dursleys wake up, I'm dead," said Harry as he tied the rope tightly around a bar and Fred revved up the car.

"Don't worry," said Fred, "and stand back."

"Boy's lets hurry we don't have all night, we have a time frame to get back to the Burrow," Juliet cut in their faces paled.

Harry moved back into the shadows next to Hedwig, who seemed to have realized how important this was and kept still and silent. The car revved louder and louder and suddenly, with a crunching noise, the bars were pulled clean out of the window as Fred drove straight up in the air. Harry ran back to the window to see the bars dangling a few feet above the ground. Panting, Ron hoisted them up into the car. Harry listened anxiously, but there was no sound from the Dursleys' bedroom.

When the bars were safely in the back seat with Ron, Fred reversed as close as possible to Harry's window.

"Get in," Ron said as Juliet swung herself from the car to the roof popping the trunk for Harry's things.

"But all my Hogwarts stuff - my wand - my broomstick -"

"Where is it?"

"Locked in the cupboard under the stairs, and I can't get out of this room -"

"No problem," said George from the front passenger seat. "Out of the way, Harry."

Fred and George climbed catlike through the window into Harry's room. You had to hand it to them, thought Harry, as George took an ordinary hairpin from his pocket and started to pick the lock.

"A lot of wizards think it's a waste of time, knowing this sort of Muggle trick," said Fred, "but we feel they're skills worth learning, even if they are a bit slow."

There was a small click and the door swung open.

"So - we'll get your trunk - you grab anything you need from your room and hand it out to Ron," whispered George.

"Watch out for the bottom stair - it creaks," Harry whispered back as the twins disappeared onto the dark landing.

Harry dashed around his room, collecting his things and passing them out of the window to Ron, who gave them to Jay. Then he went to help Fred and George heave his trunk up the stairs. Harry heard Uncle Vernon cough.

At last, panting, they reached the landing, then carried the trunk through Harry's room to the open window. Fred climbed back into the car to pull with Ron, and Harry and George pushed from the bedroom side. Inch by inch, the trunk slid through the window.

Uncle Vernon coughed again, never heard a whale cough, downright scary.

"A bit more," panted Fred, who was pulling from inside the car. "One good push -"

Harry and George threw their shoulders against the trunk and it slid out of the window into the back seat of the car.

"Okay, let's go," George whispered as Juliet was on the roof waiting for Harry to get back in so she could.

But as Harry climbed onto the windowsill there came a sudden loud screech from behind him, followed immediately by the thunder of Uncle Vernon's voice.


"I've forgotten Hedwig!"

"Bloody hell, how could you forget Hedwig you tosser?" Juliet cried out, her face contorted with raw emotions.

Harry tore back across the room as the landing light clicked on - he snatched up Hedwig's cage, dashed to the window, and passed it out to Ron. He was scrambling back onto the chest of drawers when Uncle Vernon hammered on the unlocked door and it crashed open.

For a split second, Uncle Vernon stood framed in the doorway; then he let out a bellow like an angry bull and dived at Harry, grabbing him by the ankle.

Ron, Fred, and George seized Harry's arms and pulled as hard as they could but in all this the car rolled to the right and Juliet fell, Harry grasped her hand as tight as he could with Vernon grabbing him as well.

"Petunia!" roared Uncle Vernon. "He's getting away! HE'S GETTING AWAY!"

But the Weasleys gave a gigantic tug and Harry's leg slid out of Uncle Vernon's grasp - Harry tugged with Ron than Juliet was in the car "You're both lucky you didn't drop me," she breathed her small face red, her breathing labored.

"Put your foot down, Fred!" yelled Ron, and the car shot suddenly toward the moon.

Harry couldn't believe it - he was free. He rolled down the window, the night air whipping his hair, and looked back at the shrinking rooftops of Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were all hanging, dumbstruck, out of Harry's window.

"See you next summer!" Harry yelled.

The Weasleys and Juliet's bell like laughter roared and Harry settled back in his seat, grinning from ear to ear.

"Let Hedwig out," he told Ron. "She can fly behind us. She hasn't had a chance to stretch her wings for ages."

George handed the hairpin to Ron and, a moment later, Hedwig soared joyfully out of the window to glide alongside them like a ghost.

"So - what's the story, Harry?" said Ron impatiently. "What's been happening?"

Harry told them all about Dobby, the warning he'd given Harry and the fiasco of the violet pudding. There was a long, shocked silence when he had finished.

"Very fishy," said Fred finally.

"Definitely dodgy" agreed George. "So he wouldn't even tell you who's supposed to be plotting all this stuff?"

"I don't think he could," said Harry. "I told you, every time he got close to letting something slip, he started banging his head against the wall."

He saw Fred and George look at each other than at Juliet who was very silent, looking out the window her eyes cold.

"What, you think he was lying to me?" said Harry.

"Well," said Fred, "put it this way - house-elves have got powerful magic of their own, but they can't usually use it without their master's permission. I reckon old Dobby was sent to stop you coming back to Hogwarts. Someone's idea of a joke. Can you think of anyone at school with a grudge against you?"

"Yes," said Harry and Ron together, instantly.

"Draco Malfoy," Harry explained. "He hates me."

"Draco Malfoy?" said George, turning around. "Not Lucius Malfoy's son?"

"Must be, it's not a very common name, is it?" said Harry.

"I've heard Dad talking about him," said George. "He was a big supporter of You-Know-Who."

"And when You-Know-Who disappeared," said Fred, craning around to look at Harry, "Lucius Malfoy came back saying he'd never meant any of it. Load of dung - Dad reckons he was right in You- Know-Who's inner circle."

Harry had heard these rumors about Malfoy's family before, and they didn't surprise him at all. Malfoy made Dudley Dursley look like a kind, thoughtful, and sensitive boy.

"I don't know whether the Malfoys own a house-elf said Harry.

"Well, whoever owns him will be an old wizarding family, and they'll be rich," said Fred.

"Yeah, Mum's always wishing we had a house-elf to do the ironing," said George. "But all we've got is a lousy old ghoul in the attic and gnomes all over the garden. House-elves come with big old manors and castles and places like that; you wouldn't catch one in our house . . . ."

Harry was silent. Judging by the fact that Draco Malfoy usually had the best of everything, his family was rolling in wizard gold; he could just see Malfoy strutting around a large manor house. Sending the family servant to stop Harry from going back to Hogwarts also sounded exactly like the sort of thing Malfoy rsde]i9u

"I'm glad we came to get you, anyway," said Ron. "I was getting really worried when you didn't answer any of my letters. I thought it was Errol's fault at first.

"Who's Errol?"

"Our owl. He's ancient. It wouldn't be the first time he'd collapsed on a delivery. So then I tried to borrow Hermes -"


"The owl Mum and Dad bought Percy when he was made prefect," said Fred from the front.

"But Percy wouldn't lend him to me," said Ron. "Said he needed him."

"Percy's been acting very oddly this summer," said George, frowning. "And he has been sending a lot of letters and spending a load of time shut up in his room ... I mean, there's only so many times you can polish a prefect badge... You're driving too far west, Fred," he added, pointing at a compass on the dashboard. Fred twiddled the steering wheel.

"But when my owl didn't get a response I knew something was wrong, my owl is rather talented and mean," Jay spoke for the first time in over an hour.

"Pecked my hand it did Harry," Ron said showing Harry a scar on his right hand.

She muttered "Answer faster,"

"So, does your dad know you've got the car?" said Harry, guessing the answer his eyes glues to the solemn looking girl next to him, her face pale, with deep black bags under her eyes.

"Er, no," said Ron, "he had to work tonight. Hopefully we'll be able to get it back in the garage without Mum noticing we flew it."

"What does your dad do at the Ministry of Magic, anyway?"

"He works in the most boring department," said Ron. "The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office."

"The what?"

"It's all to do with bewitching things that are Muggle-made, you know, in case they end up back in a Muggle shop or house. Like, last year, some old witch died and her tea set was sold to an antiques shop. This Muggle woman bought it, took it home, and tried to serve her friends tea in it. It was a nightmare - Dad was working overtime for weeks."

"What happened?"

"The teapot went berserk and squirted boiling tea all over the place and one man ended up in the hospital with the sugar tongs clamped to his nose. Dad was going frantic - it's only him and an old warlock called Perkins in the office -and they had to do Memory Charms and all sorts of stuff to cover it up -"

"But your dad - this car -"

Fred laughed. "Yeah, Dad's crazy about everything to do with Muggles; our shed's full of Muggle stuff. He takes it apart, puts spells on it, and puts it back together again. If he raided our house he'd have to put himself under arrest. It drives Mum mad."

"That's the main road," said George, peering down through the windshield. "We'll be there in ten minutes ... Just as well, it's getting light . . . ."

A faint pinkish glow was visible along the horizon to the east.

Fred brought the car lower, and Harry saw a dark patchwork of fields and clumps of trees.

"We're a little way outside the village," said George. "Ottery St. Catchpole."

Lower and lower went the flying car. The edge of a brilliant red sun was now gleaming through the trees.

"Touchdown!" said Fred as, with a slight bump, they hit the ground. They had landed next to a tumbledown garage in a small yard, and Harry looked out for the first time at Ron's house.

It looked as though it had once been a large stone pigpen, but extra rooms had been added here and there until it was several stories high and so crooked it looked as though it were held up by magic (which, Harry reminded himself, it probably was). Four or five chimneys were perched on top of the red roof. A lopsided sign stuck in the ground near the entrance read, the Burrow. Around the front door lay a jumble of rubber boots and a very rusty cauldron. Several fat brown chickens were pecking their way around the yard.

"It's not much," said Ron.

"It's wonderful," said Harry happily, thinking of Privet Drive.

Juliet chimed in, "It truly is Potter, I love my home, I love Hogwarts and I love the Burrow," Juliet gave him a faint smile as they got out of the car.

"Now, we'll go upstairs really quietly," said Fred, "and wait for Mum to call us for breakfast then, Ron, you come bounding downstairs going, `Mum, look who turned up in the night!' and she'll be all pleased to see Harry and no one need ever know we flew the car,"

Juliet smirked, "I am going back up the way I snuck out last night boys, see you in a few minutes," as the four boys watched her as she climbed up the pipes going up the burrow until she reached the third maybe fourth story, where the window was open it must have taken a lot of upper arm strength to do that, Harry thought in awe.

Ginny was up waiting "You look horrible Juliet, at least change mum is up already no way they aren't in trouble," I sighed brushing my hair pulling it into a braid, it couldn't be tamed today, a pair of torn jeans and a gray jumper with Vans before we walked out together.

Charlie was waiting with a stern look on his face, "Go downstairs, Ginny. Before I tell mum that you were involved in this."

Juliet snarled low, "Don't threaten her" she wasn't aware how siblings of the opposite sex acted in an over protective and crude way at times.

"It is fine Jay," Gin said calmly he was still her older brother. She walked downstairs with Juliet trying to follow her but a muscled arm blocked her path.

"What were you thinking? Were you thinking? You could have been hurt Jay," his voice was deep, full of love and pain it was crushing to the young girl since he listened to everyone but himself.

She scoffed, "What I do is not your concern Charlie, I went and got my friend along with my other friends. Now if that is all I hear your mother's delicate tones, and I can't let them take all the blame," but Charlie wasn't about to let her go as he grabbed her dragging her to his room locking it behind them.

He seethed, "No, she will flip. You were brought here because your Aunt was attacked by a Death eater she had to see a healer in France, Hermione should be here today for her safety. As far as I know your Aunt is doing much better but you're safer here, as why if Mum finds out you were gone she will kill them and maybe you," Juliet backed away her eyes wide as the door burst open and she flew down the stairs tears falling.

"MOLLY," was the only word she uttered as the older witch saw the younger one in such a state.

"Juliet, what's wrong? What happened?"

George asked, "What the hell?"

Fred finished, "Jay what's wrong Snakelet,"

"Juliet bird," questions came from every direction as Molly held Juliet in her arms, embracing the girl.

"My Aunt, why didn't anyone tell me a Death eater attacked her," everything went dead silent, nothing made a single noise.

Molly scolded, "Charlie, why would you tell her? Juliet your Aunt didn't want you to worry she wanted you to have a few days of fun here with us, Hermione is being brought here because it is far too dangerous right now. You don't look like you slept at all dear, let us all just have a bite to eat you'll feel much better once Hermione gets here, Juliet dear," Molly said giving her one last bone crushing hug before starting to put more food on the table. Charlie sat next to Juliet as Fred cursed him, George and Ron doing the same as Ginny sat next to her, Harry across from her.

Before anyone took their first bite the door burst open and all anyone saw was a bushy brown haired missile.

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