I shouldn't have done that.

No, I really shouldn't have. That's the singular thought bouncing through my brain as I smash into the glittering lake below. With a crash, I hit the water, and resurface, spluttering and retching. My chest heaves, and I drag my heavy limbs over to the side of the lake. Well, isn't this just bloody brilliant.

Drenched and freezing, I lie down in the grass, damp with the morning's dew. I give a weak laugh. It was stupid really; the way that I ended up crashing into a lake in who-knows-where. Curiosity killed the cat you could say, or rather, it almost drowned the human. Things aren't going my way, but they never really did. Still, this is a first.

Rubbing my hands together, I concentrate on summoning a small flame in my palm. But my wet skin stays cold, and unyielding to the sparks I need. With a huff, I curl up, hugging my sides for warmth. This is going to be a long day …

Or is it night? It was certainly about midnight when I made my mistake. But the sun is peeking over the horizon here; a gentle warmth that seeps gladly into my frozen form. I turn my face east, absorbing what I can from the emerging sun. It's blessed warmth; a little something that stays the same no matter where you are.

As a matter of fact, where am I?

Last, I can remember, I wasn't anywhere near a park with a massive lake. Or a park at all. I was snooping around in a bunker, something I shouldn't have been doing, and messed around with some stone-thing. And now I'm here; wherever here is.

I'd ask someone, but anyone I see is jogging, or engaged on a phone. I don't know about you, but I'm not really up for chasing a stranger around and asking for help. That only leaves helping myself. Oh, what an abundance of options I have. You've made a brilliant decision this time, Ava, really corking. Looks like I'm getting myself out of my own mess for once.

Shifting forwards, I sit up, legs crossed. I've got one other trick for getting rid of this water. Only problem is, I'm not very good at it. But my mum can do it all the time; I should be able to handle it, right? It's rocket science, it's just a little bit of water-bending. Just element manipulation. Everyone can do that; some better than others, mind you, but everyone has an element they can manipulate. Some can manipulate the ones in the sub-group, and about a hundred per generation per country can manipulate them all. I fall into the last bracket, but I just can't crack this move.

Holding my palms out, I envision the water forming bubbles I can move. Water droplets bubble together over my clothing, and I push my hands forwards and backwards, collecting them into a large sphere. The sphere collects over my head, and I bit my lip in concentration. Now comes the tricky bit. Pushing my hands upwards, I try to release the water to the sky. The bubble pops, showering me with water. I scream in frustration. Great, just great.

During the past few moments, my watery act has gained me a few funny looks. I can't understand why though; don't people do that sort of thing on a daily basis? Or maybe they've never seen someone who could fail so pathetically at such as easy move. That must be it. There wouldn't be any other reason, would there?

Leaning back into the grass, I soak up the sun. The warmth is so soothing that I can feel my eyelids fluttering shut, and my vision darkening. I close my eyes, and slip into a world of dreams.

A few hours have passed since I fell asleep. The sun is now fully up, blinding me as I stretch groggily into a sitting position. Someone in a pair of neon green shorts is pointing at me, whispering to some guy in a suit. I stare back, narrowing my eyes. Don't people know it's rude to point?

I'm about to stand up, and storm over to them, when Suit moves my way. His eyes are hidden behind sunglasses, and there's a slight bulge in his pocket shaped like a gun. Well, shoot. This is not how I imagined my morning going. Or night, whatever it is.

He's in front of me now, looking down, and I have to squint in the bright sunlight to see him.

"Miss, I am a government agent, and we've had reports of some, ah, unusual activity going on, specifically around you. You're going to come in with us, and there'll be no problems." He raises one eyebrow, and looks at my stunned expression.

"C-come with y-you?" I stutter, trying to take in his words. "Where?"

"That's not for you to know. Now, if you please – "Suit gestures towards a car, waiting only a few yards away, "we must be going."

Standing, I shake my head, hands extended before me, backing away from him. "N-no." My voice wavers, and I swallow. "No, thank you. I'll just stay here instead." I try to instil confidence in my voice, but it comes out weak and shaking.

"Miss – there is no option here. You will come with us." His hand goes to his pocket, and I take a step back. "We wouldn't want any trouble to be caused now, would we?"

"If it gets me away from you, then yeah. Yeah, I would."

Suit sighs, and pulls out his gun. Which out not to be a gun, but rather a stunner. My mouth opens, ready to shout for help but I can't get the words out. He's shot me, and I hit the ground twitching. He shoots again, and my vision turns black. Oh, shit.

The next time I wake up, it's not to a glorious wave of sunshine. Oh no, this time it's to white cells, a narrow bed, and bars. I'm in a cell; a fricking prison cell! What for?! I did nothing wrong. Do people here have a problem with public element manipulation, or something?

If only I hadn't gone investigating. I might be safe then.

On the plus side, my light brown hair has dried, with wavy locks streaming down my back. But there's something missing. My hand flys to my neck, finding my necklace gone. They've taken it! My beautiful, Tolkien necklace. The only piece of jewellery I would wear regularly. A last gift from my best friend before she was moved to the next compound. The last memory I have of her, before she was taken away. Before I lost her forever.

My hands clench into fists. Hot tears drip down my cheeks, blotting on the white coverlet. I take a shaky breath, curling up against the cold wall. The metal bars shake as I stare at them; shifting and quaking in their places. I throw one hand out, and the bars bend. Another hand out, and they pull from their sockets, flying against the wall. With several loud clangs, they smash into the wall, leaving cylindrical dents behind. I leave them on the floor.

Within a few minutes, half a dozen people in black, combat outfits, all armed with at least one gun, come rushing round to the door. I stare at them with blank eyes. They seem surprised by the missing bars. I hug my sides, resting my forehead on my knees. The strangers mutter to each other, keeping their guns raised. I wonder if they know why I'm here. Or are they kept in the dark too?

I sit there, against the wall, or what must be several hours, until someone comes and fetches me. They handcuff my arms behind my back, warning me not to try anything. I don't reply. If this place stuns people and locks them up in cells for a bit of simple (although failed) water-bending, then what do they next in store? What will they do after I pulled the metal bars from my cell? What would they do if I used all my abilities?

We walk in silence for half an hour, before we reach the appropriate room. There's a table, three chairs, and a mirror along one side. I've seen enough movie interrogations to assume that's a two-way mirror. They can see me, but I can't see them.

They tie me to the single chair, facing towards the door way. I tap my foot against the table leg, hoping to get this over with. I don't know what they hope to learn. I'm just an ordinary person, with a plain, ordinary life. Are they trying to learn about the mundane? But surely, they could ask people, instead of kidnapping them. Do these people have no manners?

Soon, a pair of suit-wearing men enter the room, both with neutral expressions. They sit in the two seats opposite, and set up a recorder. Neither show any emotion; this must be business as usual for them. What kind of place is this? Kidnapping, interrogations, and cells. This certainly isn't any regular workplace. Cells would be commonplace at a police station, but this doesn't look like any regular police station. Not that I've been in any … Anyways, I should stop rambling, right?

The first man, with a blue tie, shuffles his papers, and talks first. "My colleague and I will be asking a few questions. Every response will be recorded. You must answer every question." He lays the papers down on the desk, and clasps his hands together on the table. "We'll start easy. What is name, age, and country of origin?"

I shuffle forwards, my tied arms hindering my movement. "W-what benefits do I get for answering? And how will you know if I lie?"

The second guy raised an eyebrow. "Your benefit is that we won't send in Agent Romanoff. We will know if you lie, don't worry about that." He gives a brief smirk. "Now then, answer the question."

"Fine!" I spit out, clenching my jaw. "Fine, I'll answer your stupid, bloody questions! My name's Ava Talbot; I'm 20 years old; my country of origin is England. Happy now?!"

"Thank you, Ms Talbot. Now, why were you in Central Park this morning?"

I frown. "That was – I was in Central Park?"

"Yes …" He sounds a little confused.

Shrugging my shoulders, I slouch back in my chair. "I have no idea how I got there, let alone where I was. There isn't really a why."

"Alright. How did you attain your powers?"

"My what?"

"Ms Talbot, this morning you were spotted by several civilians manipulating water. This was reported to the police force, and, in turn, this organisation found you based on that information. Now, we shall not ask you again – "Suit guy number two leans forward, tapping his fingers on the table top, "how did you attain your powers?"

"Uh …" I really have no idea what he means. Everyone gets them the way. What kind of people are they? "The same as you guys? Like, everyone gets them? You get born with the ability to manipulate one or all of the elements."

Blue tie shakes his head. "No. Not everyone has abilities, or enhancements. It may be different from where you are from, but here, the vast majority of people don't have abilities of any kind."

I nearly topple from my chair in surprise. "What do you mean? E-everyone has them."

"They don't. You seem a little confused by this, we can resume this – "Blue tie starts talking, but the door swings open. A young woman with blonde hair steps inside, whispering to Blue tie. He gasps, and pales slightly. "Well, Ms Talbot, it appears that there are absolutely no records of you, in this country, or across the world. Care to explain?"

"N-no records?!" My voice rises, and my heart rate increases. I bit my lip, feeling the panic rise up within me. "How are there no records of my existence? I have a job; I have medical information; I have a driving license." I struggle forward in my chair. "How can you tell me there's no records?"

"There is no data. Either you have deleted it all, or you aren't from here."

"'Not from here', huh?" I raise my eyebrows at them. "Seriously, do I look like an alien to you?" I laugh a little. "I. Am. A. Human. Eh, you get that, right? I'm from Earth, not space, not another realm or whatever."

"We can't rule anything out, Ms Talbot. We have had visitors from other realms."

"Wait – "I shake my head at them. "You have really had an alien come visit? Why wasn't it on the news?"

Guy number two frowns at me. "It was. You heard of Thor, and Loki? They're from another realm."

"Oh." My eyes widen. "You mean – those guys, they were in the Thor movies, and those Avengers' movies. You know they're only alien-god-people in the movie world, right?"

"Movies? There are no movies about the Avengers." Now it's him that looks confused. "Ms Talbot, are you sure you are from here?" Hmm … I think I just detected a hint of concern in that voice. I didn't know mysterious guys in suits were allowed to show emotion. Maybe he's a trainee.

"Uh … yeah there are. There's like at least seven, I think. Haven't you ever watched them? I mean, I know you might think they're for kids, but I enjoyed them. Besides, you can't be that old, can you? Iron Man came out in 2008, so that's 9 years ago. You must've at least watched that one. I'd've gone, but being only nine, I wasn't exactly allowed in, you see? So, I had to – "

Blue tie slams a fist on the table. "Just – please, just stop talking." He runs a rand through his dark blond hair. "Just stop. We understand. This interrogation is over. Take her back to her room."

I snort. "My room? You mean my cell, don't you?" I narrow my eyes at them as they leave. After a few moments, half-a-dozen guards enter the room, untying me, and dragging me to my feet. With my hands bound, there's not much I can do against them.

This isn't exactly how imagined my first trip to America would go.

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