The next five days were nothing but chaos. After the police arrested Shadow Mario and Mr. L, Mario and Luigi were taken to the hospital for treatment. When word got out, Peach and Daisy did everything in their power to keep the media from interviewing the bros, and their friends were relieved to know that the superstar twins were safe, while their family nearly had a heart attack and rushed over to the hospital immediately to see if they were okay. Mario and Luigi were ecstatic to see them all; they didn't even mind that their aunts doted on them, even if it was a bit embarrassing. They were just relieved that it was all over. In addition to several other crimes they committed, Shadow Mario and Mr. L were both convicted for kidnapping, identity theft, assault, and attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison, with zero chance of parole. Nothing pleased both Mario and Luigi more than seeing two of their worst foes being led away by the police.

One day, as the boys laid down in their room, their nurse came in to inform them that they had guests, it was Peach and Daisy.

"Hey there superstars." Daisy greeted as she and Peach brought in some gifts, "How are you guys feeling?"

"About the same as the last person who asked us. we're fine." Luigi said sheepishly.

"You guys are certainly looking better." Peach replied as she set the gifts down and sat beside Mario as Daisy sat down next to Luigi.

"Yeah, but we hope to get out of the hospital soon," Mario sighed as he leaned against his pillow, "Five days in a closet, and they stick us in a room for three days."

"Not that we'd rather be there, but we'd really like to get up and move without someone freaking out." Luigi pouted.

"Don't worry," Daisy chuckled, "We spoke to the nurse, she thinks you guys will be ready to go tomorrow."

"Thank God and the star spirits." The Mario bros exulted almost dramatically, causing the girls to laugh.

"The first thing we're going to-a do is take you ladies out to dinner, a movie, and buy you both something nice," Mario said with a wink.

"It's the least we can do for saving us," Luigi said in agreement.

"Please boys," Peach smiled, "You two just being here is enough for us."

"We're sorry that you guys went through all of that." Daisy apologized.

"It's not yours or Peach's fault Daisy." Mario reassured, "Those two boneheads are to blame."

"I still can't believe they managed to pull off impersonating us though." Luigi sighed.

"Maybe, but not good enough," Daisy laughed, "They may have had us fooled for a while, but we know you two, the real you."

"And now they're in prison where they truly belong, and they'll never hurt you two again." Peach replied.

Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom State prison, Shadow Mario and Mr. L were both being lead to solitary confinement. The two had recently been in a fight with several inmates for resembling the Mario brothers. Many of them had attacked them because they resembled the two men who put them there. Others were fans of the bros or had respect for them heard what the two doppelgangers had done and decided to teach them a lesson. What they failed to realize was the two imposters were stronger than they looked. They may have been forced to wear wristbands that nulled their powers and had their weapons confiscated, but that didn't keep them from taking on other inmates, much less any prison guards that gave them trouble.

As they sat in their own separate cells in solitary, the two villains couldn't think of anything more than their burning hatred of the Mario bros. It was their fault they were stuck in this hellhole! Their fault they were arrested! Their fault for ruining their whole plan! Yet it didn't matter. The two villains were planning their escape, and once they were free they would have their revenge.

"Enjoy yourselves while you can Mario." Shadow Mario muttered bitterly to himself. "When you least expect it, I'll be there."

"Just you wait Luigi," Mr. L ranted to himself, "The moment I get out, you'll wish I killed you."

"Because next time we meet Mario brothers," The two villains laughed cruelly, "Everything you two love will be gone, and we'll destroy you both!"

The end.

And that Completes the story. Will Shadow Mario and Mr. L make good on their word. That's for you to decide ;)

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