_Lady Wifi+ a new villain appears-

(Sorry for poor writing i own nothing but Florence Petit and other oc's and if you want to see art for some parts of this story and I made her weapon a ribbon whip, my deviantART Yukio-Yui-Chan)

... in an isolated area in Japan...

"I feel it...the jewels...it seems three new Heroes have been chosen and the moth found a master,but this master doesn't fight for good they're trying to get their hands on intimate power."a a girl wearing a mask said as a demon beside her was being tortured.

"Are you planning going where they are at"asked a voice in her head.

"Of course it's been so long since I tormented something that's related to a human and this villain must be so amateur"

With that she jumped from tree to tree took out about a little marble and looked into it and saw the place where they were.

"So they are in Paris ,so I'm going to Paris how fun"

...in paris...

Another day of saving people and trying to get school work done flo decided to take a nice long break.

"I'm so tried from all this fighting"flo said pouring a cup of orange juice .

"Well we just have to keep on our toes"Tipu said sitting on the table.

*beep beep*

Flo looked at her phone to see a text from Alya.

*Alya: Chloe is ladybug and I can prove it meet me by the lockers tomorrow.*

"This is not good"flo said .

...next day near the lockers...

"Alya this isn't a good idea -"flo told alya.

"I know I'm right flo just trust me"Alya said."just stay here and watch"

"Uhh, what kind of lame joke is this?"Chloe snapped at nino.

"Uhh, well, that was... Did you see Ladybug yesterday? Isn't she amazing? I wonder who she really is."nino tried to distract her.

"Uhh... up too late DJ-ing, Nino? Obviously you didn't get your beauty sleep." Chloe asked.

(Alya takes a photo of Chloé's locker.)

"Uh... Chloé! Alya's looking in your locker!"Sabrina told her.

"Uhh... that's a lie! I so was not!"Alya said.

(Kim steals Alya's phone.)

"Hey! Give it back!"

Chloé looks at the photo

"Who's the little liar now?"

"Oh no " flo held her hands to her chest.

...in the hallway near the girl's restroom...

"I can't believe she got suspended I feel so guilty"flo said with her knees curled up near her chest.

All of a sudden a screen appears

"I'm Lady Wifi, revealer of the truth! For our first exposé, your principal would like to share a little tidbit with you. So, Mr. Damocles, is it true you wrongly suspended a student named Alya today?"

"Uh...yes,it is."Mr. Damocles answered.

"So, you were biased? Unfair? Totally unjust?!"lady wifi asked.

"Yes, I was."

"Oh Alya..."Flo started to shake .

"You can help her by capturing the Akuma"Tipu said.

"Tipu stripes on fur!"

" For my next scoop, I'll be taking you to meet the girl who's been hiding behind the Ladybug mask! Stay connected! "Lady Wifi announced before disappearing.

"Everyone, for your own safety, go directly home right now! And don't forget to read chapters four and five!"Miss Bustier told everyone.

...outside the school...

" how pathetic of course he would use negative emotions ,children these days are so mean to each other"a girl with red eyes the top of her head dyed a brown/ red coloer and the rest pink.

She watch the students run out of the school in a panic,no one seem to notice her.

" perfect now you can follow the Magic power that's radiating off the jewels"the voice said.

"Let's go"

...up on a rooftop...

"What? This can't be!"chat looked panicked.

" what's the matter cat got your tongue"flo said landing next to chat.

"Who's being a sneaky kitty now?"Lady asked.

"Oh, Ladybug ,Tigerlily. But-"

"Come on, you don't actually believe she's the real Ladybug."

"Yeah ,she's so cruel to other people"flo said.

" Yeah, of course not."chat replied.

" And besides, who would believe that she's the original Ladybug? She's obviously just a die-hard fan. A copycat?"lady said.

"A cosplayer"flo said.

"Right by the way Madam your hair looks beautiful "

Chat turned to flo unaware that she was blushed.

They left unaware that a mask figure was watching them sitting on top of the building next to them.

... after busting the door...

"Who are you?"lady wifi asked looking at ladybug.

"Uhhh..."chat and flo gave her the same expression.

Lady Wifi turned to look at Chloé

" But I thought you were Ladybug!"

"Sorry to bust your news story. Next time, double-check your facts."Chat said grinning.

"You'll be sorry." Lady WiFi grit her teeth.

(She uses her cellphone to delete the pink icons, releasing Chloé. Chloé trips and falls.)

"Alya?"lady asked.

" Alya's been disconnected. I'm Lady Wifi. News flash! Ladybug, let's find out who you really are!"

" Follow me!"ladybug said.

"So what's the plan?"chat asked.

"We need to attack her with something"flo said felling a little behind.

"She gets her powers from her phone, so let's lead her to the basement, where there is no service!" lady stated.

"No service, no power. Nice one, my lady!"chat said.

"Stopping her power... it's probably going to be harder than it looks." Flo said.

"We've gotta go lower!"ladybug said

"I've got you now, Ladybug!"said lady wifi.

"Get ready!"ladybug told her partner's.

"Alright"flo agreed.

Cat Noir: "So, what do you do when you're not Ladybug?"

Ladybug looked shocked, then recovers before saying.

"Can't you see we're a little bit busy right now ? She's gone back into the hotel!"

"I wonder what her plan is?"flo thought to herself.

(they look up to see a pink lock icons have been put on all the doors)

" She locked all the doors! Hey, you realize we might actually know each other in normal life."chat said.

"Focus this is not the time!"flo said smacking his shoulder.

"Doubt it. It's locked!"

(They reach the top door.)

"She's left this one open."chat said

"Not a good sign"flo said feeling uneasy.

" Get ready for an ambush on 3. 1, 2, 3!"lady said

(They burst through the door to the dining room, only to find that Lady Wifi is nowhere to be found. Phones are on all the tables.)

" Ahhh... So much for the ambush."Chat said.

" Follow me. Where is she hiding? And what's up with all these phones?"ladybug said.

(A pink light comes out from a phone, and Lady Wifi appears. She attacks them.)

"How now, brown cow? I thought it was you she was after!"chat asked

(Ladybug ties Lady Wifi with her yo-yo, but she disappears, re-appearing above one phone after another.)

" Ha! You can't get me!"lady wifi said.

"Yes I can. "Ladybug said.

(She breaks all the phones with her yo-yo. Lady Wifi runs into the kitchen. When Ladybug follows her in, Lady Wifi locks the door behind her.)

"No, no, no... Hold on in there, Ladybug! (He checks the hotel map in his staff.) Of course! The service elevator!"chat said.

"Let's go Chat"flo said.

... after busting through the kitchen door blocking lady WiFi attacks...

"You're out of minutes, Lady Wifi!"chat said.

"Oh, how romantic. Tomcat's come to save his love bug."lady wifi said.

"I am not his love bug!"lady said.

"We'll come back to that later."chat said.

"Stop flirting" flo smacked his arm.

(Lady Wifi attacks chat, knocking him into the freezer. Flo attack her by wrapping her ribbon around her and making her fall but then a pink Icon appeared freezing her feet and knocks her over into a pantry )

"There try fighting back now" flo heard lady wifi snickered through the door.

She tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge it was locked.

"Lady can you hear me! I'm going to break the door down"

With that flo took a few step's back.


She touched the door and watch it crumble.

(Bou door opens, flo walk out of the pantry and a frozen Cat Noir falls in Ladybug's arms.)

"You okay, Chat Noir? Tigerlily?"ladybug asked.

(Ladybugs and flo's miraculous beeps)

"You used your Lucky Charm and Cataclysm...there's not much time left."Chat said.

"Exactly!"the trio heard lady wifi.

"Open the kitchen door!"chat said.

"We can't, microwave's busted. (whispers to Chat Noir and Florence) Here's what to do, listen to me..."ladybug said.

"Got it."chat agreed.

"Alright"flo said.

(Chat Noir puts a pan over top of the camera icon, blocking Lady Wifi's screen then they both get in the service elevator)

"I'll go and jam the wi-fi antenna."chat said.

"We'll try to hurry"flo told lady.

"Good luck!"ladybug said.

(Lady Wifi runs to the ceiling, while Chat Noir dodges her attacks. He reaches the top floor of the hotel and sees the wi-fi antenna)

"Here you are! Cataclysm!"chat said.

"Nice idea, kitty cat, but I'm not gonna let you cut me off so easily!"lady wifi said

(Lady Wifi keeps attacking Chat Noir, but he dodges her. He uses his staff to attack her, but she dodges. The staff splits into two, but she destroys them. Florence onece anagin wrapped her ribbon around lady wifi and knocked her over then she sees Chat Noir is about to destroy the antenna.)

" Nooooo!"lady wifi yelled and flo tackled her.

(Chat Noir destroys the antenna, and Lady Wifi was still on the ground. The pink symbols disappear, and Ladybug exits the kitchen.)

"Lost the signal!"lady wifi said.

"Gimme that phone!"chat said.

"Give it up!"flo yelled.

(Chat Noir and flo try to take the phone away from her, but she dodges. Chat Noir and flo finds themself defenseless, but Ladybug appears and takes the phone away from her ,breaks the phone, releasing its akuma)

" No more evildoing for you, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! (catches the akuma with her yo-yo) Gotcha! (releases it, and turns it into a normal butterfly) Bye bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug!"ladybug said.

(Throws the Lucky Charm into the air, and it explodes into a blast of energy. It turns everything back to normal, and Lady Wifi turns back into Alya.)

"What?"Alya asked

"Pound it!"

" Ladybug! Wow! And Cat Noir! Even cute Tigerlily !Can I get a quick interview? Just let me grab my phone!"Alay squealed.

But before she can ask questions the trio left back inside the was about to enter a room, but Chat Noir stops her.

"Stay! (his Miraculous beeps) I won't tell anyone who you are. Cat's honor."chat said.

"So we're back with me being your wingman "Flo said in a sarcastic tone.

"Nobody must know who we really are. Not even us."lady said.

"My my they are still going with that rule that you must not know who you are and you have to work in a team together please how idiotic"

All three Heroes turn around to see a girl with orange top of her head and the rest of her hair black in a ponytail wearing a blue kimono and a mask.

"Who are you"chat asked.

" i am Yume no sasayaki also known in the English tongue as Dream Whisper, A new player who's here to watch... let's just say I'm not good either, I am everywhere and nowhere" she said before turning to smoke and Vanishing.

With that flo ran into one of the rooms before transforming back.

"That was too close"flo said with a sigh"Dream Whisper who is she?"

"She is a person who has been cursed for three thousand years, whatever you do don't look into her eyes if you do she'll make you see things you do not wish to see and feel pain over and over again until you lose yourself she doesn't take things seriously but she is dangerous"Tipu warned her.

"I'll be careful no need to worry"flo said holding tipu in her hands."Let's go home"

Unaware a little ball of magic went into flo body and few rooftops behind them was Dream Whisperer.

" what a sweet girl I wonder what her dreams will be like"

...at home late that night...

Flo was fast asleep so she didn't hear the conversation in the other room.

"For Christmas and new years you can't be serious !" Alexander said as he was on the phone with his boss"

" sorry but you're the only one that's available"

"But i have my daughter to think about there "alex said as he looked towards Florence's room.