One week. Sitting there one week like a soldier sitting at his post. In the middle of the kitchen table, in the middle of a home of a retired, married couple it sits. No one moves it or even touches it.

The kids come home, the move around the kitchen and leave it alone. They eat around it, they share how life is going, they even play games around it and yet never talk about it. The grandkids even know it's not to be spoken of and even that in itself is an unspoken rule.

One of the kids open the kitchen window, the breeze is strong but it doesn't move. It should move but it doesn't. It's weighted down by the words on it. The words no one speaks about. The words that no one acknowledges but doesn't.

Saturday June 17,2017

It was like every other day. The occupants of the house got up and went about their business. Breakfast was made, conversations were mulled through, daily chores checked off and then everyone went on their way. Leaving it in the center of the table again.

That night after the two parents went to bed the children snuck in. Like ninjas in the night, the children did something, something so big that it's amazing the universe itself didn't implode in on itself.

Sunday June 18, 2017: Fathers Day

Mick sat up and stretched which he followed with a moan. At seventy he was starting to feel all the wear and tear he had put his body through. He felt warm lips touch his cheek. He smiled. Len had been by his side forever and he was so happy for that. "Happy Father's Day" Len whispered softly into his ear before nipping at it playfully. "Len you old dog, I'm not like you, I look and feel my age" Mick said laughing pulling Len for a deep kiss. Len smiles and the two head downstairs.

They walk into the kitchen hand in hand and that's when a huge weight seemed to be lifted out of the room, for on the table wasn't the letter but Father's Day cards of every shape and size. A full breakfast and presents galore. The kids came out and each hugged their dad. Mick's eyes filled with tears as he hugged each of them.

The rest of the day Mick enjoyed his time with his kids, grandkids and his Len. He got some new clothes and a trip for Len and himself to Aruba which made them both laugh at the inside joke. The kids said goodbye to their dad and headed home for the grandkids. The Father's Day cards were placed in a keepsake box and the letter placed back on the table. Mick looked at it and said quietly, "now I can face you tomorrow" and with Len on his arm heads back to bed.