Of Shadows and HopesIf the world is in darkness you must find the light Mr. Higgsbury The child said with a sad voice that could be lost in the wind if not for the proximity of the two and the world stopping for a couple of seconds before everything went back to normal. He was alone again. W. P. Higgsbury always thought that children were a wonder, even when everything was against them nothing could break their resolve, or stubbornness? Some may call i N

Chapter 1: Start Time

Ebott Ville, Toriel s residence, 1 year 7 months after the release of monsters and magic back in the world.


I messed up, there was nothing that could make the world back to how it has been, there was nothing left to do it s hopeless and this is how Frisk Dreemurr is going to die and

All of this hassle for that stupid dog

My child? WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE?! Toriel said with a shout after getting in the house and seeing the disaster of a son that you were.

She was back after a PTA with the school and told me to stay safe and dry because there was a storm going on for about an hour. I stilled for a second and was about to tell her about my sins but Sans beat me to it.

heya tori The skeleton had the decency to wake up until now and wave lazily towards the fuming goat mama.

Sans the skeleton you better tell me why is the whole living room of my house a mess when I told you to take care of Frisk in my absence! I don t know what was more terrifying, the way her paws were smoking with unlit fire magic or THE FACE that face that any mother can do to inspire fear and make any child watch their short lives flash before their eyes.

There was no surface that was not covered in mud in little paws shape, the only things spared by the onslaught was the couch and pet rock, the dog in question sat by his master s feet without a care in the world and even yawning

I told you Frisk you should have left that dog in the rain, as always your stupid kindness is going to be your downfall

Oh come on Chara you were having the time of your life when I was running around trying to get the dog to calm down.

Yeah It was hilarious, one would think that if you can beat Undyne in a race for your life, you could beat a dog from getting you grounded for the rest of your life, but alas I was wrong

well actually i took care of the kiddo, you said nothing about the house Sans said with an incredibly relaxed tone as if his life was not in danger but stopped short after noticing a fireball created in the paw of the former queen.

ok ok ok tori there is no need to HEAT up this conversation at that she created a second one in her other hand. Dang, usually she would have at least half smiled. Child and skeleton turned to see each other and with a snap of Sans fingers all the things that had a mud bath lit up with blue magic and were cleaned up in what seemed to be just one second, when everything was left spotless and the mud was safely off he proceeded to snap his fingers again and the mud disappeared to god knows where.

Blue magic is so awesome! It s a shame that humans can t use magic anymore

Well maybe if we just tried we could achieve anything that we set our minds into!

He he call Frisk to get your daily positivism pills

Ok thank you very much Sans, forgive me for losing my TEMPER. But you should check on what Frisk gets into even if he is in no danger and I would like to have a doghouse set up for Toby so this kind of incident does not happen again. And Frisk darling at that she glances at the boy who let the dog in Be more careful with the dog ok, I know you are very mature for a lot of things but still you need to take better decisions we don t want the spaggeti-calipsis from last year ugh that s a low blow she did not have to remind me about when Papyrus and I tried to make a big meal out of his favorite dish but it somehow exploded, nothing really broke but we and the whole kitchen were covered from top to toe with the concoction

At all of this I decided to just respond with a Yes Ma am and a slight bow. Then as if summoned the large skeleton parked his red convertible and came through the door with his usual exuberance.


I must admit having Papyrus around makes everything 10 times better, without even knowing he dissolved the stern atmosphere that goat mama set and resolved Chara s boredom issue.

ALSO I HAVE BROUGHT THE NEW MUFFET S PASTRY, IT IS CALLED SPIDER CAKE AND IT S MADE OUT OF CHOCOLATE at that he presented a medium sized box with Muffet s Pastry logo.

Cherish that skeleton

Sometimes I wonder if he knows that you are here you know, because he always seems to know exactly what you need

Absolutely not, you know in my time of being here as a spirit I have tried to talk with just everyone down in the underground and nobody seemed to acknowledge my presence. We have discussed this before Frisk, I would rather exist like this than to try and live a happy life without him

Oh Chara I m sorry, It has always been a sour subject to Chara not to be able to interact with other people.

Shut up Frisk

Even if she does not accept it.

Papyrus proceeded to leave the box in the kitchen to have it after dinner and sat down in the couch with Sans, Toby being cleaned up already jumped up into Papyrus lap NYEH It seems that Papyrus has grown more attached to the dog.

While mom and dunkle Sans were flirting-yet-not-flirting with each other Chara was making dying poses and disgusted faces to me and of course I am the only one who can see them and have to try my best not to burst into inexplicably laughter.

The calm of the house was broken when Papyrus phone went off with a very obnoxious Mettaton tune.

OH HELLO UNDYNE IS NICE TO SPEAK TO YOU HOW ARE YOU AND DOCTOR at being cut from his rambling I noted how his expression changed. NO WE ARE NOT another pause OK I WILL DO IT RIGHT NOW at that Chara stopped her shenanigans, she was usually very observant with the change of moods in all of our friends but I guess that s what happens when you have anything better to do.

We all watched carefully as Papyrus turned on the TV and ran through the channels until Ebott News appeared and there was a blond, mid-aged woman with a melting eye shadow was giving the briefing of the most recent news.

To all the residents of Ebott Ville who have just tuned into the news, police received reports of the sighting of a black cat-like monster of about 6 to 7 ft. Witnesses affirm this subject has been running from Main Lane through the Embassy of Humans and Monsters until being intercepted by officer Undyne and the Canine Squad who are responsible of any monster or magic related reports in the police department of Ebott Ville. We are currently at the premises of Peace Memorial Central Park waiting for His Majesty, King Asgore, himself to make an appearance because it seems and as stated by ex captain of the Royal Guard this is not a monster that came from the underground as they haven t been able to summon its soul to engage on a pacific confrontation

At all this the monster has not yet make an appearance.

There is no such a thing as pacific confrontation if the name Undyne is in the same sentence

Chara! Don t be mean, and of all the things that were said that s what you are focusing on?

What s the deal? It s not as if the monster has done any damage, I m sure he just got drunk and thinks that he is in Grand Theft Auto and he has to run from the S.W.A.T. What I am saying is as long as nobody gets hurt it s not our business and besides Undyne is there so he won t get hurt by humans

Seriously, if they are calling Mr. Dad Guy even though Undyne is already there, they mean business. Something s off though Why can t they summon his soul and why did Undyne call Papyrus Since the barrier broke and the monsters got free Papyrus has changed his focus from being a Royal Knight to being one of the public figures for the Human-Monster relations alongside Mettaton and it has worked for the both of them so far, so there should be no need to call him in this kind of situations.

Ok, ok, thanks Mark. It seems that King Asgore has arrived Pause while the cameraman is and reporter are running to the incoming van. Your Majesty, What can you tell us about the situation? Mr. Dad Guy as Chara fondly likes to name him appeared with a full body yellow rain coat.

Who sells those?

Chara sshhhh

Howdy! Rainy day we have today right? Well I was called by my ex captain of the Royal Guard because she tells me it s not possible to summon this monster s soul for a friendly confrontation because normal means seems not to make any at that he turns towards the surrounded monster but stops short in his speech, the posture change didn t go unnoticed by Chara as she herself tensed up and thanks to her connection to my soul I could sense this change.

Asgore steps out of the camera range and takes two long steps towards Undyne, they exchange a few words that are muted by the heavy rain and then

GASP! Papyrus just HAD to make vocal all of our responses but he was somewhat right A year has gone by without any of us witnessing what happened on the TV.

Why the heck is he doing that?!

Asgore stood tall with his trident in hands and his battle pose ready, soul or not he was going to strike. I think it s the first time the current humanity has seen him wield it.

In that moment the camera finally focused on the monster and everyone could finally see him. His movements were erratic and disoriented as if made out of a dark thick smoke, his claws were long and sharp and, and

Red vest that is partially swallowed by his shadowy body

Eyes crimson red

That hair

Unmistakably W shape

No .

Frisk, What s wrong?


A loud hiss was heard from the TV but I could only focus on that hair, is impossible not to recognize it, after all it s his signature feature.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no stop


Nothing matters, focus Frisk. What do you need to do? What are my options?

Option panel opens.

A friend is in danger!


Run *Explain the situation *Ask for help

? *Run

I have to thank Undyne later for being our PE teacher I can run a marathon even after chasing the annoying dog. As I pried the door open (Thank you Papyrus for leaving the door unlocked) for some reason mom had been frozen on the spot watching the events unfold on the TV with a shocked expression but as soon as she heard the door she snapped out of it and ran behind me FRISK! she shouted


No time to explain. Sorry goat mama

I have to SAVE a friend


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