_The Pharaoh+flashback 2_

(Sorry for poor writing i own nothing but Florence Petit and other oc's and if you want to see art for some parts of this story and I made her weapon a ribbon whip, my deviantART Yukio-Yui-Chan)

"I'm going to see the museum the day with Alya and Marinette."flo said adjusting her ponytail.

"Have fun at the museum with your friends"Alex said while he adjust his camera.

"I will bye dad see you later"flo said

Alexander turned around to look at a photo of Bridget thinking of the past.


Weddings were a celebration of joy and happiness where two people vow to spend the rest of their lives together.

Alex look at his his bride, her bright green eyes shine better than ever her white dress with a little bit of silver ,her hair was in two braids.

" I Now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride"

Alex put a hand on her cheek bending down a bit to reach her level and brushed his lips against hers.

* 7 months later*

"I'm pregnant Alex your going to be a daddy "Bridget said through the phone putting a hand over her stomach.

"Um could you repeat that again"Alex asked with a shocked look on his face.

"I said your going to be a daddy"

...two weeks later...

"If it's a boy Felix and if it's a girl Florence" Bridget said as she painted the walls in an empty room yellow.

"If anything I hope they take after you more then they'll take after me"Alex said as he opened another can of paint.

"Oh stop being negative I'm sure whoever the baby takes after they'll be great ,besides if you want them to take after me ,I don't want them to have my crazy hair" Bridget looking a little subconscious about her hair.

" you need to stop being negative I love your hair color"Alex said taking a few strands of her hair and kissing it.

...February 24...

"Florence Renee Petit our little baby ,our little girl ,sorry you got my crazy hair."Bridget said crying tears of happiness.

"Don't listen to your mom you both have lovely hair "Alex said sitting beside his two girl's.

The baby opened her eyes how to reveal two beautiful eyes ,one a light brown(like Alexander's) the other a shining green.(like Bridget)

~flashback end~

...at the Museum...

"Can you believe it? All I gotta do is find to do who this history book belongs to and BAM, I figure out Ladybug's true identity! I'm so on this one!"Alya said.

" this is why you called me for?"flo asked.

" You really think you could figure out who Ladybug is from a textbook that every high school student owns?"Marinette said.

"Yep,Cause our school is the only school that uses that book! HA! So, all I gotta do is find out which girl in tenth grade lost her history book last week. There are forty-three girls, not counting myself-"Alya said.

"Forty! Not count you... or me and flo."Marinette said.

"Hmm, yesterday somebody didn't have their textbook in class."Alya said.

" Uh- I left it at home. You know how I always forget my stuff."Marinette said.

"You know you could have asked me I would have let you borrow my book"flo told Marinette.

"Hmm... Just messing with you, Marinette. Of course I'll only drop you from my investigation when you bring your history book back to class."Alya said"and Florence is out because she's just too cute no offense flo but you seem too skittish to be ladybug"

"None taken "flo said.

(Jalil Kubdel runs between the girl's carrying a folder full of papers. He pushes past them and trips, papers flying everywhere. His medallion falls, and he picks it up.)

"It's not broken!"Jalil said.

"Uh, I'm okay too, thanks for asking."Alya told him looking annoyed.

" I'm sorry. Hey, you're in the same grade as Alix, right? I'm her older brother, Jalil Kubdel. So you're into Tutankhamun too? (looks up) Dad!"Jalil said.

"Weird. So again girl, why are we here? This exhibit's got something to do with Ladybug? For reals?"Alya asked.

... arriving at the exhibit...

"Come on, tell me what it is already!"Alya said.

"No, no, cause... it wouldn't be a surprise then"Marinette said.

"Maybe it will be a surprise to remember" flo said moving her hair.

" I'm telling you, father, it's right there in the hieroglyphics. (He pushes Marinette aside.) Excuse me. There, as you know, the one with the scepter is Tutankhamun, the first. And there, opposite is Nefertiti, his princess along with her servant and the strongest Warrior to ever live whose they named Tiger. There are exactly one hundred mummies beside them. She died several years before him, and the sun god Ra took her as his goddess."Jalil explained.

"Yes, I know all that. I'm the director of this exhibition, remember?"Mr. Kubdel said.

"Then you also know that Tutankhamun wanted to bring his princess back to life, by offering the sun god a new wife. This seemed to illustrate the ritual he devised. Nobody has ever fully deciphered the hieroglyphics, but I have! It's a magic chant that needs to be recited in order to complete the ritual! I'm sure of it!"Jalil said.

"He kinda reminds me of someone else with crazy ideas... you!"Marinette said.

" i kind of agree"flo said giggling.

"You might think my theories about Ladybug are crazy, but you watch, girl, I'll prove you wrong."Alya told them.

...After awhile...

"I can't find anything"flo said rubbing her eyes.

"This thing's making my eyes hurt."Alya said.

(Alya starts to get her book out again, but Marinette stops her.)

"Look closely! It is in there. (sees the Pharaoh) Huh?"Marinette said.

"Oh no"flo said.

" Tut, give me time!"Pharaoh said.

(His face changes. He traps the employee and the civilians in golden bubbles Florence , Marinette and Alya avoid one. Alya grins and gets out her smartphone.)

"Get out of here, faster!"Pharaoh said.

(The bubbles fly out of the room.)

'i need to transform'

Flo try to crawl away ,but then stopped to see pharaoh was looking down on her and grabbed her face.

"Your eyes and red hair ,you were my princesses servant, now you are my warrior."Pharaoh said.

Pharaohs magic surrounded flo then everything went black.


Alya and Marinette yelled as they watched as their friend glow and her body changed as the light faded away to reavel a tiger with bright red fur with one eye green and one eye light brown.

"Now you'll be my loyal warrior tiger if my enemies dare interrupted the ceremony to get my princess back you will destroy them"

...in flo's mind...

"Huh what happened"

Flo open her eyes to see she was in a black void.


Flo continue to look around to see if anyone was around.

"Tipu where are we ?"

She looked inside her hoodie pocket to see if Tipu was still there but he wasn't there.

"Tipu? Tipu? Tipu?!"

"What's going on?"

...in the real world...

"Tiger get ridd of ladybug,now before she ruins the ceremony !"

Pharaohs magic surrounded flo onece angin surrounded changing her body onece more .

Red hair in it's high ponytail with her black ribbons still in place her outfit exsped her legs and stomach bangese covered her eyes.

"Attack Tiger"

Twin swords appeared and she attack ladybug aiming for her side, no one can catch how fast she was moving except for chat who easily blocked her attack with his staff.

"Sorry flower but i won't let you hurt my lady"chat said .

...in Flo's mind...

"What do i do?! what do i do?!"

Without noticing an orange glow stared to surround her.

"I need to get out"

The glow stared to flicker

"Lady and Chat need me we are a team"

...back in the real word...

(Ladybug punches the pendant and breaks it, releasing the akuma, then slides down the pyramid and lands on the ground.)

"No more evil doing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! (catches the akuma) Gotcha! (turns the akuma into a normal butterfly) Bye bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug!"

(She throws the Lucky Charm into the air. It explodes into a blast of energy that turns everything back to normal. The Pharaoh turns back into Jalil and Florence turn back into her normal self)

"What happened?"Jalil asked.

" why do I feel so exposed?"flo asked feeling a little light headed.

"Need help getting up flower?"flo looked up to chat noir holding his hand out to her.

"Thank you"flo took his hand.

"By the way you look cute in your dresses and long outfits then short outfits Flower"Chat said.

"Huh?what do you mean?"flo asked.

"Nevermind forget I said anything about short outfits ,But you look cute that's all"chat told her.

(Ladybug gives Alya her phone back.)

"Thanks, Ladybug! But, uh, I still gotta ask: how old are you, really?"Alya asked.

"Um, much older than a high school student, that's for sure! "Lady said and swings away.

"Don't you wanna know how old I am?"Chat asked.

Flo rolled her eyes and fixed her ribbons.

"In a sec, looks like I'll be able to tell for myself."Alya said.

(Chat Noir sees that he is about to turn back, and runs away.)

...back at the exhibit...

Flo caught up to where she left Alya and Marinette.

"Where have you been?"Alya asked.

"You won't believe this! I got mummified!"Marinette said.

" Hope you weren't one of the ones trying to swap me for Nefertiti! Creepy!"Alya said.

" What?! You were almost... sacrificed?"Marinette asked.

"Can you two fill me in with what happened i don't remember anything but Pharaoh grabbing my face"flo asked.

"You were turned into a warrior who can turn into a tiger and you we're also wearing an outfit that was a little bit... reviewing and you fought ladybug."Marinette told flo.

"Yup i got a picture's see"Alya said showing the picture on her phone.

Flo felt her cheeks heat up an embarrassment when she saw the outfit .

" this is so embarrassing"Flo said covering her eyes with her hands.

"If it hadn't been for you I'd never have found out that Ladybug is at least 5000 years old!"Alya told Marinette.

" Hey! What are friends for?""

(Alya grabs her bag, and they head out.)

" I still don't get it though, what was she doing with that tenth grade history textbook?"Alya asked.

"I have no idea"flo said still feeling embarrassed.

" Uh, she... she probably had to find out what's been going on for the past 50 centuries!"Marinette said.

"You're probably right. It's tough staying in the loop. Hey, Ladybug's textbook! It's gone! "Alya said.

...at night at flo's bedroom...

"So I couldn't transform because my mind was black along with my spiritual connection?"flo asked.

"Yes, think of it like mind control I haven't seen anything like this in Century"Tipu said laying on top of Florence's head.

"You don't look that old Tipu"flo said.

" I've been around for a long time I keep an eye on all the Tigerlillies"Tipu said.

"I probably don't not as strong as much as the others ones did do i?"Florence asked.

" you are more connected to the spiritual side of the world, then all of them were that's what makes you strong"Tipu said.

Florence laid her head back down in the pillow smile before drifting off into sleep.