That special someone…

Ch-1 the Dreams

Hey guys, it's me Iara Raven, and I'm up with a new story. Before I start, any bbterra fans are most welcome to move out because this is certainly not a bbterra fanfic. It's a BBRAE FANFIC! Hahaha, very funny, right? Anyways let's move on, shall we?

No one ever expected things to turn out for that dark beauty. Her life was expected to be harsh, cold and emotionless. However, when fate crossed her path with a certain changeling, realization hit the people that she was a human being too. They realized that there was a human being all along amidst them and they had just ignored her like a pretty little porcelain doll without any emotions. They thought her as someone who would only serve justice to the world not as someone who could feel emotions and react the same way. Not as someone who could ever learn to love. So here we are going back to the day it all started, which was just like any other day, as normal as it can be, when that green being realized he was in love with the one person in the world who wanted nothing to do with him.

"Oh god if this is going to continue I am going to end up in the mental asylum. Why on earth am I having dreams about her?" cried Beastboy after he had woken up from his strange vision. He looked around in his room and found his alarm clock. It read 2:17 am. Within 4 hours everyone will be awake. I should catch some sleep otherwise I will be late in training, he thought as he tried drifting back to sleep. Whereas on the other side of the wall Raven fell back on her bed after the same vision only with Beastboy in it.

It was 5:20 when Raven woke up feeling very uneasy. She tossed and turned all night through and was very sore. She decided she couldn't get any sleep so she might as well get ready. She showered and freshened up and quickly put on a new set of uniform, throwing the old set of clothes in the laundry hamper. Once she got ready she realized it was 5:40, she could get a good 20 minutes of meditation as she really need to clear her mind from last night's dream. She scurried through the corridors, careful not to wake the others.

Once she reached the roof of the T-shaped tower, she quickly found a spot to meditate in. She sat down in the lotus position and started chanting her mantra. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos…Azarath Metrion Zinthos…Azarath Metrion Zinthos…"she chanted with dedication. That's when she heard someone coming up. At first she thought it must be Robin, because usually he and Raven were the only ones who used to wake up early, but she sensed the footsteps were heavy, so it definitely wasn't Robin as his footsteps were light because he was very energetic, especially in the morning. Whoever's footsteps were those must be very tired she thought to herself, as the sound of the footsteps came nearer. She continued to focus on her meditation, and didn't bother looking at whoever arrived.

Beastboy woke up, tired from moving around in his bed a lot. He was not able to fall asleep soundly after seeing the dream about Raven. He got up and immediately felt his urgent need for the morning air. He thought the need was obvious due to the fact he hadn't slept well last night, or you could say last three nights, as he was getting the same dreams for past three nights. He didn't even bother to check his reflection in the mirror, but went straight for the door, making his way to end of the corridor where the stairs towards the roof were present.

He started climbing up the stairs, when he got that strange fragrance, that strange fragrance which could make him forget all about the big, fat world. He only started getting this fragrance three days back. He could smell it all most everywhere, sometimes he caught the faint whiff of that sweet smell in the corridors or in the living room but wherever he found it, it always used to enchant him in a way. He felt like a snake dancing to the rhythm, to a snake charmer's instrument. He felt very attracted to the scent which smelled like lavender and cinnamon to him. It was also very mysterious and he felt like that scent enveloped itself around him, causing him forget everything. He loved this fragrance and he was sure, that once he found the person with this charming aroma, he would spend day and night just whiffing that special person's beautiful scent.

He started climbing the stairs again. As he neared the roof, the scent only grew stronger, engulfing him and making him climb faster. As he reached the roof, his eyes met a wonder.

"Raven", he said, as he saw the beautiful empath, looking like the world's eight wonder.

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