That Special Someone

Chapter 5- (Un)True Friends

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Like a vessel never to be emptied. That was her destiny.

In the living room the aroma of various foods was clogging up the room. There was a busy chatter as the other members made their variant foods to start the morning. Starfire and her alien food, Robin with his coffee and Cyborg with his bacon and eggs. Just as Cyborg was starting to make his bacon, the green shapeshifter entered after clearing up the training room.

The pain in his stomach was still raw from the hit. He couldn't believe how quickly everything changed between them all in one day, it was so unusual. He hadn't spoken to her once following the fight nor had he seen her after it. She didn't even attend the rest of the training. Had he upset her? He questioned himself over and over hoping to get an answer but it was of no point. He was just going to end up angering himself more and more. He decided to wait for the end of the day to properly talk to her once. Stupid, stupid dreams, he cursed to himself. Everything between them changed because of his dreams. Rita had always told him dreaming was important and that no harm ever came from dreaming. Well, she was obviously wrong! He drastically changed his relationship with Raven because of his stupid dreams. Sudden bursts of anger were not his thing but when it did happen it was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. He wanted to punch holes through walls for little things but he restrained himself. It was all so painful. These little things bothered him and even so when it came to Raven. He wanted something more from her. He wanted to be let in. He wouldn't call himself jealous but when he saw the way Raven bonded with Robin, it made him wanna be her friend too. She would just never let him in, ignore every chance for friendship. Even Starfire got to be her friend, to talk to Raven whenever she felt upset. It felt like living on the outside for him.

The Titans were his friends, he could call them that, but he never really felt like one of them. Cyborg was his best friend but they weren't close enough to talk about his insecurities and thoughts. He wanted someone he could relate to. Someone who shared the pain he did. Sure, Cyborg's life was sad too, but it was nothing he couldn't talk about. His cybernetic advancements had put him through a lot of pain and suffering and social rejection but at the end of the day, he came out strong. From his accident to the Justice League to the Titans, his journey was admirable. He was a hero and had a place in this world. He wasn't the side character in the story. He wasn't the guy everyone chose to ignore. He was someone everyone liked, everyone understood. Always got the girl. Got to work with heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. And that made all the difference.

Starfire escaped from her homeland because of her sister. She was royalty, alien royalty. To leave her people and her planet and seek refuge in foreign place, a foreign planet was terrifying for her. She cried now and then in homesickness but yet again he couldn't relate to her. She was an important aspect of the universe. She fought alongside many heroes. She was always consulted when it came to planets other than earth. Her social status and powers were also appreciated by all the other superheroes. She wasn't insecure. Even her flaws were cute. She could've been the new face of female empowerment.

And then there was everyone's favorite paranoid freak who liked to make everyone believe that living in THE Wayne Manor and being adopted by THE Batman was the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. Not to mention working in THE Batcave and helping defeat THE Joker countless times. How could having millions of dollars at your disposal be a bad thing? And the perks of having a butler wait on you literally ALL the time. And the gadgets and cars and parties and girls and everything you could ever want, how is that life supposed to be sad? Like it would make sense when all you had was endless money but dude you get to dress up at night and work alongside Batman! People die for opportunities as such. Beastboy knew he would never be able to relate to him. Not ever.

Weirdly even Raven was popular. What with the Justice League turning her down only to find out about her saving the world and the universe from the tyranny of her father after which they realised her potential and just how wrong they were to cast aside such a powerful ally. Even though Zatanna still didn't like her much, the League had respect for her, knowing that she was the daughter of an entity on par with the worst enemies they'd ever faced. Trigon was after all a conqueror of countless planets. He was basically Satan with a much bigger agenda and more powers. Even through this he still would never speak to her. And this was confirmed, not only from their encounter this morning but the way they always spoke. There was no intimacy. Confidentiality sure, but no friendly intimacy. She would never tell him anything, nor would he tell her anything. It was always like this. He was foolish to wanna be her friend. To him she was the popular actor or singer that everyone dreamed to know but inwardly knew it would always remain just a dream. It was a nice feeling, to dream of a day as such where he would be free.

"Good morning, friend Beastboy. Did you have a blissful sleep, last night?", asked Starfire with her usual pomp and happiness. She broke his trance as he turned to look at her.

As always, Starfire was in her usual pomp and joy. How could one look at her and not be happy? She was the very definition of brightness. Her mind was like that of a 4-year-old. She had brains but emotionally she was only a child, longing for happiness and sunshine and wanting to see everyone around her being happy. You could be suffering from the worst grief and shock and yet if she ever asked you if anything was wrong it would pain to tell her the truth, to see that smile turn into an inquiry leading to sadness. No one could ever tell her their sadness; they could only soften it and make it more normal so that she could handle it. Like everyone else, Beastboy was also compelled to lie to her and tell her about how "blissful indeed" his sleep was.

If only she knew about the vivid nightmarish dreams he'd been having that was ruining his sleep schedule.
And little did he know that these dreams would pave the way for something incredible and life changing.

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