_Ladybug,Chatnoir and Tigerlily Origins part 2_

( sorry for poor writing i own nothing but Florence Petit and other oc's)

"Paris is relying on our new guardian angels Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Tigerlily. To save us in our time of need." Florence groaned when her picture popped up on tv as she buried her face in her pillow with an audible groan not wanting to go out but got up anyway since she still had to go to school.

"Hey Tipu ladybug and I can purify Akuma's ,but if I do it it takes over transformation time right ?" Flo asked.

"Yes thats correct in a way but you also have a trump card if you don't use lucy charm or Cataclysm you can slow down your transformation time if did only use one you can hold your transformation but only for a few extra minutes you'll have energy from your body taken away."Tipu explained.

"You also said the glass over my eyes in my mask is one way glass,no one can see my eyes but i can see them right?"flo asked.

"Yes so no one can figure out who you are"Tipu replied.

"Time to get ready for school you can hide in my backpack"flo said with a smile.

Without question Tipu flew into the bag while walking to school flo started walking with Alya and Marinette .flo tried to stay positive with a smile.

"Ladyblog, bringing you all the latest news about the coolest superhero, Ladybug! How awesome is that?! Check out the number of views since I posted a video!" Alya said while showing Flo and Marinette her phone.

"I'll catch up with you guys in a little while I need to just step back for a moment" flo said turning around and walking back to the front of the school to sit on the stair case.

Than she felt herself bump into someone, flo got knocked to the ground and felt her arm scrape a little.

"Oh my gosh !are you okay ?sorry I didn't know where I was going"flo looked up to see a boy with blonde hair and green eyes.

"I think i need to go to the nurses office" flo said getting up from the ground.

"Let me walk you there to make up for bumping into you "the boy replied walking with flo into the school.

"You don't have to I'll be fine ,I'm Florence Petit by the way, I think I should introduce myself after bumping into you what's your name ?"flo stated with a nervous smile.

"Oh its- Adrikins! You came!" they both looked forward to see Chloe runnin towards them she pushed flo out of the way and hugged the boy.

Flo give chloe a quick glare and walks towards the nurses office while opening the door flo felt a little stinging coming from her arm.

"Oh hello Florence this is a surprise I didn't expect to see a new student so soon in my office"(do they have a school nurse?)the nurse said rise her glasses a little bit.

"Um scraped my arm a little after I bumped into someone" flo explained with a shy tone to her voice.

"Alright let's have a look" she said as far as walked over to her and showed her arm quickly clean the wound and wrap the bandages around"there you go and here's a note for class have a good day"

"Thank you"flo said as she took the not and stared heading back to class.

"Florence Petit? Is she not here today ?"

"Sorry I'm late i needed to go to the nurses office heres my note"flo explained handing the note to .

"Take your seat Florence" replied excusing Florence.

"Ivan Bruel-" at that the stone being busted through the door screaming 'present' .

Flo ducked under her desk crawling her way out of the classroom and hid in a empty room to let Tipu fly out of her bag.

"Don't worry you'll ok Florence just believe in yourself"said with care in his eyes.

Flo stared at him for a few minutes took a few deep breaths to calm herself down before her before adjusting her ponytails.

"Tipu !stripes on fur!"

Light surrounded Florence once more into Tigerlily.

After awhile of fighting off the little minions of stoneheart finally found her partner's Ladybug looking brave and chat hanging upsidedown.

"my lady have i ever told you that you turn our world upside down?" Chat said with a wink at the end making Florence smile at the clever joke. though his timing could be a bit better she had to admit when the stone beings closed in on them.

"No time for flirting you two we still need to save the day"Florence say with a smile.

The three heroes looked at the Eiffel tower. where at the moment a giant Stoneheart was holding his two hostages with the police and mayor surrounding the place.

"Ok, how do we fight him now? he's like king kong now!" Florence stated as the three looked at one another but silently agreed to make it up as they go and started their way over. Flo could hear the mayor demanding his daughters return. Florence grumbled and rolled her eyes that wasn't going to-

"you know what!? you're welcome to her!" Stoneheart stated before chucking the blonde. Florence blinked and looked up to see the blonde flying their way.

"Chloe!?" Florence shouted in concern. sure Chloe was the meanest girl in school but she didn't have to get killed because of it! Flo watched in slow motion at how Ladybug swooped in catching he blonde like a pro.

"we are clear to attack!" an officer with a broken arm stated as Ladybug turned around to face them.

"NO! you can't do that not only will you make things worse but there is still another hostage up there!" Ladybug stated as Florence nodded in agreement. The officer only scoffed at the three.

"yeah, yeah, kids move aside and let the pros do their job. Besides you all already failed once!" he stated.

"he's right you know." Ladybug stated as Florence and Chat looked at her. "if I'd of captured Stonehearts Akuma the first time none of this would have happened. i knew i wasn't the right one for thi-"

"You're not the only one at fault here ,we are new at this none of us really expected this in our life's let's be honest we are just normal kids underneath the mask we wear ,also I'm supposed to represent balance between you two which means I also had to purify the Akuma and I don't know how to ,the only thing we can do is move forward and try to do things right!"Florence said with her body trembling.

"She'd right. because without you Chloe over there wouldn't be here. and without us the citizens won't make it. trust me with our skills combined we can do it!" Chat said placing a hand on ladybugs left shoulder.

"because we are a team I: Tigerlily ,Chat Noir, and you Ladybug. we are all in this!" Florence said as Ladybug looked at the two and smiled.

"Ok!" she said happily before Stonehearts loud coughing caught their attention.

"Is he ok?" Florence asked watching as he belched up a massive load of purple butterflies before collapsing onto his back.

"What the hell!?" Ladybug shouted as the purple cloud took form in the shape of a face.

"People of paris, listen carefully. I am Hawkmoth." the face said as the three looked at one another.

"Ladybug, Chat Noir,Tigerlily give me the ladybug earrings,the cat ring and tiger ribbons now. you've caused enough damage to these innocent people." Hawkmoths' face said as Florence growled and ran up to the cloud.

"You are just trying to reverse the roles here!" Florence stated loud and clear for everyone to hear. "i mean look at what you caused to the innocent people who have been tainted by one of those butterflies that are making your face right now! And just what do you hope to gain from all of this?" Florence continued as Hawkmoth only grinned.

"what do you think you can do? you're nothing but a tiny little pillar that has no further use. " Hawkmoth said.

With that ladybug took charge

"Hawk Moth, no matter how long it takes, we will find you, and YOU will hand us YOUR Miraculous! (jumps up and uses her yo-yo) Time to de-evilize! (uses her yo-yo to make Hawk moth disappear and catches the akuma. Cat Noir,Flo and the others look at her, surprised.) Let me make this promise to you. No matter who wants to harm you, Ladybug, Chat Noir and Tigerlily will do everything in our power to keep you safe! (opens her yo-yo, and a busload of purified butterflies comes out of it.)

"Wow. Whoever she is, beneath that mask, I love that girl."Chat said with a love struck look on his face.

" I think she's just as Brave underneath the mask as she is with the mask just doesn't show it as much"flo replied with a smirk.

"You'll never take Mylène from me! Come to me, my stone beings!" Stoneheart Yelled(climbs up the tower).

"We're surrounded! What do we do now? We can't attack him."Chat noir yelled.

"Yes, but we know where the akuma is."ladybug told her team.

"In his clenched fist. The one he's holding Mylène with. So..."chat explained.

"So we know he's in love with her. That's it! We don't separate Stoneheart and Mylène-"Ladybug started.

"we bring them closer together! They're made for one another! It's just they don't know it yet."Flo finished.

"Ugh... Not really following you, but... guess I better trust you. Something tells me that this is how it's gonna be from here on out."Chat said.

...On top of the Eiffel Tower...

"Help! I'm scared of heights!"Mylène yelled.

"Everything's gonna be alright!"ladybug told Mylène.

"How are you planning to get them closer than they already are?"Chat noir asked.

" By using our powers! Lucky Charm! (a parachute appears) A parachute? What am I supposed to do with this?"ladybug asked.

(Gets thrown away by a stone being) You sure you know what you're doing?Chat noir asked.

"We'll find out soon enough! (Uses her yo-yo to tie Stoneheart's hand) His hand! Get ready! Ladybug shouted.

Ladybug starts pulling his hand and Mylène kisses Stoneheart. Stoneheart lets go of her. Mylène grabs on to his finger. Cat Noir grabs the akumatized paper, and hits it with his staff and the Akuma come out.

"Home run! (Stoneheart turning back into Ivan, falling down from the tower. She jumps down to rescue them) Cat Noir, take care of Ivan! Tigerlily get the Akuma."ladybug yelled.

"Cataclysm!"Chat noir yelled.

While he uses his cataclysm to make his stick rusty. He slides on it and rescues Ivan. Ladybug rescues Mylène and her. Making it enough time for flo to wrap her whip around the Akuma and capture it.

" Gotcha!" Then releases the akuma, turned into a butterfly"Bye bye little butterfly" Flo said.

"Miraculous Ladybug!"ladybug yelled. (turns the Lucky charm into the air, its energy turning everything back to normal. The stone beings are turned back into people)

"Whoa... Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"chat noir asked.

"How beautiful" Flo replied while landing on the ground ,even though you couldn't see her eyes through the one-way glass on mask you can tell they where amused.

"Yeah... It's beautiful... and amazing... It's...um... Miraculous! "Ladybug yelled.

"This is just the beginning, Ladybug. You,Tigerlily and Cat Noir may have won this battle, but I will win the war. I will get your miraculouses. I will get the absolute power!And then my secret dream will come ture!"

'huh ? Was that hawkmoth ?'flo thought when she heard the vioce in her head.

"I think you two have things to talk about. Hm? "Ladybug asked Mylène and Ivan.

"Oh, uh... I... Uh..."Ivan stuttered.

"Maybe it would help if you read the lyrics to Ivan's song"Ladybug explained.(gives the paper to Mylène)

"Wow, it's really beautiful. It's a shame you can't hear them when you scream. I mean, when you sing"Mylène told Ivan.

"It was scary, wasn't it. Is that why you left? I'm sorry, I'll be gentle."Ivan told her . (Mylène hugs Ivan)

"Oh, they're so made for each other"Ladybug said with passion.

"Like us too"Chat noir said with a smile.(His Miraculous beeps)

"Looks like you don't have anymore time for flirting chat "flo giggles.

Ladybug: Uh oh. You see that? Time to split. See you soon, Cat Noir.

"Can't wait, m'lady and you to madam."chat replied.

With that flo the left to find a place to hide so she can transform back.

"I told you it would work out your team save the day and you'll still get to have friends flo "Tipu said with

"Hey Tipu how come i can hear hawkmoth's voice in my head?" Flo ask with a little worried expression on her face.

"It's a side effect for having the tiger miraculous ,you can have intense hearing sometimes"Tipu explained.

"Ok tipu let's go back to school"flo told him as he flew into her backpack.

after school it was raining but felt pretty normal but flo's arm was still hurting a little from when she fell without noticing adrien was walking towards her .

"Hey Florence i wanted to see of you were all right I'm still really sorry you got hurt and I'm Adrien by the way I'm sorry that Chloe interrupted earlier" adrien said with a nervous look on his face.

"It's fine Adrien"flo replied with a smile.

"I'm new to this school and making friend's i was wondering if we can be friends?"Adrien asked.

"I think that makes the two of us except I moved to Paris you've been here your whole life and I've never really made any friends either so yes I'll like to be friend" flo replied with a smile.

Then flo found herself staring into his eyes for a few seconds.

"Um are you ok you've been staring at me" Adrien asked.

"I just noticed that me and you have the same shade of green eyes or eye in my part"flo said while taking out her umbrella.

"Oh thank you i guess ,i wanted to say this earlier but your hair and eyes go well together" Adrian said with a nervous smile.

" thank you see at school tomorrow" flo said turning around and walking towards her home.

"See you Florence "Adrian said waving bye.

'Why is my heart beating for fast'Flo asked herself.

...later that week...

'ok flo you managed to make three new friends since you got to Paris so far so good'Flo thought happily in herself with a the smile on your face but didn't notice she bumped right into some : again:

"Sorry are you ok"the person she bumped into asked.

Flo look up to see a boy with orange hair and turquoise eyes carrying a sketchbook.

"No I'm sorry I'm the one who didn't notice where she was going" Florence apologize with blush on her face."I'm Florence"

"Nathaniel , see you around i guess"he said walking away.

Leaving Flo blushing with her heart beat faster once more .

'It's not normally two boys at once is it?! is it?!' Florence thought as a cheeks were now steaming.

...at lunch...

"Hey girl, guess what? Marinette here has a crush on Adrien Agreste!" Alya stated as Marinette glared.

"Alya ! "Marinette shouted with blush on her face.

"By the way Flo who do you have a crush on?"Alya asked while eating on of the cookies Marinette brought for lunch.

"Well you can said it's complicated"Florence answered taking a sip out of juice box.

"Really who is it Flo ?"Marinette asked raising her eyebrows.

*bell rings*

"Come on guys let's head back to class" flo said getting up from her seat.

...during class...

Florence was too distracted to even hear what was going on in class, guitar hands holding her face elbows on the desk she's had thinking about at Adrien and Nathaniel.

'why am i thinking about boys now' Flo yelled at herself mentally.